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    Can we just get a new subforum made that's exclusively for these two? Yeesh
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    Bittersweet from our captain. The last kick at the can for a generational Greek talent. Looking forward to seeing him with the armband and hopefully lead us to the EURO.
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    hehehe, well said, my bad, I shouldn't have responded in the first place. And stopping right here right now.
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    I agree, For me Socratis comments don't give me or who ever reads the article much optimism. He's pretty much saying we are not good enough and the Greek players don't care as much for the NT. That's not what you want to here or read about from a so called leader. Also he should keep his comments about this being his last go around with the NT to himself as the team does not need anymore distractions around them. Also how are the young guys going to listen to him when they know he wont be here after this tournament.. The problem is I truly don't believe Socratis thinks they are good enough to advance and if that's his mentality and thinking then we honestly have no chance because that vibe will trickle down to the entire team. You would never hear Kara or any of those guys excepting defeat never in a million years. As far as retiring he should want to wear the NT jersey for as long as he can play the game and when he gets older he should want to be a veteran presence and a guy coming off the bench rather then a guy that says "I'm tired and this is my last tournament"
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    The Lamprou not being called up is a mystery to me.. if you go down the list of call ups he deserve a call up over the majority of our guys.. Not sure what the thought process was behind not calling him up..
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    Maybe he will end up at A.R.I.S.
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    I’m thinking there’s more to this than just injuries.
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    Fantastic watch this, Sokratis on total football discussing everything from what went wrong post World cup 2014 to where the ethniki should be playing. Also much different listening to him say he'll retire from the ethniki post euro 2020, it doesn't seem all the so doom and gloom. I think if he sees we are a realistic chance of making the World cup in Qatar he may just hang on until then but that's a while off being an issue. Very good watch and Katsouranis provides some good insight into the post Mundial 14 s%$#! show. Worth the watch if you have the time. At 5.52 he begins discussing his beginnings and how he ended up at AEK. The ethniki chat comes a little later. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfplRt1mp28
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    Dont forget also back when Karagounis was playing the national team were being successful. Who’s not to say that Karagounis wouldn’t feel frustrated if the team was going under. Same with Katsouranis. They always had a solid defence behind them and they were experienced and smart with how they played them selves. Our current group players can’t seem to handle the pressure and look lost out there. It’s up to them now to prove everyone wrong. Also look at it in Sokratis eyes he has played in the golden generation in the national team and has played for top sides like Milan, Bremen, Dortmund and now Arsenal. He plays with very talented footballer that know how to play. When he pays now for Greece he is fustrated as the midfielders and attackers in front of him can’t get the job done the team is always on the back foot defending and Sokratis is defending. Then when we concede he is like for F*** sakes. It’s been happening now for 4 years. Also against teams that we shouldn’t be losing too. He has a lot of pressure because he loves Greece with all his heart and want the best for Greece.
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    It depends how you look at it. I know it dosent sound good with what his saying but he his no non sense. He states it how it is. You can tell he I very frustrated as he has all the stress and pressure as a defender. We have many defenders but none are as good as Sokratis and Manolas and maybe Siovas. If you take out all of these guys the team will plunge down the drain even further. Our midfield is horrendous and are very limited. Fortounis is decent but not the full answer. Sokratis said it himself the players in the past were better than the players now. By him stepping down, he is being unselfish. That’s if we don’t make it. Maybe he could be the problem and we don’t even know it. He seems like he has a negative aura. That could be the way he is though and it dosent reflect well on others. Karagounis seemed like he gave motivation and inspiration. Sokratis seems to be pissed off at everyone and put blame to player while having a bad attitude. Instead of hyping up the team the way Karagounis did. Don’t get me wrong though Sokratis has saved this team many times with his abilities. He is also more of a leader than the whole team with the talking and demanding he does on the field. He is doing what I wished Katsouranis, Karagounis and even Tziolis should’ve done and that’s give another person an opportunity at the right time. He is saying why should I stay at age 33 or 34 and not give another asirping player a chance to prove his worth as my time is nearly over. Let’s not forget he is a defender not a midfielder. The defender has a lot of pressure because it’s his job to not concede and when you have a garbage midfield and weak fullbacks and also an attack that can score then there is a lot of stress and work to deal with. There is also the other attitude where you say no I will play for the team until I retire and push through until the end like Karagounis and Katsouranis did. But honestly how many of us (including myself) have been wanting them to retire just so the new younger and “talented” players play instead. Look at us now we haven’t made a tournament with “new” players in 4 years. I guess everyone is different. Sokratis has always showed heart and passion with the national team. Always.
