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    Rumour that Dimitris Manos will be picked up when he is released from Olympiacos. Edited : Also to say that ex-AEK player Hult is being considered for LB
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    Diaby, Boateng, Burak Yilmaz, Gonul, Erkin, Elneny. Apparently they have serious budget issues.
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    Here's an interesting article. It sounds alarmist at first (especially considering the headline) but the point is just to say that this will eventually be considered similarly to other particularly virulent strains of the common cold. Vaccines will come, and better therapies will absolutely be developed. https://www.npr.org/2020/08/09/900490301/covid-19-may-never-go-away-with-or-without-a-vaccine As a digression, while I despise the right-wing argument that this virus is nothing but a political ploy of some sort, I've noticed that on places like Reddit that any claim that this isn't the end of the world is immediately downvoted into oblivion. There are people across my state who think we should still be in lockdown, and our rate of positive tests going up from 1.7% to 2.0% is an unmitigated disaster. Ultimately, a strict lockdown that will go on for years will both destroy many people's lives and fail to control the disease. Remember, all: the lockdowns so far have only existed to "flatten the curve." These were never intended to wipe out the virus, and going by the above article it seems it'll be around forever. Trust in science to eventually open the doors to a return to normalcy through a combination of vaccines and therapies. These are coming, I guarantee you. Anyone who has an extremist outlook on this is thinking emotionally, not logically. In other news, Brazil has hit 100,000 deaths, as they failed to enact the basic steps needed to control this (much like most of the United States). Obviously that's a place that needs to actually act like adults and lock down, like much of the south here in the US.
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    We'll look exactly as we did last summer so regardless of who it is, we'll lose ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    El Arabi was not offside there was wolves defender with leg out he was one.. should have gone to OT. The ref was biased even VARbis not bulletproof. Camara goal was clean. Nonsense!
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    Latest rumours Tsimikas to Liverpool for €16m Semedo to Benfica Elabdellaoui to Galatasaray on a Bosman
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    New OFI logo: I think it looks nice, personally.
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    Shame really about the result but we can be happy with the performance. Even Allain redeemed himself with a couple of the saves later on in the match - shame about the brain fart near the start of the game. I wondered how Fortounis would play in central midfield but I think he did well, some of the passing was pinpoint! Anyway, lets see how we do over the summer and who comes and goes.
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    Kostas Kotsaris (currently PAO but persona non-grata) is being looked at as a backup keeper for Cuesta (AllAboutAris)
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    Erol Bulut is now in charge of Fenerbahce
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    We could play play them, but are we gonna play play play them?
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