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    No - that is someone who is calm. Passion and talent has nothing to do with that. Xolebas has always been a hot head. He is like Papadopoulos. Papadopoulos has on occasion threatened the coach that if he is not played - the team will lose. Passion is not always positive. Xolebas did the right thing. The most famous Papadopoulos break out was this: It is the day before the start of Euro 2012 and at Greece's tournament base in Jachranka, a village north of Warsaw, the national team manager, Fernando Santos, is telling his players who will be starting the next day's opening match against co-hosts Poland. Suddenly, a hulking 20-year-old loses his temper, his cheeks turning red with rage as he hears he is not in the side. Unable to calm down he tells Santos that Greece will lose without him, leaving the Portuguese, as well as the more experienced members of his squad, looking on in disbelief. Some start laughing, only to be confronted by a fierce stare from the angry young man.
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    Scumbags of Partizan. Having 2.5 mill debts, most of that Tax-debts. While all the other clubs and citizens of Serbia pay nice at scheduled time. That should learn them!!!! UEFA are just a bunch of rats. Always picking on the smaller teams. The Real Madrids, Barcelona's, Atleti's, Roma's of this world all have enormous debts. All Spanish clubs about 3 billion all together. Italian clubs 1.5 billion (figures from 2015). The debt of Partizan is pocketmoney. By excluding a big fish UEFA would set a real example.
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    You cannot compare Red star to Man City, because Man City have actually done some of significance in football since 1991. Bosnia has done nothing of significance since 2004, when we won a major tournament. What`s Bosnia`s most significant win? I can give you 10 Greece wins in the last 10 years that are bigger than that. Just 2 years a go we were a hair away from World Cup wuarter finals and Bosnia was at home watching the game on TV. I mean you are trying to compare Greece`s success this generation, with things that happened in the 70s. And if you want to belittle our 95th minute goal, I can say you needed an own goal to draw with us. Come now, you burrying yourself in a hole. It will take years and massive leaps in the international stage for Bosnia to come close to Greece`s pedigree. A good place to start in this campagn. Let us talk in June.
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    Until proven otherwise the gap between Olympiakos and "the rest" is still very large. I get that Olympiakos look weaker than previous seasons, and yes PAO, AEK, PAOK all look a little stronger. Even though PAO lost against Ajax and Celta (I watched both games in full) they played well. Good signs. I saw my perpetually disappointing PAOK actually go into Piraeus and play some good football for the first time in a very very long time. In previous seasons we played like scared kittens and hoped for a goal on the counter, then defend for our lives. Again, good signs. But where is the consistency ? PAO, AEK, PAOK all drop points easily. PAO, AEK, PAOK you don't know what you're going to get from week to week. They aren't there yet. All this talk of winning the league is just crazy talk. First, see if they can actually play consistent football for say 10 weeks in a row, and then go from there. All 3 clubs still have a LOT of work to do and should just concentrate on playing solid, smart, consistent football instead of getting outfoxed by teams with 10 times smaller budgets. I would prefer to lose all the derbies 10 nil but win all the games against the "small" teams. Until you can do this, forget talk of wining the league. Fu-k me, it feels like 1000 years ago the GSL was actually competitive.
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    Amorgos, it's that time again! I've searched long and hard to find an avatar for you. If PAOK wins, will you make this your avatar for a week ?
