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  1. Futbol will be played again this weekend with the Aris - OFI game starting things off Saturday at 21:30 eet. Given that both teams will be playing in Europe next year, coupled with the covid 19 layoff, I expect to see a laid back affair. Clearly Aris will put all their efforts into winning the cup so we should not expect much during the 10 game playoff schedule.
  2. Athens, it's a complete mess and only after the CAS ruling things will hopefully clear up. Now, when CAS gets to the case is another issue all together. Originally I had read that Aris would not be allowed to sign new players for the pro team or the academies, bring in players on loan, promote players from their academies, sell players or resign them which is why my original post on this subject was about Aris having a 12 player squad for the upcoming season. Later on I read that players still under contract would be allowed to resign which of course gives these players major leverage. The whole thing makes no sense to me and is completely counter productive for everyone involved. Let's not even get into legalities, how does FIFA expect these players to get paid when you handcuff the team that owes them money? If Aris does not have the ability to make money not only will said players not get paid but more players will have the same fate if the team defaults again. Why not workout a payment schedule forcing Aris to pay a predetermined amount to FIFA every month which in turn spreads the money out to all parties until everyone is paid off? In the mean time have one of their own oversee the Aris accounting practices until the matter is cleared to ensure every penny is reported properly.
  3. Ideye Brown is not worth the money he is receiving. I believe Diamantopoulos would have scored more goals had he been given the same minutes as the Nigerian and cost much less. The current situation the team finds itself in is unusual and any conversation regarding the roster is pointless until CAS rules.
  4. @ Athens4, calling you a prick and an a**hole were out of line and inexcusable, sheltering in place is getting to me. My apologies sir.
  5. Will somebody please clarify something for me, Aris is asking the Greek government for help with the current transfer ban imposed to the team by FIFA, how exactly can they help?
  6. You are going around in circles and I have no idea how to respond to you. The difference between the two of us is that I don’t allow my team allegiance to cloud my judgement, at least not all the time. I’m not going to deny the obvious to avoid ridicule by others. Whatever you think is going on between Aris and OSFP my thoughts on said subject I promise you are 10 times worse. I would love it if Aris had a powerful and influential owner that can win us some titles with moves and deals outside the pitch because that’s how things work in the SL.
  7. My goal? I don't have a goal, I posted something in a forum of Aris fans which is the team I support as well and you came in here acting like an a**hole. I should ask you that question. And since you asked, yes I believe PAOK are corrupt just like the whole league is. Savvidis figured out when in Rome.... I don't have an issue with it since he only did what is the norm but don't come here pretending PAOK play by the rules and others don't. Beos is your ally for crying out loud. So the team you support isn't as corrupt as OSFP, does it really matter? Fine OSFP are more corrupt, you happy now?
  8. I see, it's a response to the Aris fans who refuse to admit it. Funny you bring up second and third division somewhere the team you support should have been demoted to before the government interfered. I'm sorry, I forgot PAOK were set up, my bad. Aris have plenty of issues to deal with but don't come here acting like an arrogant prick when your team have become just as corrupt as OSFP. You know what they say about those who live in glass houses.
  9. I have no idea what your response has to do with what I posted.
  10. https://www.gazzetta.gr/football/superleague/article/1472987/i-fifa-epevale-apagoreysi-metagrafon-enos-hronoy-ston-ari-gia-tin-apoktisi-toy-ntoyrmisai According to the above article the transfer ban against Aris was upheld by FIFA meaning no transfers can be made during the next two windows. 14 player contracts will be ending on June 30th leaving the team with 12 players two of which, Duarte and Sundgren, do not have a good relationship with the PAE. Aris will of course appeal to CAS but when was the last time that body overturned a decision? Once again the same old thing with this team, nothing ever changes.
  11. I have made my feelings clear about the relationship between the two, I'll leave it at that as I do not want to keep upsetting my friends. I have not read anything about a new stadium.
  12. Last year but nothing this year. I doubt Marinakis will let him go to PAO.
  13. Xristos Anesti to all, hope forum members and families are doing well. Emperor, is the wife back to full strength?
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