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    Sport-fm and Gazetta both reporting that Sokratis said it is not serious and he will be fine for the matches.
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    Pirated Pirates: 4 3 3 Rockafella Skank (scores) NIck the Greek George Laz DJ (Fetfa) J1078 Blackhawk Argy Molon Lave Akritis (vc) Red Sherriff Boxou La Mendell (c) Bench: Ausgreek
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    v Croatia Games won: 2 Games drawn: 3 Games lost: 1 Date Match Result Score Competition 10 Nov 1996 Croatia v Greece D 1-1 FIFA World Cup 30 Apr 1997 Greece v Croatia L 0-1 FIFA World Cup 10 Mar 1999 Greece v Croatia W 3-2 International Friendly 25 Apr 2001 Croatia v Greece D 2-2 International Friendly 07 Sep 2010 Croatia v Greece D 0-0 UEFA European Championship 07 Oct 2011 Greece v Croatia W 2-0 UEFA European Championship
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    LOL who's Greece? Oh only the team that beat you to the top spot in the Euro 2012 qualifications undefeated
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    Greece vs Gibraltar, To all my Greeksters enjoy this game on Tuesday. To all those unwavering fans that understand Greek soccer, I stand by you. To all of those negative Greek fans that have been hitting the argile, or drinking "bomba" drinks at a very sketchy skiladiko and aren't making sense.......relax. Everyone must understand we are not the coaches, or the players. We are simply the fans. In the end, do your stavrouli, Make a Fredo cappuccino, wear your brightest fanella, and eat a delicious spanakopita as a tasty snack. Remember SO MANY OTHER TEAMS WOULD KILL TO BE IN OUR POSITION. So we'll take Gibraltar for our final do or die match.
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    Here is a really nice video about Greek Football in general, its history, culture, club football, the national team etc. Really well done and definately worth a look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jyXa8lIrI4
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    Unbelievable!!! Corrupt FIFA at it again. They have it out for the Greeks and how is it they can determine that Manolas did it purposely or not and why did they wait this long were they still looking at the footage? Gianniotas got his tooth knocked out by a Bosnian coach and all they got was a stadium switch!!! In the end it won't matter as we can put in Kyriakos or Retsos and still keep a clean sheet and take care of business and they'll still have to watch our boring play defence and hit them on the counter attack brand of soccer in Russia. We'll be in Russia with our Orthodox brothers and so will Mantalos! Makynia out!!!
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    here we are waiting and praying to see if Manolas is fit and once we find out he's cleared Fifa screws us to benefit Croatia ffs..Manolas not starting for us in Croatia will make it very difficult for us to keep a clean sheet. I'm sorry but Vellios does not deserve a call up at all that is a horrible decision by skibbe as the guy doesn't get regular playing time at all. I still think a Karelis at 60% is worth a call up over Vellios just to have as an option if we need him.
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    You dudes are really asking for it. What does Greece havE? Good defence. How we gonna line up? Karnezis Torosidis - Siovas - Manolas - Sokratis - Retsos - Papadopoulos - Tzavellas - Stafylidis Fortounis Mitroglou Either you like it or not , 8 - 1 - 1 is what peak performance looks like in modern football. Educate yourselfs.
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    Even though Croatia have bigger name players I also am glad we avoided the Swiss. We tend to typically play better against better offensive teams that have a weaker defence. Lets be honest We are going to park the bus and try and defend like hell and try to frustrate them and hope we can attack on the counter or off a set piece. This is the way we win... Everyone can call it "anti football" or Ugly boring soccer" I say who gives a s%$#! we are who we are. We have a solid back end and we need to use it to our advantage.
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    Belgium: 9 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses / 43 GF, 6 GA Croatia (with a slightly deeper group but no powerhouse): 6 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses / 15 GF, 4 GA Greece (in a group with with powerhouse Belgium): 5 wins, 4 draws, 1 loss / 17 GF, 6 GA There is an evident gap between Belgium and Croatia and Greece gave Belgium their toughest matches since Euro 2016 that could have easily ended in a win and a draw. Greece and Croatia look very evenly matched.
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    Great post....When you need a win against Gibraltar to advance means one thing....A SUCCESSFUL QUALIFYING CAMPAIGN. The coaching staff and players deserve credit where it's due. That being said....finish it off boys on Tuesday. Whoever we play in the playoffs, the boys I'm sure will give it a tough fight. And I'm sure Italy and Portugal don't want to draw us....the rest of the team's in the pot, we will beat!
