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    Boys let’s not forget all of the coaches we have had since our last World Cup appearance and with Manolas, Socratis and Mitro we lost to the minnows of the world on more then one occasion and didn’t qualify for a single tournament. Now that we have a coach that finally is playing some attractive football we want to question his decision making?? Obviously there is a problem with those guys or else they would have been called up and the coach would have Incorporated them into the lineup around the younger players. Based on all of JVS articles you can read between the lines these guys think they’re bigger then NT and they need to run the show.. I’m completely fine with seeing how far JVS can take this team who is still rebuilding and building on chemistry and attitude in the dressing room which was clearly lacking on the team. If you bring these guys back right now, all that hard work that has been done to turn this team around can be gone right away especially with this lay off so I don’t think JVS wants to take the chance on bringing in bad attitudes.
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    https://netnix.tv/ They are saying: Watch live Greek TV free. All channels in one place. No clutter, no hassle, no ads. There might be some regional blocks. I have one overhere. Maybe interesting if there will be a regular season one day.
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    Based on how JVS has spoken in recent times I'd say it's looking unlikely they'll return, Sokratis especially given his age. Those 2 lads clearly have egos, not something foreign particularly in Greek football and the Ethniki. Now whether they change their ways and buy into what the NT is trying to build I don't know, I think Manolas is more likely given his age but then again he may just think it's not worth the hassle. It seems quite a few of the public in Greece have turned on them, and have linked our improved performances of late with their absence. Where there is smoke there's fire, they clearly where causing issues but at the same time no one can deny they are quality players who would be welcomed back with open arms if there was an attitude improvement. Unfortunately football isn't about just turning up, playing and going home. There is dynamics in the locker room, team morale senior players with a grudge can potentially poisoning younger generations. As much as I'd like to see it, I can't see them coming back anytime soon.
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    Siovas has definitely been called up the last few times, he didn't play in the last matches v Armenia and Finland but he was in the squad. He played against Italy back in October. I do agree though, Stafylidis isn't a CB he was exposed against at best average opposition in Finland, I think we can get away with him there against the Armenia's of the world. The only thing that gives me some optimism that JVS knows this is that against Italy (quality opposition) he went with two traditional center backs Siovas and Xatzidiakos. COVID19 will probably mean Xatzidiakos doesn't miss any NT matches and is back to full fitness whenever international football returns.
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    If they can get a big offer for him that could be good. His finishing has been rubbish but Aris have looked better with his presence on the field, weird one although he is replaceable but Aris have the transfer ban which makes things tough
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    Παίζει ξανά στην Ιταλία του Τσιμίκα για Νάπολι
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    Maybe more so even...
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    Did not know Gene Rossides to be honest, but after reading his achievements his death must be mentioned here: Gene Rossides, architect of the 1974 US arms embargo on Turkey, dies (link)
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    No doubt Manolas and Sokratis are at the highest level of all Greek players. But sometimes just because they are good doesn’t mean they are good for the team. Both had problems with Anastasiadis and EPO. We don’t know what happens behind the scenes but with these guys we haven’t got anywhere since Karagounis and Katsouranis retired. We started playing better football without them. They are not bigger than the team. Hatzidiakos has convinced me that he can take Sokratis spot and do an even better job. The problem lies with Stafylidis at CB and Bakakis at RB. Both of these guys aren’t great defenders and with them in the same backline we could be asking for trouble. Manolas or Mavropanos have to take Stafylidis spot. At RB we need to find a more capable replacement in my opinion. Mitroglou is washed up. Time to move on. Samaris hasn’t been influential for Greece for the past 4-5 years. With Vasiliadis in the team I think Zeca’s days are numbered. I am assuming JVS is trying to find a replacement for Kourbelis. That’s if Kiomourtzoglou decides to play for Greece. I think he likes Hatzidiakos, Galanopoulos, Pavlidis and Limnios. They all played well.
