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    Big national record for Nikos Skarvellis in shot put. During a meet in Arizona he broke the record with a throw of 21.05 meters, making him the first Greek shot putter to break the 21 meter barrier.
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    Depends when matches are played and when draws take place. Just checked. Only that of Q3 as both draws of Q3 and PO are held before Q3 and PO are played and after Q2 is played. So, if we are unseeded in Q2 draw Plzen, beat them we still will have our own coeff of 21 for the Q3-draw. If we in Q3 draw one of the top 2 seeds in the spreadsheet (now Benfica or Dynamo Kiev), beat them we will take their coeff and will be seeded in PO
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    I just want you all to know that lightening just struck so close to my apartment that several car alarms outside went off. If I don't make it, I just want you all to know I love you (except for PaokCT).
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    Stoch playing real well today (no quote aren’t you proud)
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    Didn’t watch the game as we are down in Bournemouth this weekend. I suppose it could have been worse with a loss. Need O.A.R.I.S. to do us a favour now, which is highly unlikely considering they only have three subs (one of which is a keeper). I just hope for good news on Monday.
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    Down 2-1 now. Ferreira's gonna get the boot
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    I find it funny that this year's cup final will be played at a neutral ground in Rizoupoli because they didn't want to play at either of the team's home ground. That logic didn't apply the last 2 seasons when we had to play AEK at their home ground. Even last year with no fans we were give the "safety" excuse. I guess big boy Vangeli still has a lot of pull, despite what they try to sell. https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/GreekCup/kupello-elladas-pros-rizoupolh-o-telikos.5727788.html
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    I like the part where the guy says you have to be sympathetic to the people doing the governing. Get real. This was predictable, avoidable, and now inexorable. My state is opening gyms up for the first time since March 15th, on Monday. We had our first day of zero coronavirus-related deaths a day or two ago, too. Just remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is no way that our general precautions are going to be eased up on any time soon; hopefully that forestalls a second wave up here in the Northeast.
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    PAOK U17 are the Greek Champions for 2019-2020. They defeated Olympakos in the final game on penalty kicks (6:5). Game score was 3:3. Congratulations!
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    With this psychology and roster problems, this series of losses won't probably stop. Even the good image that this coach has had when it comes to playing big matches minus olympiakos will be ruined and that will be it. Outplayed in some strange way against Aek, lost at home against Paok and Aek in the league and even Olympiakos at home would potentially be a loss. So from good image and sweet season start we came to a very bad bitter ending. Karipidis, Charisteas and German lost in translation coach and our sweet little Scarlet Johansson defense look these days really amateurish, especially after we got past Atromitos in the cup when declining started. Bad after-Covid return, bad form, bad thinking. The best stuff they did are 3, 4 selfies together or at least 2 of the three (combo Kary- Chari-Hoen). Durmishaj issue I won't comment, as this goes under that 'amateurish'.
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    Tomorrow our U17 will face the U17 of Olympiakos in the final of the U17 Super League. This match will be broadcasted live on the YouTube channel of the Super League. Kick off 18:45 EEST.
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    Aris came to terms with Matilla, Gama, and Korhut so they will remain with the team throughout the playoffs.
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    Speaking of K19s, this came up today as a recommended video. Thought it would be appropriate to bring this up considering the kids who were playing here, also showing up today. Goals by Tsiggaras and Tzolis (x2), and that Koutsias (only fifteen years old!) looks pretty involved. Special appearance by their captain Michailidis. Weird that this was only four months ago. I really hope we form a backbone out of our youth squads, though I will remain skeptical until I see it.
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    We win against Aris but no sign of Yiankos at all. I'm worried. Pou ise psichi mou?
