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  1. croatia 2 england 0 at wembly.............upset?
  2. finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! amanatidis!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. uefa.com's tactical lineups makes it look like we are playing a 4-4-2 with dellas playing right back and seitaridis playing right mid??? it also has amanatidis up front and charisteas left mid?
  4. did anyone catch the part where anzas flicked off the pao fans when he was coming off the field? hahahaha he acted like he was scratching his head but it was with is middle finger.....it was pretty obvious
  5. representing for AEK, saves our asses all the time
  6. is it offical about spyropoulos?
  7. there are rumors that otto will call up sifakis and spyropoulos
  8. my guess for the probable lineup is this chalkias/niko torosidis goumas/dellas kyriakos vyntra karagounis katsouranis basinas/tzolis stelios Samaras gekas 2-0 win
  9. ruined my weekend.............anyway i agree karagounis should be captain, he has the most heart and plays hard...........turks were better today....probably should have been 2-1 them.....after we were down 2-1 stelios missed right infront of the goal, would have tied it and changed the game...a minute later they come down and score...very demoralizing.....now its 3-1, and we get a corner, its not cleared, comes to kyriakos from 5 yards out...shank...them a minute later they come down and score again....even more demoralizing....so anyway cudos to turkey....now the thing to do is put it behind us and focus on the malta game.....we wll play hard....this should be the lineup chalkias or sifakis seitaridis tavlaridis kyriakos torosidis (lagos if recovered or darlas) katsouranis karagounis tzolis stelios or salpi gekas samaras or lymberopoulos ( bc of his skill and distribution) we will win 2-0, as for turkey and norway i predict a 1-1 draw or 2-1 win for turky everybody please remember we r still in good shape in qualifying PEACE
  10. nothing could have been done about the goal they had......but we had 3 chances that should have been goals! Stelios missed a wide-open header that my little sister could have put in.........right now we need a good goalkeeper and we need to learn how to finish........now we have to be focused on the turkey game and otto needs to get his s%$#! together and put in the right starting 11 and not play guys like (vyntra, anatolakis, goumas) and guys like stelios who havent played since god knows when.....thats all i have
  11. so who is he going to play for?
  12. Top 5 1.Greece-Cyprus 2. Australia 3. Ukraine 4. Serbia 5. Portugal Top 5 that I hate 1. England 2. France 3. Turkey 4. Brazil 5. USA
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