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    Can't see him staying at Roma next year. Likely destination will be Man Utd but Arsenal may get him. Now that would be something. Soc and Manolas at Arsenal. https://au.eurosport.com/football/transfers-2/2018-2019/euro-papers-manchester-united-and-arsenal-lead-roma-raid-for-summer-transfers_vid1176555/video.shtml
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    Even though I'm the first to criticize the decisions coaches make at some point we need to be realistic and say if this doesn't work out this time we need to be honest and lay the blame on our players and lack of talent or care. We have gone through now 5 coaches I believe. For me this will come down to our players and the lack of playing time or the lack of conditioning or in plain black and white that they just are not good enough. I also believe if we fail to make it to the Euros we need to clean house and rebuild this team with all younger players. Other then Manolas and Socratis are our other players good enough? I mean fortounis does s%$#! for the NT and I think he is overrated, We have no high caliber midfielder in all of Greece ffs. This to me will dictate for sure if the dark ages are back as its getting closer to becoming a reality. Even though I will continue to bitch about coaching decisions that I don't agree with for me its now on the players no more blaming the coaches for not qualifying as I mentioned its time to look at our players.
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    embarrassing for the whole ethnos
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    Here's the link for those two terrible teams if anyone was going to watch it: 0-0 at the moment, 36 minutes in
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    The current squad has 7 players who have played 1 or 0 games, 11 players who played 5 or less games and 15 who have played less then 10. The only experience on the team with more than 35 games is Soc, Mitroglou, Fortounis and Samaris. We need to find goal scorers other than Mitroglou.
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    Yiankos Greatest Hits featuring ukworm.
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    Tzimikas I think is injured. Bouzoukis and Limnios got called up to the U21s. The core group he's picked are from 2013-2015 U21s who are now in their mid 20s. I can understand the logic. I would have liked to seen Lamprou and Chatzigiovanis, but they are just 21 and will get their chance sooner or later. The pick I like is the Aris LB Valerianos. Strongly built lad, takes players on, pacey and can get in a good cross. That's what we need.
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    Vlachodimos Bakakis Sokratis Siovas Koutris Samaris Siopis Masouras Fortounis Donis Mitroglou This is what I think will happen but if you want to be a bit creative this could work Vlachodimos Sokratis Siovas Samaris Mavrias Siopis Kourbelis Koutris Fortounis Mitroglou Donis
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    It actually doesn't make sense (or does it???).... I live in Mecca of football, here is all the elite, top flight teams, millions, billions, gazillions spent, I will watch Premiership on Sky, I will go and watch Chelsea games, and yeah, it's OK, but really it's like going to the theatre or something... I will be happy if Chelsea wins and then forget about it. Oh they sold Morata. Well, meh..... Now, when ARIS are playing, well, that is a totally different matter!! If Aris loses that TOTALLY ruins my weekend, if we win, OH THE JOY! And in football terms really, Aris (and every single Greek team) is a pretty average team by world football standards! Do you guys feel the same way, or shall I book an appointment with the doctor? 🙂
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    Bro I’ve been thinking the same thing, for some messed up reason I’m worried we are going to over look this game.. we have a horrible habit of giving these minnows points.. if we don’t get by this game with 3 points it doesn’t matter what we do against Bosnia our tourney is over.. they better come out and play this game like it’s a do or die as we are not a confident or good enough team right now to take these teams lightly..
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    Σε ότι αφορά τον Γιουνές εγώ συμφωνώ με όλους σας. Πράγματι θέλω τον Λάρσον στην κορυφή στην αρχή και τον Μαρτίνεθ επιτελικό από την αρχή -για την ταχύτερη κυκλοφορία στην επίθεση. Ο Γιουνές κάνει για τις γιόμες προς το τέλος του αγώνα όταν (και αν) θα έχουμε αγχωθεί με τις σφικτές άμυνες. Για μένα πρέπει να πάρει συμμετοχή κι αυτός και ο Τόνσο για τα παιχνίδια που ακολουθούν. Όλα όμως εξαρτώνται από την έκβαση του αγώνα και το πώς θα αντιμετωπίσουμε τον αντίπαλο. Πιστεύω πάντως πως ο Γιουνές θα σκοράρει και σε αυτόν τον αγώνα και τον επόμενο. Και τούτο θα ανεβάσει την ψυχολογία και του ίδιου και των άλλων. Θα πρέπει σε αυτόν τον αγώνα να δείξουμε πως η ήττα από τον ΟΣΦΠ ήταν απλώς μια κακή παρένθεση. Να δείξουμε πως η ομάδα έχει πλουραλισμό επιθετικά και πως δεν είναι προβλέψιμος. Η σταθερότητα στην απόδοση του είναι μια άλλη συζήτηση.
