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  1. I know the chances are slim to none, but if we beat Finland and Estonia, and Finland lose both games we would both be on 12 pts. If we had better goal difference then why wouldn’t we be 1st?
  2. Skibbe should be fired right after the game. Regardless of the result
  3. Bakasetas is the worst player on the field followed closely by kourbelis and pelkas. Bring on fetfatzidis and lazaros
  4. Our attack looked lost without a real striker. Bakasetas is garbage and isn’t even a striker. Play Donis there.
  5. This coach needs to be fired ASAP. Tziolis???? We have the Greek league mvp on the F***in bench and our fastest attacker who will take on defenders on the bench and our best LB by far in England
  6. Bouchoulakis is F***in tragic. Horrid. Slow, and almost zero positive forward passes
  7. Pelkas has looked lost to me. Doesn’t keep his width, hasn’t taken on any defenders. Bring on Donis.. pelkas isn’t a winger
  8. Why would we play ACM as wingers! Pelkas and mantalos should be on the bench for donis and lazaros. Won’t have speed on wings now
  9. nick

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Let’s hope we get a great lineup for these 2 games... I’d love to see mitroglou, donis, fortounis and lazaros all starting. I think those 4 could actually cause some issues for opposing teams. would also be great to see zeca and maybe kourbelis start at CM. I doubt we see this and he will probably have tziolis in there to slow everything down to a crawl.
  10. nick

    Official Super League Game Topic

    Looks like torosidis might be starting at CM as some ppl have hoped. Hasn’t played there in yrs.
  11. Let’s not insult Katsuranis by comparing him to tziolis late in their careers. Kats played for benfica and was a difference maker. Also played for big Greek clubs.. tziolis isn’t wanted by any Greek clubs
  12. nick

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Zeca is 100 times better than tziolis and so is Samaris. Also, kone was used as a Cm for AEK at times last yr. Tziolis is at least 8-9th down the list when it comes to options at cm
  13. nick

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    A lot of fans have hoped for a back 3, but skibbe refuses. It’s not gonna happen even though based on our talent at the position we should... skibbe has rarely veered from 4-2-3-1... and considering that he is unwilling to change, this would be the formation we should fit players into..... .....................karnezis bakakis.manolas.Sok.stafylidis ...........zeca............samaris fetfa............mantalos.......donis ................mitroglou I would love mantalos to start playing as a #8 for AEK. Then he could slip into samaris’s spot and that would allow mantalos and pelkas/fortounis to be on the field. the playmaker role should be chosen based on form, and the leading candidates would be mantalos, fortounis, and pelkas..I also have very little faith in stafylidis, since he’s been unable to keep a regular spot. I think having donis and fetfatsidis on the field at the same time could cause some real issues for opposing teams
  14. nick

    Suggested Call Ups, Starting 11

    Watching games from this World Cup just shows that some players should never be called up anymore. A majority of teams have athletic midfields with fast aggressive wingers. Players like tachtsidis and tziolis who r slow and lumbering should never be called upon. Players like mantalos, pelkas, fetfatzidis, donis, lazaros should be main fixtures. We need a CM to claim a spot. Samaris or Zechariah are fine but they need someone with energy, pace and skill beside one of them. It would be perfect if mantalos was played as more of a #8 for AEK. Really need someone to step up and take the #8 role