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    Rumors coming hot and fast, same position: https://www.transfermarkt.com/aitor-cantalapiedra/profil/spieler/323740 Some highlights here. https://inpaok.com/643804/aftos-ine-o-kantalapiedra-videos/ Dunno, doesn't seem that special to me. Cheap though.
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    Yeah, and a big part of the manipulation you mention can also be a result of sampling bias. Unfortunately there is no perfect way to get this kind of data; we have a finite amount of time and resources (manpower/cash), so we need to extrapolate from a sample. This is why even a large number in a sample might still yield garbage info. I have a friend who's a research chemist who spends a lot of of his time ranting about standard deviations, since that is apparently how his company measures the likelihood of a batch (of experiments? medications? who knows!) being bad. Though I can't recall any specific numbers from him. For fun, I looked at my notes from a managerial statistics class which gives some basic definitions of sampling methods. Too bad there were no hard numbers in it: Simple random sample: Every member of the population has an equal chance of being selected. Advantages: Simple to design and analyze, Difficult to mess up Disadvantages: Can lead to high variance, Might be costly Stratified random sample: Divide population into strata according to a certain trait, then do a simple random sample proportionally from each strata according to strata size. Advantages: Representation of key traits proportional to population. Disadvantages: Wrong results if incorrect strata, Might be more costly Cluster sample: Divide the population into clusters homogeneous with respect to the population. Perform a simple random sample on one (or a few) clusters. Advantages: Less costly to perform Disadvantages: Bad results if cluster is biased And then of course we have how data (even GOOD data!) is presented - can anyone see what's screwed up about the below examples? Personally, I think this is where a lot of misinformation - directed to the public - about covid-19 will come from, but it will hopefully have less of an impact on the actual companies doing their research.
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    Athens, it's a complete mess and only after the CAS ruling things will hopefully clear up. Now, when CAS gets to the case is another issue all together. Originally I had read that Aris would not be allowed to sign new players for the pro team or the academies, bring in players on loan, promote players from their academies, sell players or resign them which is why my original post on this subject was about Aris having a 12 player squad for the upcoming season. Later on I read that players still under contract would be allowed to resign which of course gives these players major leverage. The whole thing makes no sense to me and is completely counter productive for everyone involved. Let's not even get into legalities, how does FIFA expect these players to get paid when you handcuff the team that owes them money? If Aris does not have the ability to make money not only will said players not get paid but more players will have the same fate if the team defaults again. Why not workout a payment schedule forcing Aris to pay a predetermined amount to FIFA every month which in turn spreads the money out to all parties until everyone is paid off? In the mean time have one of their own oversee the Aris accounting practices until the matter is cleared to ensure every penny is reported properly.
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    Nice to hear some Ethniki talk during this frustrating time. I was really looking forward to the friendly game vs Holland that would have been a tough test. I agree with the points regarding Staf, I appreciate his service but we have better options available. I am curious to see if JVS will bring Sokratis and Manolas back. I think he leaves Sokratis out but Manolas could get back in especially if we have to go up a top class side like Belgium in World Cup qualifying. Anyone know when they will conduct the World Cup qualification draw since the Euros are next year.
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    Stafylidis is no longer a great option IMO, he obviously has some good leadership skills and that's important at the moment but on the field we have a stack of left backs who are better, better options at left wing and he should never play CB again, the guy is so error prone it's scary, he has also hardly played in Germany the last two seasons (!) which I think coincides with what I have said so at best a squad player but I think time to look beyond this player who needs to get his club career back on track.
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    Tzatziki, I can make a video of myself and look like Vryzas in his prime 😂 The Aris guys will tell you, I am surprised they haven't already
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    I have not seen full matches, but his finishing looks pretty good in this video here....
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    They can try and get a big offer but not sure how that will go considering his contract is up at the end of June.
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    Διαβάζω ότι ο Duarte έχει μακράν τις χειρότερες επιδόσεις στα εργομετρικά που πέρασαν οι παίκτες επιστρέφοντας στις προπονήσεις. Η πατάτα της χρονιάς ο τύπος.
