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  1. The best way to save money is , First order the Alter /Mega / ERT Sat package for $29.99 and then ad Antenna for $14.95 and the total is $ 44.94 a month . If you have the Antenna /Mega / ERT Sat package now and you ad Alter it will cost you $ 51.94 you are getting SSSS :LOL:
  2. Antenna does not want to be part of the ALTER package they only want to be with ERT Sat / MEGA package .
  3. ALTER Globe soon to be on Echostar Super Dish 121.0 w. satellite with the rest of the Greek Tv and Radio channels
  4. The big looser is going to be Antenna Sat , The subscriptions for Antenna Sat will start dropping that now Alter is on Dish Network, (Unless you are a soccer fan) every one wants something new and they are tired of Antennas same old shows and repeats, The new Greek pack ERT /MEGA/ ALTER for $29.95 a month is a great price for 3 channels and if you have a Dish at 61.5 and a Super Dish at 121.0 you also get the 3 radio stations for the same price ERT 5 , ERA Sport, Radio Greece .
  5. The deal with Globecast and ERT Sat is only for 6 months, In October ERT Sat will go up for a new bid.
  6. Hellas Hab, Any deal that will happen in the future with Alter, Mega, Antenna with any DBS or Cable company will not be exclusive they do not want to lock them self in they want to manage there owner channels Globecast contract with ERT Sat runs out in September or October we have to wade to see if ERT Sat will stay with Globecast or go back with Unitel Hellas if they stay with Globecast is a good possibility that we will see ERT Sat FTA on Telstar 5 Regarding Alpha the contract with the guy in Chicago runs out very soon.
  7. HellasHeb, Globestar is owned by Unitel Hellas ,Globestar is Unitels representatives in North America for Mega and Alter. If Globestar buts Mega and Alter in Canada they will deal directly with a Canadian DBS system not with OTN. As for Alpha i know the guy in Chicago personally he waned to but Alpha on Dish Network but they turn hem down. I hope i made my self clear.
  8. Unitel is the only one ho can bring Mega to Canada.
  9. HellasHap, Read my post very slow Globecast has the Exclusive Rights to ERT Sat in the USA , Canada , Australia, Africa . The OTN does not have any rights to any Greek channels in North America Ho has the rights to the Greek channels in North America ERT Sat, Globecast Antenna Sat, Kelly Broadcasting / Dish Network Mega / Alter, Unitel Hellas
  10. Spiro by 2012 they will not be any Greek channels they all going to be Albanian , We are very lucky to have 4 Greek tv channels in North America and we are still not happy.O well thats the Greek in US. :nw:
  11. Network: ALTER GLOBE Channel Name: ALTER Category: INTERNATIONAL Description: Alter Globe, a Greek-language channel, is one of Greece's premiere and exciting 24-hour Hellenic general entertainment channels. Alter Globe offers a wide range of entertainment including fashion, sports, news and cultural programming aimed at a young target audience. Alter Globe offers Greek Americans the best in Greek family entertainment, featuring a line-up of shows like "Mitsi-Chosta Show" and "The Gates of Inexplicable" that have made the Alter Globe name synonymous with quality programming. Satellite: 148 / 61.5 Channel: 664 / 664 Transponder: 25 / 12 Available in: A LA CARTE-ALTER GLOBE MEGA COSMOS/ERT SAT/ALTER GLOBE
  12. Try ERA Sport Radio they may broadcast the game Live
  13. Alpha tv satellite Ku-Band spot 1 Beam peak up from the Intelsat 702 at 54.8 W http://www.intelsat.com/resources/coverage...c=54.85&spot=s1
  14. Alpha is FTA in Europe only on Intelsat 702 at 54.8 E
  15. The exclusive rights to Alpha tv is a group from Chicago and there one year contract runs out on the end of the year , Unitel Hellas is trying hart to get Alpha tv but nothing ha pend yet stay tune.
  16. Globecast has the exclusive rights to ERT Sat in the USA ,Canada , Australia, Africa . The OTN never hat the rights to Mega cosmos or any other Greek channel.
  17. Even if Alpha starts to broadcast to North America they can not show any soccer cames because Antenna Satellite has 1 more year contract with Alpha to show the soccer games to the US market and Australia. The price on Alter is not determine yet i believe it will be $12.95 or 14.95, Dish network does not allowed any INT channel to be less than that price
  18. Alter is only going to be on 61.5 w Satellite, If you receiving the GR channels with a Super dish 121 you will need a 18" dish for the 61.5 location and replace the DP34 switch with a new DP44 switch that has 4 satellite inputs. Dish network has scrap plans for now to move the International channels from 61.5 there is allot of costumers that can not see the 121 satellite on the east coast of a lower angel and trees and also the HD Voom channels that broadcast from the second satellite that is on 61.5 w location When Alter start on Dish network Kastana will be history GO PAOK
  19. Hello to everyone on the Phantis Sport Club i am a new member . On the Alter channels is being confirm by my contacts that is going to Dish network at 61.5 some time on September. For Alpha there is nothing on the works for the time being. DKSat
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