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  1. Greece can take the win on the road but they have to shed their 1-0 type game thought process. Estonia could have easily tied it. Both teams missed chances but Greece has to learn to put these teams away. In the last world cup most teams are playing for goals instead of defense only. I suspect that any future rule changes will be to promote more of this type of play. Greece needs to get with it and be part of the fun.
  2. Don't expect any help from the Refs. They work for FIFA who kicked out Manolas just before the 1st game. Yet another free kick for Croatia. Croats had 2 chances to Greece's 1 chance so far. It doesn't look good. Need a goal before half.
  3. Well I missed the game but just saw the highlights posted above. Two absolutely horrible mistakes on the 1st and last goals. The 2nd goal was something that the keeper should have stopped. There was another chance for Croatia where they should have scored. Greece did have a few chances and needed that 2nd goal. Not impossible but highly unlikely to get a 3-0 win in Athens. At least there is no reason not to go for a more offensive minded lineup. 4-1 or 7-1 doesn't matter at this point. If Skibbe puts in a defensive side then it is time for him to go.
  4. Sokratis should respond to this by saying...."he's absolutely right and we'll see him at game time" Make the guy think a bit.
  5. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. So he wasted time to get a yellow. It was too his advantage to do so and his team was up so it made sense. It was the smart move based on his current situation. When you get yourself into a favourable position you are entitled to take advantage of it. Belgium could have used a 3rd team against Bosnia and there would be nothing the Greek team could have done about it. They didn't but the point is that they could have since they had the group locked up. Fifa should get a yellow card for wasting time on such a silly thing. And they do it now. Why not make the declaration right after the group phase was over. Hopefully this lights a spark under the Greek team.
  6. 2-1 Final 3 guys for Greece suspended for next game but it's Gibralter. Waiting for outcomes of games with Scotland- Slovenia, Ukraine-Croatia, Wales - Ireland and NIR - Norway. Good luck to the team
  7. Mitro looks like he is out of gas. Maybe he'll be the next change. Greece seems to be playing back at this stage with 10 minutes left. Not always a good move to play so defensive.
  8. Solid finish by Mitro to tie it up and then I great header to make it 2-1 Greece. http://www.stream2watch.cc/livenow/football/cyprus-vs-greece-live-stream Watching it on this stream on 2nd channel - first didn't work for me. Have your anti virus program working - Lots of warnings
  9. But Belgium would only need a tie to help Greece out and I don't think their coach wants to lose that game. They might sit out a few of their top guys but they still would have a decent team and those guys will want to prove themselves. Belgium looking for a 3rd goal and have the pressure on. Greece need to take some chances, More goals against mean nothing here.
  10. 2-1 Belgium All three goals were good plays. Shot by Belgium . Great cross and boot in by Zeca Another great cross - by Belgium and header finish Greece have been playing well. If this Belgium teams play against Bosnia then they will win on the road and Greece will still get 2nd place. This game is not over yet. Still over 10 minutes to go. Would be great to get this one tied. Like the way the team is playing against a highly ranked team.
  11. Possession time for the team has not been good in the 2nd half. Need to control the ball and make the right play. A change or two needs to happen to spark this team now.
  12. I like what I"ve seen so far. Estonia is play 5-4-1 and it's almost a 9-1. Hellas needs to stay patient and I like the way they passed the ball from side to side a few times making all their defense run. This could tire them out for later in the game. Three good chances and two great saves by the Estonia goalie. Could have easily been 2-0. Keep this possession play up and something good will happen.
  13. Greece lost to the Faroe Islands in recent times. They are in no position to view any team lightly. That said I think you'll see a team manufacture a good win. 2-0 or 3-1 comes to mind. I'd prefer the shutout over the extra goal as it sends a message to Belgium that goals will be hard to come by in Athens.