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    One time special on Phantis PAOK forums. My prediction 4:0 for Olympiakos with two penalties in favor of the best team ever in Greece.
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    Did anyone notice at the end that they all got together to take in the win, they wanted it badly!!
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    @Blackhawk can you please start a new game thread for Xanthi's road trip to Olympiakos this weekend since we own Xanthi? 🤣
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    I agree with Dutch Eagle, the joke was in poor taste, but not racist. Why does everything have to be politically correct? Also we should inform our Dutch visitor that PAOK is not a Greek team. Doesn't he know we are gypsies from Bulgaria or Turkey? I don't know which. It depends who you listen to.
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    Thanks guys for the various news sources. Remember, if it's not pro-Trump, then it's probably run by rabid communists planning to overthrow our way of life.
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    blackhawk, shouldn't you rename this PAOK B v PAOK A?
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    After nearly 40 years, I’m just about done with Greek football. The depths of corruption are just disgusting.
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    Check out this great interview with Michael Valkanis - our assistant coach https://hellasfooty.blogspot.com/2020/01/q-with-ethniki-omada-assistant-coach.html?m=1&fbclid=IwAR3HJ2ELKQGEtB2UQYjuwwye8yJaDg1HDnO5l7tPdJ_CT0ACe8Lz4JO9gGM
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    Wow...reading the halftime comments you'd think we were getting killed or something. Fact is everything is a trade off unless you have a Beckenbauer or Lahm in your line up....Staf had a brainfart and cost us a goal but he has also been the main man on the transition up the middle which is why Schippy put him there since we don't have any DMs who are up to the task. Bakasetas for all the hate you guys (and me) have given him always seems to do something to help get the result (in the last 3 games). Let's give the Schipster his due and congratulate him on turning this sorry excuse of a NT around. Great job today against a solid, well organized side.
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    Dude let us enjoy the fact that we’ve won2 games in a row and are playing good football and we are headed in the right direction.. After all the s%$#! soccer and missed tournaments we deserve to feel good about our team and the direction they are headed So let’s not worry about what tournament we qualify for next because if we play good anything is possible..For anyone that has negative comments right now sit back and think when was the last time we’ve felt pretty good about our team..
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    Illegal links will not be posted here when there is the option of PAOK TV.
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    Lazio eyeing Bakasetas from Alanyaspor. 10 goals 5 assists this season, mainly as a second striker in Turkish Super Lig. His value went from 500,000 to 5 million in this slightly more than half season (pro coronavirus era). 10x the value he was bought from AEK Athens. Also Sebastian Vasiliadis, the guy who was called the last time in the NT ,Born and Raised in Germany, is eyed from Midtable teams in Bundesliga like Gladbach and Schalke. German fans tell me he had a huge impact in Paderborn being promoted and still makes good and decent appearances with the , pretty much relegated, team. Napoli and like 10 more clubs are interested in Tsimikas. Olympiakos won't sell low coz they don't need to, after selling Podence this season. If he leaves this year he is definately going to a team that can pay 15+ mills, so probably a big team.
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    Boys let’s not forget all of the coaches we have had since our last World Cup appearance and with Manolas, Socratis and Mitro we lost to the minnows of the world on more then one occasion and didn’t qualify for a single tournament. Now that we have a coach that finally is playing some attractive football we want to question his decision making?? Obviously there is a problem with those guys or else they would have been called up and the coach would have Incorporated them into the lineup around the younger players. Based on all of JVS articles you can read between the lines these guys think they’re bigger then NT and they need to run the show.. I’m completely fine with seeing how far JVS can take this team who is still rebuilding and building on chemistry and attitude in the dressing room which was clearly lacking on the team. If you bring these guys back right now, all that hard work that has been done to turn this team around can be gone right away especially with this lay off so I don’t think JVS wants to take the chance on bringing in bad attitudes.
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    Trump is a fraud; always been so. He's the most ignorant person who also believes he has the best opinion than anyone else. He's incompetent, and the presidency should NOT be the first gov office for anyone, but that's what the Repubs gave us. I'm more upset with the people who have been supporting this buffoon, though gross violations of the consitution, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and incompetence that results in many deaths. No decent person would be acting and saying stuff like this man has. And, when it comes to being an elected leader, what decent leader would say don't let this cruise ship come to port with sick Americans becuase "my numbers will look bad"???!!! I hope everyone here is safe and well.
