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  1. Unfortunately when this is the man leading the political discourse in this country its a huge problem. @Athens4, you make some good points.
  2. I notice our friend has been active but unable to respond.
  3. I don't necessarily think you're wrong about inequality. Just like the brexiters will soon find out when you vote for chaos the people who suffer the most are the have nots. They don't have the means to adjust to the changing circumstances around them.
  4. I'm sorry AEK66 I compete with far more immigrants than you do for work. You don't have 500 million who can legally compete with you for work, I do. But I know, given I sell into as many markets as I do, I can't have it both ways. You are naive if you think illegal immigrants have had such an effect on your life. Gyros, surely you must have the same view of Christianity?
  5. Obama didn't do Twitter diplomacy like Donald did. The thing with circumventing constitutions is it's plain wrong. But when you're doing it to make a point, rather than policy it is reckless. You really must be bitter. There is a difference between accepting globalisation and the changes in racial make up to circumventing constitutions to persecute minorities. If you can't see that difference it explains a lot of things about you.
  6. This is the problem with extreme conservatives. Anyone who doesn't agree with you becomes a liberal. No one has advocated any of that, but of course thats where you move the debate. The real elephant in the room is you can talk about advocating killing gays being exclusive to Islam, but really it's a fundamental value of the republican party. How else would you keep the bible thumpers on side? So I assume you Gyros are okay with gay marriage rights?
  7. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump The Executive undermining the Judiciary is belligerence. Undermining the constitution and attempting to circumvent process is no different to violence. When Hitler decided to undermine the German constitution i'm sure he had plenty of rhetoric too.
  8. Milo is that you? Thus following the logic of your post. Shame on a conservative who doesn't advocate the rights of the LGBT community? That'll be half the Trump supporters on this thread hiding under rocks.
  9. The tragic part is they wanted permits to film in Greece, and the government basically told them to go do one...
  10. I'm not suggesting dong nothing. What I am saying is Drumpf has gone way too far and making political points isn't going to achieve anything either. If you can't see the difference between politics and policy designed to work well that's just laughable.
  11. A lot of them? Probably closer to 1 in a 100k refugees end up committing atrocities.Additionally a lot of the attacks in Europe have been by people born/raised in Europe. The fact is there are bad eggs everywhere. What you will find through is this type of attack gets more profile. This policy is letting the terrorists win. When you stop going about your everyday life in the same pattern and change policy in such draconian fashion you have lost. The terrorists have succeeded in changing your values and now influence what you do on a daily basis. Trump behaving like a loser... Who would've thought.
  12. I found this for a stream, not the best http://www.stream2watch.cc/stream-sport/soccer-live-stream/skoda-xanthi-vs-aek-athens-live-stream
  13. All the scientists Trump hates would love to examine you. For a 40 something you really are truly unique. Why can't you ever respond to a post that destroys your lack of logic? Instead you hide behind one liners of bullshit. By productive I assume you see it as a positive that May practically sold off the NHS to American companies? Productive she refused to discredit torture. For a "devout christian" you're very confused...
  14. Quite an honour. I wish my posts were as considered as yours. Perhaps I need to upload a photo of grey London to prove I am not in Canada?! Of course they do. Some old testamenters in here....
  15. You seem to condone the wall though. I don't remember it being a Christian value to not love thy neighbour?
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