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  1. Very true Alex, let's hope our additions in the summer will have the immediate impact the ones in January did. I was reading that AEL will be training in Bulgaria and head straight to Salonika for the first leg, this may bode well for Aris.
  2. The worst possible draw from that group. Greek teams have not fared well against teams from Cyprus recently, I'm curious which team will be favored to advance by the odds makers.
  3. Below is the list of teams Aris will face: http://www.metrosport.gr/article/pithani-antipali-tou-ari-sto-europa-league I want to avoid Lemesos & Kraiova.
  4. Possible good news regarding Sundgren https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/europa-league/article/608964/aitima-toy-ari-gia-soyntgkren-me-fonto-tin-eyropi
  5. When was the last time the league appeared to be this organized and actually had a starting date this early? https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/superleague/article/608963/kalentari-tis-neas-soyper-ligk-pics
  6. I'd like to know who is paying for all this?
  7. It looks nice but out of place in the middle of a neighborhood. For the record, I'll believe it when I see it.
  8. Like any fan my initial reaction is that of euphoria when I hear names of quality players linked to Aris but then the team's recent history comes to mind and skepticism sets in. Is the owner capable of paying these wages, if not where is he finding the money, will Aris be relegated in 3-4 years because of this etc.....????? It makes for an interesting summer but is it worth it in the long run? Can Karipidis afford to pay all these additions especially if Aris doesn't make the group stage in the Europa Cup competition? To be honest I really don't know what the heck he's involved in or better yet where his money comes from. I just hope Aris is not another get rich quick scheme for him like the team was in previous years for others.
  9. Looks like Daniel Sundgren will play in European competition only if Aris makes the group stage since he will take the field for AIK in the champions league playoff stage.
  10. I'm guessing this guy is Garcia's replacement.
  11. So Raul Bravo was arrested this morning as one of the leaders in a match fixing ring, should we as Aris fans be concerned? If he were arrested in Greece I think we would be fine but I do not know how things work in Spain. https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/superleague/article/602069/i-syllipsi-toy-mpravo-prokalei-tromo-kai-stin-ellada
  12. Almand, you are spot on, no way we can compete financially with other teams if they really want him. This is the risk you take when you bring in players on loan. Let's hope they can find another Garcia this offseason.
  13. The location of preseason training will be Veluwe in the Netherlands. https://www.allaboutaris.com/podosfairo/137051/edo-tha-xtistei-o-aris-tis-neas-sezon-pics
  14. From what I have read, he will play with AIK until the end of June and join Aris in early July when preparations for the new season will begin.
  15. Aside from Sundgren, Aris apparently has secured a player currently playing in the SL. Who he is and what position he plays has not been revealed yet.
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