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    Wernbloom came on a free transfer. Jaba I think is the record at around a rumoured 4 mil, I've read different things, some say 3 or so and it can go up to 5 with bonuses. Other reports say it was 5 million upfront, I suspect the truth lies somewhere in the middle. Prijovic was by far our most expensive player sold, he went for 10 million. Although we've recently gone to FIFA as Al-Ittihad haven't payed all the installments.
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    Both men's and women's handball championships have been suspended and the teams that were in the 1st place in the table were declared as champions for the 2019-2020 season, which makes PAOK's Women's Handball team the Champions of Greece.
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    Questionable? LOL in your minds only
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    You may have noticed a market rally yesterday based on "vaccine news." The below is it. Way way way too early if you ask me. For anyone who's taken a course in statistics, sample size is something that is important to keep in mind - 45 people is *not* a significant number here. Success in the next step they mention (600-person trial) would be big news, though. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/18/moderna-reports-positive-data-on-early-stage-coronavirus-vaccine-trial.html In other news, my state has begun its first tentative steps towards reopening. As anticipated, they basically mirrored New York's (which is our "coalition partner") - construction and manufacturing can begin immediately, and churches/mosques/temples can reopen at greatly reduced capacity. I am pretty sure almost all manufacturing counted as "essential" before so I'm not sure what actually changes here. It also seems like each phase of our reopening is set to take at least three weeks, so we're looking at end of July at the earliest for Massachusetts to be open. I haven't seen news on Pennsylvania but I'd imagine they're in line with us. Most of our neighbors seem to be opening various sectors of their economy in the next week or so. On the plus side, Massachusetts is planning to build out testing capacity to 45,000 tests per day. That's much higher than most states (and countries) on a per-capita basis, but is obviously not universal testing (it would take ~156 days for every person to be tested once at that rate). That's still worrying, but apparently tests are being developed that are based on cheek swabs (less intrusive/quicker) that may help further increase the rate. Until there is a vaccine or real treatment, expect life to be shitty for a long while.
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    No of course not, it's just so enraging to think what this fuss is all about... Ενας μετριότατος παιχτης της σειράς
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    I guess in the sense that Aris proceeded with Durmishaj's transfer after they the got green light by the Greek football governing body. So they want the Greek government to intervene and say to FIFA that basically it's was EPO's cock up who allowed the transfer to complete and that Aris is innocent. Which sounds pretty logical to me... PS - FFS - All this for ... Durmishaj (!!!), a mediocre player at best of times who offered absolutely nothing to our team! Madness....
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    I think they are done. Every time he’s asked about them he talks about having passion and they have to want to play for the team. I get this feeling that Manolas and Sokratis don’t want to be in the team anymore. Mitroglou is propably the same. Haven’t heard anything in the news about how they want to come back and give 100%. I think others like Zeca, Samaris and Fortounis nights have a chance of returning. If Fortounis comes back he has to give 100%. This team gives 100% effort and they don’t stop running. Fortounis has to do the same, otherwise he shouldn’t play. We look like we are going into the direction of playing players in the age region of 18-26. A few exceptions maybe here or there. Most of the players he was going to call up were players in that age region.
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    Vasilis Samaras, the oldest former player of PAOK, died at the age of 95: https://inpaok.com/641908/efyge-o-megalyteros-tou-paok/ In 2015 he was honoured in an almost empty Toumba: https://www.paokfc.gr/nea/20151110-paok-story-vasilis-samaras/
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    Rumors of interest from Atletico and Porto, Porto supposedly has an undisclosed buy back clause, and Sa has a reported buy out on his contract for 13 million. Τον παίρνει όποτε θέλει! Ρήτρα-ΣΟΚ για Σα - Τι υπέγραψε ο Ολυμπιακός - Θα πάθει "χουνέρι";
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