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    Let's just sit back and enjoy the fact the we now control our own destiny again and that we've put our selfs in a position with a win over Gibraltar to be amongs the best 2nd place teams and at the very least we get to see the Ethniki in two crucial matches.. just for now let's forget the what if , the who the why and let's just enjoy the fact that we will have some really meaningful football coming up in November.. If Greece play like the did against belgium in both games they will NOT be an easy opponent to play against..
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    Relax manga. Take a lie down on this nice black leather sofa and I will listen to all your grievances. The truth is that PAO and AEK fans were quite ... fond of PAOK up until April 28th. I didn't hear anything about conspiracies, Savvidis running the league, and just general hateful comments towards Savvidis, Ivic and PAOK up until that date. Everything was rosy. In fact, we were one of the "3" trying to take on the Marinakis monster ... apparently. But then, on April 28th, the world changed. Something crazy happened. PAOK defeated PAO 4-0 in the semi final of the Cup. And then ... all hell broke loose. Now apparently, referees in Greece are perfect and never make mistakes. In fact, I've watched games for years and in general referees don't make mistakes. But in this game, there were mistakes! So by logical deduction, you have to ask yourself, why ?! And the only logical conclusion, if as we have shown that referees in Greece don't make mistakes, is that something was amiss. Foul play my friend, foul play. That free kick that lead to the Pelkas goal. Two clear penalties not given to PAO. The evidence is plentiful and is incriminating. And now onto the AEK game in the final. The offside goal, which where each week the margin gets bigger and bigger. First he was offside by a meter. Then two metres. In a while Henrique will be outside the stadium. Add to that the fact that Melissanidis (a virtuous and trustworthy soul) clearly told us after the game the linesman was paid. Just the one linesman mind you. Not the referee and the other linesman. Just the one linesman on that side, because apparently Savvidis and Ivic worked out which side the winning goal would come from. They had consulted with a gypsy in Dendropotamos. Who has the influence and power to effect such injustice ? The evidence clearly points to one pseudo Greek, a Russian in fact. On a side note, it is highly debatable whether anyone above the 40th parallel is in fact truly Greek but that is a discussion for another time. Such foul play! Such injustice! Such cunning and craftiness, to only pay off just the one linesman. I would go so far as to say the plan was brilliant if it didn't have such a stench about it. And in this world where a club like PAOK should be spat on, mocked, and just generally looked down upon, it just doesn't ... hmmm ... feel right when they win something at the expense of other more deserving teams. Like PAO and AEK for example. I mean, it just feels wrong. Why should those Bulgarians get to have some of the pie ? They've been satisfied with crumbs for decades, and now they want to sit at the table too! The insolence! Apparently being 4th and 5th for decades was not enough for these peasants. Now they want to actually sit at the table with the big boys. That is one possible version of events. The other possible version of events is that the ball is round and things like fitness, fatigue, injuries, form, luck play their role. Referees do make mistakes and do generally favour the home team. It's always been this way. Maybe not in the past because we had joker presidents (incidentally it looks like one of our previous presidents was sentence the other day to 6 years jail) but now the old "trick" of let's screw over PAOK means there could be actual repercussions. So you'll need to find a new trick. That one can't be played with such ease and nonchalance anymore. Even your comments of us trying to become the gavros of the next 20 years. Really ? Just because you can't screw us without lube anymore. And we've been doing what the last 5 years exactly ? You're saying we've been running the league for the last 5 years ? Are you delusional ? The simple truth is that we gave you guys a beating in Toumba, get over it. In the Cup Final with AEK our second goal was offside but people that follow Greek football can't accept the fact that an error could've been made. There must be some big band conspiracy behind it. The can was full, the can was half full, the can was empty, the firecracker this, the the the the the m-a-l-a-k-i-e-s. It's all just anger, hatred, the epitamy of the greek attitude of self entitlement. No humility, bend the facts, pick the ones that suit you, ignore the rest. As for the play offs, the best team won. This is the irony of the play off system. Last season AEK were the better team in the league and were 9 points clear of PAOK but ran out of puff in the play offs. This year the opposite. PAOK have been poor in the play offs. The system is inherently unfair and should be done away with but that is a discussion for another day. At least some Greek football fans can get joy seeing PAOK lose. Apparently, this is the one guaranteed way to make them happy.
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    That's right, I am not worried about this all that much. Is it corrupt garbage, yes, but KPap is more than capable of replacing Manolas. It's how this all played out that is the issue.
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    So Manolas out because FIFA would like to see certain teams go through to the world cup. Fair play my ass. Conspiracy is more like it.
