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  1. Shame he didn't pick up where he left off from last year. I thought he would have stayed at least another season.
  2. To be honest we really should have done better. I want to believe Fereira is doing a good job but I don't see the team playing the same football they were playing last year or in the the two games against Ajax. I hope we give him time though instead of calling for his head after the first defeat (it is going to come at some point whether we like it or not). By the way, clear penalty on Podence and I have no idea why VAR did nothing. In fact I would say that the one given was less of a penalty considering the time it took him to go down.
  3. Probably a fair result when you look at it. Our midfield was dreadful and couldn't even control the ball properly in the second half. Vieirinha needs to be starting from now on.
  4. I don’t get how Biseswar is still in. Ferreira must have a thing for him.
  5. If we score again I can’t see the game finishing.
  6. He needs to bring Biseswar off at half time.
  7. Not sure why. They have Vardy and Perez.
  8. I’m currently in Greece and got VIP tickets (long story) to the Greece v Finland game. Limnios is an absolute bullet. Catch him if you can.
  9. Ραουλ Μπράβο, Κοκε... αυτοί είναι παίκτες υψηλού επιπέδου με ηθική. Τέτοιους παίκτες θελουμε ρε παιδιά.
  10. Qualification was lost because of drawing to Liechtenstein and Armenia at home. Very poor.
  11. Dude, these players are done. Especially Papastathopoulos. I ended up going to the stadium last night and it was the first time I have seen such an attacking Greece side. It was an absolute pleasure to watch. Still can’t believe how fast Limnios is. I’m not convinced with Bakakis and would have liked to have seen Vasileiadis come on in midfield instead of Bouchalakis. If the EO keep out of it and the Dutchman is allowed the do his thing, then I think he will rebuild a very strong Greek national team.
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