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    Τι να μας πεις ρε τζατζίκι; Απορώ πως έχεις το θράσος και εμφανίζεσαι ρε; Να μου πεις οπαδός του Ολυμπιακού σου είσαι λογικό να φοράς _edit_ For the record so the rest of PAOK fans in here are aware, Ms. Tzatziki still owes me $100 since last April. He lost the bet on who is going to win the championship. If that type of people are supermods, I don't think there's a place for me here.
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    glad I watched this in full. Tsimikas world class performance and Masouaras inspiring off the bench. El Arabi such a clinical striker. Randelovic was that nice counter attacking threat all game and Cisse just being the giant he is. Tsimikas got gassed by the 90th minute and was scared he almost got injured. Great game!
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    The Netherlands is hit by “Ciara”. So no football for me and better to stay in your house. My wife and I started to sort our photo’s and other stuff. Saw this ticket. First time my wife went to PAOK (and we just met a month earlier):
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    What about peponi republic ? But that will always remind us of Maduro.
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    We might as well start a dozen other threads. Saw 5 (yes 5!) players of OFI will serve their suspension in the game against us. Fortounis is back but El Arabi will score a super hattrick (left, right and a header). Malezas scores an owngoal in the first half and is released by the halifi during halftime and put on a plane to the good old Gulag. Pame thryle!
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    My extreme disappointment with Aris new signing and my overall disgust with the SL in general turned me off and I did not watch or listen to the game this past weekend. Under other circumstances I would be thrilled with any victory against PAOK let alone one in which Aris scored 4 goals. Having said that I did watch the replay Almand provided for us, thank you sir. The over analyzation of this contest, not only here but in the media in general, made me curious. I thought it was a well deserved victory and although PAOK out possessed us Aris were the better side. The first half was very poor in quality since both teams were amped up running around like chickens with their heads cut off. The first two goals were similar, bad defending followed by horrible goal tending and our second goal very opportunistic but basically off a set piece. PAOK did have the chance to take a 2-0 lead and a 2-1 one lead but lucky for us their players didn't capitalize. For what it's worth those opportunities presented themselves because of defensive errors that our opponents jumped on and not by any organized attack, as a matter of fact I only recall one of those by them the entire game around the 66th minute when Giannoulis came down the left and crossed it to the Polish forward but Cuesta beat him to the ball. The second half was a different story definitely aided by the goalie's gift 3rd goal to Aris, it really took the wind out of their sails. The fourth goal along with the Fetfa offsides goal both came from great upfield defending by Aris creating breakaway opportunities. I will disagree with you guys here and to answer Emperor's question to me about Oenning's scheme, I thought it was brilliant especially after our new signing came in. The 4-2-4 high press caused PAOK major problems and they had a hard time getting the ball out from their defenders. PAOK was unable to threaten the entire second half aside from the 66th minute attack I spoke of earlier and of course their second goal which was another defensive miscue. To simplify things Aris won because they did a better job taking advantage of the opponents defensive errors. This roster can be very dangerous in games like these where the opponent possesses the ball because it affords them the opportunity to take advantage of their speed, finishing of course is another story. I can't say that any one player stood out but hats off to Larsson for his effort while he was in the game. Question, is it fair to assume there is a mandate from the boss for Ideye to play at all times?
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    Βαθμολογία UEFA: Ο Ολυμπιακός έχει δώσει τόσους βαθμούς απ' όσους όλες οι άλλες μαζί! http://www.gazzetta.gr/football/champions-league/article/1424277/vathmologia-uefa-o-olympiakos-ehei-dosei-tosoys-vathmoys-ap-osoys-oles-oi-alles-mazi Όσοι από μας νοιώθουμε πρώτα φίλαθλοι, και μετά οπαδοί κάποιας ομάδας οφείλουμε θαρρώ να συγχαρούμε δημόσια την ομάδα του Ολυμπιακού για τις εμφανίσεις του στην Ευρώπη. Γιατί ανεβάζει το κύρος του ελληνικού ποδοσφαίρου και δεν έχει μόνο θεωρητική αξία, αλλά και πολλά ουσιαστικά οφέλη, αφού καθορίζει πόσες ομάδες θα μας εκπροσωπούν σε αυτές τις διοργανώσεις. Μπράβο του. (ΥΓ Φίλαθλος του Άρη, αν αυτό έχει κάποια σημασία).
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    Not sure if anyone saw this but Ajax were bundled out of the Champions league group stage this morning after losing 0-1 at home to Valencia, Ajax just needed a draw to go through but were knocked out despite picking up 10 points across the group stage. What really made me smile was that Valencia went down to 10 men in stoppage time when one of their players reacted to Tadic trying to drag him up for feigning injury and trying to waste time. The Valencia player then barely kissed Tadic and he hit the deck like he had been shot. Funny it didn't bother Tadic when he and his teammates were rolling around and diving like crazy in the 2nd leg against us when they had the lead, happy to see he Dusan in particular not get to qualify. They will probably go deep in the Europa league and maybe even win it, but karma comes around in football. I'm not still bitter though, I've moved on from that game 100%
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    I’m against bringing back Sokratis and Manolas. I believe we need to start building for the next tournament and beyond. I appreciate and thank Sokratis, Manolas, Torosidis and co for all they’ve done for us. It’s time to move on... The youngsters have proven to be reliable and we should build on that. We should looking to improve the CB, RB and CAM position in my opinion. Stafylidis shouldn’t play at CB against heavyweights. Bakasetas isn’t going to be as effective against heavyweights in my opinion. Mavropanos and Retsos seem to be injury prone and until they perform and play week in and week out then I don’t see them being in contention even though I would like them to be. Siovas is getting old and will be 33 next year. Lampropoulos is only there because Risvanis, Goutas and Oikonomou are playing in the GSL. That’s my opinion. Risvanis would and could be a good addition at CB. If Stafy gets dropped then he can’t play LB. Giannoulis has been in terrific form there. Koutris and Tsimikas have done well there for Greece too.
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    There are other forums where many members prefer to keep a cynical, smarmy attitude simply so that they can pretend to be smarter than everybody else when we don't win the world cup and tell us about how they knew it all along, what a bunch of losers greeks are, the greek people deserved to get screwed during the crisis, etc. rather than enjoy the moment when something goes well. Guess what...we won't win the world cup....hell we might not even qualify but what you are saying is that the NT shouldn't even try. I was never embarrassed by the NT, only disappointed because it's only a game and I never stopped supporting them and always hoped for the best because like I said it's only a game. Go support another country like Germany or Brazil who are perennial favorites so you can feel superior and we can root for the underdog Greece because that is part of us, heart and soul. The shame is on you, bud.
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    Dude, these players are done. Especially Papastathopoulos. I ended up going to the stadium last night and it was the first time I have seen such an attacking Greece side. It was an absolute pleasure to watch. Still can’t believe how fast Limnios is. I’m not convinced with Bakakis and would have liked to have seen Vasileiadis come on in midfield instead of Bouchalakis. If the EO keep out of it and the Dutchman is allowed the do his thing, then I think he will rebuild a very strong Greek national team.
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    The best thing that happened for JVS was going down 1-0 and seeing how this group would respond and they came out and scored 2 to get the win which showed a lot of character.. I know guys were negative In the first half calling certain players and the coach out which is fine but like I said in my first half comment this is the best and most attractive football we have played in years. The team was hungry, fast and some fantastic passing. The best thing that Manolas and Socrates did for this team was get Angelo fired as it got us JVS who I’m sold on now.. Boys we couldn’t beat the Faroe Islands with Manolas,Socrates, Mitro and Samaris so we get a coach that comes in and cuts all of them from the team and builds a team around young guys and look at the results. There is no doubt in my mind if JVS was here from the beginning we would have no problem finishing 2nd In this group. We have scored 5 goals in our last 3 games which rarely ever happened before as we would go games with no more then one attempt on goal and now we get 29.. This is a huge change and we are an upcoming team..
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    It’s funny how players like Mantalos and Bakasetas were whipping boys for criticism yet now we are starting to see what they are capable of playing in a system that actually lets them play. The team is a joy to watch right now...the high pressing is brilliant we have stolen the ball off the opposition more times in our attacking half the last 3 games than the previous 4 years combined lol.
