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    Warda is off to the Africa cup of nations with Egypt, hopefully he has a decent showing and we can net some good $ for him
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    I’m stunned they didn’t call up Immobile, I’ll take it lol
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    OFI wins the game 3:2 and will play in Superleague 1 next season. The winning goal was score in the 96th minute of the game.
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    Some players are just stupid. In the relegation/promotion playoff game between OFI and Platanias the OFi player scores to give OFI a 2:1 lead and then takes his jersey off celebrating, forgetting that he already had a yellow card. Well he got a second one and had to leave the game. The ref is PAOK's "favorite" Kominis who in first half gave OFI a "maimou" penalty.
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    The Repubs are morally corrupt. They're openly advancing the interests of big business and the wealthy elites. But, in order to get support for their policies from the people, they lie and distract. They lie about their economics. They don't work for strengthening the middle class. They have a negative proposal for (our) government. To them gov is not there to provide a safety net, and social services every decent advanced civilized country has and needs! To them it's a libertarian gov that does national defense and law & order. (and they would even privatize that if the GOP could) only. They're stuck in the 18th century! Distractions? Oh, yeah, Benghazi! Seriously? Let's say it was 100% HRC's fault (It wasn't and the GOP Congress investigated her 30+ times).... still it doesn't follow you'd vote for DJT or any Repub. Corrupt Clintons? OK. but she'd be raising her own taxes to pay for social programs, not like DJT and the Repubs who cut their own taxes and gave permanent tax breaks to the wealthy, when the meager middle class tax cuts expire in a couple years. This regime is a kakistocracy (as some people have already mentioned). Rule by the worst. As for Biden, yeah, I'd take him over any Repub anytime even if he fell into a coma in 2020. Which condition he appears to be in, or he had left the planet between 2007-2017.... when he says now that Trump is the GOP's problem, and once he's gone the Repubs will see the light..... Really? Clearly he's forgotten what they did to Obama. He forgot what McConell said before even Obama took the oath , that he'd make him fail. Trump is the result of the Repub party's ideology and practices in the last 25 years..... a party that allowed unheard personal attacks (DJT began his campaign by questioning Obama's legitimacy, birthright, etc) against political opponents, attacked the legitimacy of our institutions (elections, judges, media, military, etc) advanced racist rhetoric, empowered hate groups, promoted the worst divisions in our society (actually this is their strategy), and lowered the political discourse to new depths. They even denied Obama a nomination to the supreme court.... You want to be supporting the party of ..stupid? Yeah, any party or individual who is anti-science is a moron! No way to sugar-coat this. And, the GOP has this unique distinction among conservative parties in the West.... Anti-science, moronic, and a stance that represents ignorance!
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    Best possible scenario after June 8 Italy 10 pts Greece 8 pts Bosnia-Herzegovina 5 pts Finland 4 pts I will not mention Armenia and Liechtenstein since both of those teams have no chance to qualify
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    Concernign Varela. Thank you for your services for the two of the 3 years, where he was a top notch defender in the Superleague. True professional who gave his best even though he already decided to leave the team. Good luck to him at Al Ahli. I still think there was a lot of behind the scenes moves by his agent. Last week he tried to peddle Stanciou to PAOK (see rumors from last week) and probably tried to make it part of the Varela deal. PAOK did not bite and as a result he took Varela to Al Ahli. Incidently Stanciou also just renewed with Al Ahli today.
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    The deal with Varela fell through. Seems he's following Al-Ahli on the old instagram these days. Or, as Savvidis notes: Porto rejected the 5mm offer we had made for Oliveira, I'm sure the team will try one more time but as Yiannaki says, he's probably not coming back.
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    I agree the Italians are the heavyweights in our group and to be honest they should beat us so a draw would be amazing for us.. I just hope they also beat the Bosnians without Pjanic.. finishing 2nd will come down to how we perform against Finland and the minnows and we need to make sure we get all possible points from Armenia and Liechtenstein and hope nothing worse then a draw against Finland and Bosnia.. I’m assuming Italy will go Undefeated in this group..
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    A draw would be a fantastic result. Italy are the heavyweights in the group, you don't go into the games with them expecting to get anything, if you can pick up any points it's a bonus. The other 8 games are where qualification will be won and lost. In saying that it doesn't mean we go into the game and roll over, we can get a result off them but we're going to need huge performances from our big name players. Sokratis, Manolas, Fortounis are the 3 you look to in this game to provide leadership and lead you to a positive result. Nothing to lose v Italy, a draw or heck even a win would be amazing but the Armenia game a few days later is the one we can't afford to drop points.
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    Looks like in Belgium they like Koulouris. Apparently both Standard Liege and Anderlecht Brussels want his services.
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    Engels in the final selection for starting 11 of the year in France
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    Ποιο disaster ρε φίλε! Παρά τα προβλήματα της, η Ευρώπη παραμένει παγκοσμίως ιδανικός τόπος, στους περισσότερους τομείς, πχ κοινωνική πρόνοια, δημοκρατία, προστασία περιβάλλοντος, ευνομία, ανθρώπινα δικαιώματα, κλπ.
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    A round table perhaps, with Melissanidis, Marinakis and Alafouzos also. They can all brain storm and impress us with their ideas while we salute them from sheer admiration.
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    I like bean too. Both Rowan Atkinson and fasolada. Pepito seems to be legit with a different outlook on these forums.
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    ¡Santa Madre de Dios! Why on earth would anybody read an opinion article by Timothy P. Carney on the Washington Examiner bashing Joe Biden? This opinion comes from the same person that wrote the book: "Obamanomics: How Barack Obama is bankrupting you and enriching his Wall Street friends, corporate lobbyists and union bosses". Seriously? Is this part of the let's-attack-Biden-so-people-turn-against-him conservative strategy? Zero credibility for this opinion writer. ¡Por favor, deja de estos articulos sin sentído! For those that really want to see for themselves, here is the Biden-Ryan debate in its entirety. Watch it. Do not fall for the crap peddled by conservatives.
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    I "feel" like AEK has every right to find out why the referees were switched. If there was a valid reason, fair enough, and if not, then it's fair to criticize the referees. But this also begs the question, does the referees owe AEK an explanation ? It could be the case for all we know, that the referees are allowed to do this, without having to provide an explanation! I think it's fair to say that if Greek referees were involved it would definitely have a bad smell to it, and we would all be thinking of conspiracies. But seeing as high calibre foreign referees are involved, I'm inclined to think there isn't anything nefarious going on. Still, I am curious and would like to know what happened. Let's see what comes to light. As for AEK insisting on the game being replayed, I say bring it on. Because I'm quite confident we would beat them. If they think they feel embarrassed now having lost 3 in a row, imagine the shame at having lost 4! PAOK fans would be singing of this for decades. Oh the songs that would be made. And if it so happened that AEK did win, well, it would just go down as 'χάρτινο 2.0'. They could add it to their pile of χαρτιά. They could add another 'X' to their name, and they could be known as 'ΑΕΧΧ'. As for asking for a replay, I say whoever is advising Melissanidis should be fired. Because either way they lose. If the game isn't replayed, they look like sore losers. If the game is replayed and they lose ... oh lord ... I don't even want to think about it. And if the game is replayed and they win it'll be labeled as 'χάρτινο 2.0'. Seriously, did they not spend 2 minutes thinking about this ? Apparently not.
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    If anything, our B/C team is the team that is trying to break into the A team. Outside of a few spots, the rest are open for competition. The difference in quality isn't that great. I think GK - Vlaho has it locked ( Paschalakis isn't that far behind) CBs - Biggest gap here, after Sokratis/Manolas/Siovas - The other options are good but nowhere near their level. Retsos/Papadopoulos/Mavropanos - have potential but the other two especially, are already considered good for the internation level. LB - Staf/Koutris/Lyko/Tsimakis? Staf is my pick but Koutris showed he can play. Holebas would beat them all but that ship has sailed.. RB - Open - no one here has stuck out.... Def Mids - Zeca/Kourbelis/Samaris - you can pick any two of the three and I would be ok. It would be a great time to try out tachs to play along side of them (but he wasn't called up) wings - Donis/Masouras - we need more here attacking mid - Fortounis - after him, Pelkas but Fortounis is a class above CF - Mitroglou is starting but it's a great chance for Koulouris and Durmushaj Would love for him to call up the Dutch contingent/Bouzoukis to camp, to incorporate their speed...Either way, plenty of opportunities available...
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    They say the White Towers is stashed with weed. Is that why they all gather there every time something big happens? If so, I'll round up all my buddies from Chihuahua and we'll go wave PAOK flags. PAOK y pan seco! (ΠΑΟΚ και ξερόι ψωμί)
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    Great, Canas figured out how to get on phantis...
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    Felicitaciones por ganar el campeonato. Arriba, arriba!
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    I worry about him. I'm not that sure that we can pay 5 millions for him... I'd rather be wrong, 'cause he is a great player for us...
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    Panionios failed to get a Superleague license for next season and will start with a -6 points just like Panathinaikos did last season. Panathinaikos and Panaitolikos also had question marks but got away with monetary fines.
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    I’m hoping the fact that we play Italy will draw a big crowd for us.
