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  1. Georgios10

    Ellas TV

    I am in Canada, and my brother called and spoke to somebody and they said the package is $39.99/month and you get over 40 channels. How come you can't find channel list on their site? He also said you have to get the service for a year.
  2. Georgios10

    Euro 2008 Draw LIVE

    Replace Portugal with Sweden and we almost have the same group as Euro 2004. We missed getting some heavyweights. Good draw for us now, the WC group was favourable for us too.
  3. Georgios10

    Greek Cup: Thrasivoulos - PAOK

    I have not watched 1 PAOK game this year, actually not even a StupidLeague game. I am so discouraged each year on many levels, from coaching to reffing to fields.
  4. Georgios10

    Fernando Santos

    I guess we will wait and see what happens. One thing for sure i am tired of the circus Greek soccer has become.
  5. Georgios10

    New Transfer: Tomas Randziski

    does anyone what his contract is worth per year.
  6. Georgios10

    Summer 2007 transfer period

    I haven't read anything or posted in a long time. With Zagorakis as pres, can things change. I apologize, I need to read quite a bit. I have been too busy following Toronto in their first year.
  7. Georgios10

    Toronto FC

    I have 4 season tickets and my brother-in-law has 2. It's amazing how many people are lined up for tickets.Tha stadium holds 20 000. They have 14 500 season tickets sold, all corporate boxes sold , 30 of them. They have 1500 or so 1/2 season tickets sold. There are usually only 1000 tickets left for gameday. I have been to all games except 2(Benfica and Red Bull). I paid $1000 for my 4 tickets. I sold the Benfica tickets for $350 and the Red Bull for $200. Half of the cost has been paid for with 2 games. Scalper are charging $100 for $12 tickets on gameday and even more. What game would you want to come for and where are you. It's been really tough to get tickets Check this out before we scored our first goal All we are saying is give us a goal
  8. Georgios10

    Toronto FC

    I have season tickets to this and have really enjoyed myself, especially with the atmosphere. i have watched many MLS games only to see moms and especially kids running all over the place Toronto FC's first ever goal
  9. Georgios10

    PAOK's Hockey Team

    this child looks rather young, is he the next Sidney Crosby
  10. Georgios10

    PAOK FC News - 2007-08 Season

    This was on the Toronto Fc fan's site"There has been talk of a new Greek community Toronto based C[P]SL team so this may not automatically be for TFC. " Perhaps Panagoulias will have some sort of tie to this new team here in TO. Perhaps they willplay this team as well We will soon find out
  11. Georgios10

    PAOK FC News - 2007-08 Season

    yup eh :P
  12. Georgios10

    Toronto FC

    I have bought season tickets as well, 6 of us in Section 105
  13. Georgios10

    Toronto FC

    he won't end up on Canada, and I don't blame him. As far as the Montreal Impact, they do deserve and MLS team as well as Vancouver. Unfortunately MLSE has big bucks and pull in TO. Bad break for you guys, lucky for us!!!