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  1. ESPN carries full game replay. Try here. For goal and highlights check this out:
  2. It's like watching a high school soccer game. A poor high school soccer game for that matter. Κλωτσοσκούφι.
  3. For those that didn't have an opportunity to watch the game:
  4. Other than that, there's no global warming, huh? Unfortunately, I live in a country where the Asshole in Chief and his entourage deny such a thing.
  5. Let see if Greece is ready to take baby-steps towards a better government for all Greek people. While history is not on Greece's side, maybe some Greeks did learn something from the financial crisis and everything that led up to it. Only time will tell. For now, removing Tsipras and SYRIZA from government is a step in the right direction.
  6. On June 24, Monday night in front of an audience, John Lithgow, Annette Bening, Kevin Kline, Kyra Sedgwick, Alyssa Milano, Michael Shannon, Alfre Woodard, Joel Grey and more took the stage at New York’s Riverside Church for a live reading of “The Investigation: A Search for the Truth in Ten Acts.” The 10 acts of the play each had a title corresponding to an act of possible obstruction committed by Trump.
  7. I'm adding a Greek-Cypriot to this list of guitar players. His name is Alexis Kasinos and he's a young jazz player. More info at his website here.
  8. Applied a fix. Looks like back on track. Let me know (via PM) if otherwise.
  9. Oops... Just verified that it is ...broken. Will try to address...
  10. It should be in effect. Keep in mind that it preserves capitalization for particular words. i.e AEK, FIFA. If those words are in a context like PAOK-AEK or Greece vs Turkey (FIFA WC Qualifiers) then 'PAOK-AEK' is deemed one string as is '(FIFA' For best results, pad the words with spaces., i.e 'PAOK - AEK' or ( FIFA WC Qualifiers ). Some error still occur, and moderators can help correct by editing the tile.
  11. Disappointing series for the Bucks. Yes, they are a young team with lots to learn. Giannis, a gifted player, has to work on his shooting game. He has to be able to score from anywhere, not just inside the paint. The Raptors adjusted great after going down two games. They deserve going to the finals.
  12. Raptors take Game 3 in double overtime (118-112). Giannis has 12 points., 23 rebounds and 7 assists. So much for my predictions, huh?
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