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  1. On the other hand it looks like Ant1 is all in on the Greek cup matches. They have 5 on the schedule next week (Between September 25-27).
  2. Or maybe on a week where AEK isn’t playing home, Maybe ANT1 gets first choice of a match from the Nova teams besides OSFP & PAOK. I think early in the season Sport Plus showed a Panionios home game although on tape delay. So that might be a possibility.
  3. For week 2, Ant1 has 1 game on their schedule Panionios-PAOK. ERT has 4, & Sport Plus the other 3. So 7 teams home games on ERT as Blackhawk mentions above. OSFP and PAOK home games on Sport Plus. Looks like AEK home games on ANT1. That leaves Asteras Tripoli, PAS Giannina, Larissa, OFI, Levadiakos & Panionios. Not sure if those 6 are assigned to any channel or do ANT1 & Sport Plus pick games as they go along?
  4. I see that. Only game from this week on schedule. Wondering if AEK is only team with home games on Ant1 Sat Pacific. Wish some announcements were made. Btw. Looks like Burnley-OSFP will also be live on ANT1 on Thursday
  5. I see Sports Plus has 2 matches of this week on the schedule. And ERT World a few others. Is there any official word on who has the rights for who in North America for this Super League season?
  6. http://www.ekathimerini.com/211690/article/ekathimerini/news/greeces-tv-license-tender-reaches-conclusion Lets see how this effects the channels in North America & Australia.
  7. So I see that 890 is listed here as Greek Cinema and on bells site as ERT Sat. Which one is it ?
  8. So as far as watching soccer, OTN & Sportplus are the only 2? If you were to pick 4 channels of all of them which other 2 would you pick?
  9. From what I understand, the rights for North America & Australia are as follows: ERT World Home Games For
  10. If you tune into the channel at those times you will see regular ERTWorld programming.
  11. mk21

    its not you....ANT1 sound settings are even worse than their picture quality. On top of that , this morning Odyssey here in Canada did not pick up ANT!'s feed of the match until about the 10th minute (missing the 1st goal)
  12. Why is ANT1 showing soccer matches hysterical?I still maintain that soccer is the number one way of getting subs from the omogeneia. And what better soccer package is there than the ethniki?
  13. Todays cover of Wra Gia Spor says that Netmed got the rights for 150M Euro and that the agreement starts as of next season. I haven't read it anywhere else and judging by that publications accuracy in the past, I wouldn't put much stock in the article.
  14. Thats funny because I saw an ad on ANT1 saying that they now have the rights to Atromitos home games for North America.
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