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  1. Could have. We got outplayed in that game pretty badly. Just failed to hang on.
  2. Coming off that loss in Sofia, Cyprus stays on the road to visit Slovenia in Ljubljana. The previous meeting in Lefkosia went for Cyprus.
  3. Final Cypriot substitution: Ioannou IN Vasiliou OUT All changes have been made
  4. Second yellow against Ilicic! Red card! 10 v 10
  5. Avraam lays it off to Christofi, shoots low, but wide
  6. Sotiriou taken down, free kick for Cyprus! If there was ever a time to steal this one back, it's now
  7. And Skubic volleys one past Panagi and it's 1-1
  8. Yellow against Panagi for time wasting
  9. Final Slovenian substitution: Zahovic IN Krhin OUT
  10. Cyprus substitution: Avraam IN Papoulis OUT
  11. Luckily, they're saying it was just outside the box, no penalty as the free kick goes over the net. Still, it'll be a 10 man Cyprus trying to hang on
  12. Yellow against Kastanos, that makes 2. 2 yellows make a red. Red card against Kastanos.
  13. Crnigoj the shot, save Panagi, and no rebound!
  14. Margaca's got it, looking for Sotiriou, can't connect. It comes to Artymatas, he shoots! Belec is there to make the save
  15. Slovenia: Balkovec IN Jokic OUT Ilicic is now the Slovenian Captain
  16. Jokic has a go, beats Panagi but misses the far post
  17. Slovenia substitution: Dervisevic IN Bezjak OUT
  18. Slovenia 0-1 Cyprus HT Just like last game, a surprise halftime lead. Hope the result is different this time!