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  1. PAOK_001

    SL-R4: PAOK - OFI

    wat was the end score?
  2. PAOK_001

    Superleague Fixtures

    ok thanks ziaka. how come some other sites have different dates?
  3. PAOK_001

    Superleague Fixtures

    i have abit of a problem and i hope someone here can help me.i will be travelling to greece in december on a school trip and the dates have been set. i was hoping to see a few football matches while in greece (especially PAOK if possible). i have looked at four different sites for fixtures. two of them have the same dates for matches while the other two have different dates for matches. what sites should i trust as i need to know wen games are on?
  4. PAOK_001

    Zagorakis - New PAOK president

  5. PAOK_001

    SL-R7 (2006-07): Aris - PAOK

    I'm living in Adelaide and i have acces to ERT-SAT, could someone tell me what time the game will be showing Adelaide time or could you at least tell me what time it will be showing Sydney time?
  6. PAOK_001

    SL-R3 (2006-07): Olympiakos - PAOK

    Will they be showing it live or ERT Sat in Australia?..What time will it be shown?
  7. PAOK_001

    Greece - Spain LIVE

    I've got ERT Satellite and I'm in Adelaide, Australia. What time will the game be on for me?? :la:
  8. PAOK_001

    PAOK players unpaid again

    EPAE needs to get its act together! Things such as hooliganism, poor crowd attendence( Akriatos for example) and owners like Goumenos give the Greek League a bad name.
  9. PAOK_001

    Greek clubs Australia

    Adelaide Olympic- South Australian Super League Adelaide Comets- South Australian State League Adelaide Cobras- South Australian State League
  10. Wonderful career :) He shall always be remembered as a great goal scorer ;) :nw: Alan Shearer :nw:
  11. Should be an interesting game ;)
  12. PAOK_001

    Happy Birthday PAOK

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAOK! Savvidis, give PAOK the birthday present it deserves and buy the club!
  13. PAOK_001

    PAOK players unpaid again

    GOUMENOS!! :angry: :tdown: I'm coming to get ya!! :box: Watch your back! Seriously, by now i thought Goumenos would have been attacked by some group of PAOK fanatics on the street. :P
  14. PAOK_001

    A' Div: PAOK - Levadiakos

    Great to see PAOK win five in-a-row. The recent form of our team is probably the only positive thing happening at Toumpa. Salp's first goal was wild! :tup: It's hard to explain exactly what happened because I can't really remember well due to the fact i saw it on the Greek News about a minute after a woke up this morning:huh: