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  1. Why did you mention the past??... It made realize that ..decades have gone by too quickly. Like, I've been here, on this site for some 15 years.!!.. [I think I'm getting a ..rocking chair as an award] Here's something for you
  2. And, a happy, healthy, fulfilling new year!!! (I can't believe it's 2019)
  3. Another impressive win 5-1.... OK, against a weak team, but not so long ago PAO struggled with the "easy" teams...
  4. we're talking about human beings here, right? when they arrive by boat, barely making to shore, what do you do? sink their boat? shoot them? can't even take them back because Turkey doesn't want them... granted, I'm not an expert on this kind of migration, but I think Greece could settle them in areas where hands are needed for farms, construction, etc.; revitalize the countryside, etc. some stories, here
  5. This is a disgrace. Year after year, the same crap, and they haven't been able to solve it.... I wonder what kind of teaching goes on inside the universities when there's utter chaos there. No self-respecting society would allow this. Wait.... it must be outsiders who hate Greece responsible for such a mess.
  6. I agree with you, the price is low enough and fans should keep attending.I wish I were in Greece because I would attend often this season; our team is playing well and doing well. But, I'm not sure I'd bring the family though, not yet. And, that's what they have to do..... they have to make it enjoyable for everyone, not the hooligans. I may sound old, but we had this discussion here over the last 15 years... (geesh, that's a long time)..... The organized may be able to create noise and a "good atmosphere" during games, but over all, in my opinion, they have harmed the club in so many ways. Anyway, I do see some progress and I hope it's ongoing, and the club gets the support it needs. Cheers.
  7. ^^^^ I hear what you say, but I think the worst treatment has been given to the fans. I'm not talking about the meatheads who see this as a way to express the frustrations by destroying property or attacking other fans. I'm talking about someone who loves the sport and their team, has a job, perhaps wants to bring a child/family to the game. This is the power base of a successful sports club, the people who can afford to spend for tickets, food, merch, and to have a good experience. Not the hooligans. But, how and why should such a valuable fan go to a game nowadays? Why should they go when it's a hassle and their safety could be threatened? Then we're talking about the credibility, legitimacy of the league..... [what a shame to invite foreigners to officiate games..... tsk] oh boy..... People react to and buy into something of value. And, it's not like the 20th century when choices for entertainment for the masses were limited. Nowadays, there is lots more available to everyone. The bottom line is the experience & memories someone gets from buying into such opportunities. There has to be good value there. I think fewer and fewer people see this sport as a valued experience--- the situation in Greek football for a long while now has been appalling. Also, as a good behaving fan, I should not suffer because some meatheads go ahead and do shitty stuff. I don't understand why the authorities & clubs allow such things to happen. It'd be inconceivable to punish a team here in the US because some 10-50 stupid fans did something wrong. They're identified, punished, and banned from attending games.
  8. No, he won't hold 50% of the total shares. He got 50% of Alafouzos' shares. Nonetheless, this is a b.s. deal, especially because both sides are not transparent and no clear plan for the future. I never thought the Thai guy cared about PAO. He and others he represents, plus Alafouzo are looking to do other business and are using the club to pressure the gov. Given the small Greek market and the big budgets required to compete in Europe, only some real PAO fan with lots of money should take over the club. I don't think there are many who'd do this though. Even Savidis is using PAOK to get business in Greece. He's losing money with the club, but he can afford to. Anyone who's buddies with Putin is loaded.
  9. Well, first, try to speak directly to the man, not his press agent. Second, anyone who is able to lounge around and dabble in philosophy, has no job, is well-connected (if not the same entity) to the master of the universe, I'd say he is not of the common class.
  10. My royal family told me that if it weren't for the leaders, thinkers, and revolutionaries of the upper classes, humanity would still be in the Dark Ages. Did I learn it wrong?
  11. Agreed. Those 3 (Ast. Atro. Aris) teams are our competitors this season. To be honest I didn't know what to expect this season. I thought that with the -6 points, it wasn't a remote possibility that we'd struggle to remain in first div. Now I feel much more confident so my expectations are higher.
  12. PAO beats PAS 2-1 after being down one controversial goal. I thought it was a foul against Dioudis. But, the team plays on its game and prevails with 2 great goals. OK. We're all excited with the 5x5, but we haven't played the top contenders for euro spot yet. I include AEK, PAOK, OSFP, Atromitos, Asteras, and even Aris. I'm hoping for a top 5 finish to get rid of the UEFA penalty this season. This coming Wednesday we have a cup game. Come to think of it, doesn't the cup winner get a euro spot? How about if the winner is also the champion or second, does the cup finalist get a euro spot?
  13. Alafouzos is re-evaluating his future at PAO. He used the bad financial situation and all the other restrictions to reduce the budget drastically. He gambled with the club's reputation and came very, very close to destruction. It was unconscionable. PAO was saved because of the charity of other owners... and political graft. Now the team, unexpectedly, is doing well, so if attendance remains high, the club will be profitable! No need for Alafouzo to get rid of the club now, especially after he put several millions in the last 6 months. Having a healthy financial footing and making money (even if they break even) is a good position to be in. Why sell? Plus, there might be more money coming if talent develops and sold for good money in the near future. As far as Leoforo, DG has to agree to give it up because it doesn't belong to the football club. DG wants OAKA or another home, so if he gets that, he'll give up Leoforos. I hope if anyone has a sense of history and keeping important places alive, they should turn Leoforos into a nice mini park with a PAO museum. Make it an attraction, green space, something but apts or stores.
  14. athinaios

    PAOK vs AEK

    Last year's AEK team was stronger in my opinion. What did you expect playing away against a PAOK team that's the strongest in many, many years?
  15. PAOK has a very strong team this year. Good luck. (except of course when playing PAO). I think if PAOK wins the most points in the derbies, they'll win the title. It'll be good for the sport too. Plus, this is your best chance.... In a year, Panatha will be tops!😅🤞
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