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  1. pash really pushing for the sale here.
  2. To be honest voting in Greece is like having to choose who takes your wife home at the end of night. Joking aside, on one hand I am happy that Syriza's days are over but then I can't even imagine what Mitsotakis will do. Dare I say our very own Pablo Escobar (Marinakis) will become even more powerful now (Olympiakos to win the next 8 championships at least). There is only one type of regime that would sort Greece out. Nearly everyone in Greece believes the same but nobody ever says it out in the open.
  3. If I were Jaba, I would stay and play Champions League. With good performances he could get an offer from England. I believe he has potential far greater than the German league.
  4. It is absolutely ridiculous that we have loaned several players to Volos. This should not be allowed.
  5. Boozing it up virtually every night was exactly what he was doing. From a reliable source.
  6. If that is the case then Markiz and all the other bars in Valaouritou are opening champagne bottles tonight.
  7. Why the hell do we keep being linked with Stoch every summer? It would be a terrible move.
  8. El Kaddouri's transfer in doubt now. That's a shame.
  9. Just saw the Warda is involved in yet another issue with a model. I highly doubt that we will be able to sell him.
  10. I would not get Holtby. He couldn't make in in the Premier League and has been playing 2nd division Germany since. Happy with the two sales and also with Canas' departure. As Ziaka said, now we just need to sell Warda. Hopefully he will have a good Cup of Nations.
  11. I have heard that saying countless of times during my short life. At the end of the day I left a comfortable living in Germany to go and live in Italy where I knew nobody, barely knew the language and survived on an average of €600 a month (well, €250 after the rent was paid and I still managed to have a half decent time). We both know that whatever happens it won't be as bad as that. I reckon I'm prepared. Και ο πατέρας μου μετανάστης πρώτης γενιάς είναι. Ήρθε με £50 στη τσέπη του και πλέον έχει την δικιά του επιχείρηση. Τι να πεί κι'αυτός που ψήφισε leave; Τι δεν καταλαβαίνεις; Μόνο το Λονδίνο και η Σκωτία φήφισαν να μείνουμε. Τον Οκτώβριο βάζουμε ενα απο τα τελευταία καρφιά στον τάφο της συμμορίας που λέγεται ΕΕ. Πολύ θα γούσταρα το τελευταίο να το βάλει η Ελλάδα μας αλλα κάτι τέτοιο μάλλον μονο σε ενα παράλληλο σύμπαν μπορεί να συμβεί. ΥΓ. Θα ασχοληθώ λιγότερο με την μπάλα φέτος φίλε. Είχα πει οτι εαν βάλουν πάλι τα πλεϊ οφ δεν θα κάτσω να δω πρωτάθλημα οπότε φέτος θα δω μονο κύπελλο και Ευρώπη. Πραγματικά έχω βαρεθεί με την ΕΠΟ και την Σούπερλιγκ που δεν έχουν ιδέα τι κάνουν. Απ'οτι είδα κάνατε 2-3 καλές προσθήκες. Σας είχα πει οτι ο Παντελίδης θέλει χρόνο τότε που ζητάγατε το κεφάλι του. Θα φτιάξει καλή ομαδούλα. Βέβαια έχετε και σπόνσορα αλλα σ'αυτό we agree to disagree.
  12. Carlito's Way, Goodfellas, Casino, Scarface, A Bronx Tale and the Godfather trilogy - classic gangster films.
  13. 3 μάτς έπαιξε νομίζω. Όποιος τον έφερε θέλει ξύλο απο Τούμπα μέχρι την Ίμπιζα.
  14. Χαίρομαι που έχεις προετοιμαστεί καταλλήλως. Ολα καλά θα πάνε φίλε, μην ανησυχείς.
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