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  1. I'm not in Greece so I miss lots sports news, but what I've been reading, there's not much movement in transfers. I understand PAO can't bring in big names, but how about the several players who aren't in Donis plans for next season? Have they left? I'm sure they could use that money for the club.
  2. I think it's a good thing that Mitsotakis will have comfortable majority, though this means no excuses. I'm also glad that the anti-constitution Golden Dawn is out of parliament. The other 2 smaller parties are temporary in my opinion. I'm not talking about the KKE, which will remain for a long time. Syriza's coalition will be tested. KINAL's too. I think there's a place for a center-left party, so one may emerge as the counter-weight to ND.
  3. Speaking of political parties in Greece... They started with the British, French, Russian parties! Interesting, heh? Then the parties became personalistic and paternalistic---coalitions around a charismatic leader' this is still largely the case. Only one party survived many changes in leadership, and it's been the KKE. After the fall of the junta, we see the emergence of parties that survived after changing leaders, but for relatively short time for most of them. ND seems it'll be around for a while longer, as the only major party surviving since 1974. In my view, the political parties and the voters reflect the prevailing culture, and if you want to understand what's going on today, you have to examine the culture and politics since the Revolution. Anyway, it seems that ND will have a comfortable majority in parliament. Like I wished Tsipras good success, I'm doing the same for Mitsotakis. Tsipras was an utter disappointment and needed to go. I have relatives and friends in the old country, and it's their lives I care about. At least one generation has been stunted and everyone has suffered because of the situation, which governments and most citizens created. (imho)
  4. I don't see a topic devoted to this election, which takes place today... actually the first polling places are just opening now. So, what do you think of the result--which if polls are correct--a new government (or a winning party) will emerge soon after voting ends later tonight. As an ex-pat, I can't vote tomorrow since I'm not traveling to Greece and to the edge (near Galatsi and Perisso) of the city of Athens to cast a ballot. I confess that it wouldn't be an easy vote. I've been reading Nikos Dimou [or if you prefer, link in English] since I was a teenager, many decades ago. I also had the pleasure to exchange many thoughts, over a long time, with him and a bunch of other interesting people over a decade ago. Anyway, this is what he wrote in the last few days about the elections: http://doncat.blogspot.com/2019/06/blog-post_13.html#links http://doncat.blogspot.com/2019/07/blog-post.html#links
  5. Biden was very good at that debate. He exposed the empty rhetoric of another con-man, Paul Ryan. Biden poses a big threat to the Republicans and Trump, because he would beat them, and as a front-runner (so far) is being attacked. On the other hand, many leftists, especially the activists who will participate in the primaries, see Biden as of the old guard and not as progressive enough. The truth is that Biden represents a wider centrist-to-left spectrum in American politics, more so than Sanders or Warren. I think Biden would make a decent president, and would be a vast improvement over the current WH occupant. I also think that his best chance of becoming president was in 2016, not 2020. He could be the man to beat in the Dem primaries, but I think by next Feb there will be 3-4 strong candidates who will challenge him for the nomination. Unfortunately for him, the Dems don't have a system like the Repubs (in many states) that gives the winner all the delegates in a state; they allocate their delegates on a proportional basis, which means Joe will have challengers hanging around. There might be 1-2 of them that will soon be gathering most of the anti-Biden vote.
  6. Breaking news (6/25)... Muller will testify in open session of a Congressional committee on July 17th. @Lazarus Muller has listed over 10 instances of conspiracy to obstruct and of obstruction of justice by president Trump. So, maybe technically you can still use the word "allegedly" but com'on, it's more than obvious. Trump himself and his WH counsel have basically admitted as much. (In the video above, the definition is at 3:30') Elections have big consequences, especially in times when the choices are stark, leaders and parties share little in common. We wouldn't have Congressional investigations of Trump if it weren't for the Dems winning the House in the last election. You know, this is "pride month". This marks the 50th anniversary (1969) of the Stonewall riots (NYC) that spurred the gay rights movement and the formation of dozens of new civil rights organizations opposing discrimination. The conservatives have always been against individual rights that they didn't like... and they trampled over civil liberties by whatever means they could. It was also in June of 2015, just 4 years ago, that the Supreme Court recognized the constitutional right of consenting adults to marry a person of their choice! The vote was by slim majority 5-4. Most likely today's high court would have ruled the opposite way. So, the question is, how are justices nominated and confirmed to the highest court of the land? Well, the simple answer is: elections! Electing a president and senators. With a Dem in the WH today, the S.C. would have had a solid liberal majority, and we wouldn't have to worry about regressive anti-choice laws, etc. Many of the freedoms and choices we enjoy today came via court rulings.
  7. Com'on, this is not a good argument..... "they have you where they want you..." If so then, can it be argued that you could be a victim of ...those who "they have YOU where they want you"? Also, you seem to argue that the "leave" supporters got things* right but the "remain" ones are deceived... *as far as any reasonable observer (not casual observer) would tell you that the worst misinformation campaign came from the Brexiteers. Those who voted to remain basically said we know what we've got and we like it. It'd have been harder to confuse the ones who have had the EU experience already! I also noticed you've said several times.... "let's keep having a referendum until Remain wins"..... Could you tell us who is actually saying this??!! Even if the winners of the Brexit poll weren't misinformed [in my mind they were VERY misinformed, but let's just say they weren't].... After many years of trying to leave the EU there has been NO consensus on how to do it, plus many more problems surfaced since. This issue has sucked the air out of the room.... and eventually the gov/PM has fallen. It's not at all unreasonable, under these circumstances to have a second poll on the issue, which basically the choice would be, leave with no plan and all its consequences... Much like the Greek poll about the EU's plan for Greece. Of course the "NO" voters expected something else. In my opinion they were lied to and/or they wanted to believe whatever made them feel better but was totally unreal. If you had told them, look, if you vote NO, not only your gov won't do what bullsh*t they sold you, but the terms of the bailout will be worse and this stupid gamble would cost (as it did) tens of millions more in interest rates and terms after the poll. Sounds familiar?