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    Okay so I was chatting with my quote-friendly friend @PaokCT and figured I'd post this here. I know it's very early and I may be jinxing the team, but I like this stuff so I'm gonna do it. For CL qualifying next season, we would get into the second round (assuming of course we end the SL in second place, of course). This round has six second-place teams, which this season will be from Turkey, Netherlands, Austria, Czech Republic, Greece, and Croatia. Two of those teams are already known - Viktoria Plzen (34 coefficient points) and AZ Alkmaar (18.5 coefficient points). Turkey's #2 is Trabzonspor, who is banned from UEFA competitions - if results hold, that means Sivasspor will be get Turkey's QR2 slot. I don't know how likely this is as they're only two points up from Galatasaray (with one more game played), but let's assume they make it through - Sivasspor would just have Turkey's league bonus, which looks to be 5.72 next season (Galatasaray is 23.5). Austria's runner up is Rapid Wien (22), which has 32 points in the league. They have a game in hand and a narrow lead over LASK (14 points) and Wolfsberg (6.585), who both have 31 points in the league - so things can change there as well. In Croatia, Tudor's old team - Hajduk Split (7.5) - is in second place, with 54 points. They are ahead based on goal differential vs Lokomotiva (4.1). Neither of them can be seeded above us, so this race doesn't really matter, though I'd prefer the worse team to go through. PAOK has 21 points going into this next season. So if the current standings do not change, this is what we're looking at: Seeded: Viktoria Plzen (34) Rapid Wien (22) PAOK (21) Unseeded: AZ Alkmaar (18.5) Sivasspor (5.72) Hajduk (7.5) Worst case (and more likely): Viktoria Plzen (34) Galatasaray (23.5) Rapid Wien (22) Unseeded: PAOK (21) AZ Alkmaar (18.5) Hajduk (7.5) Best case: Viktoria Plzen (34) PAOK (21) AZ Alkmaar (18.5) Unseeded: LASK (14) Sivasspor (5.72) Lokomotiva (4.1) Right now, we need to hope Sivasspor remains ahead of Galatasaray and Besiktas, who would both be seeded ahead of us. In Austria, we need to hope Rapid Wien drops into third place - that would help us if Sivasspor falls, and would also provide us with an easier potential matchup against an unseeded team. Rapid going to the EL would also mean we could avoid AZ, which would be huge.
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    Προπονητής καλός ε; Με Μπα στα σέντερ Μπακ(!!!!), να αγγίζει τη μπάλα και να τρέμουμε ποτε θα κάνει μαλακία... Και μετά τον βάζει δεξιά και ο Στοχ κάνει πάρτυ... Πραγματικά δεν έχω ξαναδεί πιο γελοίο και ΚΟΜΠΛΕΞΙΚΟ προπονητη στη ζωή μου.... Και ρωτάω - αν δεν τον βγάλει στο ημίχρονο, δεν είναι για μπουνίδια;;;;; Εντωμεταξύ και τα δύο κανονικά σέντερ Μπακ σε κακό χάλι....
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    I am, my little Connecticut Yankee ❤️
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    You don't have to quote the last person who posted, chief. I'm right here! You can still like a player without being happy about his finishing in one game.
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    The one I posted above has lagged only once on me. You should be able to find some more on this page as well: https://bianconerotv2.blogspot.com/
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    The one posted above is working well for me
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    Coach should be we thank to for the season results? We should thank to Cuesta and Gama and 1 or 2 more of his shorter friends up there
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    Interesting lineup -edit- in other words, blackhawk was spying on Ferreira's plans clearly
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    Alefa with Johan Cruyff 1978
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    Emperor you’re really gonna compare Pantelidis to what Oenning has done? Does constancy mean anything to you? Who was the last Aris coach to bring consistent results and ensure you’re always a hard team to beat? You gotta go a long way back. You don’t have depth in your squad so the coach has to do with what he has, boost your defense and you go even further.
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    You can't just dismiss the roster with a simple it is what is. It's a bad roster plain and simple so the fact that Aris finished 6th and consequently made it to Europe while still staying on track in the cup is a tremendous accomplishment. The team had a game plan and it was the correct one given the many weaknesses. Gama and Fefta are the only two players on the team that can create so I'm not sure what the point you are making is, all teams rely on their creative players to score goals, AEK had more of those that's for sure. The only obvious thing in my opinion is that Oenning was excellent in managing this limited roster.
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    For the 1st paragraph, if your talking about Hatzidiakos then for me he has proven he’s got what it takes. The goals we copped were mostly from Stafylidis errors in my opinion. The goals Italy scored was from Bouchalakis hand ball and a shot from range which should’ve been closed down from our midfielders. Giannoulis has convinced me that he is good. Before I didn’t think he was good but after seeing him play I can say he has got a big future ahead of him. We are lucky to have a good amount of depth at LB. RB is the problem. Ive always likes Fountas has got energy and is capable of scoring goals. Also he has a lot of courage. He can play many positions like CAM, Wing and ST. He is also very fast which is another positive.
