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    "O PAOKtzis einai griniaris" -Aristotle (338 BC)
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    Anastasiades pulled names out of hat to play them in different positions on the field, along with his subs. He lied to everyone that he had a knowledge of Greek football. He had No Idea about the players and Greek football. He was an old hack! Part of the criteria that must be in the next interviewing process for a prospective coaches, is to name 3 best Greek players for every position, and to write out 2 hypothetical teams he would choose and what subs he would use in different situations. Just to give the EPO an idea how he thinks.
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    Samaris, and Tzioli$ are plodders, looking for the coins they dropped on the pitch. Not going to break a game open or save a situation. Siopis and Zeca play like someone is trying to steal their girlfriends and are right in the thick of the action. I prefer the latter two. Actually, I prefer a Latte!
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    14,015 after today Is there such a thing as StubHub in Greece, where if I had season tickets I could sell the individual games?
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    While it is true most of us were hopefully leading up to the Italy game, we were quickly disappointed. The loss themselves are not what did it, it is his lack of tactical awareness. How does a head coach have a three week camp and not talk about the opponent? How he plans to play a slow cb at left back when he never played that position before against our toughest opponent. How the player told him that he didn't feel comfortable? Did they not practice this formation? This is why the tide turned against him.
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    That’s it! The revelations over our prep to these games is astounding - lack of prep I should say. You can’t run a NT like this, I’m also surprised this happened with Giannakopoulos & Basinas in the coaching team
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    PAOK athlete with special needs Stella Smaragdi broke the world record in triple jump with 9.95 meter during the Track and Field Panhellenic Championship for athletes with special needs. She also won the long jump competition with 5.21 meters.
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    Gold medal for Tentoglou in the U23 European Championships in the long jump with 8.32 meters.
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    The state of emergency is declared in Halkidiki after freak weather. 6 foreigners were killed.
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    working like someone is trying to steal their girlfriends lmao that's a quote and a half
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    I think the amount of work that goes into trying to get good, decent player to agree to come to a league like Greece's is extremely undervalued. ESPECIALLY if your not willing to absolutely outbid everyone else by a lot.
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    I must have read wrong... well that’s not bad at all
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    Georgie's latest post on instagram (a black screen with LOADING written) suggests they've got a signing on deck. If it IS Bradaric, it's a pretty solid move.
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    So looking at this list of 30 players it is clear that Ferreira is following his formula that he talked about during his press conference. Ferreira said that he wants 21 - core players 3 - youngsters 3 - goaltenders --------------------------- 3 - injured player (starters) So basically players will be cut from the squad only when we sign a new player to replace them or when the injured players will start returning to playing shape.
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    Look guys, you can't pinpoint one thing that is wrong with the NT and you won't fix it by changing the coach or not having an injury to a certain player or any single remedy. The biggest problem is the players themselves who have developed many different ways to lose matches. As I've said before the loss against Armenia was the only real fail Anastasiadis had and it was purely on the players. Before the game against Italy, most fans were mildly hopeful that the team was turning it around....and that was being credited to Anastasiadis (rightfully or wrongfully idk). This team has to start at the beginning and first learn to not lose, and then figure out how to win....baby steps....because no one coach or players is going to be able to make the difference....and the garbage goals we've been giving up have to stop.
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    Remember when Tudor told the press that we couldn't beat Krasnodar because transfermarkt showed how much bigger of a team they were than us? Ahhh those were the days. -edit- Not that I don't think they're a good team! I just love the defeatist attitude.
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    Lamprou got a free transfer to Vitesse, the former club of Machlas. He signed for one year.
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    The U21 NT will play a friendly against Germany in Zwickau on September 5. This is in preparation for the EURO qualifiers against Lithuania, Czech Republic and Scotland.
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    Maybe if the player himself wants to leave? And hes being a total dick to everyone around in Braga? Dunno... The football world is weird. And most articles are just click bait anyway; more clicks, more revenue, which means more bullshit.
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    I am more upset with the loss of the Tunisian for the first game, I expect AEL to give us space and counter, I thought Younes would be very dangerous coming in off the bench towards the end of the match. Larsson is more dangerous using his speed but I don't think space will be available for this to happen at Vikelidis but definitely in the return match, hopefully he will be ready to go in a couple weeks. In my opinion, it is very crucial we do not give up a goal at home, it goes without saying I prefer a comfortable victory, but a 0-0 tie would not be all that bad. As far as Gama is concerned, a lot will depend on how quickly he is healing and his mental state. Knee injuries are tricky and differ from person to person. The important thing is that he doesn't come back too soon. Alex, I saw this article after my post. https://www.allaboutaris.com/podosfairo/140593/apofasismenos-alla-xoris-risko
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    They need time and some consistency. Anastasiadis was good in building moral however he didn't know how to prepare for games. To have a three week camp and not scout Italy at all is crazy. To not know what formation to play and change it right before kick off is insane.
