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    There have so many good players Skibbe has not called up. Not even once. Like Paschalakis, Vasilakakis, Kone, Siovas, Marinos, Fetfatzidis and so on. All I know is the Tziolis call up doesn't do us any favours. You ate right in saying these younger guys are not ready. We've learned that now. But it also doesn't help by having slow midfielders like Taxi. The defence was nowhere near as aggressive as our actual defence. Players like Limnios, Androutsos and Giannoulis could benefit us down the road. Players like Retsos and Donis who are young but have established themselves already in the team and it makes you wonder why the u21s are not ready. Why hasn't Siopis been given a chance? He is 24. He has gone through the youth teams and has matured. He is ready now. Just like Kourbelis and Pelkas. Risvanis is not good enough as he is the same age. Nikolaou has long way to go. Lambropoulos looked better. I would be much happier if Tziolis wasn't called up ever again. Same with Maniatis and Tzavellas. Our experienced players should be Sokratis, Manolas, Siovas, Torosidis, Zeca, Lazaros, Mitroglou, Samaris, Kone, Papadopoulos, Paschalakis, Karnezis. These players are 26 and over and should be the ones to lead this team. Mixed in with players like Fortounis, Mantalos, Stafylidis, Kourbelis, Karelis, Bakakis, Donis, Retsos and Pelkas. With players coming in and out of the team like Tachtsidis, Siopis, Lykogiannis, Barkas, Vasilakakis and Fetfatzidis. Galanopoulos should be integrated slowly. While having Kourbelis already there. This is how you should run the team. Also if the u21s players are in hot form eg. Tsimikas then he should be called up.
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    Γράψε ό,τι θέλεις. Εδώ είμεθα για να συζητάμε. Άσε που δεν έχει και πολλά να πούμε για τον Άρη: Γυρίσαμε μετά από 4 χρόνια στη μπάλα, και στο μπάσκετ σώσαμε τη χρονιά και συνεχίζουμε. Λεφτά δεν υπάρχουν ούτε στο ένα ούτε στο άλλο και θα δούμε τι θα βγει. Ο Άρης θα κινηθεί λογικά και δεν πέφτει. Το ρεπορτάζ του ΠΑΟΚ έχει πιο πολύ πλάκα αυτή την εποχή. Διαβάζω όλους του μισθοφόρους του Ιβάν (βλ. Τζαντζαρά, Κόλκα, Τζορμπατζόγλου κλπ), όλα αυτά τα αμόρφωτα ταγκαλάκια με το ζελέ στο μαλλί, και πραγματικά μου φτιάχνουν τη μέρα. Έχετε φαινόμενα τύπου Κόλκα εκεί στο Miami, FL? (όχι ότι ο Τσαλτίδης είναι καλύτερος αλλά ευτυχώς είναι μόνον ένας)
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    Yeah man, bring on Ajax. We'll get then at the 3rd 4th 5th 6th attempt.
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    In other gossip Koulouris may go out on loan. Will we have any strikers next season ? It’s going to be a glorious few months for gossip.
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    http://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/fetfatzidis-looking-for-next-career-stop looks like Fetfa is done is Saudi Arabia and Aek and Oly are interested in him.. Maybe if this does happen Skibbe might give this guy a chance..
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    Ναι, όντως! Εμένα μου θύμισε τον Κατμαν!
