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  1. Cyprus begins qualifiers for UEFA Euro 2020 at home to San Marino. There aren't many instances of Cyprus being clear favorites, but this is one of them.
  2. Standings after Week 3 of the playoffs APOEL-54 Apollonas-53 AEL Limassol-45 AEK Larnaca-43 Nea Salamina-36 Omonoia-35 ------------------------------- Anorthosis-32 Doxa Katokopias-24 Enosis Neon Paralimni-24 Alki Oroklini-23 Pafos FC-22 Ermis Aradippou-13 Playoffs Week 3 results Nea Salamina 1-0 AEK Larnaca Omonoia 3-1 AEL Limassol Apollonas 1-3 APOEL Ermis Aradippou 1-2 Enosis Neon Paralimni Pafos FC 0-1 Anorthosis Alki Oroklini 1-4 Doxa Katokopias
  3. Oh so sincerity was missing, I see. Yeah, I never liked Hillary. I bet you Bernie would have beaten Trump too. It was never about policy, it was about people, and Hillary was such a bad choice that a lot of neutrals actually voted for Trump. People overestimate how much people care about that. At this point, people clamor for Obama. Can't bring him back, so what's the next best thing? His successful Vice President. I'm a neutral, and I'm a moderate. Personally, I don't know what annoys me more, Trump, or the media's coverage of Trump. Trump has a bizarre way of doing things, thankfully what he's done has yet to affect us too badly. I'd prefer a more stable White House, and I think Trump has to go for that to happen. Biden would provide that stability and would be the best man for the job. No more gimmicks, no more "future", play it safe. Let Trump beat himself
  4. If the Dems really want to bring Trump down, they get Biden into the race and take no chances.
  5. Standings after Week 2 of the playoffs Apollonas-53 APOEL-51 AEL Limassol-45 AEK Larnaca-43 Nea Salamina-33 Omonoia-32 ------------------------------- Anorthosis-29 Alki Oroklini-23 Pafos FC-22 Doxa Katokopias-21 Enosis Neon Paralimni-21 Ermis Aradippou-13 Week 2 playoffs results AEL Limassol 0-3 Apollonas Omonoia 0-0 Nea Salamina Doxa Katokopias 0-0 Pafos FC Anorthosis 1-1 Enosis Neon Paralimni Alki Oroklini 2-1 Ermis Aradippou APOEL 0-0 AEK Larnaca
  6. APOEL-50 Apollonas-50 AEL Limassol-45 AEK Larnaca-42 Nea Salamina-32 Omonoia-31 ------------------------------- Anorthosis-28 Pafos FC-21 Doxa Katokopias-20 Enosis Neon Paralimni-20 Alki Oroklini-20 Ermis Aradippou-13 Week 1 playoffs results Nea Salamina 1-1 APOEL Apollonas 3-1 Omonoia AEK Larnaca 1-0 AEL Limassol Ermis Aradippou 2-1 Anorthosis Pafos FC 0-3 Alki Oroklini Enosis Neon Paralimni 1-0 Doxa Katokopias
  7. It's hard to say. I think Cypriot teams are doing pretty well in Europe, arguably better than Greek teams in recent years. That said, the Cypriot league now has the highest percentage of foreigners of any European league.
  8. Final regular season standings. The 12 teams will be split into the playoff group and the relegation group. Bottom 2 get relegated. APOEL-49 Apollonas-47 AEL Limassol-45 AEK Larnaca-39 Omonoia-31 Nea Salamina-31 ------------------------------- Anorthosis-28 Pafos FC-21 Doxa Katokopias-20 Enosis Neon Paralimni-17 Alki Oroklini-17 Ermis Aradippou-10 NOTE: Anorthosis were docked 9 points for forging the medical certificate of Francis Uzoho
  9. Final Group C3 standings: Norway-13 Bulgaria-11 Cyprus-5 Slovenia-3
  10. Final Norwegian substitution: Berge IN Kamara OUT All changes have been made
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