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  1. What Addynia is trying to say is that those channels have LIP sync problem, the audio is not sync when the people are talking. Are you trying to say that Verizon Fios is not fiber, MEGALE you are totally wrong i have Fios and the serves is 100% fiber. DKSat
  2. Thanks for making everything clear, for the members here at the Phantis club forum . DKSat
  3. Gyros is right, just look the other way and have the channel providers worry . Ellas TV just popped up and they are here to stay. The future for the Greek channels is IPTV. DKSat
  4. The only channels that they can not broadcast is Antenna US, ERT World , Alpha Sat, Dish Network have the broadcasting right to those channels. DKSat
  5. Mega Cosmos will be back broadcasting in Canada with in few months. DKSat
  6. On the family pack you get all the channels that are on Ellastv website top an bottom of the page. DKSat
  7. Go with the Ellas TV serves, lots off channels very good IPTV box. DKSat
  8. The EllasTV box and serves is nice, lots off channels very good video nice menu. DKSat
  9. The future for the Greek channels and International channels is IPTV, it cost to much to broadcast international channels over the satellite. Ling to the new Dish Network IPTV serves www.dishworldiptv.com. Withing a year 80% of the Greek channels that are now broadcasting internationally on satellite will only be available thru IPTV. DKSat
  10. ERT World is broadcasting FTA on PanGlobal frequency 12726 H 28066 on Intelsat 8 KU at 166.0 E http://www.lyngsat.com/Intelsat-8.html DKSat
  11. The new Hellas tv IPTV box is nice very good video no break ups and fast channel changer. DKSat
  12. Liski, Hope everything works out for UBI , employes and customers. Running a DTH satellite platform i very expensive, if there is no new customer growth and revenue coming in then there is a problem. Regards, DKSat
  13. UBI and LISKI are BSing there costumers so they can suck more money out off them before they go under. DKSat
  14. New Greek Government, new biding for ERT World that will start next week. DKSat
  15. Channels Renumbered 586 ALPHA renumbered 6861 on 61.5
  16. Regarding the Greek channels on Dish, When they were doing the re- point and the upgrades from 61 to 118 there were lots off Greek customers that can see the western arc satellite at 118 w. Dish up ling the channels back at 61 so they do not get lots of cancellation from there Greek customers . DKSat
  17. The distribution rights have been awarded to PCCW Global world wide and to Greek Media Group for North America. ERT World will stay on both platforms Dish network and Home2US. Antenna Satellite, ERT World, Alpha Sat are back broadcasting on Echostar 12-15 at 61.5 W. DKSat
  18. Now that Kontominas has control over Alpha, there is good chance that Alpha will be moving from Dish Network to Home2US. DKSat
  19. Did the installer came with a Dish network van that had the Dish network logo on , or some off the street guy with a pick up truck with no Dish network logo. If they replace the receiver with a SD receiver the upgrade is FREE, if they replace the receiver with HD receiver then they charge you. DKSat
  20. By Kontominas taking control over Alpha, there is a good chance that Alpha will be moving from DN to Home2US. DKSat
  21. Did the technician install the new 118 dish ? If the technician install the new 118 dish and replace the receivers the upgrade is free. Dish receiver , 2700, 2800, 301, 501, 508, 510 those receiver need to be replace the upgrade is free. DKSat
  22. There are not broadcasting, there is only color bars on Alter Globe channel. DKSat
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