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  1. Agreed 100% Basha is that type of player and it was only a matter of time before he got a red card.
  2. Not the result we were hoping for but under the circumstances not bad. The Aris players gave it their all and that's all you can ask for as a fan.
  3. Just as I was about post that Tonso hasn't shown much he takes out Garcia who is the only player that can create something out of nothing. Let's hope our coach has a gut feeling about this one cause it makes no sense.
  4. Unlucky goal we conceded.
  5. Basha is a freaking idiot!!!! Hats off to Matilla.
  6. I completed agree with your comments about Garcia Alex but you have to ask yourself, why is a talented youngster like that playing for Aris? Does he have attitude issues?
  7. With 3 teams being relegated and a 4th playing in a playoff relegation game, these games will not be easy. Many of the teams we play will be desperate for points. Home games will be more difficult because Pantelidis prefers giving space and doesn't necessarily know how to coach when the opponent does the same to Aris. It will probably be a one goal game, I hope Panionios doesn't score first because we might be in trouble.
  8. Η αρχική 11άδα των "κιτρίνων":Κουέστα, Δεληζήσης , Μπάσα, Ντιγκινί, Τόνσο, Λάρσσον, Γκαρσία, Τζανακάκης, Σιώπης Κορχούτ, Ρός Στον πάγκο:Αναγνωστόπουλος, Βαλεριάνος, Μαρτίνες, Γιουνές, Ματίγια, Φετφατζίδης, Βέλεθ
  9. Thanks for the info, I'll just listen to it on the radio.
  10. A draw would not be bad at all but it would need to be followed by a victory next week because 3 games against the top 3 teams in the SL follow.
  11. He's active but very sloppy. I'd say he's the perfect player to bring off the bench to give the team a boost with his energy.
  12. Mitsos

    Aris Roster

    During the week Fetfatzidis signed with Aris, not to fond of another ex-OSFP player signing with us. Having said that, I really liked the kid when he came onto the scene but admittedly have no idea how he has performed in the past 5 years. Can I get some help?