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    Why you boys have a love affair with Fetfa I will never understand. The guy is so meek and fragile. If he actually starts killing it in the GSL then fair enough, I will change my opinion, but right now I wouldn’t be selecting him either. And no, I don’t believe in giving him a chance just because he has good technique. That is not enough. Koulouris on the other hand (who has 25% the technique of Fetfa) has *earned* the right to be given a chance due to his performances so far in the GSL. And that’s the way it should be. I sincerely hope Angel goes with 3-5-2 with Koulouris and Mitro up front. Our Ethniki has been unable to score more than 1 goal a game for years now. Simply put, we need more firepower. And we need to apply more pressure on the opposition. The 3 at the back are obvious. I’d like to see Risvanis get selected and get some time off the bench. I believe he’s earned it and would make a good rotation player for the NT. In the middle I hope we only have one of Zeca or Kourbelis. You can’t have more than one hacker in the team without destroying your attacking potential. Zeca and the 3 at the back should be enough to defend with. If you’re so afraid of conceding that you need to play 2 exaria then might as well pack up your bags and don’t even bother coming to the game. I’m tired of watching this scaredy cat approach we have. As to the other two midfielders. Obviously one goes to Fortounis and the other I’d go Pelkas (for his running). Then sub whoever isn’t performing with Mantalos. GK not fussed. I’d go with Vlach but happy with any of them. They are all solid selections. Nice to have depth there. The wing backs is tricky. Not sure who is best at this stage for these positions.
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    For anyone interested Novasports are going stream Anastasiadis first press conference. It starts in about 25 minutes https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MTt8bX8izc
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    You guys are never happy. If any of us could do better with the selections, we wouldn’t be on this forum. He hasn't Even coached a game yet and already here we go. Has it ever occurred to any of you that maybe, just maybe none of these players but 3 or 4 are any good anyway. We’re arguing because fetfatzidis isn’t on the team or lazaros? I can understand the arguing if Ronaldo or Mbappe we’re not called up to their teams. But those 2 aren’t even average players in world standards.
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    i remember some brainwashed "friends" of ours telling us sandy hook was a false flag straw man arguments trumpism the 2nd amendment stories m*****es ....... whoever believes in that s%$#! ..... is exactly that ... s%$#! death is happening ..... and we are making excuses for the NRA ..... KARMA ... open your eyes your forefathers did not know how to spell ...... less ask them to think .it's 2018 ..... you don't need a militia, nor guns this poor child Mr Orfanos ..Telemachus...... survived las vegas and did not make it out last night. what are the chances? i hope the greekness strikes a nerve and a beautiful name like Telemachus .......is the wake up call. look at that mother, and have some empathy of her mourning IDIOTS!!!! https://twitter.com/ABC7Veronica/status/1060671145660141568
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    Selections have been made by new manager Anastasiadis for the upcoming Nations League matches. Goalkeepers: Vasilis Barkas (AEK), Alexandros Paschalakis (PAOK), Odysseas Vlachodimos (Benfica). Defenders: Kostas Manolas (AS Roma), Sokratis Papastathopoulos (Arsenal), Dimitris Siovas (Leganes), Vasilis Lampropoulos (AEK), Michalis Bakakis (AEK), Vasilis Torosidis (Olympiacos), Leonardo Koutris (Olympiacos), Dimitris Giannoulis (Atromitos). Midfielders: Andreas Samaris (Benfica), Andreas Bouchalakis (Olympiacos), Petros Mantalos (AEK), Dimitris Pelkas (PAOK), Anastasios Bakasetas (AEK), Konstantinos Fortounis (Olympiacos), Dimitris Kourbelis (Panathinaikos), Carlos Zeca (FC Copenhagen), Giorgos Masouras (Panionios). Forwards: Konstantinos Mitroglou (Marseille), Efthymis Koulouris (Atromitos), Nikos Karelis (PAOK). IMO: Positives: New blood Vlachodimos and Koutris, Samaris and Siovas back, Tziolis and Tzavellas era done. Negatives: Bakasetas and Mantalos over Lazaros and Fetfatzidis, Karnezis excluded. Key injuries: Retsos (activated by Leverkusen but not yet in game shape after lengthy injury), Donis, Papadopoulos, Stafylidis. Note: Several notable talents left out in order for them to play in crucial U21 Euro Fixtures.
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    Ninis scored his second goal on 11-- 09--18 in a 1 to 1 tie
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    The tie-breaking criteria for all Uefa competitions the Nations league included is the head to head record. So us beating Finland 3-0 would give us a better head to head record and if we were to draw level with them on points on the last match day we would come first based on that record. If we were to beat them 2-0 it would get a little complicated. Basically it would come down to goal difference because we would be tied in all other tiebreaking criteria's. Which are Superior goal difference in matches played among the teams in question; Higher number of goals scored in the matches played among the teams in question; Higher number of goals scored away from home in the matches played among the teams in question;
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    I’m not so concerned about topping the group.. that to be honest is no longer doable... We just need to focus on finding a style to play that can be successful.. The Euro qualifiers will be very difficult but it’s our only chance to make the Euros since we butchered the Nations league.. We are not scoring 3 goals it’s not happening and even if we do we need Finland to lose against Hungary.. They just need to focus on working as a team with a set plan that everyone buys into so they don’t go into the Euro qualifiers lost..