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    Μεθαύριο το πρώτο φιλικό μετά την επιστροφή της ομάδας από το εξωτερικό. Ουσιαστικά πρόκειται για "πρόβα τζενεράλε" για το ματς του Europa League της ερχόμενης εβδομάδας.
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    I take your point but I think most neutrals woulds till consider them at least as good as us 😕
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    So chances are 2/3 an Italian coach lmao I’m jk
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    Won’t be a Greek... worried about time a new coach is hired vs Finland game, needs to be ASAP and half decent
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    It was inevitable after Sokratis called him out after the Armenia game. Ange is a very good man I wish it would have worked out better for him and the Ethniki but the last two games were a mess. Let's see who they go to now? I'm hearing Ouzounidis or they said on sport fm they will go with a foreigner with no connection to Greek football. Anyways they don't have much time until the next game but I hope they can land a manager that will be successful and last.
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    I'm not in Greece so I miss lots sports news, but what I've been reading, there's not much movement in transfers. I understand PAO can't bring in big names, but how about the several players who aren't in Donis plans for next season? Have they left? I'm sure they could use that money for the club.
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    J1078 it's very disheartening especially after our dramatic comeback in Bosnia. Now we lose Fortounis when we're going into the biggest match vs Finland. If we had our house in order from EPO to coach to the players then 2nd place in this group would have been ours. Only Italy have a better team overall talent wise but our coach pretty much gave them the win in Athens with his ridiculous lineup.. So frustrating.
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    After the loss to Armenia our chances of qualifying became very slim anyways and now with Fortounis out that pretty much just completely ends any slim chance we might have had.. Another missed Tournament for the Ethniki... The sad reality is it’s over after 4 games and this team can’t even keep it competitive until the end of this tournament.. another dreadful showing...
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    16 year old Nasis Stoinovic is sold for 70K + a 10% resale clause to 1. FC Nürnberg. The kid, a Serbian youth international, entered our youth academies in 2013 and played last year on loan at Doxa Gratinis.
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    Jefferson Nascimento is mentioned by the media. He is a 31year old LB from Sporting Lisbon who played on loan at ........ Braga. If you would ask me: No, to old. Just sign players of < 27 and rather < 22 like Jaba, Akpom and Swiderski.
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    Specially on our left side. Biseswar is having a field day. One thing we learned from Kolkas is that the price of tsipouro is going up.
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    Looks like they secured the worldwide rights so everyone can see it on PAOK TV. 👍 Yes it's the 2nd division Cluj. The good one played Wednesday in CL qualifying losing to Astana. We actually want them to eliminate Astana.
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    FFS, game will be broadcasted again on paoktv, but only in Greece and Cyprus........
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    Mantalos and Pelkas provide some depth as a dekari, but they don't have the quality of Fortounis. What little hopes we had of turning around this qualifying campaign just took another blow.
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    ^^^^That's a major loss for Oly who will have to rethink their plans which were pretty much dependent on either building around Fortounis selling him and getting a replacement.
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    AEK Larnaca begin their UEFA Europa League qualifiers at home to Moldovan side Petrocub Hincesti
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    I thought they were away when I saw the score... anyway, hopefully they can progress
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    Apollonas are in Lithuania to start their Europa qualifiers. I'm also covering this match for Agonasport
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    Miltos Tentoglou (7.80), Odysseus Mouzenidis (18.75), and Emmanuel Karalis (5.20) all have qualified for the finals. Both Sotirios Gkarragiannis and Kostas Zikos reached the semifinals of the men's 100 meters, but failed to reach the finals. Mihail Pappas failed to reach the finals in the men's 400 meters. Marios Anagnostou got a personal best of 29:36.64 in the men's 10,000 meters finals (18th place).
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    Forget the airport, I'll drive him to France
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    A Ludo - Vradi 0-0, Piast - BATE 0-0 and Cluj - Astana 2-0 will do it and is a real possibility. Celtic has a walk in the park in the second leg.
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    E τότε είχε δίκιο ο Sadiq... Nα αυτονομηθεί το Λονδίνο (έτσι κι αλλιώς είναι μια παγκόσμια πόλη και οικονομικό κέντρο). Η δε Σκωτία να γίνει ανεξάρτητο κράτος και να μείνει στη ΕΕ, και η Αγγλία αφού θέλει να απομονωθεί, ας απομονωθεί εκεί στο νησάκι. Και καλά ξεμπερδέματα.
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    AEK start in Q1 with a homegame on July 11 against Petrocub-Hincesti from Moldova. The return will be on July 18th. The draw for Q2 will be tomorrow.

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