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    Skibbe/Tsanas seem to just pick players based on the jumper they’re wearing. Watch Fetfa getting call ups soon. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, but if you’re going to call him up now then you should’ve called him up earlier. Likewise Samaris who hasn’t played a proper game in 3 years and shouldn’t be anywhere near the NT (my opinion) but because he “plays” for Benfica he gets call ups. Tziolis is just a mystery. Good boy but hasn’t been at the level required for years now. The truth is our midfield is in a sad state. Samaris, Taxi, Tziolis sorry guys they are not NT quality. If I was an opposition manager and that’s your midfield, I’d be rubbing my hands together. That midfield is about as scary as a mouse. The only half decent midfielders we have are Zeca and Kourbelis. That’s it. Yes they aren’t technical but they run and fight and don’t need to have their hands held. They are just work horses nothing else. As for the forwards, that’s another story again. Yes Mitroglou is striking fear into the hearts of opposition defences ha ha. Sad to say but I miss the days of Samaras who could actually control the ball and have just a little composure.
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    Just finished cleaning the mess I made after we scored...
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    There have so many good players Skibbe has not called up. Not even once. Like Paschalakis, Vasilakakis, Kone, Siovas, Marinos, Fetfatzidis and so on. All I know is the Tziolis call up doesn't do us any favours. You ate right in saying these younger guys are not ready. We've learned that now. But it also doesn't help by having slow midfielders like Taxi. The defence was nowhere near as aggressive as our actual defence. Players like Limnios, Androutsos and Giannoulis could benefit us down the road. Players like Retsos and Donis who are young but have established themselves already in the team and it makes you wonder why the u21s are not ready. Why hasn't Siopis been given a chance? He is 24. He has gone through the youth teams and has matured. He is ready now. Just like Kourbelis and Pelkas. Risvanis is not good enough as he is the same age. Nikolaou has long way to go. Lambropoulos looked better. I would be much happier if Tziolis wasn't called up ever again. Same with Maniatis and Tzavellas. Our experienced players should be Sokratis, Manolas, Siovas, Torosidis, Zeca, Lazaros, Mitroglou, Samaris, Kone, Papadopoulos, Paschalakis, Karnezis. These players are 26 and over and should be the ones to lead this team. Mixed in with players like Fortounis, Mantalos, Stafylidis, Kourbelis, Karelis, Bakakis, Donis, Retsos and Pelkas. With players coming in and out of the team like Tachtsidis, Siopis, Lykogiannis, Barkas, Vasilakakis and Fetfatzidis. Galanopoulos should be integrated slowly. While having Kourbelis already there. This is how you should run the team. Also if the u21s players are in hot form eg. Tsimikas then he should be called up.
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    I'm over for 4 weeks in September and October to get married so if i can get AEK at Toumba (looking like September 23rd) then that will make me very very happy!
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    He is just being passionate and I understand where he is coming from. He wants the team to be serious and focused about the nation's league. Let's create positive energy instead of negative. We don't agree with what Skibbe does but we have to accept that he is there and in charge of the team so let's speak positive for the teams sake. Let's be optimistic.
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    I told a mate yesterday, we will not qualify or do anything or good significance as long as Skibbe is coach. We are completely wasting our time with him
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    Fortounis does get some quality chances from time to time but honestly he looks like one of our laziest players that kind of sucks the energy out of the team.. yes he is a good player but rarely shows it for the national team.. I think Pelkas should be given more opportunities going forward. Baks should not be a starter for this team as he is just s%$#!... Samaris shows flashes but mostly disappoints and his pass selection and giveaway from time to time is mind blowing... Donis is one player that brings a lot of energy and speed and usually creates something for us... Mitro is our go to go but such a one dimensional player that cant do anything else but score from time to time... We cant score goals and we hardly get any shots on target, our offence looks horrible yet we don't give a guy a shot that scores regularly that has great ball control and some speed in Fetfa.... This is crazy... Skibbe has no system and no clue of what to do out there and what players to choose.. We seriously cant move forward with him here..... The fact that he said in his press conference he was very pleased on how we played and he felt very positive just shows me how much of a useless coach he is..
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    More exclusive footage of Savvidis in Toumba....doesn't look good for us guys:
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    Hi folks! (Apologies for the long post but I’ll try to keep it brief) A Dunfermline Athletic and PAOK fan from Scotland here.. My story? I met a Pontic Greek girl 3 and a half years ago in Edinburgh. It was a classic case of boy meets girl, boy goes to Greece to meet girls parents.. boy falls in love with PAOK, and the girl haha. This September I will be getting married near Kavala! Anyway, went to the away tie v Liberec last year for my first game, then away against schalke. Met some amazing people along the way and everything surrounding the club, the fan base, history etc is like nothing I have come across. In the last 3 years I have supported this great club like I grew up supporting Dunfermline here in Scotland. In September I went to toumba to take some photos with my flag. After negotiating with a security guard and the office staff, I was alowed in to see the hollowed turf. That was a very special moment to me. I was in awe of the pace and it felt like home as soon as I came out of of the tunnel. Toumba symbolises a very happy period in my life and it was quite emotional as I took it all in, wondering, how I got to this point. Sunday will be my first match in toumba and I will be standing in gate 4. A dream will come true for me this weekend!! PAOKARA S’AGAPW
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    Fetfatzidis and Holebas play and are the main cogs for their respective teams, based on that merit alone they should definitely be included or tried in the squad going forward. I understand people's concern about the saudi arabian but one will never know what they have in someone unless they try him out.... give him the chance he will surprise many!!!....Keeping Skibbe is a mistake and what he said reassures me that hes not fit for the job but guess we have no choice at this point.... so onward we go.... for better or worse!!!
