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  1. Not everyone else. The kind of financing required could have only come from Saudi Arabia and/or Qatar. All three (S. Arabia, Qatar and Turkey) are US allies which, USA, has had the initiative in trying to bring down Assad. The only question in my mind is whether Israel is also involved. (I truly hope not as this is a filthy, disgraceful affair)
  2. ISIS were not in control of petrol-producing areas until recently. They must have had big-time financial support from elsewhere. Logistical support comes from Turkey - no doubt about that - but the kind of money that made ISIS the organisation it is today most probably came from Saudi Arabia and/or Qatar (both oil-producing, both Sunni). Please note that all three are US allies. Please note that there is ample evidence that the US was behind the destabilisation of Libya and Syria. Please note that the US is the largest debtor country and in need of exporting products (e.g. weaponry). Need I say more?
  3. Seems it doesn't matter who the coach is: we lose anyway (against anyone)...
  4. Those of you who think Olympiakos will get trounced in Munich: do you realise a draw there will put BOTH teams through? ;)
  5. Co. Antrim, N. Ireland
  6. Myself, Dikefale11 and... who else?
  7. It seems they are only offering the current jerseys which means that last year's striped jersey (with yellow being the major colour) has never been up for sale!
  8. 57 euros for kids' jerseys? Isn't that a bit steep?
  9. I am counting on the Greek mentality: mess up the easy stuff, come through when no one expects you to. N. Ireland - Greece 0-1 with a defender scoring the lone goal of the match ;)
  10. NI will be playing without forward Kyle Lafferty who is responsible for much of the success of the team. PS. I have tickets for the game and hope to see a much improved Greek side next month.
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