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    Hi folks! (Apologies for the long post but I’ll try to keep it brief) A Dunfermline Athletic and PAOK fan from Scotland here.. My story? I met a Pontic Greek girl 3 and a half years ago in Edinburgh. It was a classic case of boy meets girl, boy goes to Greece to meet girls parents.. boy falls in love with PAOK, and the girl haha. This September I will be getting married near Kavala! Anyway, went to the away tie v Liberec last year for my first game, then away against schalke. Met some amazing people along the way and everything surrounding the club, the fan base, history etc is like nothing I have come across. In the last 3 years I have supported this great club like I grew up supporting Dunfermline here in Scotland. In September I went to toumba to take some photos with my flag. After negotiating with a security guard and the office staff, I was alowed in to see the hollowed turf. That was a very special moment to me. I was in awe of the pace and it felt like home as soon as I came out of of the tunnel. Toumba symbolises a very happy period in my life and it was quite emotional as I took it all in, wondering, how I got to this point. Sunday will be my first match in toumba and I will be standing in gate 4. A dream will come true for me this weekend!! PAOKARA S’AGAPW
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    karelis and mitroglou are locks for the cf position so i don't really care who's the third one. about the wings for me it's donis, lazaros and let's say to give a chance to fetfatzidis and lamprou in these friendlies. the only 2 that i can think at the moment that are above average back ups instead of mantalos who's basically not a winger and gianniotas who's a below average player. samaris, zeca, kourmpelis, galanopoulos, kone and tachtsidis in the midfield. i think it's solid one, far deeper that our latest editions with tziolis and maniatis running it. sokratis, manolas, retsos and kyriakos cbs, locks as well. stafylidis, torosidis, lykogiannis and mpakakis for the wing backs. karnezis, paschalakis for the goalkeeper's position with the 3rd one being up for grabs. i'd give the advantage to tsintotas over anestis and kapino at the moment, the 2 latter look in some awful for tbh.
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    Glad to see there are some reasonable people (Laz, J1078). Yes, ranking is very important in our situation. And the NT shouldnt be an U-23 developing center. The best available players should start. But the head coach should try newcomers. Thats why we need friendly games. Talents shouldnt make their debut during crucial games (cf. Lykogiannis, Kourbelis, Donis). Siopis isnt ripe for the national team NOW. Same goes for Galanopoulos, Manthatis, Androutsos etc. Skibbe should call up Bakakis and Kone. And its a shame we couldnt utilize Maniatis properly. Possibly it was his last international campaign. He is smart and has a high work rate. He should have been employed as a defensive midfielder against Croatia (away) and on other occasions. I cant believe Skibbe benched him in favor of Tziolis. I dont know who could fill his role. He wasnt a very skilled player but could be very useful as a DM as he is considerably faster than Tziolis or Tachtsidis.
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    The reason is that now we have people at EPO that care about the national team and Greek football in general. The previous leadership was there to just make money for themselves and to serve their master.
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    The EPO now decides to schedule 3 friendly matches after we fail to make the World Cup? Could have used a few friendly matches during last campaign to play some younger players.
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    Goddamn right. It's criminal, how that organization is run. Literally, actually.
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    I do want to experiment with a younger line up and new players which is a must in these upcoming friendlies but we also need to realize that wins are crucial for our fifa rankings and moving up..
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    I do not get all the fuss about some players of Atromitos /Asteras and I think your memory is not decent at all lads. Superleague is overall weakened. That is obvious from the European results. Teams like Atromitos and Panionios have obviously stepped up their game but the League is weakened. Honestly apart from Siopis, Pelkas , Paschalakis and Lamprou/Masouras I find noone else who should even be looked into from the GSL currently to become a regural pick of the NT. Limnios and Douvikas too young for now. The rest are already fully developed and past their peak. Many promising CB but honestly why bother? Sokratis Manolas Retsos Mavropanos Kyriakos will all be above them in preference. Friendlies line up that I would love: Paschalakis Bakakis Hatzidiakos Mavropanos Tsimikas Siopis Galanopoulos Masouras Pelkas Lamprou Mitroglou/Karelis
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    I know what your saying but we haven't had an effective attacking midfielder since Karagounis. Also Donis knows how to carry the ball. I believe he could do well there just like on the wing. Pelkas has better crosses so he would be effective bringing the ball in from the wing. Lazaros has some pace on him still. Fortounis hasn't been playing well lately and I'm tired of waiting for him to show up.