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    They have been our Pelates come on don't f*ckin be scared. Good names bad team. That's who they are. 15 goals scored in their Group while we scored 17. Even if we consider Gibraltar far worse than Kosovo if we exclude those goals we still scored more. 9 over their 8.. This is the Second best draw after Denmark. Switzerland and Italy are far more decent and performing
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    We have become a team again. I'm glad what Sokratis said about how it is a blessing to be born Greek. I believe with a Greek heart we can take on anyone and destroy them especially if you are united and a team and thats what we have become. Now we look forward to this match full of confidence and eagerness to make the world cup. Manolas will be a loss if he is not playing. Papadopoulos should do fine. Donis and Fortounis should start. With Lazaros, Mantalos and maybe Karelis as bench options. Tziolis and Maniatis should be done after this as Siopis and Kourbelis are ready to prove their worth. Zeca is a good player with a motor and Samaris and Tachtsidis are the best holding midfielders in Greece. Since Karagounis and Katsouranis retired they should be given the reigns as the 2 midfielders. Fortounis should be ahead of them as the number 10.
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    In its current state, Croatia look to be the 3rd strongest seeded team behind Italy and Switzerland. They finished runners up to a mediocre Iceland team in a deep group I, but without a superpower. Then again, Croatia was supposed to be that superpower but failed to take control. As for us, we put ourselves in this position and can't expect an easy draw. Let us hope our stars stay healthy, in form and Manolas recovers on time.
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    ^^^Absolutely disgusting. 30 on to 1 congratulations. This should never happen at a national team game. Perhaps there is a case of the guy asking for it sitting in gate 7 but this should not be happening. This sort of thing shows that perhaps national team games should move from Karaiskaki
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    Looking forward to the playoffs, I think looking back to both Belgium matches, if they fight like those matches....then Greece can battle with any of the higher seeded teams. When was the last time Greece got any favours, I won't say it never happens....but usually we get the difficult path. Some of the negative people in the forums, and in the Kafenia complain about the players, squad, formation, tactics, coaching, results. But we should all keep in mind that other teams are facing their own problems. For example, Italy as others mention. What about the Swiss, they had a reality check versus a fortunate (own goal) Portugal. So let the top seeds pump their tires, let Greece be lowly, underserving Greece. Now we are beginning to be healthy, and it appears that in regards to cards (red/yellows) we are looking in good shape. We finished 2nd in our group, where we rightful belong. Belgium were strongest period. I was pleased to see Messi score 3 today and punch Argentina's ticket to the world cup. ARGENTINA, to all the pessimists who week in week out moaned, and complained, and failed to realize that the ETHNIKI is what it is. This is what we have, this is the team the coach works with. He makes the decisions, and his decisions coinciding with the play of the entire squad have led us to this point. As well the National team is finally a team again. It is nice to see that there are plenty of other Greeksters in the forum who through the good and bad results remained positive. These are the Greekster that I would like to have a few fix beers, and some meze enjoying a match. A special shout out to Rockefeller Skank for your great posts.
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    Let me give you my insight on Greece's possible opponent. Italy and Portugal are quite beatable. The recent matches I watch for Italy, they have played mediocre. Not the 2006 team who won the World Cup with the likes of Cannavaro and Pirlo. With all respect to Buffon, but he is old. Portugal is Portugal and Greece still have there number. Other teams like Sweden, Denmark, or Northern Ireland don't scare me one bit. Whoever Greece gets, they will give their 110% on the pitch.
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    comparing greece latest game with belgium is not a right approach. we had a defensive formation at 4-4-1-1 and 2 world class defenders. if we had gone there all out attack they would have slaughtered us. bosnia however will miss 3 out of 4 starters of their defence and pjanic with his replacement as a '10' also being out. they will have to go all out attack and that would mean they will concede a couple of goals rather easily. also they're not strong in the midfield and pjanic missing leaves a bigger gap there. and to those who say it's a must win game for bosnia and they will take it. games against greece at first place and cyprus were also must win games but they failed miserably. the only way i see bosnia reaching the playoffs is by greece failing to beat cyprus. and that won't happen. ps. today we have the first qualifying games. we need scotland to beat slovakia and england to beat slovenia, as well as montenegro to draw denmark. that leaves other groups more open than ours and adds potential candidates for the worst second placed teams.
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    Pelkas should not play the #10 position, and I don't understand why the PAOK coaches play him there. He is more effective as a winger. As far as being considered NT material is concerned, if you consider players such as Bakasetas, Mandalos and Fourtinis, than he is one too.