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  1. The team showed heart and grit that I wish our football players only had half of. Kill Bill's shooting surprising me as he usually bricks them. What gets me is the Eur. game is the lay-in shot rather than that the dunk which - if nothing else - puts you in a position for foul shots. Why did Koufos not play?
  2. There are two keys to success which eluded us in the past 2 games: defensive rebounding and shooting accuracy. If we improve in these two areas we'll do fine tomorrow, if not Turkey will win by 10.
  3. We should forget about hoping for anything with this coach and team. Even if we sneak in the back door what will this do at the WC when we could not even beat Moldova or Switz.? We were supposed to be the powerhouse of the group and we lost twice to the Swiss!!! Blow up the team, drop most of them and start with a young team that will grow for the next 5-6 years. Develop the young talent and help them gain experience, even bad ones, rather than hoping against hope for the current group to provide anything other than false hope. Otto is not the coach for this and so we need to find someone young, aggressive, and willing to take chances. I really like what Nioplias has done with the young NT and I like his attack style of play which pushes the game to the other team.
  4. My picks for next weekend: Eagles over Giants Panthers over Cardinals Titans over Ravens Steelers over Chargers
  5. I think it will be hard for the Fins to pull this off. The Ravens have a defense that will pressure Pennington to the point of forcing him to make throws before he wants to or take the sack. Flacco really seems like a col cucumber so, I don't know, but my gut tells me that the Ravens will go through in a low scoring game.
  6. Man, I'm still pissed over Jerry, Phillips, Romo and the rest of the whiny overpaid knuckleheads who call themselves Cowboys. I've yet to read anything more than 1 or 2 odd supporters of these jokers. The rest are all angry like me and the more i read about comments these jokers have made the madder I get. :box:
  7. Da Boys stunk it up vs the Beagles and I will repeat like a damn parrot that Coach Cupcake (Phillips) has to go. The team showed the lack of chemistry, preparation and execution that comes with a weak coach. The players like that he is easygoing but do not respect him as a head coach. He needs to accept that he is an excellent def. coordinator but nothing more. It is utter stupidity on the part of Jerry to keep him and only reenforces the point that he needs a puppet while he pulls the strings. I've lost respect for Jerry as he put himself above the team. And then there's Romo. Year and after year, it's the same thing. That choke in the big game and that sh__ass grin when he should be angry. His comments after the game did nothing to dispel the view that he cares little about wanting to improve and wants to lead the team w/o really backing it up. He missed open players, he threw INT, he fumbled the ball and basically, showed everyone that he is a stat padding QB but not a team leader. Big Ben, McNabb, Eli, and Flacco (for Christ-sakes a rookie!) all did what Romo could not do. He'll go crying to Jessica, play golf, be in the front pages of mags, wear those STUPID hats, and just showing us that smart-ass grin. Man I'm pissed!
  8. Cowboys live to hope for another day but frankly don't see them going into the playoffs without help from other teams. Their defense is playing well but the offence is just sputtering. The OL is just not overpowering as one would expect with LG being a particular weakness. Proctor, for a man his size, is just being pushed back on bull rushes or is too slow to stop in inside speed rush and Romo is just getting whacked. Unless this OL toughens up it, the team will not go far if they make it into the playoffs. No matter what happens, Philipps should not continue as a Head Coach. Make him a defensive coordinator but just get him away from managing the team. He is too soft and commands no respect from the players.
  9. listen, he's a coach who needs top get used to our league, our players and the whole football climate in Greece. I think he probably has come across the whole laisse faire attitude of our league players and is probably trying different combinations in the hope that things and players stablize. This will not only take time but also several changes in players. My hope is that he does not give up on the Greek players or perhaps even more importantly, the Greek players adopt his disciplined style of play and strategy. If not, we will end up like Arsenal where most if not all the team were foreigners. The price to pay for success?
  10. Not sure his move from Bochum was a good one. He seems lost in the numbers and for some reason has lost the confidence of the coach. Anyone with knowledge about the Bundesliga care to comment on what is happening to him? My concern is that he is such a key component of the NT that a loss of confidence with his club will result in subpar performances for the NT.
  11. Wow, since I live in Brindisi and Lecce is circa 25kms away, maybe I'll run into him somewhere. Have to admit that I am not displeased about his departure from PAO but I really hope this new start will give him a new start and that he can reclaim his fortunes.
  12. Drakos, I watch US tv through Slingbox. It is a wonderful tool which allows me, from anywhere in the world, to connect to my tv back in the US via the internet. I've got the box connected in my bro's house in Boston and actually control the system via the internet. It's as if you're sitting on the couch back in the States. Due to the time difference, I made sure i got a dvr hooked up so then I can watch my favorite shows when i want to. Only problem, is that you are stuck watching what's on their tv stations so if your favorite teams are not shown locally, you're out of luck. Check it out on slingmedia.com. John
  13. The Cowboys are done this year unless they fire Wade Phillips. He has brought a lack of passion, discipline and accountability by players and coaches. Jerry also is to blame as he was lazy when it came to a backup QB and it shows. Pathetic display vs the Giants but expected from a team that has shown no heart and no pride for the money they are getting paid.
  14. I was so proud of the boys today. That is the passion, that is the team that I support, that is the team that we should all be proud of!
  15. Game was lost by: Otto - not having Papastathopoulos and Ninis on the bench and putting in Patsa. He was outcoached today. Basinas - I've said it before, stick a fork in him, he's done! He is too slow in building up the game. It's no surprise that the NT had its best game (vs Latvia) when he was sulking on the sidelines rather than having the honor of playing, much less being captain! We lost at home in front of a good crowd. Otto asked them to come, they did, and the team stuck it up. Don't complain when the crowd would rather watch the game on tv next time....
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