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  1. It should be cancelled with no Champion and European spots being given on current standing or standing from the previous season. Why would you award the trophy to somebody who could mathematically still lose it?
  2. I think the lockdown will be extended in London.
  3. Whoever gave Stoch a three year contract should be lashed from Toumpa all the way to Slovakia.
  4. Considering I work in travel, this is an absolute disaster. On a personal note though, it has given me a chance to catch up on all 'life admin', spend time with the girlfriend and call friends for a catch up. What else has COVID-19 proven (stolen but I still agree): - The jobs we were told couldn't be done remotely can actually be done remotely - Disabled people could have been working from home, however some corporations just did not want them to - Internet is a utiity not a luxury - Universal healthcare is necessary I (we) have also heard barely anything about ISIS or gender fluidity while this has been happening. Now that you all have time, I would recommend watching The Truman Show then The Matrix. That could be a starting point for your research. In the meantime, I hope all of our friends and family stay safe.
  5. Our most expensive player has not played a minute of football for ages.
  6. ^ You also make a valid point. What do you do?
  7. It should be voided with European places given to the same teams as last season. Before any opponent jumps out on me - I am not saying PAOK should be named champion again. I am referring to European places only.
  8. The point is that the decision was based on pure assumptions made by Maroupa and Arkoudis. Unless I am mistaken, no actual evidence has been produced.
  9. Αυτά είναι κράτη!
  10. Κάθε ήττα της ΕΟ είναι νίκη για τον αθλητισμό!
  11. Did anybody else notice Mauricio trip up El Kaddouri when Pelkas scored the penalty? 🤣
  12. Is Giannoulis' red for the next game or for the next cup game?
  13. F*&% off Paschalakis. Just catch the ball.
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