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  1. Diamantopoulos resigned today, Haristeas is one of the names on the replacement list.
  2. The new season begins for Aris this coming Saturday against OFI, a team we beat twice last year but trailed in both games and needed late goals to prevail. As long as there is no hangover from the disappointing Europa Cup exit I expect another victory. My guess is that Pantelidis will start the same eleven he had against Molde, possibly replacing Larsson with Tonso. It will be nice if Ideye can get off to a nice start scoring a goal or two which will help with his confidence going forward. Good luck to Aris, anything lower than 5th place will with out a doubt be very upsetting.
  3. My pre-playoff top 5 1. PAOK 2. OSFP 3. PAO 4. AEK 5. Aris
  4. Do you guys remember the old grumpy man in your neighborhood that would yell at kids around 12:05 in the afternoon because he couldn't sleep as it was too loud during quiet time? Come on we all had him in our neighborhood! I'm afraid that I am becoming that guy!!!! All the self adulation about last night's performance is making me ill. ARIS WERE ELIMINATED, this is the most important fact from the game. The players gave great effort but isn't that what they should do at the very least? They threw away a spot in the next round against an opponent who came into Vikelidis doing everything but trying to advance. I do not know why the elected to play the way they did but Aris did not take advantage of this gift. Emperor was spot on with his half time comments "Παρά το εξαιρετικό σκορ, η ομάδα δεν μου αρέσει. Δεν έχουμε καλή ανάπτυξη και συνεπώς δεν απειλούμε την αντίπαλη εστία." While they came out with great energy one can see that the adrenaline did not allow them to play with a level head. Ball movement was very poor which ultimately lead to blind crosses into the area hoping someone will get to them, not a sound plan in my humble opinion. I am rooting for Pantelidis but some of his substitutions were absolute head scratchers. When you are constantly switching the same players one has to wonder if he is watching the game or if the subs are predetermined? I don't want to come off as the arrogant guy telling people how they should feel but it definitely should not be euphoria because they gave it their all. Not sure what happened with the money from the gate but I find the story very hard to believe.
  5. Spot on UK. I was hoping Duarte would start over Fetfa simply because I'm tired of his heartless efforts. Good luck to the lads.
  6. Last week I was very optimistic and thought we would leave Norway with at least one goal and a tie, I was wrong. This time around I am very pessimistic. I am starting to get annoyed with all the we believe, we are Aris etc... I understand that it is a marketing ploy and that's ok but the players and coaches saying it all week does nothing for me. We can't score goals and as far as I'm concerned that has to do with the players on the roster currently. Don't get me wrong, I like them but none seem capable of stepping up and putting the team on their shoulder and lead. In 3 European games Aris has scored 1 goal on a PK and did not create many opportunities, last week I don't recall any, as a matter of fact Molde had the only one I remember, aside of course of the 3 they scored, when our defender cleared the ball on the goal line in the second half. I don't care if we play a 4-3-3, a 4-2-3-1, a 1-2-3-4 etc.. FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU NEED TO DO TO SCORE GOALS!!!! As I said previously they need to be patient and not try to score three goals at once otherwise we will be down 2-0 in the first 10 minutes. I hope they stop trying to play the ball out of the back against this team, they are far to quick and fast for our defenders. You need to learn from your mistakes and I'm starting to think they haven't when I constantly read about them blaming personal miscues as the only reason our opponents scored last week. Yes, we gave the ball up easily, but that happened because Molde forced us into turnovers so be prepared this time around. Obviously I would like us to be up 10-0 at half time but 1-0 will suffice. I am not comparing our team to Liverpool, but if I recall correctly that was their lead at half time last year when they knocked off Barca down 3-0 on aggregate after game 1. Fingers crossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Question for you guys, if Aris loses to Molde on Thursday with a disappointing effort, is Pantelidis out?
  8. Gents, I respectfully disagree with the proposed lineup because, in my opinion always, it guarantees a goal for Molde meaning Aris will need 5 goals in order to advance. Martinez and Fetfatzidis don't blend well as starters because you give up too much on the defensive side. Patience is a must in this game however insane it might sound, scoring a goal in the first half will be enough to make the Norwegians feel the pressure in the second half at which point you can throw in both the players mentioned. I would like to see Larsson in for Tonso and Duarte in for either Sasa or Basha. In the last 30 minutes, and hopefully with a goal in hand you add the two along with Younes and go for it. If Molde scores of course you change course and go all out.
  9. This guy is an idiot, good thing he is not a betting man! Not much to think about for the 2nd leg, the problem is that Aris doesn't have the individual quality to score many goals.
  10. Our coach wants to make sure Molde doesn't score. Ο Σάββας Παντελίδης τελικά έκανε την έκπληξη και θα χρησιμοποιήσει το 4-3-3 κόντρα στη Μόλντε. Κάτω από τα δοκάρι ο Χουλιάν Κουέστα θα υπερασπιστεί το τέρμα του ΑΡΗ, με τους Κόρχουτ και Σουντγκρεν στα πλάγια της άμυνας. Μπροστά από τον Ισπανό τερματοφύλακα οι Φραν Βέλεθ και Λίντσεϊ Ρόουζ.Στη μεσαία γραμμή, οι Λούκας Σάσα, Μίτζεν Μπάσα και Χαβιέ Ματίγια θα αγωνιστούν για πρώτη φορά μαζί στη βασική ενδεκάδα.Νικολά Ντιγκινί και Μαρτίν Τόνσο θα βρεθούν λίγο πιο πίσω από τον προωθημένο Μπράουν Ιντέγε.Αναπληρωματικοί οι Έμαν, Δεληζήσης, Ντουάρτε, Λάρσον, Μαρτίνεζ, Κωνσταντινίδης, Φετφατζίδης
  11. I feel optimistic, if I were playing propo - X2!!!!!!!!!!
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