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    25575 είναι ΠΛΑΣΜΑΤΙΚΟ νούμερο τελείως. Σε ένα γήπεδο που χωράει 22800, δε μπορεί με Λεβαδειακό να κόψαμε μόνο 13000 εισητήρια. Το γήπεδο ήταν στο 80-85% της χωρητικότητας, όπως φαίνεται άλλωστε και από τις αεροφωτογραφίες. Επίσης το Καυτανζόγλειο παίρνει 28000, και με ΑΕΛ μας είπαν πάλι 12000, παρότι όλο το γήπεδο πλην του ανατολικού πετάλου ήταν γεμάτο. Και μάλιστα δε φαινόταν ούτε σκάλες ούτε τίποτα, συνεπώς θα έλεγα υπερπλήρες. Ήμουν μέσα και το είδα με τα μάτια μου. Μάλλον ο ΑΡΗΣ δε μετράει τα διαρκείας του λοιπόν. Εγώ προσεγγιστικά θα έλεγα το γήπεδο είχε και με ΑΕΛ και με Λειβαδιά περίπου 19000-20000 κόσμο. ------------------------------------------- Από την άλλη ενδιαφέρον παρουσιάζει το στατιστικό του ΠΑΟΚ. Αυτοί κόψανε 16255 σε ένα ματς, αυτό σημαίνει ότι ο ΠΑΟΚ ΣΙΓΟΥΡΑ μετράει διαρκείας ΚΑΙ εισητήρια μαζί. Δεδομένου ότι πούλησαν 21000 διαρκείας και η Τούμπα χωράει 28000. Εκτός αν τα μπαόκια είναι άπλες σαν τον πρόεδρό τους και αγοράζουν εισητήριο ακόμα κι αν έχουν πάρει διαρκείας χαχαχαχ ------------------------------------------- ΥΓ - Απορώ γιατί η SL δεν έχει ενιαίο τρόπο να δίνει τα εισητήρια των ομάδων.....
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    Kourbelis and Zeca could finally solidify a midfield that has previously been a weak point.
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    Calling people gypsy c***T's because they are simply unhappy with the teams performance is just plain wrong. This is a forum, you will have people who will always look at the positive, and have those who are angry/disappointed...what ever.. I am in the camp where today's performance, is simply not good enough. I am not going to start pulling the opponents cock. We have done great in Europe this season so far, yes, but we're talking about today here m
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    Good player, but he can eat a dick as far as Im concerned.
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    I like your line-up except for Fortounis who I think should be benched in favour of Mantalos (assuming he's back in-form following a long lay-off from injury) and Kourbelis who I haven't really seen enough of to say one way or another but feel it's a bit of a leap to insert him in the 11 given his relative lack of playing time. That said, I don't really know who else can slot in next to Zeca as our other midfield options have been disappointing (Taxi, Samaris, Tziolis). And yeah our draw wasn't the luckiest but I feel that we were in with a chance against Belgium and played them tough. The Croatia play-off was a s%$#!-show and I lay the blame at the feet of our inept manager; not to say we shouldn't have lost (they are clearly the better team) but on our day and with the right line-up, we could have kept it competitive.
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    We can’t be relegated next year: we have the largest fanbase 😱 https://inpaok.com/457854/stin-koryfi-o-paok-pics/
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    JVC believe me when I say that I would rather PAO stayed in the the top league so that you get to enjoy us winning. If you had been relegated then you would have said the only reason PAOK won the league is because PAO were not in it. Now you get to keep your front row seat to the main show... we are box office and you know it. My only bone of contention with you is that all season you have been whining about curruption and the need for rules to be applied fairly... yet now you are happy for the rules to be ignored and for exceptions made because PAO are a ‘big’ club in geece and have loads of fans. It’s hypocrisy at its worst and pretty shameful in my opinion.
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    2-1 to Atromitos, our small group of fans will start a civil war in Athens with 2 flares and a chicken and the club will be forced to be disbanded.
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    Dude that guy is funny. Hes The Don Cherry if Greek soccer. Canadians will know what I’m talking about.
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    No, he is actually right about that. Olympiakos was the one who abandoned the game. It was not postponed by the referee, which means that Olympiakos can and will be punished for not playing the match. Of course you will argue that Garcia was injured and had to leave just like Ivic did last year. However, he went straight to the changing rooms and was not checked by the doctor for at least 15 minutes while Ivic was immediately checked by the doctor. Typically, you will say that the doctor was associated with PAOK, however, he was approved by the EPO which makes this argument void. Furthermore, while Garcia had not even been checked by the doctor, Theodoridis already said into the camera that he will take the team and leave, which is evidence that Olympiakos did not want to start the match regardless if whether or not Garcia was seriously injured. Furthermore, Garcia was not listed as the official coach of Olympiakos. By UEFA regulations the list oft team officials needs to be handed in 75 minutes before the game starts and at this time the official coach of Olympiakos was Kontis. Garcia on the other hand was by UEFA regulations no team official and had no business at the pitch. Which further means that Olympiakos was able to play. Of course now you will refer to the match report which lists Garcia as your coach, but again, the UEFA is clear on that the list needs to be handed in 75 minutes before the game starts and cannot be changed after the time is up like Olympiakos did. So whether you like it or not, but Garcia was by UEFA regulations no team official in this case. This makes it more difficult for Olympiakos to explain why they could not start the match. Additionally, Olympiakos demand to deduct 3 points from PAOK is juristically speaking impossible, since the law Olympiakos is refering to only considers official team members as I will show below in red. Εάν από την ρίψη αντικειμένων υπάρξει σωματική βλάβη προσώπου νόμιμα ευρισκομένου στον αγωνιστικό χώρο, τιμωρείται με χρηματική ποινή από έξι χιλιάδες ευρώ (6.000) έως ογδόντα χιλιάδων ευρώ (80.000). Στην περίπτωση που υπάρξει οριστική διακοπή του αγώνα, επιπρόσθετα επιβάλλεται κατακύρωση του αγώνα υπέρ της αντίπαλης ομάδας και αφαίρεση τριών (3) βαθμών από το βαθμολογικό πίνακα και ποινή διεξαγωγής αγώνα χωρίς θεατές δύο (2) έως τρείς (3) αγωνιστικές». So as I see it, and as more and more details come out of this incidence I am 99% certain that Olympiakos will be the one who will get a point deduction for not starting the game. I have to say, if Olympiakos was more clever and organized this could have ended really bad for us, but given the above information I see no danger for PAOK. Though I think that PAOK will face a monetary fine and probably 2-3 ghost games for an incidence with an individual who had no business at the pitch. Now the only question I am uncertain of is if whether or not the game will be repeated or if the game will result in a 3-0 in favor of PAOK. I hope for the latter because then the Gavroi would cry even louder and complain how much of a Halifis Savvidis is (even though Olympiakos controlled the Greek football themselves for 20 years). Not to mention that we would defeat them with their own dirty tricks which made them avoid heavy punishment for too many years. Anyway, I can only repeat myself here. It is not PAOK's fault that Olympiakos is sloppy organized and forgot to list Garcia as their coach in time. It is not PAOK's fault that Olympiakos wanted to leave without hesitation and actually left the pitch. And it will be not PAOK's fault that Olympiakos will be punished for that. What is PAOK's only fault is that this "fan" and any other "fans" like him are endangering our chance of getting the championship because of a vlakia, and for that the "fan", and every other fan who is like him need certainly to be punished too.
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    It seems like Sky Sports reported that Glykos was signed to Nottingham Forest, lol: How does something like that happen? Well, if you google "Stefanos Kapino" and hit images this pops up (the write probably just wanted an in game photo and paid zero attention that this guy looks NOTHING like the 50 other faces on the page):
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    @BostonThanatos this is the case of using data to mislead. Yeah, cities have more people too. The concentration of big numbers have certain effects, like more car accidents, etc. Crime, too, will happen when there are more people congregating. But, those who believe (with no good reason) that having tons of guns available for ..anyone isn't a factor in gun violence will never accept facts! Also, the map above shows a correlation not causation. [too hard of a concept for some to comprehend; much like the difference between the median and average] Cities indeed have Democratic administrations in the US [cities tend to be Democrat, urban areas Republican, and suburbs mixed]; they also have strict gun laws. But guns filter in from surrounding areas or states with loose gun laws. Here's a study that attempts to examine the relationship between local crime and supply (origin) of guns. In NYC, for example, most of the guns used in crime come from Virginia and other states. "firearms have a knack for flooding into states with tough gun laws from those without. (To cite just one example: Sixty percent of guns used to commit crimes in Chicago between 2009 and 2013 originated outside of Illinois.) A state's gun laws, it seems, can be undermined by those of its neighbors." When will the gun owners realize that they're being played by the NRA? The gun lobby is a front for the gun manufacturers to sell more weapons. The high price of gun violence is being paid by everyone, including lawful gun owners. And, here's a thoughtful article about gun violence in the US.