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    Not just Australia. The (almost) rest of the world has more strict gun laws. And the rest of the world doesn't have a Mass Shooting epidemic. USA does. Bump stocks should be banned. Not because there is no other way to hack a gun to make it auto fire.. You can wear down a sear and make it shoot automatically. That's not the point. You don't only outlaw things that are impossible to get otherwise, there is a black market for everything in every country. Regarding liberal circle jerk. What makes this a left right issue?? I am politically right/conservative and I think gun laws need a major major overhaul. I couldn't go fishing in Gatlinburg when i visited there this year because i didn't have a licence. Yet i could walk into Walmart and buy a gun. Even FISHING is regulated more heavily in the USA than guns.
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    yes that's his son. btw im reading EPO are after ouzounidis, many people there want him so it looks like they won't take into account players' introduction. news of the day for me. he will kick out everything useless in this team and will make us to move the ball quickly. great, great choice. look what's he's doing with so many limited funds in pao and what he did in panionios before. finally moments of happiness after the croatia game. a young promising coach ready to lead us. couldn't be happier.
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    The only way I can blame a GK for not stopping a penalty, is if he decides to start fapping it right there in the middle of the stadium instead of trying to stop the ball.
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    We remain at 47th. Surprised we did not drop. Miss the days of Greece being ranked near the top ten.
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    Agree with everything you said Ausgreek.
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    CF and captain of the Pirated Pirates team Deano! That would be the best way to play both Mantalo and Fortouni. What was Skibbe's fear of playing Mantalo as an 8 anyway (cause one of them two would have to advance further from the other behind Mitro and it would be Fortouni most likely). Skibbster could of done that when it mattered, already. I also think Donis has upstaged everyone and should probably play anywhere he wants, maybe AM/SS position.
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    I've heard in a video somewhere that he would play Zeca as the number 6 and Fortounis and Mantalos just in front of him. That's what I heard in a video. Not a bad idea.
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    We're going to be stuck watching Tziolis,Tzavellas and Samaris and will be scratching our heads with call ups to Vellios and Diamantakos.
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    Radio Arvyla, which is not on any regular schedule anymore on Antenna TV will be on the air on November 27, 2017 for a special once in a while show. Here are couple trailere for the show:
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    δεν βλεπεται ρε αυτο το πραγμα. εδω και 2 χρονια στην ευρωπη μονο κλαρινα. να χαιρεστε τον ολυμπιακο σας προβατα. αι σιχτιρ μας αηδιασατε μαλακες.
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    Exactly this. So how much faith do you really have in this guy?? I'm so pissed off that they kept him.
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    Greece is in the third division of the 2018-2019 edition. Matches will be played between 6 September 2018 and 20 November 2018, followed by a subsequent League C playoff between group winners that will award one ticket to EURO 2020. Greece are in the second of 4 pots for the group draw that will take place on 24 January, 2018. Pot 1: Hungary, Romania, Scotland, Slovenia Pot 2: Greece, Serbia, Albania, Norway Pot 3: Montenegro, Israel, Bulgaria, Finland Pot 4: Cyprus, Estonia, Lithuania
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    Nice come back and another 3 points. Next week is a great opportunity to add some distance with one of the teams expected to compete for promotion. Last year promotion was lost in a span of 3-4 minutes against Lamia and Apollon and we could never make up the difference.
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    Offtopic - ατάλαντος κρατικοδίαιτος δημοσιογράφος ΕΡΤ! ΧΑΧΑΧ, δε ξέρει πού να κοιτάξει, δε μπορεί να πει μια κουβέντα χωρίς ΕΕΕΕΕΕΕΕΕ Ραδιοφωνικός τελείως
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    Agreed, slow and same style of play all 3 of them.... What a crazy game that was though! And Ergotelis! My goodness!!?!?! What an absolutely M-E-N-T-A-L team! Shambolic non-existent playground-style defense, crazy pace, 2-3 bullets up front. No messing about, no faking injuries and crap like that. No miserable greek shite that destroy the game. Just play to score more goals. No long balls, good possession..... All I can say: WOW! I really want them to do well.
