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    A start and a full 90 for him, as he made his debut in a thumping 4-0 win for Bayer against Freiburg
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    Sokratis scored the second goal in Dortmund's 5-0 win over Colonge.
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    On August 30th 2017, Retsos (19) was sold to Bayer Leverkusen from Olympiacos for €22 million, the most expensive fee ever paid for a Greek footballer.
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    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1901265150194751&id=1598480473806555 AEK have been doing a good job with playing Greek talent I'd like to see the other 3 big teams do the same.
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    I could make some of the chants. Your basic football chants like Who is the best - Slavia Only red and white Who's going to win the title - Slavia and of course some derogatory Sparta Prague chants (Slavia vs Sparta = PAOK vs Aris or Panathinaikos vs Olympiakos type matchup) Besides Stoch, Tomas Necid also plays for Slavia. The last football game I saw before I left Czechoslovakia in 1976 was between Banik Ostrava and Slavia Prague. Good guys won 2:0. Remember this as if it was yesterday.
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    They'll sell keeper Vlacho to Benfica now. But, I think you're right, Alafouzo would have walked away already and save some more of his money. He knows if he leaves with no one else to take over (with money) the club will go bankrupt. So, he won't leave in a few weeks or in the near future, but the club will be barely making it. Also right about the brand name. PAO in 3rd div or in bankruptcy is bad for Alafouzos' business and for Dimitris'. Maybe they're playing a game to force creditors, perhaps the gov (for OAKA), and players to accept less. They'll need to keep the team safe and do as well as possible in the Greek cup. No to harp on old arguments, it was many years ago when I was saying in this forum that Greek football is being killed by the people involved. The damage may be too much now to recover, because a whole generation of youngsters never truly identified with a team. Besides there have been many more distractions for young people (and adults) so football is not one of the few sports or activities available like it was when I was going up. The sport if it survives will have to be entertaining to attract viewers... But, with hooliganism, bad players, horrible officiating, corruption, and unplayable fields, there's no attraction. The gap with the Euro teams is getting bigger. Only gavroi have managed to still be competitive but they have a bigger budget than all the other Greek teams combined. So, it's no surprise that you see two-digit ticket sales in many games. It's not sustainable.
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    He was named MOTM in his first start for Bayer.
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    ^^The team has run out of cash flow....PAO needs 17 million for this years budget. 12 for contracts and operating costs. Plus 2.5 million for debts due in 2 weeks, and another 3 by December to meet UEFA agreements. Alafouzos is saying he is done paying, will not drop another dime. That means we lose the licence for Europe, and players will be leaving because of not being paid....finishing 6 is a hudge task if in fact Alafouzos is for real.
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    I watched the game on Sunday and I thought this team is a mid table team that will struggle all season! The parting of Berg, Zeka and Mbokou has cost dearly. The players who came to replace them are nowhere near that level. We are in dire straights with the situation at the helm. Looks like the team is headed for a disaster unless big pockets intervene. I hate to see us end up like aek! It would be shameful to the History of Panathinaikos! The way thing going I see us not even making the top 6!
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    We gotta update the title of this thread to say future savior of NT.
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    We will never find a player that busts his ass all over the field like Zeka does. Again, having watched Villafanez, he is a decent player; actually I can say that he is a mix of Furtounis & Mandalos but not really better (faster than Mandalos, can play on the wing as Fortounis but not that fast, good control and some skill). His main issue is that he does not score; actually me manages to misses all the chances he gets; this is a big thing for an offensive player. He can help of the bench.
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    I agree if I was coach I would put Lazaros for sure based on his form. I would also slowly integrate the likes of Androutsos, Galanopoulos and Manthatis if they are getting some game time. I would play Tachtsidis ahead of any of our CDMs. Tziolis would not be called up. Even if he is experienced. I feel more confident in Tachtsidis.
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    I remember when everyone was saying that he shouldn't be playing because he has a bad touch and makes stupid decisions. Now, I don't know if he will be any different but he's does look good and is inform.
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    @kosaca Read this as this should once and for all put your excuses to rest.. http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/greek-fans-injured-in-zenica-zeca-maniatis-pleading-for-help
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    Dude it sounds like you're trying to find ways to justify the actions of the Bosnians.... why? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be so quick to justify the actions if this s%$#! happened to your team...You're entitled to your own opinion which is cool but once you start justifying the actions then guys in here will call you out.. "Did the travelling fan supporter group make any statement?" What the F*** does that matter? They can say whatever the F*** they want if they actually did but that doesn't give your fans or the security an excuse to attack..
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    ^ I agree... This will be so hard to go through another tournament without the national team..
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    I just hope we get to Russia that's what matters most!
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    All the Greeks currently worthy of a call up in my opinion: Goalkeepers : Karnezis , Kapino , Gianniotis ,Paschalakis, Kyriakidis. * Defenders: Sokratis, Manolas, Tzavellas , Papadopoulos , Retsos , Stafylidis , Cholebas** , Torosidis , Bakakis , Midfielders: Samaris , Zeca , Tachtsidis , Siopis , Galanopoulos , Androutsos, Kourbelis , Tziolis*** , Bouchalakis Forwards: Fortounis, Mantalos ,Christodoulopoulos, Fetfatzidis, Mitroglou , Donis, Karelis Prospects:Lazaros Lamprou, Giakoumakis, Mourgos, Masouras,Koutris, Lykogiannis, Manthatis *No Lamprou. This guy was bought from Ajax and I was like wow, yet he is not even in their first team bench, he plays with the reserves youth squad, no way anyone calls him up at this stage of his career **Would be nice if he wasn't such a douche , hanging the team for just one coach. But since we dont have him thank goodness Stafylidis stepped up. ***Stop crying over Tziolis his experience with the team is needed. He was first called up 10 years ago, he is the last from the generation that produced only success. We need his experience. Of course he doesn't have to start. But he is needed to be there. All the other players are gonna be fillers. Vellios just there to fill the spot of a 2nd holding striker behind Mitroglou. Diamantakos there to be the 4th, Koutroubis there to just fill spots and literally find have enough players for a training διπλό. Ninis and Kone are done for. They are over. Delete them from your memory. Fetfatzidis/Lazaros still of an age to possibly rejoin the NT if asked.
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    He made a great play yesterday in CL vs Athletico Madrid, saving a sure goal of the line of the foot of Koke.
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    You are actually comparing a Holding/Defensive midfielder who barely goes up front to help score a goal in Siopis and Kourbelis, with an Attacking Midfielder and a Striker in Fortounis and Mitroglou? Bro. Many teams found it hard to break Panionios midfield domination. That's why they reached the playoffs.