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  1. PAE PAOK General News & Discussion

    My thoughts exactly. This mess is 100% Greek-made.
  2. PAOK vs AEK 11.03.18

    It seems I was right in predicting AEK would win 0-3! [I had a feeling that match wouldn't finish]
  3. Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    OK. Good thoughts, but for serious investors to come in you need to have a legitimate league and a state that operates on modern standards. What makes you think this can happen? Also, what is the value of this sport in Greece? Is it its entertainment value? (like quality of play?) Is it the identity some people have cultivated with their team? I don't think anyone can say that the entertainment value is high. The second question indicates tribalism of the kind that has led to violence. Do you see a third option? On a related topic, I hear that many are asking UEFA to step in to clean Greek football. The mess we've seen in the last 20+ years is Greek-made 100%. It reflects the ailing Greek society, which has to solve its myriad of problems before football does too. Sadly, it's the same pattern since the Greek Revolution of 1821... Greeks seeking foreign powers and leadership because they can't do it themselves.
  4. Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    OK, let's say they build it but nobody comes?.... This is not the economy that can support this. You'd need a crazy billionaire to spend lots of $ for fun. But, I also think that football in Greece is dead. The gap with the strong Euro teams is getting wider, almost impossible to bridge. A few thousand fanatical supporters will keep going to watch games and continue beating themselves up. There's NO credibility in the league. (Look at the last few decisions compared with what PAO got over the years). So, the sport has become an arena for wasting time, mostly. Yes, I do watch, but I'm much more detached now than in the past, because I know there's no legitimacy, and, frankly, crappy spectacle--not worth my money. You may say I'm in the minority.... I don't know. I bet you that attendance is way down than 10-15 years ago. Fewer people are watching too. The younger gens? I'd guess they have many more things to spend time and money on. So, unless supporting a team is part of your core identity, then I'd guess most people don't find this spectacle attractive... it has lost its prominence. PS> this is my impression as I don't live in Greece; I may be wrong...
  5. PAOK vs AEK 11.03.18

    Nah, AEK will win 0-3! ;)
  6. Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    I'm puzzled by this. When DG asked Ala about debts the number was $80 mil, and DG pulled out. The key in this is that all those who owed money by PAO would settle to take less, but when it becomes known DG and other big business are about to take over, why settle? This is dangerous because someone like Vemer (or whatever that loser's name is) would demand his $600K or PAO will lose 3 points and more....
  7. Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    This is a great result, especially after losing the better half of the team since the season started. PAO managed the best it could under the circumstances, and yes, the ref may have made mistakes, but this team showed some ..metal. I don't know about the first half, but controlling the ball 50-50 in the second with a man down, it's impressive.
  8. Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    I'm not sure. Konstantinou said today that UEFA will ban the team from Europe for 1 season, and that the club will try to get to the 5th position this season to "pay off" this penalty. Which it'd mean UEFA can punish the club but no point deduction or relegation. I doubt they'll get up to the 5th place, because there are derbies coming up and I don't think we can expect much from this team. And, it's better not playing in Europe because, let's face it, we don't have the minimum quality to be competitive, especially given the fact that more of the decent players will leave in the summer.
  9. Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    ^^^^^^ These numbers are much different than the 80+ mil we heard not so long ago, and are not forbidding to a potential new owner(s). But, the club is depleted. It could be down to 13 players, who no matter what talent they have, aren't enough. How are we going to get new, experienced players? Oh, and I just read that the remaining players announced they'll go on strike if management doesn't come through with its promises by end of this month! There are plenty of teams in both football and basketball that used to be great but aren't heard much anymore. I hope PAO won't become one of them.... (though the way it's been going, only older fans in Europe may have heard of PAO)
  10. Trump Presidency

    The "donor class" gets lots of benefits from an expensive political system it helps fund, and this is evident from the chasm between the super rich and the rest. However, there are still big differences between the two major political parties, and anyone who says otherwise is either trying to confuse and distract or doesn't know what he's talking about. I don't know how the Green party and those who voted for Jill Stein (arguably may have tipped the election to Trump) can still say with a straight face that the Trump admin. is nothing different than one under HRC might have been! Tsk... Yeah, the Earth is elated with this bunch of anti-science, anti-environment, non-qualified and dangerous Trump people. Sure, no difference between hiring competent people in leadership positions and the Trump charlatans. I mean, Trumpism identified the sources of our troubles: The Chinese, the Mexicans, and ..Obama. I'd even argue that the recent tax bill wouldn't have passed under HRC. She'd be raising her own taxes to pay for health care instead of giving bigger tax breaks to the wealthy and taking health insurance from millions of Americans. Just on these two, health care and the environment, and probably now with gun control [Clinton's sensible gun control expired in 2004 and despite popular support the Repubs didn't renew it], the differences are striking. Oh, I almost forgot.... the Supreme Court matters a lot and this is where presidents leave a legacy for decades since their appointees stay on the bench for 20-30+ years.
  11. Official Transfers & Rumors

    It seems that the gig is over, for now. Get the domestic title, play in the CL for lots of money, invest that in buying good players, etc, and repeat. But, apparently things have changed now. Still, Oly has the bigger budget than any other domestic team. It'll be competitive next year.
  12. Trump Presidency

    The intelligence community, as explained in the video, did say that the Russians meddled in our election and they had a clear preference to help Trump by discrediting (hacking and leaking internal emails, etc) HR Clinton. Indeed DJT and the GOP used the Russian info to attack HRC. Last week, we learned that Russia "successfully penetrated voter systems" .... If you think the constant leaks and attacks on HRC didn't make a difference in an election decided by a few thousand votes in 3 states, then there's no point of discussing this topic. Those who are OK that a foreign, hostile gov interferes in our electoral process, and hacks into American emails, computer systems, etc, then they may want to check their super-patriotism at the door. (and please don't tell your patron saint, Reagan) Inside the Muller indictments.... and how Russian oligarchs and other Putin allies spent tons of money supporting Trump in many ways. I remember how many of our (ex) members were citing those sources, pictures, hacked emails, falsehoods, etc. A major part of any US election strategy is to mobilize your voters while suppressing the turnout of the opposite voters. Democrats had/have more voters, but given HRC unpopularity, many stayed home on election day.
  13. Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    Plus the 2 points they took away from PAO this season, this team has managed to be mid-table. I read somewhere that the players who have contracts past this season are not that many, and those who do, like Kourbelis, Lud, and Koulibali, will be sold. So, including the newly promoted from the young team, there will be 13 players total on the roster remaining. So, even under the best case scenario (debt relief, UEFA, SL permits, etc), without a decent budget, next season will be a struggle too.
  14. Trump Presidency

    If you don't clap and praise the great leader, it's treason!
  15. Daily Team News [ 2018 ]

    You know, if Dimitris Y leaves the basketball club (as he's saying he will if the fans decide to stay in the Euroleague), he could come over and ....