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    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1928906467430619&id=1598480473806555 If this happens then we can start fresh. The likes of Tziolis and Tzavellas can leave with the likes of Kourbelis, Koutris, Siopis and Pelkas get more chances. Aswell as Gianniotis who has been in good form. Some u21s can have chances like Androutsos and Lamprou. Meanwhile players who are a bit older can perform like Lykogiannis. Fetfatzidis and Holebas should be in the team but we all know that won't happen with Skibbe in charge. We should call up players like Bakakis and Kivrakidis who have are in form and playing often. We can also see if they can replace Torosidis later on.
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    Yes we can all see the difference with Gianniotas on the wing. The way he gets past defenders with his skill and speed. Mantalos or Stafylidis can not do it like him. He is a natural winger. He does good to the team when he plays.
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    The Epo is voting on Monday and it's set to become official that Skibbe will stay on with the team. The main reason is because the players spoke up on how they want him to stay. This is the dumbest move the EPO can do. Skibbe will be loyal to the payers like Tziolis, Maniatis, Tzavells. he might make a small changes but he will continue to use thee guys and he will not look at the under 21 team or Fetfa and now there will be no chance Holebas comes back. You will continue to see bak, vellios, Diam, and all be called up. This will be a huge mistake and it will probably cost us another tournament.. This guy has no offensive creativity at all so he ignores the players that posses skill and just looks for players who can clear the f...g ball from danger. This will be very frustrating and painful to watch with this guy leading the team..
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    my suggested 23-man squad, using a 3-4-1-2 formation that in my opinion suits us perfectly but i don't know why we don't utilize more often.. karnezis-kapino-anestis lykogiannis-torosidis sokratis-papadopoulos manolas-oikonomou retsos-mpakakis stafylidis-koutris samaris-tachtsidis zeca-kourmpelis fortounis-mantalos donis-lazaros mitroglou-karelis
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    you're wrong. it looked like that because in the 2012 and 2014 these dudes where like 35 and 37 years old. do you really expect them to hold the midfield against germany/colombia or so? regarding your fortounis comments. i explained before that since skibbe's offensive tactics are rubbish fortounis looks clueless. the only man he can pass the ball is mitroglou. why is that? because the wingers are not wingers but either central midfielders like zeca and mantalos or side backs like stafylidis. that's TOTALLY up to skibbe. fortounis is a pretty technical player with the ability to keep the ball and draw fouls. anyways. im sure skibbe is not even considering to play this system but the fact he used that in the croatia game despite us getting fcvked up because he choose the wrong players is a bit promising. and yes im talking about a 3-4-1-2 formation. karnezis sokratis manolas retsos lykogiannis samaris zeca stafylidis fortounis donis mitroglou and kapino, anestis, papadopoulos, oikonomou, mpakakis, koutris, torosidis, tachtsidis, kourmpelis, mantalos, pelkas, karelis and lazaros on the bench. this formation is also effective for us because with the lack of wingers we're no more going to use guys outside of their natural positions to fill this retarded 4-2-3-1. i think this team is quite ok. but on the other hand im not sure if koutris, mpakakis, pelkas, oikonomou instead of maniatis, tzavellas, tziolis, vellios, diamantakos etc....in a sane team without a corrupt federation that would be αυτονοητο but not in us..
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    We get to fail to qualify twice in quick succession!
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    Ι agre that Skibbe takes a blame in this. But he should also take credit for taking a team that did one win in 10 games vs much easier opponents to making one that only lost 1 official. I also agree that we have much better midfielders but something tells me we have players who are not selected by Skibbe. As I said. Future looks promising. All top teams (have to include Panionios since its their 3rd year doing splendid) Pao , Aek , Panionios , Paok , Oly have a few players that are really worthy attention.