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    How good was it to see a Greece side play the last week. First we keep Italy at bay until the penalty and to be honest if Koulouris bagged his chance anything could have happened. Then we come out and play football, with Bosnia. Like a steam train. I could not believe Masouras had 7 chances in 30 minutes of football. Incredible. So to say I'm excited is an understatement. Here are my big takeaways. Hatzidiakos is a class back. He's positioning in set plays is good. His passes out of defence are smooth, crisp and hit the target. He was nervous with Italy, but he makes passes which allow mids to transition into attack better. The clearance off the line with Bosnia was brilliant. Stafylidis was compact and solid, and for me has just played his two best games for the NT. Nothing was getting through the LH side of the backline. His shot that hit post shows that he will be a threat outside the box. Worthy captain. Kourbelis had his best two games for Greece. He's got a good engine and we need that. Together with Galanopoulos their link up play with the other mids and forwards was something new and one of the main we reasons we created many chances with Bosnia. Limnios has great pace, is talented and is only 21. He can take on defenders and that is something we haven't seen much in the past. Hard to see him not get a big contract to one of the big leagues in Europe in the future. He is a strong boy too. He is a big introduction. Together with Bakakis they can be a formidable tandem on the RH side. Pavlidis is a class act for me. A real target up front. He is more than just a striker but links well with the other forwards and can defend when needed. His finish for the goal was top draw, and so to was the dummy which led to a golden opportunity for Mantalos. He is only 20. Bakasetas strength, and his run and movement was quite good. He didn't score, but in the Italy match he was in great position to score on 2 occasions and also made a brilliant pass to Limnios. He needs to get better at finishing at NT level which should be a strength but is not showing. A fit and healthy Fortounis would come straight in to his position. Area we need to improve is in finishing. Koulouris, Masouras, Bakasetas and Mantalos all had chances they should have scored and we need to get better. Depth in attack. There is nothing better than having options in attack or off the bench. Fetfatzidis and Donis are two players on their day are good enough to start and impact a game but if not, then they are also good options of the bench. Their weakness I think is the defensive side of their game. There are other players I am excited about also, such as Giannoulis and Vrousai who are both young and skillful. Vrousai they say is one to really look out for. Slowly, the Greece team is starting to show it has a heart beat and there is plenty to look forward to. I can't wait for the next two qualifiers, which we can win and then it's onto the Nations League which by then should bring our FIFA ranking back up and set us up well for World Cup qualifiers.
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    And now we understand the reason for Stafylidis as a CB..the boys reverted to 3 at the back in attack, Staf to LB, Hatzidiakos in the middle and Kourbelis to the RB position..Giannouls and Bakakis pushed up as wingbacks to add to the Greece attack..maaate! Schip gave Galanopoulos a shot and he, along with Kourbelis will be the mids for the Ethniki for a long tme. Kourbelis was very composed and did the dirty work that Zeka usually does as well. Ethniki played a compact 4 5 1 against Italy and a 4 4 2 in D, with a 4 3 3/3 5 2 in attack vs Bos-Hertz. Fetfa and Koulouris caused havoc against Bos-Hertz, as did MOM Limnios. Van Schip!!!!!!! deserves kudos for his enterprising tactics, giving his players a chance to play football, as he demonstrated that he believes in them, players not being afraid to make mistakes although, continuing to stay compact and sticking with their gameplan. The Mykonos club went back to Mykonos. Didn't see or hear of any decent enterprise from the other coaches in the last few years, no imagination and one dimensional, alot like my romantic abilities..
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    We might not agree with JVS playing certain players but let’s be honest he has them playing a good fast paced system with lots of pressure.. The Italy game even though we lost gave us some optimism and we were unlucky but today’s game against Bosnia was the best all around performance in the last 4 years hands down.. With out getting to far ahead of ourselves this coach looks like he knows what he’s doing.. We dominated the Bosnians IMO.. Hope we keep building on this.. Finally a good feeling after a game for once!!
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    Schip also deserves praise, the mentality of the guys and the pace of the team was excellent!
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    Didn't watch the game but saw extended highlights. That performance was ten fold better than anything we've dished up over the last 18 months. Great defense, working together was great to see like the Greece of old. We weren't stunning in attack yet the 2 best chances fell to us with Limnios and Kolouris, needless to say Bakasetas should've done better with his sliced attempt. Games like this you need to take those chances, on another day we are 0-1 or maybe even 0-2 up and it's a completely different game. 2 further things I liked we showed there is life without Sokrati and Manolas. The sun rose and we played well against a superior opponent. I like what Van't Schip is doing, he needs to be backed, this is a rebuild it's not going to happen over night. There is enough there to work with, we have talent what we need is discipline and correct tactics installed. Today was a step in the right direction, let the man work for a while, constantly changing managers isn't going to solve anything. One final thing I'll say is that traditionally these matches suit us better, as in giving up possession, sitting and countering. I feel we still have work to do to be able to comfortably beat the Liechtenstein's, Armenia's of the world. Our attackers work better when they have space we know we aren't a team that can move the ball around unlock a defense. Never the less I'm quite encouraged by that performance and hopeful we back it up against Bosnia and maybe pinch a result.
