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  1. athinaios

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    ^^^^^ I'd have no problem if they called themselves "Salvomacedonian".... But, again as many have said already, they didn't, and Greece for decades has been rejecting anything/everything that had "Macedonia" in a name. I'm old enough to remember discussing the same point in the 1990s, that no word "Macedonia, Macedonja, or SalvoMakedonia" was acceptable to most Greeks and their gov. Those of us in the minority then were being called names for suggesting this very name or any name the showed that "Macedonia" was not Greek. Macedonia was only Greek--as many still suggest. [Do those Greeks who don't want anyone else Macedonian mean that all Macedonia is only Greek?] In the 30 years since, Greece lost the game.... Now you say the sacred ..word is acceptable to you for them to use if it starts with "Slavo".... I'm guessing that if the North M is rejected by Greece now, that country will be known as simply Macedonia.
  2. athinaios

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    I don't think the Skopjans asked Greece about the name 27 years ago. So there was nothing to negotiate, nothing on the table so to speak. The vast majority of Greeks don't want Skopje to use "Macedonia" in a name. But, I really don't see what Greece would have done. OK, maybe better diplomacy.... Effective diplomacy usually requires bargaining power... Internally, Skopje leaders couldn't give in regarding the name. They were willing to lose economically by going against Greece, though the other important players who could have pressured FYROM began to lose interest over the years, and now the big players see Skopje gov as the responsible one who has made concessions regarding the name. .... PS>If a country has territorial claims against another, names don't matter, as they don't change anything. PS2>Could it be said that Greece has territorial claims if it considers Macedonia only Greek? [I don't think Greece does, but for the sake of argument...]
  3. athinaios

    Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    That's why I'm skeptical about anyone who wants to "invest" in any club.... Savidis is losing money on PAOK, I'm sure. The Asians who want to buy PAO must have something else in mind too. The league doesn't generate profit, Greek teams are going to be hard pressed to compete in Europe for years, so?...
  4. athinaios

    Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    PAO needs a clean slate, where there are no immediate debts that can hamper the club. Then the new ownership will have to find a way to beef up the player roster, despite the club possibly being penalized by EPO and UEFA with no transfers. If the new owners are serious, they should start with building a proper home for the club. They should keep Ouzounidis (if he wants to stay), because he's the one that held the team under the worst circumstances and if only Greeks or PAO's own youth players are the only ones available, Ouzou would be the best.
  5. athinaios

    Trump Presidency

    DJT hates the Iranian deal (because Obama dealt) but, at best, he'd get the same deal from DPR. The latest: “The crooked Clintons are the most corrupt people in the world,” Colbert said on Wednesday night, doing his Trump impersonation. “Get me their lawyer!” [Trump hired a Clinton's lawyer during his impeachment]
  6. athinaios

    2018 Euroleague Playoffs

    I just watched PAO play Real Madrid*.... One of the best basketball games I've seen, especially against one of the best European clubs. 95-67 rout. OK, PAO needs 2 more wins to advance but this was amazing. If the maintain this on Thu, I think the team is peaking at the right moment. These games may be the last ones PAO plays in the Euroleague as DG has said he'll take the team out of EL and into FIBA. *can you imagine if the football club did something similar?...😜
  7. athinaios

    Happy Easter (Καλό Πάσχα ...)

    Hope you all had a nice time, whether you're celebrating the religious occasion or not. I'm not religious, but I remember fondly the times I spent that holiday in Greece. I liked the meat (preferred goat to lamb) on the spit and the rest of the delicious food. I didn't fast during the previous week (or maybe I did but didn't know it), though the eating past midnight Sat into Sun was a bit too much. Anyway, holidays are special in the company of good friends and family.
  8. athinaios


    Yeah, and it was very scary...
  9. athinaios

    General Gavros Discusion Topic

    He's responsible for hiring coaches, etc. But, I'd be upset if I spent more than all teams combined and got a team that's not really good and with players with a casual attitude. Is it true that Oly will be playing with U20 players for rest of season?
  10. athinaios

    AEK - PAO League Game Apr 01, 2018

    final 3-0. I didn't expect much from this game to be honest, but being down 1 player since the 30' was a blow. I think the ref missed a few critical plays in favor of AEK. Anyway, congrats to the new champions, AEK.
  11. athinaios

    AEK - PAO League Game Apr 01, 2018

    Coulibali had a great attempt on goal. Nice save by AEK keeper. This could have been 0-1. PAO has the better chances so far.
  12. athinaios

    AEK vs Panathinaikos 01.04.18 Gsl

    AEK will win the title this season, and they deserve it. They haven't lost a game since Oct. In my opinion, the PAOK goal was offside since a PAOK player was interfering. Anyway, PAOK shot themselves in the foot several times this year. As for the game AEK-PAO, I'm only hopeful that PAO shows up to play, because with what's going on in the club, I cannot expect anything more. I just read players haven't been paid since last year. Plus, the team may lose 3 points, and even worse..... Not knowing whether you'll get paid or where the team will be at end of season, having lost half of the starting roster since the start of season..... I'm surprised they play at the level they're playing.....
  13. athinaios

    PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    My thoughts exactly. This mess is 100% Greek-made.
  14. athinaios

    PAOK vs AEK 11.03.18

    It seems I was right in predicting AEK would win 0-3! [I had a feeling that match wouldn't finish]
  15. athinaios

    Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    OK. Good thoughts, but for serious investors to come in you need to have a legitimate league and a state that operates on modern standards. What makes you think this can happen? Also, what is the value of this sport in Greece? Is it its entertainment value? (like quality of play?) Is it the identity some people have cultivated with their team? I don't think anyone can say that the entertainment value is high. The second question indicates tribalism of the kind that has led to violence. Do you see a third option? On a related topic, I hear that many are asking UEFA to step in to clean Greek football. The mess we've seen in the last 20+ years is Greek-made 100%. It reflects the ailing Greek society, which has to solve its myriad of problems before football does too. Sadly, it's the same pattern since the Greek Revolution of 1821... Greeks seeking foreign powers and leadership because they can't do it themselves.