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    I watched the 1st leg again the commentators were shocked at how unorganized and stretched we were at the back. They questioned our formation and kept saying that Maniatis looked totally lost he did not know whether to cover Perisic more in the middle or track Strinic down the wings. Complete disorganization in a playoff match to go to the World Cup its unacceptable, I know Manolas would have settled things down but what was Skibbe doing? The Tzavellas pass back was absurd,why not boot it up the pitch and Karnezis trying to control it like he's a centre mid? Our world cup hopes went down the drain in those first 30 minutes just appauling....
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    @Rockafeller Skank The players I'm referring to that are s%$#! are Tziolis, Maniatis, and I was saying it's not there fault because they are just not good enough. I was not referring to The rest of the players. I think you missed my point.. I'm saying I think we could have been even better then we showed this campaign if we had a coach that would use these players. Even Karnezis is not in form by the way, I like Staf but he's not inform either so you can't excpected him to do to much.. We were not going to go very far with Skibbes selection and anyone that can't see this needs to check there eyes or are clueless about the game of Soccer. We had much better and younger options then Tziolis, Manuatis, bak, even Tzavellas he's not that good dude and it should have been Holebas spot but again all of this falls on the coaches head. Yes I agree with you even we played Croatia that many times the results would be different. He chose a line formation that he's never used ffs in the most important game... Even he commentators were surprised..
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    I remember watching Karagounis play in the Euros, he was the guy the other teams feared. Him and Samaras. When they were on, they were hard to mark.
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    Karagounis and Katsouranis did often look average and have been outplayed. We have always had problems in the midfield, but we had decent wingplay from the fullbacks and wingers, which covered up our deficiencies. Karagounis was NT material, he played some great games, but memory is selective and we tend to only remember the good times. Bottom line, we need to see much more from our midfield. We have no presence, no confidence and no ability to possess the ball fluently. Did you see with what ease Croatia's midfield was controlling the game, winning balls, keeping possession? Fortounis is on the pitch and it seems like most of the time he's praying not to get a pass.
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    Lets give any past member of the NT a shot because according to u , finishing above bosnia and losing to Croatia means were nonexistent. Fortounis , Mantalos are better players than anything Greece had as attacking midfield since Tsiartas. Karagounis was an 8 in his good years with Ethniki. Ninis and Fetfatzidis could be so much but they desided to be nothing. They don't deserve a call up at all. This Roster , at least 20 of it;'s members are much better than anything we had in the 2008 - 2014 period. Look at the 2010 roster Spyropoulos? Vyndra? Malezas ? Pantelis Kapetanos? Prittas? Who the f* is Prittas? Look at the 2012 roster Fotakis? Makos? Malezas again? a 36 year old Lybe? We have a much better roster. Find me one Left Back as talented as Stafylidis offensively back then. Find me someone to pair with Sokratis, who is as good as Manolas. Find me an attacking midfielder like Fortounis. And someone with the career of Mitroglou. Find me a 6 who literally can run up and down the field like Zeka or a midfielder as mobile as Samaris. The problem. The only problem, is that the worthless teams of 2008 - 2014 had the luck to be pot 1 , pot 2 at worst on some occasions, so even when ending up in play offs, we d play with the likes of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Slovakia , Ukraine , Romania , no better team than those. Add the fact that competition has gone upwards. Where were Belgum , Iceland , Denmark , Sweden, Switzerland 5-6 years ago? Now these teams seem like they re unbeatable. Competition has gone upwards and we just didn't go that way as well. Hope we can make it to the 24 team Euro. Otherwise we ll be a pot 4-5 lock up for maybe the rest of our long lives.
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    they will be important for us because we'll have a great opportunity to qualify for the euros by beating opponents of our strength and measure and not complain about getting a tough draw. be sure we'll bring our a squad over there. btw more and more reports coming around about dellas or skibbe. didn't saw ouzounidis.. so dellas is like getting shot at the right foot and skibbe is like getting shot at the left foot..speechless if they're really planning to continue with one of them.
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    dunno..the only rumours that are flying atm are about ouzounidis..and hopefully they're true! dellas is not even a real manager...