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    Relax manga. Take a lie down on this nice black leather sofa and I will listen to all your grievances. The truth is that PAO and AEK fans were quite ... fond of PAOK up until April 28th. I didn't hear anything about conspiracies, Savvidis running the league, and just general hateful comments towards Savvidis, Ivic and PAOK up until that date. Everything was rosy. In fact, we were one of the "3" trying to take on the Marinakis monster ... apparently. But then, on April 28th, the world changed. Something crazy happened. PAOK defeated PAO 4-0 in the semi final of the Cup. And then ... all hell broke loose. Now apparently, referees in Greece are perfect and never make mistakes. In fact, I've watched games for years and in general referees don't make mistakes. But in this game, there were mistakes! So by logical deduction, you have to ask yourself, why ?! And the only logical conclusion, if as we have shown that referees in Greece don't make mistakes, is that something was amiss. Foul play my friend, foul play. That free kick that lead to the Pelkas goal. Two clear penalties not given to PAO. The evidence is plentiful and is incriminating. And now onto the AEK game in the final. The offside goal, which where each week the margin gets bigger and bigger. First he was offside by a meter. Then two metres. In a while Henrique will be outside the stadium. Add to that the fact that Melissanidis (a virtuous and trustworthy soul) clearly told us after the game the linesman was paid. Just the one linesman mind you. Not the referee and the other linesman. Just the one linesman on that side, because apparently Savvidis and Ivic worked out which side the winning goal would come from. They had consulted with a gypsy in Dendropotamos. Who has the influence and power to effect such injustice ? The evidence clearly points to one pseudo Greek, a Russian in fact. On a side note, it is highly debatable whether anyone above the 40th parallel is in fact truly Greek but that is a discussion for another time. Such foul play! Such injustice! Such cunning and craftiness, to only pay off just the one linesman. I would go so far as to say the plan was brilliant if it didn't have such a stench about it. And in this world where a club like PAOK should be spat on, mocked, and just generally looked down upon, it just doesn't ... hmmm ... feel right when they win something at the expense of other more deserving teams. Like PAO and AEK for example. I mean, it just feels wrong. Why should those Bulgarians get to have some of the pie ? They've been satisfied with crumbs for decades, and now they want to sit at the table too! The insolence! Apparently being 4th and 5th for decades was not enough for these peasants. Now they want to actually sit at the table with the big boys. That is one possible version of events. The other possible version of events is that the ball is round and things like fitness, fatigue, injuries, form, luck play their role. Referees do make mistakes and do generally favour the home team. It's always been this way. Maybe not in the past because we had joker presidents (incidentally it looks like one of our previous presidents was sentence the other day to 6 years jail) but now the old "trick" of let's screw over PAOK means there could be actual repercussions. So you'll need to find a new trick. That one can't be played with such ease and nonchalance anymore. Even your comments of us trying to become the gavros of the next 20 years. Really ? Just because you can't screw us without lube anymore. And we've been doing what the last 5 years exactly ? You're saying we've been running the league for the last 5 years ? Are you delusional ? The simple truth is that we gave you guys a beating in Toumba, get over it. In the Cup Final with AEK our second goal was offside but people that follow Greek football can't accept the fact that an error could've been made. There must be some big band conspiracy behind it. The can was full, the can was half full, the can was empty, the firecracker this, the the the the the m-a-l-a-k-i-e-s. It's all just anger, hatred, the epitamy of the greek attitude of self entitlement. No humility, bend the facts, pick the ones that suit you, ignore the rest. As for the play offs, the best team won. This is the irony of the play off system. Last season AEK were the better team in the league and were 9 points clear of PAOK but ran out of puff in the play offs. This year the opposite. PAOK have been poor in the play offs. The system is inherently unfair and should be done away with but that is a discussion for another day. At least some Greek football fans can get joy seeing PAOK lose. Apparently, this is the one guaranteed way to make them happy.
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    good because we've scored first and second so that has to bode well
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    When you change 2-3 coaches in pre season, sell your top mid and top scorer mid season, and change half the team every summer, you get what we have.
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    This is Lazarus trying something new.... (I'm the guy in the middle with the hat, encouraging Laz)
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    Dropping like flies These guys are so afraid of Klaus that they would rather hurt themselves than go up against him.
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    Unlike most of us whom still think we have hidden stars like Cristiano Ronaldo playing in the Greek Super League, Skibbe has worked out Greece's limitations, it's strengths, weaknesses & best way to qualify for Russia 2018. He knows that other than Fortounis & Mitroglou our attacking options & very limited. Greek fans make some of these other players seem much better than what they are in reality. Other than Fortounis & maybe Mitroglou on the bench no other current "ATTACKING" Greek player would make Belgium's or Bosnia & Herzegovina's squads if they were from that country. Greece strengthens is when the team plays with hardworking, discipline players, where there is passion, spirit & the team looks very solid & organized in defense due to a team unity. Now as much as I loved watching Holebas play for Greece, maybe he didn't fit that criteria & that was one of Skibbe's unpopular decisions along with having faith in players like Maniatis, Tzavellas etc whom had hardly any game time at club level. Greece will not dominate possession, will not play attractive football, will not score many goal with the what is available but can still qualify. Hopefully in the near future Greece can produce the next group of superstar attacking players but in reality in 2017 people outside of Greece probably would even know much about any current Greek footballer.
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    Yes Fetfa should play in Europe, but let's be realistic we have 3 guys on our team that don't even play for a club team and because Fetfa isn't playing in Europe all off a sudden he doesn't get called up? At least he's playing regularly.. where is the logic in that thinking? Fetfa,Ninis,Kone and yes even holebas should be on this team period.
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    I think what we all want is Greece in general to do well in Europe. Wishing for another Greek team to lose in the CL/Europa is only hurting yourself bc it will make it that much harder to automatically qualify. I'm a PAO fan (blame my dad...lol) but I would love it of OLY won Europa. Does that make me any less of a PAO fan? That makes me a Greece fan 1st and the club affiliation. Would it make you more proud if a Real (or any Spanish team won) over OLY? Are there things that need to be fixed in the league? Absolutely. But killing the league is not the solution. People that are constantly complaining about the league and want it shut down are not contributing anything. People that recognize the issues and are championing really life solutions, those are the ones that should be listened to. Bc at the end of the day, Greece needs the SL. It gives kids hope, it lets them dream. Why take that away??? This post was not meant to criticize anyone here, just a general statement.
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    I don't think that's the issue. I think it's really as simple as we just struggle against teams that play defensively. Ivic himself has a conservative mindset in the mold of Santos i.e. defence first. Which is fine except that in the GSL most of our opponents play the same way. I've noticed that Ivic favours straight 3 in the middle (Canas, Cimirot, Shakhov) for the "tough" games and he did that today. I get it, play safe. Don't allow the opposition space. It's still a derby. Grab a goal and you're away. If we scored first it could have been a different game. Plan B ? Throw on an unfit Biseswar. If the wings aren't firing or there is a lack space because the opposition sit deep it's difficult. Our defence is actually quite solid this season. The best in a long time. The bad games defensively this season were against Qarabag away and Atromitos which was just a freak event. Some people have the philosophy that you shouldn't concede silly goals, but every team does. It's just the way it is. I watched Juventus last week who are a great team concede 3 goals in 20 minutes to Genoa. These things happen. There's nothing wrong as such with conceding but when you can't score then it's a problem! Moving forward we just don't currently have the quality required in the number 8 and number 10 position. Striker is a problem too but I'd try to fix the middle first. Get me a "Canas" quality number 8 and number 10 and this teams lifts 300%. Easier said than done though. But I'm rambling. Does Ivic have the players support ? Who knows. Will Ivic last ? I doubt it. Savvidis will be going for 5 for 5 (5 managers in 5 seasons) I'm sure.
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    President is a joke, general management is a joke, manager is a joke, medical staff is a joke, stadium is a joke, the suspended league is a joke, the first place team is a massive joke, Greek soccer federation is the biggest joke. what Excactly is there to support? What's there to look forward too?