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    I am very curious to see what formation he will play this game. If you look at the selections he has called up 4 cbs, 4 fbs, 4 dms, 4 ams and 3 out and out strikers. There are no natural wingers, Masouras I think is more of a striker than a winger. It wouldn’t be that shocking if he goes for a 3-5-2. I wouldn’t think he called Koulouris for no reason. I think there the formation should be the same for the Greek national teams too. That is what I think they will do. We could see a 4-2-3-1 for all the levels such as the u19s,21s and men’s. I think that’s what Basinas was referring to in the interview. It’s a good idea as it will be easier for the younger player moving up. Also how does Karelis deserve a spot? Bakasetas shouldn’t be there at all. While Pelkas and Mantalos are questionable. Fetfatzidis and Lazaros deserve to have a spot in this team but it is early days so we should rightfully give it time. With Euro qualifiacation in March we could see players like Chatzigiovanis in the team as Angelos is looking forward into integrating players from the 21s. I would actually wouldn’t mind seeing a 3-5-2. Out defence is our strong point and you can’t go wrong with playing to your strengths. I do though at the same time would like us to be more dangerous in attack such as our build up. Also our finishing needs to improve aswell.
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    That's my point undefeated or not doesn't really matter. Half-decent is a fair assessment though. The performance of your team is acceptable at best and rarely convincing, but they have been extremely lucky in quite a few occasions already... To name a few: - Olympiakos - PAOK - should have been a comfortable Olympiakos win, yet you clinched those 3 points somehow, God knows how.... - PAOK - AEK - a draw would have been a fairer result - Aris - PAOK - a draw would have been fairer in my opinion (but you will probably say I am biased). - PAOK - Asteras - again PAOK didn't deserve to win in that match - Benfica - PAOK - The score should have been, what, 4-1 perhaps...? - PAOK - Chelsea - 0-3? 0-4? So European matches aside, guess how many points less that would have been in SL... You struggled against Apollon, you struggled again yesterday.... So what I am saying is that PAOK has been pretty lucky so far. Yes they probably deserve to be top simply because cleary AEK Olympiakos and Aris are struggling with their own internal issues. But luck can't always be on your side, that's all. PS - Nice to be able to discuss nicely with a PAOK fan once in a while, it's quite a rare occurrence though....
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    Ange A made mention he is a man of few words, and actions on the field are what counts, he said only Vlaho and Masouras are the only new guys at this stage, although Lambropoulos is probably another. Ange didn't want to take any players from Nikopolidi's team yet. Basinas mentioned that all the lower national rep teams play the same systems as the senior team so the player are familiar with their roles. There was no mention that Ange A doesn't highly rate Lazaros and Fetfa, his future wingers might end up being Donis and Chatzigiovannis next year.
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    Ομαδάρες σαν τη Βίντι ένα πράμα ε; H' σαν τη Βασιλεία που μας πρήζατε τα ούμπαλα για το πόσο ομαδάρα είναι και πόσο ομαδάρα είστε εσείς που την αποκλείσατε, και τελικά την πέταξε έξω η ΑΕΚ Λεμεσσού! Χαχαχα πολύ πλάκα έχετε ρε... ΥΓ - The wheels will start falling off....
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    Just provided a very usefull assist for the first goal against Den Haag away: 0-1.
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    If we had a good left winger he would have a party down the left hand side
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    At last. Own goal, lol But see how easy it is to score, a good cross and a good header and bang 1-0. Why can't we do simple things like that more often?
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    In all honesty I hope we see a 3-5-2 because that means Bakasetas won’t start.
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    Vidi won over ...that Paok, that omadara would you believe it
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    I believe Fortounis and Mantalos should be our main CAMs in 4-2-3-1. With Fortounis as 1st choice. I want to see Pelkas either as an 8 or on the wing. Pelkas should have been trained to play on the wing in his career. If Pelkas and Zeca are in the middle I believe that we will see a lot of running in the middle and more creativity. With creativity being a priority. Zeca can hold and be the destroyer. Regarding Holebas I believe he won’t be back. He is 34 and looks as if he is done with Greece. Regardless that he is in form. Let’s give Koutris a chance. I’d go something like this: Vlachodimos Retsos Manolas Sokratis Koutris Zeca Pelkas/Kourbelis Donis Fortounis/Mantalos Fetfa Mitroglou
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    It's insane to leave out Lazaros and fetfa for Bakasetas and Mantalos who have offered virtually nothing to the NT in the last couple of years.
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    Sorry for the wrong info. The press conference is on Monday, November 12.
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    I think you may be right. I believe we do have 3 or 4 players that are very good and that’s about it. The rest are either poor footballers or average and don’t deliver for the national team.