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    I'm sick of hearing negativity on this forum of our beloved national team. Seriously what is it that makes people bash our own team. Be positive. Even a Croatian journalist said that how is it that we do so well but not have one top star in the team. I want everyone to have a look at the video and specifically that question. Sokratis couldnt have said it any better. Have some belief for god's sake. I always hear we don't have depth, our players are not good enough, we have to play like this, we have to play like that. Enough! We are not a perfect team we will probably never will be. But as Greeks we have heart and the one thing we know is pulling through when our back is against the wall. Just be positive and if we don't succeed accept it and say something positive about it. This goes to everyone who is always whinging and complaining, im to blame as well but some people just don't stop. I believe we will win both matches. Be proud and look forward to the match!
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    Sport-fm and Gazetta both reporting that Sokratis said it is not serious and he will be fine for the matches.
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    Pirated Pirates: 4 3 3 Rockafella Skank (scores) NIck the Greek George Laz DJ (Fetfa) J1078 Blackhawk Argy Molon Lave Akritis (vc) Red Sherriff Boxou La Mendell (c) Bench: Ausgreek
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    v Croatia Games won: 2 Games drawn: 3 Games lost: 1 Date Match Result Score Competition 10 Nov 1996 Croatia v Greece D 1-1 FIFA World Cup 30 Apr 1997 Greece v Croatia L 0-1 FIFA World Cup 10 Mar 1999 Greece v Croatia W 3-2 International Friendly 25 Apr 2001 Croatia v Greece D 2-2 International Friendly 07 Sep 2010 Croatia v Greece D 0-0 UEFA European Championship 07 Oct 2011 Greece v Croatia W 2-0 UEFA European Championship
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    LOL who's Greece? Oh only the team that beat you to the top spot in the Euro 2012 qualifications undefeated
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    Greece vs Gibraltar, To all my Greeksters enjoy this game on Tuesday. To all those unwavering fans that understand Greek soccer, I stand by you. To all of those negative Greek fans that have been hitting the argile, or drinking "bomba" drinks at a very sketchy skiladiko and aren't making sense.......relax. Everyone must understand we are not the coaches, or the players. We are simply the fans. In the end, do your stavrouli, Make a Fredo cappuccino, wear your brightest fanella, and eat a delicious spanakopita as a tasty snack. Remember SO MANY OTHER TEAMS WOULD KILL TO BE IN OUR POSITION. So we'll take Gibraltar for our final do or die match.
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    score line is almost the same if we'd lose 2-0. we'd still need a 3-0 victory. just go out and get it, croatian players think they're already in russia do it in a barca-psg or man utd-oly style.
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    it's alright. come back of the year baby. 3-0 hellas next game pame!
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    Go fook yourself, Come back when you actually have some silver wear, which will be never. Lets take a look at Croatias trophy cabinet!
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    I understand what you are saying but how about the fact they they let almost a month pass and only until Manolas was cleared to play and chosen on the squad was the suspension then brought down 6 days before? Also a suspension like this has never been given out before. Do you honestly think If Ronaldo did the same thing that Fifa would suspend him from a playoff game? Not a chance in hell does this happen to another top end player on a big team.. This is absolutely bullshit... The fact that Fifa didn't even reach out to the Epo to let them know they will review what happened within a few days after Monalos received the yellow stinks even more.
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    Here is a really nice video about Greek Football in general, its history, culture, club football, the national team etc. Really well done and definately worth a look! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jyXa8lIrI4
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    Unbelievable!!! Corrupt FIFA at it again. They have it out for the Greeks and how is it they can determine that Manolas did it purposely or not and why did they wait this long were they still looking at the footage? Gianniotas got his tooth knocked out by a Bosnian coach and all they got was a stadium switch!!! In the end it won't matter as we can put in Kyriakos or Retsos and still keep a clean sheet and take care of business and they'll still have to watch our boring play defence and hit them on the counter attack brand of soccer in Russia. We'll be in Russia with our Orthodox brothers and so will Mantalos! Makynia out!!!
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    here we are waiting and praying to see if Manolas is fit and once we find out he's cleared Fifa screws us to benefit Croatia ffs..Manolas not starting for us in Croatia will make it very difficult for us to keep a clean sheet. I'm sorry but Vellios does not deserve a call up at all that is a horrible decision by skibbe as the guy doesn't get regular playing time at all. I still think a Karelis at 60% is worth a call up over Vellios just to have as an option if we need him.
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    You dudes are really asking for it. What does Greece havE? Good defence. How we gonna line up? Karnezis Torosidis - Siovas - Manolas - Sokratis - Retsos - Papadopoulos - Tzavellas - Stafylidis Fortounis Mitroglou Either you like it or not , 8 - 1 - 1 is what peak performance looks like in modern football. Educate yourselfs.
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    Even though Croatia have bigger name players I also am glad we avoided the Swiss. We tend to typically play better against better offensive teams that have a weaker defence. Lets be honest We are going to park the bus and try and defend like hell and try to frustrate them and hope we can attack on the counter or off a set piece. This is the way we win... Everyone can call it "anti football" or Ugly boring soccer" I say who gives a s%$#! we are who we are. We have a solid back end and we need to use it to our advantage.
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    Belgium: 9 wins, 1 draw, 0 losses / 43 GF, 6 GA Croatia (with a slightly deeper group but no powerhouse): 6 wins, 2 draws, 2 losses / 15 GF, 4 GA Greece (in a group with with powerhouse Belgium): 5 wins, 4 draws, 1 loss / 17 GF, 6 GA There is an evident gap between Belgium and Croatia and Greece gave Belgium their toughest matches since Euro 2016 that could have easily ended in a win and a draw. Greece and Croatia look very evenly matched.
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    Great post....When you need a win against Gibraltar to advance means one thing....A SUCCESSFUL QUALIFYING CAMPAIGN. The coaching staff and players deserve credit where it's due. That being said....finish it off boys on Tuesday. Whoever we play in the playoffs, the boys I'm sure will give it a tough fight. And I'm sure Italy and Portugal don't want to draw us....the rest of the team's in the pot, we will beat!
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    Let's just sit back and enjoy the fact the we now control our own destiny again and that we've put our selfs in a position with a win over Gibraltar to be amongs the best 2nd place teams and at the very least we get to see the Ethniki in two crucial matches.. just for now let's forget the what if , the who the why and let's just enjoy the fact that we will have some really meaningful football coming up in November.. If Greece play like the did against belgium in both games they will NOT be an easy opponent to play against..
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    At the end of the day, Greece is not ready for the world cup. We took steps forward, now I believe it's time to only play the new generation players....we have a good mixture of veterans and younger talent. Let's not overkill this thread by super analyzing the s%$#! out of it. There's nothing really to say more. Team took steps forward, not ready for the world cup....showed potential with the generation players. THERE'S NOTHING MORE!!!
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    So Manolas out because FIFA would like to see certain teams go through to the world cup. Fair play my ass. Conspiracy is more like it.
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    Let me give you my insight on Greece's possible opponent. Italy and Portugal are quite beatable. The recent matches I watch for Italy, they have played mediocre. Not the 2006 team who won the World Cup with the likes of Cannavaro and Pirlo. With all respect to Buffon, but he is old. Portugal is Portugal and Greece still have there number. Other teams like Sweden, Denmark, or Northern Ireland don't scare me one bit. Whoever Greece gets, they will give their 110% on the pitch.
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    I Like what J1078 said in his last post. Relax for a moment fickle fans. Woulda, shouda, couda don't matter now, too many times I see negative posts on the "Ethniki". HERE WE ARE. We have a match at home vs Gibraltar, and it would just be a treat to see some goals. Had we been asked before a single game was played if we would be ok with Greece having the 2nd spot behind Belgium....I think that most of us would be alright with this. Belgium is Belgium. Yes we did nearly beat them away, and we unfortunately lost a good battle at home. All Greece can do is play the game tuesday. Forget the formation, the lineup, this squad will win. as for everything else, the Greek team, nor us the Greek fans cannot control that. Tuesday wake up, make a good strong Elliniko Kafedaki, iron your fanella, polish the komboloi, have a couple of shots of Metaxa "3" star and enjoy the match. As for the playoffs, once the dust settles....should other results push us into the playoffs. Greece can save their best for last. Clutch, as per usual....We never take the easy way, the hard way is the one we have always known.
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    I'll take a half baked Savvidis and Son over the years of old. I think we all forget how players would leave at the end of every season with out being paid. We forget how we were forced to sell players like Stafylidis and Vieirinha because we had debts to pay other players. We forget Salpi being forced to leave even though he wanted to stay because again they needed to sell him to pay debts. We forget how Malezas left the club not paid and as a favour he let it go and who knows how many others. They were terrible years. Savvidis is in it for himself. Who isn't ? Are any of the other owners any better. No one is happy with what happened this week, but trust me, if Savvidis left PAOK would fall to pieces very quickly. We are not, and have never been financially stable. Wages would drop back to 150K for most players and even they wouldn't be paid. As shitty as this elimination is, there is no way in f**king hell I want to go back to those days. We had good moments, proud moments, but lots of bad ones also. End of the day, the circus of hiring/firing TD's and managers has to end. Will it end ? Who knows. Ivic broke the record at just over a season. That says it all. I've said it before, we could hire Mourinho and we'd be asking for his head in a month. Off the field the teams lacks leadership, because the manager is new. Is Lucescu any good for PAOK ? Who f--king knows ? Only the gods. We'll find out soon enough. On the field the team lacks leadership also but I don't see how this can be fixed right away. You can't expect players we've signed to play "for the jumper". Let's be honest, most of them wouldn't have heard of PAOK 3 years ago. The only saving grace of this season so far is that we still have the core of players from last season which for us is a miracle. Normally we would've made 10 signings by now to appease the fans. The only person that can change the mentality of the players is the manager and right now he's been there two weeks. If I die and get to meet God or Zeus or Thor or whoever, and they said to me "You can ask one question and it will be answered", a normal person would ask something like "What is the meaning of life" or something like that. Instead I (because I'm a m-a-l-a-k-a) will ask "Why did Ivic really leave PAOK". Ase, eimaste yia klammata.