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  1. Anybody know what happened between Yiankos and Tzatziki? Kind of sad that Yiankos says he is through with the forum.
  2. Άνετα έχει μια θέση ο Χατσερίδης.
  3. It will be Turkey or Arabia then. If it comes then, as you rightly said, accept the offer and ship him out. I backed him for a while but he just holds onto the ball for much too long.
  4. Now that you have successfully described him as a dud, please explain how we can sell him.
  5. I didn't mean having an entire starting 11 of youngsters. But there should be at least 3-4 playing. Look at clubs like Manchester United and Chelsea who have promoted a fair amount of young talent to the first team (and most start). We, on the other hand, still consider Giannoulis a 'young talent' and get excited/panic when we promote a youngster like Tzolis.
  6. I think we should look to sell as many of our big earners as possible this summer. It is time to put some faith in our youngsters.
  7. Would also be keen to see more of Rodrigo.
  8. They are definitely going to let AEK win. We should just go for the win next week and be done with it.
  9. Got completely showed up with regards to my feelings. A win next week (perhaps even a draw) and 2nd place is ours. Would be nice to win though.
  10. Χαχαχαχαχαχαχα ήθελαν και αήττητο οι κλέφτες!
  11. Crespo looking like a surfboard salesman in that cap.
  12. I would say that should have been a second yellow for Bouchalakis but very naive of me to expect that in Karaikskaki.
  13. Our finishing is extremely poor. No wonder teams like Saint Etienne are interested in Giannoulis and not anybody of a higher calibre. If that is how he finishes inside the box, he has no chance.
  14. Missed the first half but heard we did quite well. Hopefully we can put one of our chances away in the second.
  15. 1-3 final score. I am not so confident about today so I think all will be decided next week. We will need to win in Athens.
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