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    a couple things - how did the bosnians get past security with the flares? - is it me or is dzeko instigating violence when we go to over there?? sickening ! and his attitude and statement as to why he was kicked out of the game is shameful. everyone whom is Bosnian should be ashamed as to why he is acting like a spoiled little B^TCH! you pulled someones shorts down! like really!!! and then pushed him to the ground! you started s%$#! and have the balls to be a bitch!!!! and for the banner about the Bosnian genocide, I do not condone that! we should know better as we are victims of genocide ourselves! security should have stopped that s%$#! from coming in as well.
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    This is something a lot of people don't understand, and the posters of this specific forum seems to understand it the least. On national team level experience and continuity is the key. You cant call up everyone that has had 3 good games in the superleague. The Germans has understood this, that's why players like Klose, Podolski and Khedira would always be called up, regardless of club form. Joachim Low could rely on them no matter what. If it was up to the the majority of the members of this forum, Siopis would have started a crucial game against Bosnia. It sounds like a bad joke, but it's not.
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    Everyone complains about how terrible we played.... can anyone here remind me as to when Greece played attractive football?? For the time I've been watching Greece, they've played ugly football, grinding out results that generally end up in a 1-0 victory to us. How many times have we struggled against Moldova, Latvia, Luxemberg in qualifiers ?? Were in a good position for qualification, 3 point buffer on Bosnia, kept them at 1 lucky goal and we go into the Belgium game with a chance to take the top spot.
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    This goal might be the goal that will change our campaign. after a dreadful first 35 minutes. The boys showed great spirit. we can beat bosnia away if we prepare ourseleves and show up. as for Belgium I just hope the pirate ship shows up.
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    Was interesting that Bosnia's dirty tactics at the end cost them. Kinda poetic. Far better team than us and on a luckier night they could have had 3-4 from clear cut chances - but that bad sportsmanship at the end.. was horrible to watch. They deserved to draw just for that. Very uncivilised.
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    Funny that the player who score a beautiful goal happens to be the man you guys we're bashing throughout this match. You better kiss his butt. He saved our World Cup Qualifying for now.
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    For everyone in here constantly hating on Tzavellas: YOU ARE CLUELESS ABOUT FOOTBALL!!!!!! NAAAAAAAAH!!!!!
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    Sensational finish. Out-played, out-classed, out-coached and less possession and less chances than the Bosnians for 94 minutes and wallop. That is why we watch football.
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    Isn't that a contradiction in terms? Sorry, AEK-friends on this forum. I'm not like Klaus, Mysta, Djalma and the others. If I get the opportunity I score.
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    Boythes, lets get happy cause we haven't lost for a while and this campaign is going great. Better than our last campaign, during our rebuilding.
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    Just won the German cup with Dortmund, well deserved, an absolute legend. Probably the best player we've ever produced.
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    some of the belguims should join there Olympic diving team
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    Vergos scored twice yesterday. He reverted the game after Castilla were behind 1-0 at HT with the equalizer and the 1-2. FT 1-3.
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    Damn dodgy ads on dodgy streams. One day Nova might get their s**t together and provide an actual legit quality streaming service. I will give you my money Nova. Akoute ?
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    That sounds more like a malamatina problem
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    he has been voted best CB of the first half of the season on bundesliga.de. http://www.sport24.gr/football/Germany/epishmo-koryfaios-amyntikos-ths-bundesliga-o-papastathopoylos.4505907.html
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    Alanyaspor, because Tzavellas is an αλάνι ...
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    Now, how do we approach this issue. Emotionally and culturally? Or, where do we draw the line as to how we treat others? For example, if you're opposed to same-sex marriage and raising kids in that union, how do you treat those people and their children? Secondly, it's one thing to oppose such arrangement because it's not what you like for yourself, and another to prevent other adults from exercising their freedom to love whomever they want and marry them. How about their children... Do you treat them with love and respect, or do you make fun of them because they have 2 daddies or 2 mommies? What is your moral treatment of them? Part of the problem is the social/religious conservatives freaking out about this. The problem is not the un-fitness of the homo parents but the reaction of some conservative sections of society. Thirdly, are children from hetero parents more adjusted and happy than children raised by choice (and through higher hurdles) by homosexual couples? We'd have to turn to science for the answer...... and studies show the most important factor is the love and guidance children get from their parents, not the gender or sexual orientation of their parents. Fourthly, should we assume that homo couples raise homo kids and hetero couples never raise homo kids?.... Of course, not. It's who they are by birth. But, even if it were a choice, do you feel threatened by those who make certain choices you don't like?
