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  1. El Kaddouri's transfer in doubt now. That's a shame.
  2. Just saw the Warda is involved in yet another issue with a model. I highly doubt that we will be able to sell him.
  3. I would not get Holtby. He couldn't make in in the Premier League and has been playing 2nd division Germany since. Happy with the two sales and also with Canas' departure. As Ziaka said, now we just need to sell Warda. Hopefully he will have a good Cup of Nations.
  4. I have heard that saying countless of times during my short life. At the end of the day I left a comfortable living in Germany to go and live in Italy where I knew nobody, barely knew the language and survived on an average of €600 a month (well, €250 after the rent was paid and I still managed to have a half decent time). We both know that whatever happens it won't be as bad as that. I reckon I'm prepared. Και ο πατέρας μου μετανάστης πρώτης γενιάς είναι. Ήρθε με £50 στη τσέπη του και πλέον έχει την δικιά του επιχείρηση. Τι να πεί κι'αυτός που ψήφισε leave; Τι δεν καταλαβαίνεις; Μόνο το Λονδίνο και η Σκωτία φήφισαν να μείνουμε. Τον Οκτώβριο βάζουμε ενα απο τα τελευταία καρφιά στον τάφο της συμμορίας που λέγεται ΕΕ. Πολύ θα γούσταρα το τελευταίο να το βάλει η Ελλάδα μας αλλα κάτι τέτοιο μάλλον μονο σε ενα παράλληλο σύμπαν μπορεί να συμβεί. ΥΓ. Θα ασχοληθώ λιγότερο με την μπάλα φέτος φίλε. Είχα πει οτι εαν βάλουν πάλι τα πλεϊ οφ δεν θα κάτσω να δω πρωτάθλημα οπότε φέτος θα δω μονο κύπελλο και Ευρώπη. Πραγματικά έχω βαρεθεί με την ΕΠΟ και την Σούπερλιγκ που δεν έχουν ιδέα τι κάνουν. Απ'οτι είδα κάνατε 2-3 καλές προσθήκες. Σας είχα πει οτι ο Παντελίδης θέλει χρόνο τότε που ζητάγατε το κεφάλι του. Θα φτιάξει καλή ομαδούλα. Βέβαια έχετε και σπόνσορα αλλα σ'αυτό we agree to disagree.
  5. Carlito's Way, Goodfellas, Casino, Scarface, A Bronx Tale and the Godfather trilogy - classic gangster films.
  6. 3 μάτς έπαιξε νομίζω. Όποιος τον έφερε θέλει ξύλο απο Τούμπα μέχρι την Ίμπιζα.
  7. Χαίρομαι που έχεις προετοιμαστεί καταλλήλως. Ολα καλά θα πάνε φίλε, μην ανησυχείς.
  8. No fee for Charisis, just the resale %.
  9. Probably the quote of the season. Agree to that the thread should now be locked.
  10. Οταν βγούμε (βασικά οπως πάει το πράγμα εαν βγούμε) απο την Ευρώπη και είμαστε μια χαρά, μη χαθείς.
  11. I cannot believe there are people who still insist on playing games in that stadium. The NT should play their games in Crete (they produced an excellent atmosphere when we played there in 2007). If not Crete then they should at least play the games in different stadiums like the German NT does. I am reading people saying that Greece never improves or works on talent etc. We all know that Greece should have built upon the success in 2004 but nothing happened. God knows where the money went. The fact is that nothing works in Greece except for the beaches and tavernas. Everything else is a joke.
  12. Kyriakopoulos had an excellent season and has a lethal shot on him. Tachtsidis? What are you talking about? Bakasetas, Barkas, Siopis, Valerianos and perhaps even Stafylidis have no business being in the NT right now. I thought Aggelos would not get bullied by players' managers but it seems he has let it happen (yet again). Not even one player from PAOK (double champions for crying out loud) in the starting 11. It was very clear that most of these players were on the beach, especially Samaris. He had a superb season for Benfica then played like that tonight. The defence in general was a disaster and Emerson ran riot. The fact is that there will never be a player like Karagounis again. He was a leader and gave everything on the pitch. These players are all too bothered about tatoos and their hair. Koulouris must start against Armenia.
  13. Δεν βλέπεται η Εθνική. Μετα το σούτ μπεκάτσα του Σιώπη (τι δουλειά έχει αυτός ο παίκτης στην Εθνική μονο ο Άγγελος ξέρει) το έκλεισα.
  14. Exactly what I was thinking. He clearly has no confidence. After Siopis' shot I switched it off. Absolutely pathetic.
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