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    It's a natural reaction, 4 yrs. away from the SL is a very long time. Abreu was, and still is, a character. Some guys have a knack for scoring and he was one of them, always in the right spot. Nothing to do with Aris but the best forward, in my opinion, who had the ability, for what it's worth I couldn't stand him, was Filippo Inzaghi. Every time I would watch him play I'd ask myself how does this giant boob play top level futbol and then he would proceed to score a hat trick.
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    UK, while I share your frustration with our Tunisian forward, I believe he is necessary in the 2 upcoming home games. Both opponents will most likely defend not allowing for many openings in front of their goal. He is tall and strong and Aris might very well need to score from set plays since we only have a couple players that can create in tight spaces. We should win both but the past has taught me nothing is certain when Aris plays these type of games at home. My wish is they both have the same outcome as the game in Tropoli last month when the outcome was determined in the first half, Aris fans deserve less nerve rattling results.
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    Ah re Elladistan... forever going backwards it seems
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    If it’s teally an injury, then hopefully he recovers quickly. If it’s not, get rid of him and his attitude and put someone in who wants to play.
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    I think so too. He loves Greece too much, he is just frustrated and is put under pressure.
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    Again, not a big loss. I’m fact it’s probably better.
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    Oh God I hope he stays on longer with the Ethniki at least until the 2022 World Cup.
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    For the life of me, what is so difficult for the coach to understand. Mitroglou should not be a shoe-in at the striker position. We cannot support a poacher because our attacking midfield is impotent. They cannot keep the ball on the ground, take on defenders or find holes to open up play. Mitroglou's lethargic style does no one any favours either. It's just awful tactics having this mix of players out there and hoping for production. It's like trying to stick a square peg in a round hole.
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    Now you will understand why I follow Greek track and field more than football. The state of SEGAS is in great shape with no corruption. In EPO and EPAE, the league is run by thugs and mafias.
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    Totally embarrassed as a PAO fan, I cant believe they cant stop this s**** from happening at football matches. Enough already.
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    so this is not USA but NZ with some flavour of greek & alot of anti-turk https://www.ekirikas.com/τουρκοφάγος-έγραψε-ο-ύποπτος-ως-δρά/ crazy times ... 50 dead
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    Even on paper, Greece should get second place and an automatic qualification to EURO 2020. But, this team always find ways to make it tough on themselves, struggling to get positive results from the likes of Bosnia, Finland, Armenia, and Lichtenstein. I fear that Greece will finish 4th in the group and miss out. 😞
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    This qualifying campaign is a marathon not a sprint. 10 games. Although the game in Bosnia is important it doesn’t make or break the campaign. They need to take it one game at a time. Don’t overlook anyone. Remember Estonia and Finland and Faroe for that matter. Do not look forward. Concentrate on the task at hand.
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    Bakasetas and Mantolas better not see 5 minutes of playing time, These guys don't work for the NT, they don't even work for AEK. If we are going to change things up then we need to start fresh with new blood. Lets be honest our chances are slim at qualifying but lets hope we can see a competitive team in every game. We need to see what Masouras and Donis can do on the wing. Mitro as much as he pisses me off and looks lazy as hell can change the game with one touch that's why he is important to start. Samaris needs to start as he seems to be getting playing time and progressing. I think Zeca needs to start for his hustle. part of me feels like we will be a disaster and part of me feels like there is a chance we will figure it out... So confused... lol... Right now I believe Italy, Bosnia and Finland have a better chance then us to qualify.. lets see what happens as we are a week away...
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    The positive in the selections is that Angelo seems to have an open mind with some surprise picks....pretty sure nobody greased him to pick Valerianos, Mavrias, Kolovos....and I think the management have a plan in mind otherwise they would have just called up Tziolis and Tzavellas. Of course I would have preferred to see some of the youngsters get a chance instead of Bakasetas but he seems to be the new Tziolis.