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    THESE HIGHLIGHTS ARE FROM ONE [email protected]%KING GAME!! We desperately need this sort of playmaking /space making / hungry to attack / and explosive style of player to compliment the defensive structure we have as team. I don't give a sh!t if you think he's lazy defensively or whatever the issue may be that you may want to bitch or complain about it's laughable that this player isn't anywhere to be found on our 23 man roster Watch this clip and make note on how many times you witnessed the rest of the whole squad (with everybody who's played in the past 18 months included ) do what Fetfa does in this short 7 minute clip. If only we had Holebas and Fetfa's attack oriented mindset, with the class of our CB's we could have been able to let those two 'sons of bitches' ;) run wild and cause some panic to the other team. Nope. Instead it's A PASS BACK TO THE KEEPER ! We can't even make a bloody 1-2 and maintain any rhythm AT ALL. Donis seems to be of that mold. We'd be a lot better surrounding Holebas/Fetfatzidis/Donis with our TWO CB's and magically transforming K PAPADOPOULOS to play 'stopper' in front of the CB's. We'd have a formidable trio back there to mop up the messes left behind ( hoping to anyhow ) I'm so upset at watching the games and hearing my dad yell 'αφού δεν παίζουν μπάλα ' when they clearly can't seem to play with the ball and sustain any quick possession and movement up the field. It looks like recess at school sometimes to be honest; long balls to nobody, passing to the other team, oh look! -we passed it back to our goalie again!
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    Donis was born in blackburn England.
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    fetfa would slot into our team nicely. i really dont know why he doesnt play. He tears up the saudi league every week, how can you play tzolis from saudi and not fetfa?>
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    It's just sad to see us miss the World Cup and will sting once the draw is held and in the coming months before the tournament kicks of in Russia. Croatia is a talented team but not a powerhouse like Germany, Spain or even Belgium whom we battled very hard. So to go out 4-1 and look totally unprepared in Zagreb with our solid defense looking in shambles is hard to swallow. Skibbe and I like him personally and during the campaign had done a fairly well in some matches, but what was he thinking during the first leg starting Maniatis who could not keep up and going with 3 at the back and the team looked so confused. Throw in Tziolis and Samaris and a rusty Karnezis who had not played much recently up until the week before in Watford were he made another horrible mistake coming out of his net for a ball not getting there and getting beat for a goal. Then he sets us up to play for a draw in Greece when we need goals or we are OUT of the World cup? Most of his call ups and selections were wrong a long with his tactics. The only thing out of his control was the ridiculous suspension of Manolas, but there is no way we should allow Croatia 4 goals in one match they had scored less goals in qualifying than us.
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    This is the first time I've been able to bring myself back to the forum after we went out! I opened my laptop yesterday and it was still on the stream from the match in the 85th minute (when I stopped watching) and it started to play it, I was like nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! In retrospect I think Skibbe should have played with two strikers and dropped a few of the 'invisible players' (Tziolis, Bakesetas, Tachtsidis) he chose. This is the line-up I would have gone with: __________________________Karnesis ____Torosidis_____Sokratis_________Manolas______Retsos Lazoros___________Zeca____________Fortunis______Stafylidis __________________Mitroglou________Pelkas I really think the penalty decision going against us was the turning point in the game, if we'd have got the penalty then the players would have had a lot more belief, and it would have rattled Croatia. Its just a shame dodgy and corrupt officiating again screwed us over. I also think our crossing really let us down on the night, a game Stafylidis would have really excelled in, I can't understand how Skibbe couldn't see this and at least bring him on for the second half?
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    Alefantos rates the players of the NT and i literally am 100% with him Mostly agree with both the criticism on Skibbe and the players. The "Taxi is tebelis" and "Tzioli just stop responding to the call-ups" literally were on my mind. Skibbe critiscism is strange in my opinion because we simply weren't going for the 3-0. It was obvious we had settled with a decent result against them at our home and not qualifying. I don't think it was only a matter of Skibbe but hte player mentality possibly wasn't on par with a 3-0 result. I sure hope things change with the new campaign. I just hope the draw does not f*ck us up this time.
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    Saw this on a Dutch site for old school footballfans: