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  1. GMTV is down and out , there is a new Greek video channel coming some time in the near future. DKSat
  2. Alter Globe was shut down temporary today, there were color bars on Home2US satellite platform. As of 7:00 pm eastern time Alter Globe is back up. DKSat
  3. The scrolling message is to inform there subscribers that EURO-World Network is no longer transferring the Mega signal to the USA , now is all done by Home2US. DKsat
  4. If Mr Kontominas takes control over Alpha Tv from the Germans you will see Alpha Sat joining Home2US. The only channel that will be left on Dish Network will be Antenna Satellite. DKSat
  5. Mr Kontominas the former owner off Alpha Tv will be taking back Alpha from the Germans. DKSat
  6. Alter Globe started broadcasting on Home2US on October 1st. DKSat
  7. Likos, Do you keep the Roku receiver on playing 24/7 or you turn it off after watching a channel. DKSat
  8. They will do better if they let the costumers mix and match the channels that they like, and adjust their packages and prices. DKSat.
  9. Likos, What model Roku receiver are you using for the Greek IPTV serves. DKSat.
  10. For Home2US to compete with the Greek Channels on Dish Network at $24.99 a month they need to adjust there Packages and prices. DKSat
  11. Alter Globe was never shut down, because off the bankruptcy laws they had to stop broadcasting internationally. DKSat.
  12. All internationals should be moved from 61.5w to 118.7w by the end of October. DKSat
  13. The video quality on the Greek channels from 118.7W is excellent do to the newer HD receivers. (211k, 222k,722k,) DKSat
  14. There are lots of international customer on 61.0 w that did not move to 118.7w location yet. Every time you do a upgrade with Dish or Directv you automatic role in to a 2 year contract. The SD channels are not going any were for a long time so the 311,.222 ,and 512 are not ancient receivers, There is going to be long time before any international channels will be broadcasting in HD , special Greek ones. DKSat
  15. Dish Network is moving international customer from 61.0w over to the 118.7w location Dish Network has started to switch out QPSK receivers, eliminating older QPSK receivers 301's, 2700 , 2800, 501, 508 and 510 and replacing them with a newer 8PSK receiver 311 and 512. DKsat
  16. ERT World is currently broadcasting on MPEG2 Digital format world wide. If they start broadcasting in HD they will switch to a new digital format MPEG4 H264. For the end user to receive ERT World HD FTA will need a new Mpeg4 digital receiver (Box) and that's about $200 US. DKsat
  17. What they need to do is have Mega , ERT , STAR on there $29.99 super package that's what people wand, no one cares for RIK or GMTV they both suck. DKsat
  18. With ERTs financial problems in Greece, They can not afford to loose all that revenue coming from Dish Network and going exclusive with a start up company like Home2US. With the 300 GREASED up Greeks running the country anything can happened at any giving day.. DKsat
  19. With IPTV serves the price per month can not be the same as the channels on Satellite. First the Video Quality is not there no free IP BOX the cost for doing IPTV is not so expensive as doing a satellite platform. The price of $39.00 a month for 5 Greek channels is to much for IPTV serves special when you can watch some those channels on line for free. DKSat
  20. Home2US was always the provider, As a start up Euro-world Network was handling the Satellite equipment installations costumer serves and billing. Home2US will be taking over everything now. DKSat
  21. Grk101, Try this ling. www.greektvlive.net/hellenic-2-live.html I have Verizon Fios 15/5 and it's playing fine with no break ups. DKSat
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