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    Fetfa is moving the ball nicely, I don’t understand why he’s never selected for the national team games. Masouras is having a good game as well
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    Paok Aris 2-2 in 1976. Paok dominated in the beginning, but an incredible Aris comeback from 2-0 down. 40000 fans, Paok and Aris fans all sitting together (those were the days). I think there was no Θ4 fan club back in those days (was established later that year...?) and certainly no Super 3 either. Not many banners flags and scarves as today... No χαρτάκια either (that started a couple of years later) Stadium jampacked 2h before the game. Great atmosphere, everybody went home in one piece... Took us 2h (!!!) to drive back home...!
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    These are the dark ages file, we previously lost 4 games straight in 1995 but that team recovered and played football, that team would put 3-4 goals on this lost group of players. We are the worst we have ever been in modern times and we need a clean out in many areas, primarily EPO.
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    https://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/euro/euro-2020/article/633773/oi-dokimes-toy-fant-sip-enopsei-finlandias O Ολλανδός τεχνικός στο διπλό της Τρίτης χώρισε τους παίκτες του σε δύο ομάδες. Στην πρώτη ήταν ο Πασχαλάκης στο τέρμα, άμυνα οι Μανωλάς, Σιόβας, Μπακάκης και Σταφυλίδης. Αμυντικά χαφ οι Ζέκα και Μπουχαλάκης, μπροστά τους τριάδα με Μασούρα, Κολοβό και Πέλκα και στην κορυφή τον Κουλούρη. Στην άλλη ενδεκάδα βρέθηκαν ο Βλαχοδήμος κάτω από τα δοκάρια, τετράδα στην άμυνα με Γιαννούλη, Παπασταθόπουλο, Κουρμπέλη και Τοροσίδη. Αμυντικά χαφ με Σιώπη και Σάμαρη, στις δύο πτέρυγες τους Λημνιό και Φετφατζίδη και στην επίθεση τους Βρουσάι και Παυλίδη. Apparently he is experimenting with 4-2-3-1 vs 4-4-2 formations....a good sign that he's at least looking at all options.
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    Watch us beat Finland and then lose to Liechtenstein..😂😂😂
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    And now, while both teams have taken a shower and the fans went home, the ref is giving another penalty for 020. The man is unstoppable..................
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    ‘The Greeks did win their last game at the Emirates back in 2015 but they lost 4-2 at Spurs in the Champions League earlier in the season, and I expect their return visit to north London to end in another defeat.’ Mr. Owen, keep our name out of your mouth if you have nothing nice to say please, or it will be our pleasure to shut it for you.
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    I remember that match vividly. I was only 10 years old at the time and watched it on tv in Athens. When Stefanos Borbokis (my dad's 1st cousin) scored the winner late in the game I went absolutely crazy. I was probably the only person cheering in Athens that night lol. The next day I was buying all the newspapers to cut out any pictures of Borbokis so i could bring back to Sydney.
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    More specifically just outside Dallas at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, where the Dallas Cowboys play. That's a tough one, even the USA would get overrun in Texas(or most places). Pretty much a Mexican home game. I also hear the other game could be 3 days earlier somewhere in/near New York! The opponent is either Costa Rica or El Salvador
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    Oly dropped two points vs Volos. Biiig chance for us
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    There was no excuse not to win the group from the UEFA Nations League.
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    I've been saying the same thing since We failed to qualify in 2016. You could see the writing on the wall. Greece will not qualify for another tournament for a long long long time. We could already tell when as Euro champions we couldn't even qualify for the World Cup in Germany shame😂😂 We won the Euros in 04 but what has changed? There has been no change with the federation or teams in building youth. Look at portugal where they keep challenging for youth titles and pumping out young players. What does Greece have? Nothing. I hope we all enjoyed those 5 tournaments we qualified for since 04. Because we won't qualify again. Lol 😂

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