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    Amazing, historic season. Well done to everyone players, coaches and heck even the fans for not shooting ourselves in the foot again! We've dreamed about this season for many years and we've finally lived it, Bravo Paokara!!! Extended highlights from old mate mike loupnikis!
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    The AE Pontion Iraklis Katerini, also known as Iraklis Thessaloniki has been relegated from Football League and now there are rumors that they will try to buy the tax ID number of the newly promoted to Superleague team NFC Volos (or New Football Club Volos). Apparently the starting bids are around 3 million Euro, since Apollon Smyrnis is also interested in that tax number so they can remain in Superleague. Needless to say that NFC Volos is nothing than FC Pydna Kitros whose tax ID number was purchased by a Achilleas Beos, a person that did jail time for match fixing and renamed them NFC Volos. The team has no fans at all and only the player's relatives were attending their game in Football League.
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    What you’re saying is that the happiness and prosperity of our lives depend entirely on the EU. I refuse to even entertain this idea as I completely disagree with it. You are also accepting just what the gang wants you to think - that you are nothing without it. As I said, it’s a great idea on paper but a disaster in reality.
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    Well the Dems decided to fight fire with fire....their analysts crunched the numbers and decided to pit one comic book character against another. The analogy about the different jokers shows the level of surrealism in American politics atm.......maybe we're living in the Joker-verse.
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    Back in 2012 I followed the Biden-Ryan debate and I wondered why (1)Biden behaved like a drunk sailor and (2) the organizer of the debate did not kick him out. Apparently other people had similar reactions, and today I stumbled on an article on Biden's past achievement and his manners. For those who do not remember the Biden-Ryan 2012 debate,the following an article can be read at www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/columnists/joe-biden-was-trump-before-trump; The juicier points (in my opinion) are below: Biden, on the evening of Oct. 11, 2012, delivered the most extraordinary, most ambitious, and most undignified performance in the history of televised vice presidential debates. Biden snickered and guffawed his way through the debate, interrupting his opponent repeatedly for the sake of interrupting, and firing irrelevant juvenile comebacks at his opponent's sober points. Surely, this boorishness would hurt Biden. Surely, laughing at dead servicemen in a war his administration started, and at the insolvency of entitlements, would look bad to the press and the public.…....... After every 2016 Republican debate, I would comment to my wife and to my conservative colleagues, surely Trump’s boorishness, ignorance, and utter lack of dignity will look bad to voters. Yet after every debate, Trump rose in the polls. Like Biden 2012, Trump 2016 would interrupt his opponents — not to make a point, but to interrupt, to establish his dominance over the likes of Jeb Bush. When an opponent lodged a perfectly valid criticism of Trump, Trump would respond with an irrelevant, often personal attack. His “counterpunching” was never about rebutting an attack, it was about inflicting maximum pain so as to make the opponent hesitate before punching the next time. Biden made it clear that being a vulgar pest was a winning formula in American politics. So America was about to see vulgar pest-hood for real. If Biden was Jack Nicholson's Joker, Trump would be Heath Ledger’s Joker. …..... Biden was the proto-Trump in many other ways besides the boorish debating. Biden, for instance, had a creepy habit of pawing at women and kissing them in the open, and somehow got away with it. Americans, it turned out, tolerate this creepy grabbing. This made it a bit less shocking in 2016 when Donald Trump didn't collapse in the polls after being caught bragging about how he kisses women he’s just met, and grabs their crotches, and “they let you do it.” Biden peddled old racial stereotypes and somehow got away with it. "You cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin' Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent,” he said in 2008, before Obama chose him as a running mate.
