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    Trump Presidency

    Which brings us back to ...Idiocracy (✔️ your 'favorite movie of all time' if I'm not mistaken... 🤣 . See? I do pay attention. I actually watched it because of your mention - and enjoyed it). Unfortunately this is where we stand in the USA, which seems to work good for the Conservatives. Democracy in the US is on a slippery slope thesedays. Big money is eroding democratic institutions and maybe serious constitutional reforms are desperately needed. The question is who's got the balls for that? Here's something to give you an idea of how the US Congress is pretty much responsible for shielding Trump, and what they intend to do in the near future to terminate the Mueller Special Counsel Investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 US Elections. It's a little lengthy but worth a watch (not this kind ⌚ )
  2. Lazarus

    Trump Presidency

    Time Magazine new cover:
  3. Lazarus

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    And this is the Greek propaganda regarding the meeting at Lake Prespa.
  4. Lazarus

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    An interesting interview with FYROM Prime Minister Zoran Zaev:
  5. Lazarus

    Feedback From Boston Thanatos

    As a last resort, why don't you try uninstalling Chrome, download the latest and greatest and install again? Just in case there's some voodoo there...
  6. Lazarus

    Feedback From Boston Thanatos

    There are many variables could be contributing to a negative user experience. From our part, I'll check with developers and make sure the software does what it's supposed to do and all latest updates are installed. From a user perspective, it's a good practice to clean the cache (browser and system files) periodically.
  7. Loved the Belgium-Japan game. Coming back from 2 goals down is no small feat. Haven't seen it happen in World Cup knock-off stage since 1970.

  8. Lazarus

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    The President of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia; Gjorge Ivanov said on Tuesday he will not sign an accord settling a decades-old name dispute with Greece...
  9. Lazarus

    Macedonia Name Dispute

    Greece has reached a deal on the future name of its northern neighbor, they have settled on the name Republic of North Macedonia, or Severna Makedonija in Macedonian. The Greek PM, Alexis Tsipras, addressed the nation:
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    A week before the World Cup starts....
  11. Lazarus

    Some Light Hearted Videos

    Massed guitars beat word record for playing Hendrix's "Hey Joe"
  12. Lazarus

    Trump Presidency

    Trump has absolutely nothing to do with the Korean re-approach. He just happened to be sitting in the US Presidential chair (unfortunately). Of course he likes taking credit for anything with a positive hue - i.e. the sun rising up every morning - whereas he blames everybody else for things negative (usually blames, Obama, Clinton, the Democrats and anybody that doesn't agree with him). Anyway, it's too early to come up with a conclusion on the outcome of the North Korea denuclearization intentions. The talks have not yet began. Only generalized intentions have been mentioned so far. Our Asshole in Chief is exactly that. Still.
  13. Lazarus

    Some Guitarists of Greek Descent

    Here's a Canadian born guitarist called Pavlo (full name: Pavlo Simtikidis. Big hit with Canadians. His website is here: https://www.pavlo.com/
  14. Here a topic for listing guitar players of Greek descent, whether in Greece or around the world. We mentioned Johnny A. in another topic. Today I accidentally stumbled across another guy from Pittsburgh, PA. His name is Aris Paul. He's a video: The band's website is here: https://www.arispaulband.com/
  15. Lazarus

    Justin Trudeau

    Or, it could be just another one of Trump's made up stories, a.k.a fairytale, .a.k.a. bullshit. Sorry follow Canadians. We have a bullshit president. We'll keep doing our best (on an individual and collective level) to correct this massive miscalculation of our citizens and make sure the current White House occupants are held accountable for everything they say and do.
  16. Lazarus

    Trump Presidency

    For your entertainment.
  17. Lazarus

    Another Mass Shooting in the US

    A reference on CNN: Why the NRA is so powerful on Capitol Hill, by the numbers ...So why does the group hold such sway? Partly because more than half of congressional incumbents have gotten money and organizational help from the group, with many members having long-standing financial relationships with the NRA that date back years....
  18. Lazarus

    Trump Presidency

    You can like or dislike whomever you want. It's the justification or lack thereof that I'm interested in. I know US politics is not your cup of tea, but expect that once you enter a conversation and express an opinion to be evaluated for it. And I expect you (or anyone reading this) to evaluate my post and opinion accordingly. While this is not the topic to discuss the Democratic 2016 Presidential campaign, this is how I see the two issues that you touched. a) Hillary Clinton has never committed a crime when it comes to the handling of the private email server (her predecessor Colin Powell did the same) - it was however a political misjudgement. Given the choice of candidates and what they brought to the table, she was my choice for leadership in the US. b) Bernie Sanders is a populist, albeit a little more on the socialist side. Just like Trump he was promising things he would not have been able to deliver. He too benefited from the Russian misinformation campaign. There is always a difference in the policies of governing parties. Sometimes smaller than others. Sometimes policies don't make it into laws. But to say it is all the same is ill advised and exactly what conservatives would like people to believe and keep them from exercising their voting choices. Why go vote if it doesn't make a difference? Every vote counts and one should make sure their vote is cast at every election. Thumbs up my friend! Now, you really hit the nail on the head! That would be a great subject to discuss, and if you were to start a topic on that I would jump right in. You're onto something here... Do I smell a little Marx (not the Groucho kind )? So many things to talk about, so little time. While that is true, it does mean however that the side that is wrong is ...wrong. And one weighs the alternatives that both sides offer and the cost to coexist with the 'lesser evil.' It buys time and keeps things moving. And when the next election comes, one still has to evaluate the alternatives. Who do I vote for, what will I get in return and what will it cost me? Life goes on - and if one is lucky they will see small improvements along the way. Sometimes one has to look at things short term. Not every vote is going to be a home run.
  19. Lazarus

    Trump Presidency

    The Asshole in Chief held a listening session with survivors of mass shootings. This is what he held in his hands: 1.) "What would you most want me to know about your experience?" 2.) "What can we do to help you feel [unclear]?" And the last visible point on the sheet was not a question, but seemingly a reminder to be empathetic: "5.) I hear you." A freakin' cue card? He has no words of empathy for people that lost kids, family and friends? Instead he proposes arming teachers with guns? Is this the Twilight Zone we are living in?
  20. Lazarus

    Trump Presidency

    Huh? I'm really floored (and disappointed) to hear this far-right wing unsubstantiated name calling coming from you. Even though this could be a separate topic on its own (The Bill Clinton Presidency), please be informed that the US experienced an extended period of economic prosperity during the Clinton presidency, and that Bill Clinton left office with high approval ratings - these are the facts. Back to the subject though... The Russian interference in the US 2016 elections is not simply about leaking information. Athinaios was kind enough to provide a couple of links referencing the latest developments. It's about the active involvement on the ground and in the digital world to influence, penetrate and alter the outcome of the US Election system. It is part of an active and ongoing war and the US finds itself on the receiving end. One could argue that the US has been engaging in such behavior in other countries for decades now. That's a valid point and (again) a topic for a different discussion. What we have here is a case where the Russian government is actively trying to alter the electoral landscape in many countries across the globe using similar tactics. In the US, they succeeded in changing the (anticipated) electoral outcome. What remains to be seen is how exactly did they accomplish it. Hopefully, time and investigations will show. There is a lot of misinformation going on and it is difficult to navigate through the streams of falsehoods. That being said, we need to stick to proven facts and not perpetuate rumors, falsehoods and unproven facts. An Op-Ed, by Thomas L. Friedman, worth reading from the New York Times: Whatever Trump is hiding is hurting all of us now Maybe non-US citizens can understand the magnitude of what is at stake in the US after reading the op-ed.