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    Saw the game he did pretty well up against Mahrez. Nothing spectacular but first up he didn't look out of place won a few tackles. Let's see if he can string a run of games together. Game ended 1-1 after a Stoke goalkeeper error. Leicester hit the woodwork twice in the last 15 mins
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    Skibbe should have banged the table, thats true. But EPO could have known Ethniki needs some friendlies. Surely they know a national team used to play friendly games to infuse younger players and try new tactics. I would say both of them are responsible. I wanted to add that imagine what Otto or Santos would have done if EPO wouldnt have organized a single friendly match in a year. Clearly they would have shouted the heads of EPO officials off.
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    Either way you slice it AEK had a very good campaign this season in Europe. They amassed points for Greece but more importantly they amassed points for themselves. Hopefully it's enough so that they can be in the "strong" group of teams when in comes to the qualification games in the coming years. Last season they had to play St. Etienne which was a tough draw and they didn't make it to the EL stages. So many seasons out of Europe is what lead to this. Hopefully the points amassed this season are enough or if not a very good start.
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    it sucks that everyone uses dortmund as a stepping stone. could be an elite club aubamayang lewandowski hummels dembele sokratis reus all in one club would be lethal.
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    glad that he's picking up form. some people were concerned that he'd never be the same after the kind of injury he got.
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    they both been solid all season. bakakis too besides getting muscled off easily twice he also saved AEKS ass multiple times.
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    Not that there’s much to this but Bakasetas had a very good game today so did Lazaros. Both players were subbed off for reasons unknown. But they both played very well
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    great game and the commentators over here said AEK should have the win.though after we made those subs in the 80th minute dynamo looked better on the counter.bakakis got muscled off yet again but also saved our asses a few times too.lazaros MVP for AEK. Great fk nearly a goal.Masoud miss of the year. Like another poster said it's harder to miss that then to score it.Would have been cool if AEK went deeper. I think AEK got too cocky and should have went into Ukraine with an advantage. It's very tough to win up there in the winter. Ask the Nazi's lol.
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    Heartbreaking, AEK played a great game and you are not rewarded with a win. That away goal was a killer.
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    Agree with a lot of what you're saying @AchillesHeel. The analogy of WWF made me laugh. I will say though I don't agree about keeping people divided to maintain control. Just too conspiratorial for my liking. Maybe I'm naive. I just think the simpler explanation is that the system of government is so huge that to make meaningful changes takes a long time. Add to that the fact that there is little urgency by the people that actually have the power to change things and you have a system that is sclerotic. This doesn't just apply to the U.S. but to many many countries around the world. This weird situation where having a choice of two parties (party A kicks you in the head, party B kicks you in the guts, now make your choice!) who are intensely lobbied by corporations and big money has become the new normal. But don't worry, there's a money trickling into your pocket from ... somewhere. The biggest issues really (not that they're talked about enough) is income inequality and automation of jobs. Automation isn't a problem just yet but give it a decade or two. Although that really ties into the main issue of income inequality. How do you fix it ? The people in power that can change it have no incentive to (unless forced). And to be fair, I don't think they really know how to "fix" things. Any talk of fixing income inequality is screamed down with words like "socialist" and that's pretty much the end of the discussion at that point. Sad state of affairs really. There will come a day, maybe in our life time, maybe a little further along, but either way at some point in say the next 50-100 years where I would guess 80% of jobs (and that's being conservative) will be automated. And at that point, the shizen will really hit the fan because at that point when you have 80% of the population earning nothing, it's not just them who will be struggling but the entire system of economics collapses. It'll make the Great Depression look like a small event in comparison. Time to bring in a universal basic income ? GTFO you commie bastard!
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    I would bet good money that he's capable already, but they just don't want to exacerbate the sprain. I mean if he played on it last weekend, then it can't be *that* bad. He'll be fine! FINE I TELLS YA!
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    Welcome DA PAOK! Enjoy your visit of the game. Here a vid from the old days. I like the pyro but I hope we won’t do is this time. We must avoid every single opportunity for the FA/SL to punish us.
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    yeah I like pelkas. he's hungry. especially now that mantalos is out and he's been great for top of the league PAOK this season.
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    Bakakis, Retsos, Kone and Fetfatzidis should be called up. Retsos got into the team of the week as well as Sokratis. I like Maniatis but his time is over. Sane goes for Tziolis. I also would like Tsimikas and Lykogiannis to battle it out for the left back spot. These games are a must win but we also need to give other deserving players chances.
