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  1. ALPHA SAT is up on Dishnetwork Testing Echostar 15 at 61.5 w Channel 586 Anik F3 at 118.7 w Channel 586 DKSat
  2. Any Greek channel that signs with Dish Network has to be on one off Antennas packages that's the only way Dish will sign them on. Antenna Group they know how to market there Channels and make money they do not jump satellite providers from Dish to Directv and back on Dish.. DKSat
  3. Greek Media Group never had the rihgts to ALPHA Sat they just add the channel to there website because it was on Directv. ALPHA Sat was in the works to go to Dish Network about a month now, thats a good add on for Dish Network. DKSat
  4. Contract means nothing when is no growth on new subscribers and no new revenue coming in . DKSat
  5. Direct is not offering the Greek package at this time we will know more in the coming days. DKSat
  6. Greek Media Group bought out Globe star that was part off Unitel Helllas. DKSat
  7. There is rumors that ERT World has struck a deal with Verizon Fios. DKSat
  8. Alpha Sat will no longer be available on the Directv platforme as of December 28 2010. DKSat
  9. International Price Changes Coming 11/11/10 DISH Network will be changing the pricing for International package as of 11/11/10. The first change is a new $10 International Access Fee will be added to all international accounts except Great Wall TV / Chineese Elite Package. Most international customers will also see a decrease in their primary international package. International customers will have the Locals Only price increase a penny to $10.00 Exisiting International customers who pay for the Locals Only package will not see the International Access Fee added to their account. The following International Packages will see a price DECREASE: Hindi: Super - Old Price $44.99, New Price $39.99 - Decrease of $5.00 Arabic: Elite Super - Old Price $49.99, New Price $39.99 - Decrease of $10.00 Bangla: Mega - Old Price $39.99, New Price $29.99 - Decrease of $10.00 Brazilian: Elite - Old Price $44.99, New Price $34.99 - Decrease of $10.00 GREEK: Elite - Old Price $34.99, New Price $24.99 - Decrease of $10.00 Hindi: Mega - Old Price $59.99, New Price $49.99 - Decrease of $10.00 Polish: Super - Old Price $39.99, New Price $29.99 - Decrease of $10.00 Taiwanese: Mega - Old Price $39.99, New Price $29.99 - Decrease of $10.00 Urdu: Pak Mega Pack - Old Price $44.99, New Price $34.99 - Decrease of $10.00 Russian: Mega - $32.99, New Price $22.99 - Decrease $10.00 Price Increases: French: Eurochannel - Old Price $9.99, New Price $19.00 - Increase $10.00 German: Language Pass - Old Price $27.99, New Price $29.99 - Increase $2.00 Hindi: Cricket - Old Price $19.99, New Price $20.00 - Increase $0.01 Polish: ITVN - Old Price $14.99, New Price $19.99 - Increase $5.00 Polish: Polsat2 - Old Price $14.99, New Price $19.99 - Increase $5.00 Polish: TVN Complete - Old Price $19.99, New Price $24.99 - Increase $5.00 Tamil: Jaya Pack - Old Price $9.99, New Price $19.99 - Increase $10.00 Note: if a customer subscribes to a core package (like DISH America) with their package then they will not have to pay the $10 International Access fee..
  10. There has being a snag on the proses that i can not disclose on open forum, PCCW Global is working on ERT World to go on DirecTV. DKsat
  11. They are working on it right now for Directv. DKsat
  12. ERT World is no longer broadcasting from the old frequency 3803 L 27500 on Satellite NSS 806 40.5 W. DKsat
  13. ERT Worls is the number one Greek subscription channel in North America yes they have more then Antenna. As for Antenna Gold the viewership is good lots off older folks like that channel. DKsat
  14. The only channel they are trying to get to Directv is ERT World they are working on it how long it will take i do not know. The STAR channel is no longer broadcasting in North America . DKsat
  15. It is to early to predict when or what satellite they going to be FTA . If you all can not wait for ERT World to be on a KU Satellite i suggest to get a 1.2 meter KU dish with a C-Band LNBF and a FTA receiver you will be receiving ERT World from NSS 806 with no problem. Check out the ling. www.youtube.com/watch?v=6RwpALoKw1g&feature=player_embedded#! DKsat
  16. The new ERT World frequency 3630 L SR 3333 on NSS 806 at 40.5 w the signal is very strong it can be received with a 5 foot c-band dish in North America and Canada and parts off South America. On that frequency there is ERT World and 5 Radio Stations ERA 1. ERA 2, ERA 3, ERA 5, ERA Sport. By the way the Radio Stations are in digital stereo. DKsat
  17. Lets get this Clear. ERT World is not leaving Dish Network. ERT now can make deals with other Satellite and Cable providers.
  18. The proposal from ERT to PCCW Global is for ERT World to go to DIRECTV and Telco / Cable companies and be FTA on a US domestic Satellite. I think that the deal with PCCW Global will become permanent these guys mean business . Within one week they made deals with the largest Satellite companies to transmit the ERT World signal world wide. DKsat
  19. ERT World has moved to a new frequency on Intelsat 806. If you need more info send me a PM. DKsat
  20. There are some Greek channels that broadcast in North America that are not profitable but they still broadcasting . When a Greek channel is broadcasting world wide they can charge more for advertising. As long Antenna is broadcasting on Dish Network ERT World is not going to Directv DKSat
  21. I did not hear anything about Alpha Sat leaving from the North America market . It has taken Alpha 5 years to get on DirecTV why will RTL take the Alpha channel down. If Alpha Sat leaves the Star Channel will take its place on DirecTV. DKSat
  22. New Dish Network website is up with the new Greek package price increase. www.dishnetwork.com/international/Greek/default.aspx?lang=Greek DKSat
  23. Setanta set to fold in US Setanta Sports has confirmed that it plans to cease broadcasting in the US at the end of February and sell select programming rights, including those to many premium football and rugby events, to Fox Soccer Channel. Setanta Sports will also cease broadcasting its channel in the Caribbean but continue to operate elsewhere, notably in Canada under the joint ownership of the Setanta Group and Rogers Communications. DKSat
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