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  1. Anyone who doesn’t think donis is our best attacker by a F***in mile needs to get glasses. It is criminal that another coach benches the best players. Why is bakakis playing? Why did bakasetas play 80 min. What a joke
  2. It’s amazing how stupid some coaches can be. He picks a fu kin goalie who’s been benched by his club team, and plays bakasetas through the middle. Greece are doomed until they get a coach who plays players who actually have quality. Manolas and sokratis r probably laughing
  3. Most well organized half of soccer from Greece in a couple yrs, and that’s with playing 1 man down with bakasetas out there. Luminous looks to be a solid addition and offers some serious pace
  4. Bakasetas through the middle and koulouris our wide. This is nuts
  5. Coach can’t be to blame as he’s barely seen the players. Pelkas, Kourbelis, kolovos, Bakakis and stafylidis should not be part of the set up ever again. vrousai showed energy and skill but this team needs fortounis and donis at their top level to help compete. Fetfatzidis should have started or at least come on at half time. The lack of energy and SKILL is unbelievable
  6. Schip mentioned there were no layers they were waiting on Greek passports for like vasiliadis from Paderborn.... which other good players would have the possibility to play for Greece?
  7. Hey guys, there is no chance we can give players a chance who play little to no games. Mavropanos and androutsos have splinters in their ass from sitting on the bench. We have a huge issue at Cm. There is almost no young CM who are developing at a level that the NT needs. Kourbelis is a good Greek league player but is not NT level. He wouldn’t have even sniffed any of the squads before the 2014 World Cup. This year is is imperative that some of the younger players take huge steps... retsos, Koutris/tsimakis, vrousai, pavlidis, donis, koulouris, lamprou, bouzoukis, Chatzigiovannis, kampetsis..
  8. It’s not just sokratis... manolas has made the same claim. The players aren’t off the hook but this coach has gotta go. We play Finland twice. Win both and we r back. We need a new coach who stops calling..... kolovos, mavrias, bakasetas, mantalos, siopis,stafylidis....we need a influx of youth especially on the wings... back line with retsos as a rb will help when he’s healthy...with a fully healthy lineup our only real weak spot is CM... mitroglou, fortounis, donis and one of the young wingers are a decent front set up. Koutris, manolas, sokratis and retsos seem to be a strong back line. Our 2 Cm r weak. Zeca is decent if he plays with a Cm partner who has skill and can distribute. We need that karagounis, katsouranis, or basinas to emerge
  9. The players absolutely have to take some blame. The lack of national pride from the majority of these players is embarrassing. Imagine what players like karagounis, katsouranis, zagorakis must think of these posers
  10. Sorry, torosidis our of form is still the best rb option by far. The lack of ball controlling midfielder is scary, and the lack of speed in attack is ridiculous... we have young fast attacking players playing well in holland and they don’t get a look. We have bakasetas who barely plays for aek playing games for NT. Kolovos can’t play in Greece but is good enough for NT. Stafylidis is junk. I’d rather koutris or tsimakas. This was the worst failure by a NT coach in 25 yrs. italy are a fast quick passing team, and our dope of a coach plays siovas who’s slow, as a cm... a position he never plays. Its not an exaggeration to say that our midfielders lack of skill on the ball is literally maybe the worst ever from a Greek NT. The hope to qualify is almost at zero
  11. Who is really surprised... zeca out of position, siovas out of position, fortounis out of position, kolovos plays in cyprus, kourbelis is garbage, barkas is the 3rd string!!!!!! This is the worst NT game in 20+ yrs
  12. The worst tactics I’ve ever seen from Greece. This is ridiculous
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