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  1. When Home2US shot down there serves , Mega satellite and Fiber Feed to the Satellite providers were shot down to. Bell TV did not take Mega down, they had no satellite or Fiber feed for about 2 months . Now that Mega fiber feed is back Bell up ling the channel to the same Satellite, frequency, and channel number. DKSat
  2. Mega Cosmos stop broadcasting in Canada when Home2US when down because they did not have any Satellite feed. Mega Cosmos when up on Nimiq 1- 6 at 91.1 W Bell Tv early this morning at the same frequency and channel number that they were before. The info on Lyngsat is old from 8/27/2011. DKSat
  3. Mega Cosmos is now broadcasting on the Canadian Satellite Nimiq 1- 6 at 91.1 W Bell Tv platform. FR 12661 R SR 20000 Channel #712. DKSat
  4. Gang3171, Thanks for correcting my type-o, it is channel #9839 DKSat
  5. Mega Cosmos is up on Dish Network on free preview channel 3839. DKSat
  6. Mega Cosmos is testing on transporter 20, Frequency 12002 L Sr 20000 Channel 9839 SD DKSat
  7. The target date for Mega Cosmos to start on Dish Network is December 6th. DKSat
  8. Mega Cosmos is now testing on Dish Network on Satellite AnikF3 at 118.7 w. Channel # 9839 DKsat
  9. That was a bad move when Mega left Dish to go to DirecTV, they lost lots of subscribers. DKsat
  10. This was a good move by GMC getting Mega Cosmos back on Dish Network. Everyone in the US subscribes to on of the Greek packages on Dish. With satellite people have more choices American HD programing, local channels , PVR, extra receivers. With IPTV you do not have the choices that you have with satellite. People that subscribe to one of the Greek packages on Dish and have EllasTv for Mega most of them or all will cancel. DKSat
  11. GMC all ready have 2 channels on Dish Network ERT World and Alpha Sat. DKSat
  12. The info on facebook is true. Mega Cosmos is going back to Dish Network. DKSat
  13. The transporters that Home2US was using on SES1,one for the Greek channels and the other for the Albanian channels are now both shut down. DKSat
  14. The Greek Cinema is not part off Antenna Group, this is something new that Dish Network did. DKSat
  15. I did not know about the change, now that Mega Cosmos bit the dust Antenna is coming out with a new channel to get some costumers from Home2us. DKSat HellasHab, i have send you a P/M
  16. It looks like the Greek Channel package, MEGA Cosmos, STAR Int, RIK Sat, 4E on Home2US are GONE. DKSat
  17. The Greek Channel package, MEGA Cosmos, STAR Int, RIK Sat, 4E, on Home2US Satellite platform on SES 101.0 w, will be shutting down on September 31 2012. DKSat
  18. When TV Plus encrypted the Greek Package serves , they will replace the old UBI receiver boxes with there TVPLUS MPEG-4 receiver Boxes. DKSat
  19. Yes is the same TV Plus that had their logo on Euro World Network boxes All the TV Plus receivers for Home2US in the beginning came from Australia. DKSat
  20. After playing with 2 different Ellastv IP boxes this pass week , I did not see any LIP sync problems on any of the Greek channels specially the Mega channels, the Video was clear and sharp no break ups smooth channel changing. Addynia, After all the problems you are reporting on your Ellastv IP box it looks like you have Defective IP BOX. DKSat
  21. It does not look good for Wherever TV. Dish network pay lots of cash to Roku for the exclusive distribution of international and foreign language channels in North America. DKSat
  22. Jul 24 2012 Roku Locks Out Third Party International Channels One of the most compelling features of Roku, and why they’ve been relatively successful as a scrappy startup, has been their open platform — enabling just about any person or group to produce a video streaming app. Well, fun time’s over. And, apparently, DISH offered Roku enough cash to lock out third party International and foreign language channels… public, private, free, or paid. Going forward, DISHWorld will be our exclusive partner for the distribution of international content in North America. We believe that this relationship with Dish will result in a greater variety of content as well as higher quality content for our users as well as better results for owners of international content. However, as a result of the exclusive arrangement, many existing international or foreign language channels will be migrated off of the Roku platform in the coming days and weeks. Due to the exclusivity and to help make sure there is no confusion for new channels, we have updated the developer agreement to require all international or foreign language channels to require written permission before proceeding on Roku (this includes private channels). Typically, we’re going to ask that you speak to DISHWorld first. There may be (and are) cases where they will waive the exclusivity for certain channels or content, but you’re going to have to speak to them to discuss DKSat
  23. If they getting the feed from Greece then the video formats is in PAL. The LIP sync problem comes when converting a PAL video format to NTSC video format, the Video stream can not keep up with the Audio stream. And by using non commercial PAL/NTSC converting equipment. DKSat
  24. The LIP sync problem start when converting a PAL signal European tv standard to NTSC North America tv standard. By not using commercial MPEG2/4 PAL to NTSC conversion receivers, and using consumer conversion receivers you will always get the LIP sync problem. DKSat
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