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    Only problem is we are talking about finishing a player from the NT in the age of 32 and replacing with someone, who definitely is talented as looks to have a bright career but at the moment cant be considered as a proven international player and if I recall correctly he is seriously injured? I do agree about Stafylidis' level being dropped down, although I can see him going back to PAOK since they are looking to sell Giannoulis and Stafylidis would be a perfect replacement. Kyriakopoulos of Sassuolo had had a great season with them, so did Tsimikas. Lykogiannis lost his place in Calgiari while Koutris at Mallorca got seriously injured and will be back from loan to Olympiakos in a few months. Has to work hard to earn a spot there. The one who I'm not sold yet is Giannoulis imo, he is literally worse than Kyriakopoulos and Tsimikas in every aspect but he keeps starting over them? Btw a player who needs to be in the next call ups should be Fountas of Rapid Wien, he has scored 14 goals in the Austrian League this season and definitely needs to be higher in the rotation than freaking Chatzigiovannis, Pelkas and so on...
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    Athens, it's a complete mess and only after the CAS ruling things will hopefully clear up. Now, when CAS gets to the case is another issue all together. Originally I had read that Aris would not be allowed to sign new players for the pro team or the academies, bring in players on loan, promote players from their academies, sell players or resign them which is why my original post on this subject was about Aris having a 12 player squad for the upcoming season. Later on I read that players still under contract would be allowed to resign which of course gives these players major leverage. The whole thing makes no sense to me and is completely counter productive for everyone involved. Let's not even get into legalities, how does FIFA expect these players to get paid when you handcuff the team that owes them money? If Aris does not have the ability to make money not only will said players not get paid but more players will have the same fate if the team defaults again. Why not workout a payment schedule forcing Aris to pay a predetermined amount to FIFA every month which in turn spreads the money out to all parties until everyone is paid off? In the mean time have one of their own oversee the Aris accounting practices until the matter is cleared to ensure every penny is reported properly.
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    It was only a matter of time. The worst PAOK I have seen in a long time.
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    Για να την κάνει σημαίνει ότι πουλάει. Ποιος αγοράζει όμως; Kαι πόσο; Μπα, δε νομίζω... Απλά δεν έχει μία ο τύπος, εχουν στερέψει και τα έσοδα λόγω Covid.... Γιατί πχ να δώσει λεφτά για να κρατήσει τον Τόνσο ένα μήνα;; Εχει mentality επιχειρηματία αλλά επιχειρηματία ψιλικατζή, έτσι; Δε σκέφτεται big. Γνωστό αυτό. Οπότε σου λέει: κόβω τα κόστη μου στο 0, κατεβάζω ελλειπή αποστολή αφού και ο άλλος ο βλαξ δεν τους βάζει έτσι κι αλλιώς, όταν πάρω τα λεφτά από το Φέτφα σπάω το μπαν, φέρνω φθηνότερους παίχτες από το πανέρι και επειδή φοράνε φανέλα Άρη θα τα πάνε καλύτερα από ό,τι η πραγματική τους ποδοσφαιρική αξία, θα πάρω και κάποια λεφτά από τα διαρκείας και έτσι κουτσά-στραβά βγάζω τη χρονιά...
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    Οι φυλλάδες σήμερα γράφουν ότι φεύγει και ο Tonso.
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    I wonder if the market demand will make this "privatized" law enforcement more militarized than the current one.
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    identity politics you are the product
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    Γιατί, μήπως τους Ματίγια, Γκάμα, Κουέστα τους έχουμε σίγουρους; Αύξησαν, λέει τις απαιτήσεις τους και ο Άρης περιμένει, λέει "να έρθουν αυτοί στους δικούς του όρους". Τούτο δεν το λες "απόσταση" των δύο πλευρών, διάλυση το λες αφού δεν μένει κορμός στην ομάδα... Ο Φετφατζίδης το έδωσε το φιλί ζωής στην ομάδα. Να δούμε τώρα κατά πόσοι οι "δικοί" μας θα δώσουν ζωή στην ομάδα... Το χειρότερο όμως είναι που "δέσαμε" αυτόν που δεν θέλουμε. Και αφήνουμε να φεύγουν μέσα από τα χέρια μας αυτοί που θέλουμε.. Ε, αμάν πια αυτή η ομάδα. Της έχουν βγάλει τη ψυχή όλοι. Και οι άλλοι και οι "δικοί" μας...

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