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    The thing about players like Maniatis who depend on their physicality and work rate is that they become a liabilty once they lose a step....and the DM position for the NT has lots of depth (Zeca, Kourbelis, Siopis, Samaris, Tachtsidis etc.). Its the attack that needs to be looked at where beyond Mitroglou and Donis the cupboard is pretty bare. Giannotas has started in only 3 games in 2nd division Spain mainly coming off the bench and getting limited minutes, Fortounis has regressed the past 2 seasons, gets gassed after every run he makes and needs 5 min to recuperate, Vellios and Diamantakos need to be dropped from the squad asap. Lazaros is having a great season so far and will be used while Fetfatzidis is also having a good season but in a weak league, so a call up might not be in the works for him. There are plenty of spots for new faces while maintaining continuity with the old guard, especially in the secondary roles.
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    After we failed to qualify EPO is somehow galvanized into life and they start to organize friendlies for the NT... Good news but we would have needed friendly games in 2017 too! #istillcantbelieve #theonlyNTwithachancetoqualifythatdidntplayafriendlylastyear
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    Personally I think Skibbe has to look to replace Maniatis, Tziolis and Tzavellas.....also try to find a suitable replacement for Torosides who is getting on in years. Our attackminded midfield options are very limited so even a player like Vasilakakis or Masouras can have a place on the squad rather than wasting a spot on Maniatis or Tziolis who are both past it. Other players like Koutroubis and Kolovetsios should be replaced by younger players who can be blooded slowly. Add to that the fact that many of the usual foreign based callups are getting little to no playing time also opens the door to new faces. Skibbe needs to assess as many players as he can during the next few months because asides from the sure starters (barring injuries) in Sokrates, Manolas, Mitroglou, Zeca, the rest of the spots are up for grabs and should go to the players who are the most in form and are getting regular playing time. Players like Manias, Lamprou and Pelkas surely deserve to be looked at for the forward position ahead of Vellios and Diamantakos.
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    Watch "AE Larissa vs Panathinaikos 0-1 All Goals&Highligts HD 19.02.2018" on YouTube Nice finish.
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    As long as we do our job we need not worry about other results.
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    That's not a bad line up Rockafeller. I don't think Siopis will make it in time for the friendlies as he is injured. Would like to see that line up. Maybe Kourbelis could start next to Galanopoulos. I'd also like to win these matches so I'd have Lazaros and Donis playing. Maybe Giakoumakis deserves a call up. But he has only played one good game. Limnios is the same age as Lamprou. I'd also like to see Mavropanos in the team but I don't see that as a possibility. Retsos and Donis are our future stars. So it's best they play the majority of these games. Kyriakopoulos for Asteras is also decent but Tsimikas is better.
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    Pretty sweet finish....here's the hilight: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oseX3lhRDpU
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    Happy birthday to Ronaldo Guiaro (February 18, 1974) who turns 44. Arguably our best central defender of Modern Era.
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    Bastakos is a complete and utter joke. Jeeeeeeesus!!!! Seriously? We actually spent money for this guy!?!?! So we bought bastako to level our failure to buy Vouho?!? Seriously?!?! Vouho v Bastako!?! Bastako vs Vouho!?!
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    I guess Spanos gives him enough starts to convince himself whether he has something or not. Diamantopoulos is back next match, so he will sit on the bench finally.
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    FT 3-0 Milunovic two levels better than Bastakos, I am wondering why he doesn't play more.
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    0:0 half time Again, initiative on opponent's half was there, and again finishing has been awful. 5 meter misses over and over: by Pasas, Sousa and co. Besides, for some reason there hasn't been chemistry between new comes Xandi and Bastakos with rest of the line-up. Their moves and actions on pitch make me kinda nervous and desperate.
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    Pedia the match is on ertplay2 http://webtv.ert.gr/ert-play-2-live/
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    Looking that way. I'll give you credit....you have been saying the championship is yours for 40 years, and have never given up.
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    Karelis had a goal and an assist in Genk's 3 - 1 victory over Zulte-Waregem. Seems he's regaining his form...good news for the NT Highlights :
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    He should go to the premier league. It would be fun watching him play there Also Manolas would do well there aswell.
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    I like the black one the best. Mainly due to the emblem. As for the striped one I am not a big fan of narrow stripes. I prefer the thicker ones. The third one is ok. Last year's third kit was the better. I heard that when the team will use the third kit, it will not have the Stoiximan logo on it. Instead it will have a logo in support of children with down syndrome. \
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    If you think that night was bad then think about me. I was actually in the stadium in Moscow that night. Having to watch Salpiggidis miss the open goal in -23 degrees is something I would not wish on my worst enemy.