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  1. Wow. Calling something un-Australian because it does not agree with one's culinary preferences, or does freedom of speech only apply to online forums and social media? Even the fact that Mr. Morrison now all of a sudden can label those that disagree with him as un-Australian, should make any citizen of the country crap in their pants. Of course, Australia does not have explicit freedom of speech in any constitutional or statutory declaration of rights, with the exception of political speech which is protected from criminal prosecution at common law per Australian Capital Television Pty Ltd v Commonwealth. As I said, I'm not that familiar with Australian politics, but I know a duck when I see one.
  2. One more extension worth looking into is TimeLineTable. It generates timelines contained in html tables. From a list of events in the correct format, the extension will generate a html table. I'll try and install sometime tomorrow....
  3. For a crush course on how wikitables work, look here.
  4. Oops! Looks like some of these extensions are out of date... Only DataTable2 seems to be acceptable...
  5. So, I'm trying to find some easy and practical way to create good looking tables in the Wiki. Basically, I think we need to start looking at how to create templates and utilize extensions. Do you guys know anything about templates. I have to admit, that I haven't worked on the Wiki in a while, and I sort of forgot my way around. When it comes to extensions, I'd like you input regarding a couple of them. Take a look at these: PropertyTables DataTable2 Simple Table I will install all three and you can test them out. Let me know if I can help or answer any questions.
  6. U.S. prosecutors unsealed an indictment accusing him of conspiring with Chelsea Manning to hack a Defense Department computer network in 2010 to obtain secret documents that WikiLeaks hoped to publish. That attempt was unsuccessful. The US Justice Department is playing it smart and is going after him for theft of secrets (more charges might follow). Press advocates are not stepping behind Assange. What makes you believe that Assange was doing stuff for the 'greater good'? After all, Assange appeared to be a tool of Russian meddling to support Donald Trump, or was that part of the 'greater good' also?
  7. The Ecuadorian Embassy removed Julian Assange and handed him to British police. Assange faces a charge in the U.S. and will possibly be extradited. Is Julian Assange and WikiLeaks part of the Free Press or just an activist group that might be held accountable for actions that ran counter to laws? The Washington Post seems to think that Julian Assange needs to be held accountable for his actions. Read an opinion by the WP Editorial Board: Julian Assange is not a free-press hero. And he is long overdue for personal accountability. I agree with this opinion and would like to further discuss. If you think otherwise, please state and defend your opinion.
  8. It's nice to hear some reasonable talk from a Presidential candidate.
  9. This is from BBC: Vegan protests: 'Un-Australian' activists arrested, PM Morrison says Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has criticised animal rights activists as "shameful and un-Australian" after dozens were arrested in nationwide protests. While - I have to admit - I'm note sure where PM Scott Morrison stands on issues, It looks to me like taking out a page from the Orange Orangutan's (Donald Trump) book. Divide the country in an effort to conquer. Pitch one group of people against another and start creating a condition that is hostile to people sharing values. Probably now is a good time to break up labor unions also? It seems that everywhere one turns, it's a right wing full frontal attack to the voice of the people.
  10. Possibly, the worst miss of all time!
  11. That Elk looks like a beauty! How does she play?
  12. Another Greek born, Greek-Canadian jazz guitarist is Strat Andriotis. From his bio page: "After listening to bands like Cream and Jimi Hendrix Experience Strat fell in love with the guitar. " Just came across him in Jazziz magazine. More on the free style/improve, but worth a listen.
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