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  1. In all honesty I am not a big fan of Sousa, plays with a lot of heart but overly aggressive. I'd rather he stays on the bench for this game.
  2. Difficult game no doubt but Aris can not afford to lose this one. PAOK is without a doubt the better team but that doesn't mean we can't beat them or at the very least grab a tie. Personally, I'd like to see Siopis in for Basha because the usual defensive duo might be too slow for this game. I also believe, given the roster make-up, Hamza needs to be in there because of his size and ability to get head balls in a crowd. In these types of games a goal from a set piece could very well be the difference. This squad has to be the most frustrating in recent history. In my opinion, this is the best overall team Aris has put together since the early 80's but they lack the killer instinct. I suppose this is to be expected when you bring in players finishing up their careers. A win next Sunday will be just what the doctor ordered especially since the following two games are against AEK and OSFP.
  3. Mitsos

    Greek Championship 2018-19

    Aren't you sleeping?
  4. Mitsos

    Greek Championship 2018-19

    I try to follow the basketball league but only two teams are legitimate contenders for the title.
  5. Our attacking players need to be more selfish, 1v1 breakdowns create opportunities.
  6. Crucial game considering the 3 games following are against the top teams in the SL. Getting a win is going to be hard but not impossible. We have seen enough from this team to know their approach is very business like and they know how to approach each game. I think the challenge in this game will be containing our opponents speed on counterattacks.
  7. After suffering their first defeat of the season and drawing against PAOK, Aris are back at it on Sunday against Asteras. This will be another difficult game as our opponents are a good and experienced team that gave the three top teams in Greece fits in the first three games of the season. I'm thinking it will end in a tie but any result is possible here, Aris will control the game but as we have seen our players are prone to mistakes when pressured and this scares me especially since the midfielders are a slow bunch. Not having Gama will hurt given that he can create on his own and other than Garcia we have no one else that could do it. On the other hand it is an opportunity to see the character & depth of the team.
  8. Mitsos

    Greek Cup 2018-19, Group Stage

    Didn't watch the game, I think the result serves both teams well.
  9. Mitsos

    Greek Cup 2018-19, Group Stage

    In my opinion this match up is far more important to Aris than it is to PAOK. Aris has been irrelevant for a long time and a positive result in this game, even a good performance that still ends in a loss, will help the psyche of the players, the fanbase and will really make the rest of the league pay attention. As great as the start to the season has been the team still needs that big result that will give everyone an ego boost and this could be it.
  10. Mitsos


    Metrosport, the rest get their info from Aris sites.
  11. Mitsos


    Allaboutaris was extremely accurate this summer with the transfers, I think Tsaltidis has some kind of in with the team. For what it's worth I really do not like him but he was in the know this summer.
  12. Mitsos

    2018 - 2019 Super League Season

    I read today that the officials in the PAOK-AEK game this coming weekend will not be Greek, what a sad and shameful move by those in charge. There is not a league worldwide in any sport that has perfect referees, they are human and make mistakes, deal with it!!!! In Greece though referee errors are not coincidental, unless of course they are in favor of the team one supports.
  13. Scoreless draw is my prediction once again. Our opponents have started the season with 3 road games, two of which were against AEK and OSFP, so they should be very excited to finally get a home game. This will no doubt be Aris most difficult game to date and the overall team focus needs to be heightened. I don't believe our coach will make changes to the starting 11 yet but if it does happen I'm guessing it will be Siopis for Matillia.
  14. Mitsos


    If Asteras didn't have bad luck they would have no luck at all. They start the season playing against the top three teams in Greece, lose two of the games 1-0 on two horrible PK calls and this past weekend drop the game 2-1 on a goal scored in extra time after missing a great scoring opportunity themselves. They might have zero points currently but they will start climbing the ladder at a rapid pace, I wouldn't be surprised if they do not lose another match during the first round.