  8. Well, the Brexiteers are getting a boost from Trump today... when he expressed his support for Boris and Nigel. Earlier, he tweeted: @SadiqKhan, who by all accounts has done a terrible job as Mayor of London, has been foolishly “nasty” to the visiting President of the United States, by far the most important ally of the United Kingdom. He is a stone cold loser who should focus on crime in London, not me...... and, ....Kahn reminds me very much of our very dumb and incompetent Mayor of NYC, de Blasio, who has also done a terrible job - only half his height. In any event, I look forward to being a great friend to the United Kingdom, and am looking very much forward to my visit. Landing now! Very mature and appropriate for the President of the US, don't you think?
  9. I agree on both points. OAKA is not a soccer stadium, and I hope DG realizes that. PAO needs its own home, a proper, modern one. I also agree with DG that all PAO should be under one roof. It'd be easier to sustain it as it'll always have something going on. Make it a destination for consumers and fans. Of course this means it'll have to operate like the other big sports venues, which in turn means oust the hooligans.
  10. In the good ol' days, we had a discussion about what goes on before the next season starts, so let's give it a go once again. Alafouzos paid all the club's obligations and PAO got the permit for next season. I think there will be many players who will leave, including several that their contracts aren't up but Dabizas said he'll ask them to leave on their own because they won't be playing for the club. Unfortunately, the budget will remain very low, and no matter what many are saying, I believe the richer teams do much better. OK, you can't guarantee success with a big budget (especially if money is wasted in dubious players) but realistically the teams with the bigger budgets do win titles. It's sad that PAO now aims to finish high in the standings, not to win anything, but to get rid of the UEFA euro ban. So for at least 2 more years the team won't be playing outside the country's borders. Better players don't want to go to such teams that have no Euro presence. Meanwhile, the league is in shambles. Btw, what a disgrace it is to ask foreign refs to officiate domestic games, because Greeks can't be trusted.... Anyway, I hope the keep Bouzoukis, Hadjiyovannis, and Kourbelis.
  11. Well, there are some state shield laws but no federal law that protects journalists other than the First Amendment that's about freedom of the press. Journalists cannot use illegal means (like hacking or breaking into people's and the gov's domains) to obtain information. I think the courts examine it case by case. The Pentagon papers were leaked to the press (NYT) by someone who had legal access to them and saw the lies and other violations by the gov. The NYT published the papers and the courts decided in the press' favor and in the public's interest to know about about the Vietnam War. Assange is no journalist; he's rather an extortionist, who used illegal means to obtain information. Imagine if in the name of freedom of the press any journalist could break any law and into people's & gov secrets....
  12. When you label people or groups as "un-.." it's a way of saying that they are less than worthy. Trump would love to have a dpt or agency to combat "un-American activities".... He also thinks that criticism of the prez or of national policy is treason!
  13. Many Russians love Putin for he's not democrat or for the working class, but he's bringing back the Russian empire. Many Americans, and some members here are also have similar minds. I personally think the price for such national pride is too high, and as a policy very misguided. I think what makes a country strong, and gives it good bragging rights, is not how its leader behaves like a pompous ass, kicking friends and enemies, insulting everyone else. A country is strong when its middle class is doing well--that is, how the pizza pie is cut, not how big the pizza pie is. It's when people live longer, are healthier, more educated, have more opportunity, are happier, there are fewer people in prison, have access to voting, etc, etc. I see the same juvenile arguments here and elsewhere in the country: my dad can beat your dad! Sure, if that's how you measure success.... Simple minds like bumper sticker messages.... The newest: socialism* will never be acceptable in the US! The simpletons and the ignorant will mindlessly repeat this... Not only it's already here, but, shockingly, a majority of Americans prefer socialism to unregulated capitalism! ---- *socialism as a label has been used by many, from Nazis to communists. The democratic socialism that exists in all western societies is the desirable form. This means capitalism, but w/regulations/oversight/consumer protection, re-allocation of resources, a strong social safety net ("social security" rings a bell?), etc. The New Deal is just that, democratic socialism. All advanced countries--you know, the ones you'd live to live in--are liberal-social-democracies!
  14. I think it's way to early to pick a favorite horse, though I think several will not make it past the end of this year, in realistic terms. The ability to fundraise is imperative, because in the field of dozens, money buys airtime (increasing name recognition) and ground organization. The number one priority of Dems is to see the current prez booted out, so a safer choice will prevail over an unknown. This doesn't mean the safer choice will be an old-timer. As the more successful candidates rise in the polls they'll eventually be compared against DT, and I think those with the best matching numbers (or beating DT) will get a lot of serious consideration by Dems.
  15. Why did you mention the past??... It made realize that ..decades have gone by too quickly. Like, I've been here, on this site for some 15 years.!!.. [I think I'm getting a ..rocking chair as an award] Here's something for you
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