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    PAOK under Ivan has cashed in some decent $$ from some smart moves. This is a good sign, at least the club will be financially healthy and able to operate in a professional manner at least fiscally, this is not a small achievement for a Greek club. I hope you guys keep building and improving!
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    I-nferno is a banned word around these parts ...
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    @ELLAS75 Conservatives like yourself are morally corrupt, and as far as economics go, they keep spewing the noxious fumes of bankrupt models (like trickle down economics). Well, I hope you're rich, otherwise you're like the fools who've been supporting the robber barons. But, if you're not rich, then the goodies you have, like living in a civilized advanced country, have all come from liberalism while conservatives have been kicking and screaming. Go educate yourself on the matter before you speak, or just keep quiet and we won't notice your inadequacies of reason and knowledge.
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    Belgium are not on the same planet as Ukraine 2009 or Romania 2013.. Both those teams especially Romania 2013 were closer to our level...Romania may have had better credentialed cultured footballers, but we clearly had the better team, more balance, more depth..
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    Why not just give licences to those that want them? As long as they can show they have the programming and the financial means to do so let them have the licences?
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    Every time I hear Holebas name I feel like punching Skibbe in the face.. What an idiot of a coach we have. The worst of the bunch that we've gone through so far.
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    Greece won 12 years ago, not 40 like Nottingham. Some of the players from our championship team retired just last year. Since Euro 2004 there has been way more positives than negatives, and we have won qualifying groups handily, massive playoff games, and have consistently qualified for major tournaments and advancing past group stages. Why are you trying to argue this, it`s a losing battle. You are much better off trying to compare these teams in the now.
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    Full Match Preview incoming. We played poorly, I agree, but not as poorly as everyone decides to propose we did. Second half I saw one chance from Bosnia and 3-4 good ones from us. DEFENCE:Ibisevic, Dzeko, Pjanic , Lulic they are world class , all of them. And what did they really get? Their crucial chances were a Pjanic shot at 75' and a lucky static shot at the woodwork. You make it look like their other chances were awesome. Our defence , kept only one lucky goal from that offence, and with one of our starter CBs missing. Maniatis and Samaris were very poor offensively, in fact they were very poor in total, but they never left their defensive duties unattended. The only mistakes I give our defence are 2, and both go to our best player: a) Sokratis failing an offside trap on Dzeko, but shortly after making up for it. b) Sokratis making a foul for almost no reason (since help was comming from Stafylidis in less than 2 clicks o time) which gave them the lead. MIDFIELD: Lost from the beginning, poor game from Samaris, Maniatis running up and down but really nothing useful with the ball on his feet. I really hope Zeka takes Maniatis spot as he is the exactly same type of player (running up and down marking players, and not the best option to help offensively). Tachtsidis creativity would have given us more up front and far more chances. I really believe the whole reason our offense is not working, despite having very creative players like Fortounis, Mantalos, Gianniotas in it , is there exists no transition in the midfield. My belief on this? Skibbe has the "ας κρατησουμε το 0 Priority" so he always fills the midfield with fully defensive and fast moving players. And to be fair, its working, OFFENCE: Mantalos not existent, not at all. Did nothing up front but can't really blame him. Lulic was on that side, and he had to help Toro in his defensive duties( I 'll say more on the rating part.). Mitroglou had some real good chances , like that cross that didnt even realise it could go through, and the tet-a-tet that begovic luckily kept out with his shoulder. Best chance to make sure it goes on was to shoot it that way, it was a good shot, and I liked that he kept his calm and shot so well. Save was even better. Also was ready to receive that cross from Toro with his head with excelent positioning. Guy needs good serving , but when he gets it, u