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  1. Trump Presidency

    Yet once again, Greeks save the world! Ha, ha,... Funny.
  2. Trump Presidency

    But wait! There's more! Did you know that the FBI, Democrats and Russia are all co-conspirators? At least according to the Asshole-in-Chief.
  3. Justin Trudeau

    It did make me laugh, because he's really capable of doing such a thing. Read the latest? CNN: Congresswoman says Trump told widow of fallen soldier 'he knew what he signed up for' It's just as good...
  4. Another Mass Shooting in the US

    I don't think you have anywhere to go. Other than throwing smoke bombs and following Trump's behavioral leads (" If I was being political I would have said.. " which you went ahead and said anyway). Enough with conspiracy theories. Wanna talk politics? Talk about actual policies and how they affect everyday people lives. Detesting political parties is by no means taking a political position. However (since you invited us into guessing games) if I were to guess, you're on the far right (or whatever label one slaps on that political spectrum thesedays) and you are a Nigel Farage 'admirer.' And Nigel Farage has repeatedly called for UK gun laws to be relaxed. Since you are from the UK, why don't you enlighten us on what's happening in that area of the world in terms of gun laws and mass shootings? We would appreciate that instead of peddling conspiracy theories about Obama and Clinton. We've had enough of those.
  5. Justin Trudeau

    It never happened.... Trump Mocks Trudeau For Celebrating Thanksgiving Six Weeks Early? The Burrard Street Journal (the BS Journal) is a “satirical” publication that does not publish factual content.
  6. Some Light Hearted Videos

    Worst miss ever?
  7. Gekas did score a hat trick against Latvia in 2009 (Greece-Latvia 5-2). That was his second hat trick for NT. Here's a list of all hat tricks for the Greek NT https://www.11v11.com/teams/greece/tab/stats/option/hattricks/
  8. Another Mass Shooting in the US

    Well, sometimes it matters how we frame a sentence or a question. This is your question: "Didn't burglaries in Australia sky rocket after a gun ban? " In your question, by starting your sentence with 'didn't' you are looking for confirmation of a perpetual and lasting event. If the answer is 'yes,' one is to assume that the number burglaries went up and stayed high. If you were really curious for a statistical number you would have asked: "Did the number of burglaries increase immediately after the gun ban and do we still see that effect today?" Epicurus picked up on the framing of your question and called you out on posting questionable stories and presenting them as news (aka fake news) Whether a poster promotes unsubstantiated content knowingly or not is irrelevant. The result is the same. By the way here's a graph for violent crimes in Australia, and here's a link where you can educate yourself (if interested).
  9. Another Mass Shooting in the US

    Is this another one of the right-winger sentences that ends up blaming Obama and/or Clinton for anything and everything? Is this akin to the concept: "My fine-China dining set seems broken. I think Obama did it! Hillary too!" or "My cat scratched grandma. It's Obama's fault!" or "I forgot to put the ice-cream in the freezer and it melted. That damn Clinton did it again!" Or maybe you care to elaborate why you end a posting with such a conservative uninspiring cliche. For your information my friend, Barack Obama and the Clintons have done everything that the US Constitution affords them in an effort to pass laws reining in the uncontrollable and half-ass-legislated gun ownership that the Republican party espouses in the United States. In the United States - unlike countries with a Parliamentary Democracy - there is only so much that one person in the executive branch of government can do without the support of the legislative and judicial branches of government.
  10. Trump Presidency

    Thanks Tzatziki. Let's share this exceptional commentary with as many people as we know.
  11. Trump Presidency

    Three quarters of a century ago, Justice Jackson wrote for a 6-to-3 majority in West Virginia State Board of Education v. Barnette: “If there is any fixed star in our constitutional constellation, it is that no official, high or petty, can prescribe what shall be orthodox in politics, nationalism, religion, or other matters of opinion, or force citizens to confess by word or act their faith therein.” (Washington Post) Enough already with the US Fascist and Racist in Chief, Donald J. Drumpf, disrespecting the US Constitution, and everything Flag and Country stand for.
  12. What Jersey it Is?

    It appears to be from 2009–2010 season (Puma and Citibank are sponsors). More details here: Olympiacos FC: Kit manufacturers and shirt sponsors