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    Why are 65,000 donors even required ? “Capitalism” alive and well. I will program this into an AI program. if num_donors >= 65000 this.candidate = worthy else this.candidate = rejected
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    Surely we don’t see Mantalos or Bakasetas on the wing. Mantalos can help in the central role for sure. Let’s hope, Greece’s biggest handicap has been this obsession with slow central players, played out wide - go figure
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    (Αντε πάλι με το Yianko..... Και έλεγα δε θα ξαναγράψω ρε γαμώτο..... Αλλά θα είμαι τόσο ευγενικός και τόσο γλυκομίλητος μαζί τoυ που θα είναι σαν να ετοιμάζομαι για τα ανάκτορα του Buckingham να πάω να δω την Elizabeth..... Η poshιλα θα τρέχει από τα μπατζάκια μου.....) Αλλοίμονο αν επειδή ο Αναστασιάδης είναι παοκτσής, αυτό σημαίνει ότι πρέπει να πούμε και "ευχαριστώ" που κάλεσε παίχτη του Άρη. Και σε ποιον να πούμε ευχαριστώ; Σε σένα; Στην ΠΑΕ ΠΑΟΚ; Στον Αναστασιάδη; Στο φόρουμ; Kαι για ποιο λόγο; Kαι για να μην μπερδεύεσαι: Η ένστασή μας (και πολύ κόσμου) για την πρόσληψη Αναστασιάδη είναι για το ότι είναι αμόρφωτος/κάφρος και ξεκάθαρα δεν έχει βιογραφικό για Εθνική. Δεν είπε ΠΟΤΕ κανείς ότι θα μεροληπτήσει απέναντι στον Άρη. Αλλά επειδή η Εθνική είναι υπόθεση όλων μακάρι να μας διαψεύσει.
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    At least up front we look strong with Mitroglou, Donis and Kouloris as our options. The question is will they get the service from the midfield and who is Ange going to play on the wings?
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    This coach is a f'n idiot... Wtf kind of call ups are these? Bouch, bakashitas again?!? I've had enough of the nt and the duds. I'll wait for the starting line up as well, but I can just imagine with these call ups, that it's gonna be something utterly stupid.
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    Disappointed Manolas is not able to go. Also Bakasetas again? Argg.. No Lamprou either. We have to get 4 points out of 6 minimum. Italy should take care of Finland so we can't lose ground to Bosnia. Let's Go Ellada!!
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    Jaba has just posted the below on Facebook "Just a few remaining matches. I'll miss it. I will be always grateful to PAOK" Looking at the glass half full you could surmise that hes just saying he's grateful to PAOK for bringing him here and that he will miss this season once finished or that when he eventually leaves he will miss being a PAOK player. The more likely alternative is that he's away at the end of the season and that's that 😭
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    Ε για την Ευρώπη θέλεις και λίγη τύχη στις κληρώσεις... If I was running the club I would check the commercial benefit and only that. Does it make commercial sense to invest in a couple of players in order to improve your chances to the group stages or will it totally ruin the finances of the club? Simple as that.
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    In away I am worried a bit about the match vs Liechenstein, as we tend to go into these matches without much attention to detail and lack of focus and play very sloppy. Where as when the NT play the Belgium's of the world the team comes out really fired up and I think that will be the case vs Bosnia. I hope they can put away Liechenstein early within the first 20- 30 minutes and win by 3 or 4 nil. We all dont want to be sweating that game as was the case vs Estonia in the Nations League.
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    Συμφωνώ είναι υπερβολές και δημιουργία εντυπώσεων, αλλά από την άλλη, είναι δυνατόν κανείς από τους 4 διαιτητές μέσα στο γήπεδο να μην είδε την καρατιά στα πλευρά του Σιώπη (πχ); ΘΕΛΩ ΝΑ ΠΙΣΤΕΨΩ ΡΕ ΜΗΤΣΟ (πίστεψέ με) ότι όλα είναι ανθρώπινα λάθη. Αλλά δε με αφήνουν ρε συ.... Και δε λέω ότι υπάρχει δόλος, αλλά εδώ ξεκάθαρα ευνοείται ο δυνατός. Είναι ο Ολυμπιακός, παίζει εντός, ο διαιτητής κάνει τα στραβά μάτια, δε βγάζει τίποτα και λέει "παίζετε"....
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    This is an absolute joke..... No team wants the Ethniki to play in their stadium. No the people in Crete are refusing to let the team play there... This national team is a mess. https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/larissa-eager-to-host-ethniki-omada
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    These two paragraphs basically sum up the problem of worldwide politics. Nobody cares about improving the present. It’s all about winning the next election and the one after that.

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