re sure he ll score. Nothing more to say.Fortounis got it with the long shot, Had an exactly same chance with Belarus, boy seems unlucky. Pretty closed from 2 players of Bosnia 24/7 but the other 2 midfielders(Yes im talking abotu Sama/Maniati) didn't take advante from it. What possibly happened? As I previously mentioned, they were only supposed to have defensive duties. If that's what really happened, is Skibbe to blame? Yes. Stafylidis off position, but another player who was playing midfield/offence but was seen lots of time covering for Tzavellas and even helping him. I don't know why Tzavellas took the MVP award and not him. Really proves to be better everytime he plays. I expect him to be in the starting line up against Belgium as well, because we are gonna need someone extra to defend. He and Gianniotas seemed to be the best players who can control high balls in 1 touch. He had a good run which he crossed to Mitroglou but im my humble opinion he should have shot it(even if it was with his right foot). I expect him to get a good signing in 1-2 years, really shows passion with the team, and is a key player of a mediocre bundesliga team at this age. Gianniotas really gives breath to the team. Fast runs, smart no look passes and such. There is lots of room for improvement, but he is better than anyone we ve tried at Right Flank. He is too hessitant to shoot because he is afraid of being called selfish. I hope this changes. GK: He was very very good, Nothing could be done at the goal. Seeing how bad the Cypriot GK is makes it obvious we are lucky to have him. Just lets hope we don't need a penalty shootout, ever? Karnezis :8 Torosidis :7. Why do you hate? He has a guy named Lulic to mark , and that guy is fast as hell, he made him look useless, of course you can't expect him to be as good as he was in previous matches offensively , when we were playing nonamer oppositions. Sokratis: 6 Our worst defender today. Talking about defensive duties only. made a foul for no reason and we conceded from it, failed an offside trap but made up for it. Got more than 4 because he literally kicked Dzeko out of the game by being annoying. This gave us the opportunity to pressure and actually score. Stupid to give that foul, knowing that Bosnians on set pieces are literally beast mode. K. Papadopoulos: 6. Did no real mistake but he was missmatched when marking Dzeko, who was his initial personal opponent. That's why Manolas would be a lot more handy here. At points when he was on Ibisevic, he was fine. Tzavellas: 6,5. He scored, but most of the chances came again from his side, Stafylidis spent half the match helping him. Also scared to go high a lot, probably Skibbe orders. Maniatis 4. Runs a lot, applies pressure to opponents who try to create a chance.Always there when needed in defence, we never were outnumbered in defence because of both Maniatis and Samaris. But, no help in transition, no offensive help to Fortounis who was marked by 2. Maybe Skibbe orders as well. Samaris 4. Looked like he was playing a 3rd Centerback. Poor passes and kept the ball for no reason at points. *Bonus for Samaris-Maniatis combo: Can't really say we saw Pjanic do his usual magic tricks. I didn't really keep an eye on what was happening on the field, Im a guy who keeps looking at the ball, the guys who tape and rewatch the match can tell us. Possibility these 2 were unseen is that their dirty work was to keep Pjanic at bay. Until we rewatch the match we can't tell. If they really did this, they deserve a lot better ranking and a lot less hate. Fortounis: 6 No mistake, no losing the ball on bad spots, has vision but plays very high to utilize it. Was well closed from the opponent mids. Mantalos: 5. Helped torosidis a lot with Lulic. Nothing offensively. Combined well with Toro and Fortounis to make the crossbar chance happen. Gianniotas 6. Pressured the enemy defender but that guy looks buffed as f*ck. 50 kg against 80 can't get you much. Won the crucial free throw that got us the goal, deserves credit. TV presenters said he was not given a couple of fouls. I disagree with them. Stafylidis: 7. The real MVP for me. Running, crossing, defending. Everything, was everywhere. Gonna be a key player for the NT. Slightly overrated because he played out of position, and still made it. Mitroglou: 5,5. Had his chances, didn't execute. He should have delivered at least once. TooLong-Didn'tRead version: We were bad at first half becuase we were afraid to play offensively. We played offensively at 2nd half and I think we dominated it.(alongside bosnian coach helping us). Bosnian offence needed defensive care, and we had what it takes to keep them at bay.Sokratis bad match. Few key chances for us like woodworks and tetatets. Draw deserved in total. Reminds of old Greek NT.
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    no we are not, he played poorly whole game, scored a goal and deserves credit for it.
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    I'd be very surprised if we won now. confidence and momentum is very important. during our pretty good world cup campaign our friendlies before was a victory against bolivia and draws against poland and portugal. we didn't lose sucker games. when we lose sucker games, we have a sucker mentality going in friendly or not. you play to win. stop disrespecting the fanella with your stupid politics epo.
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    The fact that you find transgender people and vegans as "c*nts" and "disgusting" does not give you license to say so here. The stated reason for the warning was "inappropriate language" and my post was to remind everyone where they are and the rules that govern this forum. And, yes, we welcome all genders and foodies here. We could have a conversation as to the definition of "normal" and how we should react to the "abnormal".... But, if I may offer an opinion on the subject, it's very ..uncool to feel the need to label others disgusting based on dietary or lifestyle choices and how someone is born. Com'on now.
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    Seriously, you should let this obsession go. You keep repeating this "Stafylidis cost us Euro qualification" line ad nauseum. Even if it is the case that he played utterly terribly, what about the other 10 players on the pitch, what about the other players on the bench, what about the EPO, what about the coach ... or coaches, what about the tactics, what about Greece losing to fishermen and out of all this, all this, you point through the big piling mass of errors and shame and somehow single out one player, one lowly player at that, not even a player who is in the starting 11, a player who only gets a run when others are injured, not a key player, a player not expected to be a leader, and you point your finger at Stafylidis and say, "YOU cost us qualification". Yep, everything else about the campaign was perfect, but that Stafylidis, he cost us qualification. Jesus help me.
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    If Skibbe has the option to call up players then why not use it? Is he that closed minded? Does he not see what everyone else sees? If he plays Maniatis and Tziolis in this match then I'm truly at a loss for words. Right now with Fortounis out would be a great opportunity to call up Ninis and even bring him off the bench at some point and see what he can offer. Let's see what he decides but this Coach is really looking like a yes man with no eye for talent.
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    Yah tough match no question especially since half our squad is out injured.. Xouxoumi complained night and day about playing time... well big boy... this is your time to step up... you want that LWB position? Time to make it yours Celta is an extremely difficult side but there is on X-factor that I'm extremely worried about.... and that's their newly acquired fwd... Giuseppe Rossi Giuseppe and I go way back... We both grew up around each other and played soccer with each other till 11... The kid was PHENOMENAL but mainly b/c his dad DRILLED him for 4-5 hours a day after practice and it paid off as you could tell even from such a young age that he had something special going on He left NJ for Italy at a very young age and went to the Italian academies till he got picked up by Man U... His breakout season though was for Villareal where he was UNSTOPPABLE and one of the best fwds in the Spain... consequently knocking us out of Europe Since that time, he has suffered many career-threatening injuries and is not same player he used to be (he'll admit it himself) but he's a SOLID player nonetheless and can still make a difference He was willing to do an exclusive interview with me for the OLD Greeksoccer.com site, however Yianni (the administator) did not want to pay me for the interview and thus it never happened, but Giuseppe and I keep in touch every couple months.. I'll try to get in touch with him before the game on Thursday