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  1. Watched the APOEL - Ajax game. I just cannot believe how lucky this team is. APOEL had various chances to finish the game off in the second half and even hit the bar. I also noticed that a handball was given against Dest for exactly the same movement against us in the dying minutes in Amsterdam. The fact that it was given tonight just proves what happened last week. They also finished the game with 10 men. That is what happens when the game is refereed normally and not in your favour. Unlikely that APOEL will get an away win (UEFA will no doubt send one their men to help the dutch cause), however if by some miracle Ajax is knocked out then I want them in our group (providing we get through too of course). Unbelievable that UEFA are pushing this Ajax team through just because it got to the semis last season.
  2. I would say he is good enough to play against anyone.
  3. Let’s just focus on beating Slovan.
  4. It wasn’t racist, just very poor choice of joke. Behind it is the bitterness that he works/lives in Netherlands, a place that the sun abandoned long ago while we Greeks are indeed poor but have probably the most beautiful country in the world. Just not fair that these mongrels who don’t pay their taxes have beautiful islands and great weather and tasty food eh @hminkema? Don’t worry dude, you have good things too like marijuana. Your women are quite nice too. We should know *wink wink*
  5. The first two penalties were fair. The third was a joke. He also didn’t give a clear handball by Dest just outside the box in the closing minutes. He wouldn’t referee like this in England so I don’t know why he did this in CL. For me it’s clear that UEFA only wants the big teams to progress.
  6. Θέλω και του χρόνου να κληρωθουμε με τον Άγιαξ. Μέχρι να τον γαμησουμε θέλω κάθε χρόνο να κληρωνόμαστε με τον Ολυμπιακό της Ολλανδιας. Γ@μω την Ολλανδία όλη. 3 φορές παίξαμε τα τελευταία 9 χρονια, και στις 3 έπρεπε να περάσουμε εμείς. Ρε Αγγλε, πουλημένε να σου κοπεί η γλώσσα ρε πούστη να μην μπορείς να ξανασφυριξεις αγώνα ποτέ. Ποιος τα γ@μ@ει το Γιουρόπα αλλά μιας και θα παίξουμε ας είμαστε σοβαροί φέτος. Να αποκλειστούν οι πουτ@ν@ς γιοί Ολλανδοί από τον ΑΠΟΕΛ και να παίξουμε στον ίδιο όμιλο γίνεται; PS. Dutch Eagle please don’t take offence
  7. Football is dead and has been for a while now.
  8. He was an absolute beast in the middle. It was as if he had been playing for us for a couple of years.
  9. @@ θα στρώσει, πρώην ποδοσφαιριστής είναι.
  10. Έχουμε πάρει θετικά αποτελέσματα στο προηγούμενα ματς στην Ολλανδία. Μπορούμε να τα ξανακάνουμε. Η ατυχία μας απέναντι στον Άγιαξ είναι απίστευτη. Όπως στις προηγούμενες αναμετρήσεις δεν τελειώσαμε τις φάσεις μας. Απορω πως Μαρτίνεζ δεν πήρε κόκκινη με τόσα φάουλ που έκανε. Τραγικα λάθη και τα δυο γκολ.
  11. Ajax gave back 200 tickets. A nice surprise for those who couldn't get a ticket the first time round.
  12. I will be heading to the fan club in London for this one. Time to stand up to the Dutch.
  13. Μακάρι να γίνει ακριβώς το ίδιο μαρκάρισμα μεσ'την περιοχή σε ενα απο τα ματς μεταξύ μας. Να δω τότε τι θε λες.
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