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  1. What can I say? Hope that he brings as back in A' as soon as possible. from arisfc.gr
  2. I heard that they bought young finnish talent Mika Vayrynen to replace Van Bommel. He's young, but they trust in him. That's what I heard.
  3. Will relegate. At least I hope so...
  4. I have a feeling that they would be the surprisers for the next season. Upper midtable position, I think.
  5. I think immediately, just one year in B'. G******* h Paok kai h Tourkia! :ph34r: Comment by dimitrakis: Bulldog
  6. Yeah, nice job Hatsara, surprise that you didn't leave the sinking ship before. We trusted him, we were always behind him but this is football.
  7. To pirame!!!!!!!!!! :gr: :gr: :nw: :gr: To iksera ap' tin arxi, emeis tha to paroume! :gr: Congrats and let's enjoy our win.
  8. Ari thmisou Mia zoi mazi sou!!!
  9. Who will get promoted to A Ethniki and who will get relegated to A2? Are Colossos Rhodou still first in A2?
  10. Oh yes, I can't wait for the competition! :D :gr: I think Greece will win, we have a good song if we compare to the other countries. "You're my passion..." :whistle:
  11. Do anyone know if he will come back to Greece even that he is already 33-year old? Great for Thodoros, he's career is unbelieveble! :nw:
  12. He has been a big surprise for me. I've seen some of his games, and he has been a big part of Bolton's game. The tactic of Sam Allardyce goes great for him and that's a big reason why he has score so much. Mpravo re Stelio!!! :gr:
  13. That's right, fellow. Siga re, eseis den exete kanena provlima... :(
  14. esei, dimitrakomou, fenete that you don't understand a s%$#!! Imagine you as a Aris fan. All the year the team has said that we will stay in Alpha ethniki and we're gonna do it. In every game has been about 5000 arianoi who has always been behind the team. Like me. Then, when we should win the final game, and we're losing...i'm so F***ed up with that...things like that contains episodes. But still, still I'm with the team. In b'ethniki I'm gonna be again in every game 'cause we will show, what is to be fan of Aris.
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