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  1. loan him out to the worms Pash ????
  2. typical PAOK performance unable to convert the chances we created. thankfully the away goal came. but still a poor outcome against a very average side.
  3. almost looks like you got that back-to front Ziaka. interesting to see how we perform in this game with this squad.
  4. some brilliant Benny Hill moments in that game. Lets hope they got it out of their system.
  5. would be a shame to loose Kace for only $2m. If he does join Newcastle he will be joining the PAOK of the EPL.
  6. Ideally would like to see Noboa stay but if we can get some coin for him and doesn't want to stay then show me the money. same goes with Lucas. As for Golasa he had a poor season showed glimpses but not enough for me to think he should stay on.
  7. Good luck Igor, I hope you make it past December, massive job ahead of you, lets hope we all have the patience to see the job done.
  8. no doubt, but really would expect them to make a call on this soon.
  9. as much as people talk about PAOK using the new year to rebuild and to forget Europe etc, we need to not loose site of the fact we have a good standing in Europe and that needs to be defended. Would be a waste to undo the good work we have done in Europe over the past few years.
  10. talk of Garcia becoming head coach..... really need to put this topic to bed quickly.
  11. Pash and Blackhawk winning combo.
  12. good on the girls showing how it is done. Bravo tous.
  13. wow 12 players....... Probably be easier to mention those who would stay.
  14. wow we seem to be trying to outdo ourselves by setting new lows every week. At this stage we are looking at last spot and missing out on Europe, which I may add may not be a bad thing. Obviously there are some serious issues in the dressing room to which Klaus alluded to in the post game. We need to appoint a new coach asap and put a plan in place for the next season. This sh!t cannot happen again. Yianko not sure what the fans jumping in and turning everything upside down would achieve, if anything would only serve to make things worse ? in the end it is just a game.
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