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    Nikos Karelis ‒ KRC Genk

    What injury did he get recently that is serious?
  2. nick

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    I don’t rate fortounis at all.. I would rather see karelis up with mitroglou. Fortounis isn’t skilled enough to float around the field. We really need Samaris to move on and nail down a starting role. That would allow Samaris and Zeca to be the starting cm. We could even have karelis as the LW and move donis to the #10 role.
  3. nick

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Greeece will never do this but they need to limit the number of foreign players that play in Greece. Clubs should hire Greek coaches who want to develop Greek players.
  4. We r wasting an all time great CB duo. A coach has cost us a spot once again. We r F***ed. Epo will hire another yes man. Need someone with a set of balls like Otto had. Don’t play politics, just play the players who deserve it and will play as a team
  5. Need to schedule the maximum allowed friendlies in lead up to qualifying. Try to get a lineup with mitro, Karelis and donis in it. Don’t need fortounis. He couldn’t sniff tsiartas’s jock
  6. Fortounis is the most overrated Greek player. Slow and lazy. Plays with zero urgency
  7. There r too many players who have no business wearing the NT jersey. Need a coach who won’t play politics. Bakasetas has zero control and zero vision. Lazaros looks like an mls player, and tziolis looks like a Sunday beer league player
  8. Don’t get retsos in there.. he offers zero going forward. Need to go for it 100%. Staf for retsos and fourtounis for tziolis
  9. Maybe if donis was healthy there could have been a shot.. banking on bakasetas,gianniotas or lazaros is a bit ridiculous though. They r very average players. We r F***ed
  10. Skibbe has to go. Tziolis and tzavellas are not even close to the quality needed and both r fu kin lazy. We just don’t have any midfield players who want the ball and can distribute. NONE! Fortounis’s spot behind mitroglou has to be taken away . He doesn’t run and doesn’t have the skill to be able to play lazy. Greece is at a huge crossroads...team has very few REAL players coming up. Donis,retsos look great. But we lack wide defenders and central midfielders badly. We miss a karagounis type player to go get the ball and distribute. These lazy F***s show zero passion for their country’s minus a couple players. Things don’t look good
  11. Skibbe should be left in Croatia. Fortounis should never where that blue jersey again along with tziolis, tzavellas, and maniatis.
  12. Why the F*** would we play 3-5-2 !!! We never played it in qualifying
  13. My biggest worry is more about the 2nd leg.. if we need a goal in second half, who has ability to come on..zero options. Karelia should have been called. Guys like pelkas, diamantakos, vellios, bakasetas aren’t options
  14. How the F*** does vellios or diamatakos get called up instead of samaras who has more game time that vellios.. those 2 players are bottom end players. I’d rather Samaras then either of them...
  15. Donis is an x-factor. Offers something we don’t have. Speed, willingness to take on defenders and has a great shot. If he plays my confidence goes up dramatically.. would also be nice for karelis to get in some real games in the coming weeks. Have a feeling manolas and donis will push to play, but my guess is their club teams will push against that