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  1. Apparently Aris and AIK agreed on the transfer terms: https://www.allaboutaris.com/podosfairo/135824/oristiki-symfonia-ari-aik-gia-sountgkren
  2. Nice win for Aris in a stress free match. Decent game overall and hats off to Martinez who has proven, in my opinion anyway, to be the most creative playmaker on this roster. Truth be told we have not seen enough of Tonso given all his injuries which makes me wonder if we brought in a damaged player.
  3. PAOK dominated from start to finish, congrats on a much deserved championship.
  4. Daniel Sundgren still on the wish list. https://www.allaboutaris.com/podosfairo/135413/epistrefei-o-aris-gia-sountgkren
  5. Alex, I looked at last year's draw and both Atromitos & Asteras were in the second qualifying round, those games were played the last week of July and the first week of August. I'm guessing the same will happen this year.
  6. Hats off to Atromitos for coming into Vikelidis and walking out with 3 deserved points. Aris needs to regroup and finish strong.
  7. I never understood why they got rid of Herrera but we can't take it out on Pantelidis. At some point the players need to take some responsibility as well. Us Greeks always look down on our own and I would really like to see Aris do well with a fellow Hellene on the bench and even more on the pitch.
  8. Rey, we need to look at the overall picture when judging this squad. If we manage to finish 5th the season has been very successful, 4th would be extremely successful. Pantelidis has managed to win some important games when Aris needed them the most. As fans we all tend to overrate the players of our team, I think we have a talented group and we will hopefully add to it this offseason and climb the ladder next year. Let's not forget that even though we are currently is 5th place PAO have accumulated more points through the year but started the season at -6. Come on Aris the game is not over!!!!
  9. The lines are too far apart, when we attack we look like an amateur team.
  10. Atromitos extremely dangerous on the counter. Big gap in the middle when we attack, Siopis & Matilla need to be more aware.
  11. Aris will begin preparations for next season in Holland once again this summer. https://www.allaboutaris.com/podosfairo/135072/stin-ollandia-i-proetoimasia-tou-ari
  12. http://www.metrosport.gr/article/schediazoun-to-mellon-tou-ari-karipidis-diamantopoulos I hope Diamantopoulos stays with the team, the players he has selected have been very productive.
  13. I have no idea but it seems he aggravates it every time he plays.
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