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  1. Αυτοί που λες ήρθαν σε μας ελεύθεροι, δεν γίνεται να βάζεις όρους σ'αυτά τα συμβόλαια. Ο Ντουρμισάι είναι δανεικός φίλε. Ανήκει ακόμα στην μητρι- εεε στον Ολυμπιακό δηλαδή. Τα πιστεύεις αυτά που γράφεις;
  2. Καλορίζικος ο δανεικός Αλβανός παίδες. Φροντίστε να πάρει παιχνίδια για να γυρίσει στην μητρική έτοιμος το καλοκαίρι.
  3. I am loving this Durmishaj comedy series. EPO confirmed that the player is in fact on loan. It is official - our yellow friends are under the thumb.
  4. Yeah, you should look into the cashless project that the Elite wants us to adopt. Scary times ahead, my friend.
  5. Ok, one more then I promise I'll stop. World: The price of a product will include any taxes as well USA: Athens4 buys a bottle of water that costs $2 and goes to pay. "That'll be $2.17 please", says the cashier. Athens4 replies "It says $2 over there". "That is without tax. We add tax on at the end." Mindblown! Athens4 walks around town with so much change in his pocket he sounds like the tambourine man. Homeless man approaches him and asks "Sir, do you have any spare change?" Athens4 responds "As much as you want".
  6. I watched the first half with my father and I feel it was definitely a penalty for Asteras.
  7. If you’re feeling down at all just take a look at what is going on with Durmishaj.
  8. Good luck to him, although he will need to impress if his contract is only until this summer. I hope this does not end up being another Papagiannopoulos story where he comes back to haunt us. Both players did not get the chances they deserved in my opinion, especially the latter.
  9. World: Let's write the date format in a way that makes sense, ie. the day of the month, then the month itself, then the year. US: Woah, wait a minute champ! Let's write the date in a completely different format than the rest of the world so that we can confuse foreigners when they come to the US and ourselves when we go abroad. Let's do the month first, then the date and then the year. Because yeah! We have all moved on since then, it's about time you guys do too! 🤣
  10. World: we use degrees Celsius because it makes much more sense US: nah dude let’s confuse everyone and use a completely different metric that makes no sense at all
  11. Το οτι οι παίκτες σας έκαναν τον γύρο του θριάμβου μετά το τέλος του αγώνα (λες και πήρανε το πρωτάθλημα) τα λέει όλα. Θα πανηγυρίζανε μαλλον το πρίμ που τους έταξε ο big boss. Τέλος πάντων, παλικαρίσια νίκη του Α.Ρ.Η άσχετα που τα δυο γκόλ προήλθαν απο τραγικά λάθη του Ζίβκοβιτς.
  12. Free? I thought we were selling him!
  13. Τσάμπα γκολ και τα δυο!
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