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    I'd hate to think that the media actually influences player selections....I'd be much more at ease believing Skibbe is on the take (or at least those very near to him). Fetfatzidis was billed as the greek messi by the media but was never able to regularly crack the starting 11 anywhere until he went to Saudi Arabia.....let's see how he does at Oly before we start looking at him as the messiah. Berg went to Saudi Arabia too and couldn't even register a shot at the world cup. A player gets better when playing with and against better players and the inverse also applies. I hope he does well because he can be an asset to the NT. As for Ninis....he tore his knee ligaments in 2011 I believe and has never been the same since nor has he been able to develop as everyone hoped because of this....I was his biggest fan when he first came up with PAO but after his injury he lost that extra step that allowed him to get by defenders and to get into open spaces. To me he may as well retire although I would be very happy if he were to prove me wrong. What we lack in the midfield is a Zagorakis/Karagounis type player who can take charge, has a good football IQ and knows what to do going in both directions. All the Samaris-Taxi-Tziolis-etc combinations will fail because they are missing at least 2 out these 3 qualities. Zeca is the workhorse and we need to find a general to put next to him if we are ever to have success as in 2004 and and later in 2012-14. Its not just talent that we lack but the determination and "tsabouka" of the past is also clearly gone since Karagounis retired. I'm not talking about Tzavella/Maniatis/Torosides theatrics but about players who can pull them selves up by the bootstraps and go out and get s#!t done. Yes Skibbe is a fool but many were saying the same about Santos and Otto....but the players would get the job done one way or another....not anymore though. Until we develop a player like that we might as well try Kourbelis /Zeca for a stretch, seeing how well they played together in a depleted PAO...they can build a defensive wall in the middle and the attack can run down the flanks....we suck right now trying to go through the middle anyhow. I really hope Skibbe decides to re-evaluate all positions (except CB of course) because things change quickly with players' form and injuries and he has to be better prepared if we're going to qualify for the Euro. (as much as I'd like to see him sacked for being an incompetent twit, I'd really like to see Greece at a major tournament again)
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    I have that same feeling about Tziolis. Why would Skibbe play him in the friendlies and not be in the plans for the nations league? He played many players from the u21s against Saudi. These players good or bad should be slowly making there way in the first team. Androutsos and Galanopoulos are players who should be involved from now. Tsimikas is another one. The u21s I realised do not have a strong or aggressive midfielder as a 6 who does the dirty work. Like Zeca. Most of their midfielders are box to box midfielders. The right back position needs work aswell for the u21s. Same could be said for the men's team. Hopefully Masouras picks up form at Olympiakos. So midfield in my opinion is a huge problem leading into the nation's league. We will probably see Zeca and Samaris start together.
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    I agree that we ended up playing two of the 3 best teams that were in the World Cup and if Donis and manolas were playing the game in Croatia would have been different. Now we might have not got a result but I don't think we would have lost by more then 1 goal which would have given us a chance in the 2nd game.. I don't see Skibbe moving away from Tziolis at all if he wasn't going to use him then he wouldn't have played the entire game in our friendly and he would have tried someone else.. I truly think Skibbe is still not that knowledgable of the Greek players because if he was there is no way he would continue to choose the line up he does.. This nations league will show us a lot and ultimilety what we can except from this coach going forward.. We can not continue to play guys that don't get regular playing time, and where we are unsure about a certain postion then you need to pick players with speed who can make up for their mistakes.. We need to stop playing guys that are slow and lazy like Taxi... lets see what happens but until i see changes with the call ups and line up selections then I don't except anything to change from our last campaign regarding players..
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    With Nations League just around the corner and the World Cup coming to an end we saw Croatia our playoff opponent finish 2nd and Belgium who was in our group finish 3rd. I believe Greece would have fared very well at the World Cup had we made it. We were very unfortunate to have had Manolas suspended and Donis injured for that match vs Croatia and a make shift lineup by Skibbe that was atrocious. I believe we could have gotten a result in Croatia had these two players been in our lineup. As qualifying for the Euro begins Skibbe better go with his best IN FORM players not guys that are not getting any playing time and I really hope he moves on from Tziolis and Tzavellas. We have much better and this Nations League is the perfect time for these guys to get minutes.
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    Apparently Stuttgart rejected a 10 million euro offer from an English club for Donis. http://www.contra.gr/Columns/to-evaggelio/article5261985.ece Big season coming up for him, really needs to get some regular minutes and be a starter
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    I would go with something like this based on Skibbe's insistence on playing with 2 DMs. The question marks are players that need to be re-evaluated on form/health/playing time at their club. With Kourbelis/Zeca as DMs dropping back and covering when necessary the full backs can get forward allowing the wingers to close in on the goal becoming secondary strikers which suits Laz/Donis/Pelkas playing styles. Karnezis/Giannotis Bakakis/Torosidis? Manolas/Retsos Sokratis/Papadopoulos Stafylidis/Lykogiannis? Zeca/Siopis? Kourbelis/Samaris? Mantalos?/Fortounis?/Vasilakakis? Lazaros/Giannotas? Donis/Pelkas Mitroglou/Karelis Mavropanos, Limnios, Androutsos, Tsimikas, Taxtzides, Galanopoulos, Manias, Kivrakidis, Barkas, Pasxalakis, Giannoulis etc. to be in the pool of selections. I'm sure I missed some players but this is what I got atm. The thing is, Skibbe has to be more flexible with his tactics (if he actually has any) and take a serious look at all the options available. You have to play to your strengths and target the opposition's weak points to succeed.
