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  1. Defeating the same team 3 times in a season is very difficult, defeating the same team 3 times in 20 days is 10 times harder. Aside from playing well Aris players must be mentally prepared for this game because of what I said in my opening statement. Ksanthi will not want to lose to us again and I'll bet there might very well be a financial incentive for the players promised by kiria Kyriaki. PAOK does not want us in the playoffs and I can't say I blame them.
  2. Similar, have you not seen this movie Dodgeball: A True underdog story with Vince Vaughn & Ben Stiller? If not, it's a much watch.
  3. Nice friendly scrimmage game, reminded me a lot of the NBA All-Star game where nobody plays defense. I’ve seen more passion in a Girl Scouts dodgeball game. Who’s your daddy Karipidi?
  4. I'm sorry Yianko but this comment is so absurd I can't stop laughing. 🤣🤣
  5. The players you mentioned left Aris for PAOK because they either got more money or felt PAOK gave them a better shot at success. The players that came to Aris from OSFP recently all had contracts with the team from Piraeus and were allowed to break their contract and sign as free agents. I don't for a second buy that it is somehow coincidental they chose Aris. I didn't think much about it when Martinez came over but when Fetfa was signed two summers ago I immediately voiced my displeasure, let's not forget Siopis as well. The January signing of Durmishaj made it clear to me what is going on between the two clubs along of course with the interview our big boss gave to OSFP radio. Ideye coming over to Aris is a curious move to me as well but I'll give you that one. If the exact same thing had happened with another team, especially our neighbors, you would all be in agreement with me but since it is our beloved Aris you guys will never admit the obvious. As for the playoffs both OSFP and PAOK will do their best to have teams under their control make it in.
  6. If this were true then there would be no reason for them to use these tactics. It's clear as day that Aris has picked sides in this war and we are, unfortunately, no longer independent under the guidance of Karipidis. Aris making the playoffs is a must for OSFP and a must not for PAOK as we may very well help the team from Piraeus tip the scales. There is a tug of war between the two and we are the rope.
  7. Ανακαλείται το δελτίο του Ντουρμισάι, επιστρέφει στον Ολυμπιακό
  8. I don't need them to shape my own opinion. Just because I am an Aris fan doesn't mean that I will turn a blind eye to what is going on with Aris under Karipidis. Very embarrassing to say the least.
  9. Nice job, although, if you will allow me, you made no mention of Sasha when referring to the starting 11. Just an observation. Please post the links here when you write new articles.
  10. Are you the author of this article?
  11. He basically beat OSFP at their game, good for him. For what it's worth I am glad PAOK have won the championship, why should the southern teams only win it.
  12. Chris, you are correct in the grand scheme of things, a Greek ship owner tied to illegal activities is small potatoes compared to one of Russia's wealthiest men who served in Putin's parliament. I apologize if my comments minimized Ivan's accomplishments!! 😁
  13. I am not at all surprised that Sasha and Gama were kept from playing in this game and that Cuesta could sit as well. I'll just leave it at that so I won't upset any of you.
  14. Guilty as charged but there is plenty of evidence in this league if one is willing to open his or her eyes. I have no evidence for example that the idiot in charge of the team I support has taken sides but unfortunately too many things have happened for me to close my eyes and keep my mouth shut. In life it is hard to avoid making contradictory statements but I'm sure if you read my posts, and there is no reason for you to do so, you will find that I have not deviated from my way of thinking going back many years. Chris, I thought the two I'm referring to are obvious but maybe I am wrong. In the north you have Don Ivan and in the south you have Don Vangeli.
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