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    Έχουμε και δουλειές να 'ούμε. Δεν έχω κάποιο σκοπό να σε διαλύσω. Έχεις μια άποψη, άσχετα που δεν συμωνώ μαζί σου. Για να έχεις όμως αυτή την άποψη θα πρέπει να έχεις και τους λόγους σου. Όμως φίλε ukworm, μονο το Λονδίνο ψήφισε να παραμείνει στην ΕΕ. Όλοι οι άλλοι που ψήφισαν για έξοδο είναι άσχετοι δηλαδή; Μόνο το Λοδίνο έχει μορφωμένους και ωραίους; Φίλε @ukworm βρισκόμαστε σε διαφορετικά στάδια της ζωής. Εσυ φαντάζομαι έχεις οικογένεια, παιδί(α), σπίτι με δάνειο και άλλες τέτοιες υποχρεώσεις. Λογικό να σε φοβίζει μια τέτοια αλλαγή που είναι για όλους κάπως περίπλοκη/δύσκολη. Εγω απ'την άλλη δεν έχω παιδιά, δεν είμαι (ακόμα) παντρεμένος και υποσχέθηκα στον εαυτό μου οτι δεν πρόκειται ποτέ να υποκύψω στις τράπεζες και να πάρω δάνειο για σπίτι. Εαν ήμουνα εγώ στη θέση σου ίσως να πίστευα κι'εγω αυτα που πιστεύεις εσυ. Ίσως και οχι. Εγώ τα βλέπω αλλιώς. Εγώ βλέπω μια συμμορία (ΕΕ) που προσπαθεί να κατακτήσει την Ευρώπη με κάθε κόστος. Τώρα το τι κρύβεται πίσω απ'ολη αυτη την ιστορία είναι άλλη συζήτηση. Μια συζήτηση που ξέρω εαν θα μπορέσουμε κάνουμε γιατι έχει να κάνει με το τι πιστεύουμε οτι συμβαίνει στον κόσμο. (Masons. I'll leave it there). Σου'χω πεί ήδη για το City. Ετσι και φύγουν το 70% των τραπεζών (το οτι έχουνε μεταφερθεί άτομα απο Λονδίνο στη Φρανκφούρτη το ξέρω, δεν πρόκειται να εγκαταλείψουν ποτέ ομως το Λονδίνο, ολο και ενα γραφείο θα παραμείνει ανοιχτό) θα πρέπει να στήσουμε ενα πάρτι στο Monument. Για tariffs που λες, κι'αυτό πολύ δύσκολο. Πχ. τα κρασιά, τις σαμπάνιες και τα τυριά που παίρνουμε απο την Γαλλία θα ανεβούνε στη τιμή λες; Ξέρεις τι χρήμα θα χάσει η Γαλλία εαν γίνει αυτο; Δεν θα το επιτρέψει. Όσο για την Βόρεια Ιρλανδία, πολλοί λένε εδω και χρόνια να ενωθεί πάλι με την Ιρλανδία. Κι'γω θα υποστήριζα την ένωση. Ίσως τώρα να είναι μια καλή ευκαιρία να γίνει (που δεν θα γίνει αλλα τέλος πάντων). Κάθε καταστροφή (που δεν θα είναι, αλλα λέμε τώρα) είναι μια ευκαιρία να ξανακτήσεις κατι απο την αρχή (και να το κάνεις ακόμα καλύτερα). Δεν καταλαβαίνω γιατι ανησυχείς όμως. Το ξέρουμε και οι δυο οτι δεν πρόκειται να γίνει κανένα Brexit. Μας έχουνε ζαλίσει κάθε μέρα επίτεδες μέχρι να σιχαθούμε και να πόυμε "ασ'το ρε παιδιά, φτάνει πια, εντάξει δεν βγαίνουμε, επιτέλους λίγη ησυχία". Οι άλλοι στη Βουλή κοντράρονται για τις θέσεις τους ενώ φτιάχνουν κρυφές συμφωνίες μεταξύ τους ώστε το deal της Μεϊ να μη φίνει δεκτό. Γνωστό το παραμύθι. Γι'αυτό μην αγχώνεσαι αδερφέ. Όλα καλά θα πάνε. Θα παραμείνουμε στην ΕΕ. Υγ. Ποιά στερεοτυπικά συνθήματα βρε @Emperor ; Εσυ δηλαδή είσαι ευχαριστημένος μ'ολα αυτά που γίνονται στην Ελλάδα; Γουστάρεις που τα παιδιά και τα εγγόνια σου θα πρέπει να φύγουνε για το εξωτερικό ωστε να σωθούν; Γουστάρεις που η χώρα θα ανήκει σε Γερμανούς και τα νησιά μας θα πωλούνται σε ρώσους; Σου αρέσει να βλέπεις φίλους να αφήνουν την οικογένεια και τους φίλους και να φεύγουν για άλλες πολιτείες; Είναι ωραία να βλέπεις φοιτήτριες να πουλάνε τα κορμία τους για ενα γεύμα; Τότε ζήτω η Ευρώπη! Ζήτω η ΕΕ! Success story! Εϊμαστε πρόβατα για σφάξιμο. No wonder society is the way it is. We are all too bothered about staying safe, afraid of change, not offending anyone, not taking any risks and being the good little slaves that we all are. Too busy posting pictures on Instagram about a life that we don't really have and that we don't even like, sharing everything we do on Facebook, craving the attention we so desperately need to validate ourselves while the powers that be are laughing while taking control. So let's all just stay the same and never challenge anything. Let's just succumb without a fight because we're just too busy and scared to lose the few things that we have, which in the near future will not be worth anything anyway.

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