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    panathinaikos going down I think is a big reason why NT is struggling as well. When we won the euro pao was a high quality side. Basinas, Karagounis, Seitaridis, nikopolidis, salpi, and AEK was stacked too (AEK is still good tho) there was that nice era in 2010 as well with karagounis/ninis/katsouranis
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    A competent manger will set his formation according to the capabilities of the available players. We only have one in-form, dependable CDM and that's Zeca. Samaris has been riding the pine for 2 years now and it doesn't look like he's ever going to be a regular at his club nor is anyone is willing to dish out money to buy him....hasn't played a decent game for the NT in 4 years. Tziolis is washed up, Taxi is a bust at club and NT level, Siopis might be good as a back up for Zeca but is in no mans land at Oly. Galanopoulos and Kourbelis are possibilties but won't bring the skills that are lacking at the position atm. Playing either one will strengthen our defense but not add anything offensively. Skibbe seems unwilling to try 3 CBs with Zeca in front where we get to play to our strengths in the CB position. If we had Sokratis, Manolas, Papadopoulos or Retsos, with Zeca in front we would be able to put Mantalos or Fortounis in front of them to act as a transitional playmaker.....a 5-1-3-1 formation. It would also provide coverage for the weak defending on the flanks that we have seen from Toro and Staf. Unfortunately Skibbe doesn't understand that the formation is dependent on the abilities and limitations of the players, especially on a NT where you can't simply go out and buy whatever element you're missing to implement your system....you have to work with what you have (and make proper player selections) and use a system that complements the players abilities. On the other hand its not Skibbe's fault Taxi sucked the big one when he was given his chances (many thought he was going to be the solution for the midfield) or that Samaris has never been able to get it going (its almost as if his invisibility and lack of contribution during games is somehow forgotten) or that Tziolis is too old (enough said)....but it is his fault that he keeps doing the same thing over and over again.
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    Hey guys, been a while I see nothings changed lol Skibbes still out to lunch and somehow tziolis has managed to stay relevant... Wtf. Thank go we didn't make the world cup and get embarrassed on the world stage with this dollar store coach. Torosidis could easily play dm, he did for oly a few times in the past. Not saying we should, but the option exists at least. But the massive problem as well has been skibbe playing a formation that requires wingers, and instead he uses cdm, cam, rb and lb's there. I have no f ing hope for nations league the way this is going. Even if he calls up good players, he won't play them all together. He's too stupid. Anyone who's down 4-1 on aggregate in the 2nd half of the 2nd leg that doesn't go all out offense, needs to have a CAT scan of his head. honestly he could drop fortounis back a bit and mandalos a bit higher or vice versa and have zeca as the true cdm or even have k paps be a cdm. He could even interchange with soks since he's played cdm as well. Options are there, this coaches brain is not however. Those are the types of experiments he should have been doing instead of the nonsense he tries in friendlies... Still can't believe we lost to SA lol what a joke
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    I still can't believe Skibbe ignored Fetfatzidis for all this time. If Fetfatzidis comes back to the team Skibbe will what was I thinking not calling him up. With Fetfatzidis in the team our attack instantly become more dangerous. With Pelkas and Donis also on the field at the same time we can become more dangerous. I'd like to see Mantalos or Fortounis as the 8.
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    I have been overcome with Tziolis-sysmosys. In a hypnotic state of mind. I know now why Skibbe picks him first in every squad. Skibbe and I now believe Tziol is the no.1 midfielder in the world. Yes my peeps we have been wrong all this time. Pirates best players are currently Tziolis, Tziolis, Tzavellas, Maniatis Samaris and Tachtsidis.
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    I'm at the game against Royal Antwerp. I think there are only 50 Paoktsides. Probably because it was not clear where it is played exactly from the start the game was announced.
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    Did anyone see Fetfatzidis goals in the friendly? Class player. Also Manos is one to look out for and Androutsos looks the stuff hopefully he gets more game time this season.
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    I like Heels lineup. We can’t lose if we have 22 players on the field.
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    I think Bakakis is solid as RB and Toro at CM
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    I always wanted Pereyra in the squad. He really is a quality player.
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    Greece opens Nation's League play with Estonia on Sept. 8: https://www.epo.gr/Competition.aspx?a_id=46171&NewsType=22&Competition=2000000021&Season=2000000148&Country=7&Round=2000000390&Group=1000164592
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    Sport FM posted the first few last night, then inPAOK posted contradictory articles earlier today, 63 minutes apart. Unless you're looking for pictures of my tzatziki, in which case GROW UP, YOU AUSTRIAN FREAK!
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    Try JMT metro sport warden and eglinton.
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    Salpingidis, Samaras and Gekas came just after the Euro 2004 win. I sort of agree with you @georgelaz about PAO going down and producing players for their national team. I believe they have good young players in the youth and they should play their best in the senior team. Then they will start progressing as players in the top flight and can sooner rather than later become options. Emmanoulidis is very talented and only 17. Chatzigiovannis is skillful attacking threat and is 21. Pispas can progress if given more game time.
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    Like the 2 tone blue in the home jersey, I will say this, I'm as excited about these jerseys as I was in my first honeymoon night, finish up the reception so I can go and get to the business. Lazo, your at the cutting edge as usual, you have Greek City music and we have Metropolis music at Earlwood in Sydney.
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    The thing is the Greek media do not like players in the mould of Fetfatzidis or Ninis. They prefer Tziolis and Tzavellas. That is why Skibbe is a yes man and we see the same old thing. He is trying to please his bosses. The Greek people have no idea about how soccer should be played if it was up to me Ninis and Fetfatzidis will be the players I choose any day of the week. They are talented.
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