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    O τύπος που φωνάζει "νάτοι νάτοι οι πωταφλητέφ" ποιον μου θυμίζει? Ποιον μου θυμίζει (στο λίγο πιο χοντρό του) Κάντε κλικ για την απάντηση
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    Αν πάει εκεί η Ανίτα Πάνια θα μαζέψει κόσμο για την εκπομπή της για τα επόμενα 100 χρόνια.... ΥΓ - Στημένο ήταν λέει ο άλλος.... Ο μίνος δεν ξέρει τι να πει. ΧΑΧΑΧΑ. Ο μικρός βέβαια εννοεί ήταν στημένο για να το πάρει η ΑΕΚ. Αλλά τι στημένο ρε μικρέ? Πιστόλια και γήπεδο δεν πάνε μαζί, τι να κάνουμε τώρα
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    Τι να πεις, όσα χρόνια και αν περάσουν, ο (μέσος) μπαογκτζής παραμένει είτε βλαξ είτε κάφρος είτε και τα δύο. Δες εδώ, τυχαίο δείγμα, ούτε σε σατιρική εκπομπή δεν θα μπορούσαν να βρουν τέτοια άτομα (συμπεριλαμβανομένου του γραφικότατου ηλίθιου Μίνου), ο πιο νορμάλ είναι ο πιτσιρικάς:
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    Ευχαριστούμε για τα καλά σου λόγια. Ναι καμία αμφιβολία ότι η ΑΕΚ είναι δίκαια πρωταθλήτρια, παρά τις απέλπιδες προσπάθειες Κόλκα, Τζαντζαρά και λοιπών "δημοσιογράφων" (=υπαλλήλων) του ΠΑΟΚ. ΥΓ - Ωχ κάτσε, τώρα το είδα! Η ΠΑΕ ΠΑΟΚ στο σάιτ της δίνει ΠΑΟΚ στην 1η θέση με 70 βαθμούς σε 29 ματς. Άρα δεν τελείωσε το πρωτάθλημα ακόμα. Εκκρεμεί ο αγώνας με Ολυμπιακό. Πότε θα γίνει το ματς αυτό? Έμαθες κάτι?
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    I wish that header would have gone in for him. He definitely should have been subbed in earlier.
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    Results: http://www.sdna.gr/podosfairo/superleague/article/467671/o-all-time-classic-aris-i-dream-team-toy-kampani-kai-toy Alex, that video brought back some incredible memories!!!!
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    The media keeps on asking stupid and easy questions. If I was a journalist I would ask, why wasn't Fetfatzidis called up after good form he has had this season? Why is Tziolis still playing in this team when there are better options? Why put Bakasetas on the left when you know he is better in the middle? Where is Paschalakis? These are the sorts of questions you ask. You got to have the balls to ask these things.
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    Pelkas played 90 mins in the Cup final (and played very well) 3 days earlier... you don’t start Pelkas in this game
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    I told a mate yesterday, we will not qualify or do anything or good significance as long as Skibbe is coach. We are completely wasting our time with him
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    Φέρτε μας τον Αγιαξ, κατι χρωστάμε στους Ολλανδούς. Θα γίνει και ωραία εκδρομή 😎
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    We have been asking for friendlies for two reasons... 1) to move up the FIFA rankings in order to start get more favourable draws, but with this loss we know will drop further. 2)To try out a few players who we think can make a difference and upgrade our position especially in Midfeild and maybe a few wingers not an overhaul of guys that wont see the team. Having this friendlie did us more harm than good as we know chances are most of these guys wont play for our team and seeing Tziolis and Taxi at Midfield which is our weakest postion did exactly what for us?? The mid position we needed to experiment with the most Skibbe stuck with Tziolis. Also our team can't score goals but yet we have a guy in Fetfa that is scoring regularly but he doesn't even get a sniff in a game like this?? i guess we can afford to turn down guys that score since our team can score at will.. SMH
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    I’m disappointed Meli didn’t reward our best player of the season with an upgrades contract. Laz knee he was worth it and he was, coming to this side of his career he needs to capitalise for his future. What happens with Araujo will be interesting.
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    In all the Greek Cup excitement we should also note that our U20 team won the Superleague Championship. We finished 4 points ahead of Panathinaikos and 7 points ahead of Olympiakos. Job well done by the youngsters and Pablo Garcia.
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    Νέο παιδί είσαι, 10-11 το βράδυ δεν είχες κάτι καλύτερο να κάνεις; ΜΕΓΑΛΟΣ ο καημός του Γιάγκου για την 1η ομάδα της Θεσσαλονίκης σε τίτλους σε όλα τα ομαδικά σπορ!
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    agreed living is embracing change .... as weird as it may seem looking at it from the past. staying relevant is about adapting to the changes no other way about it our DNA mutates and evolves adapting to our experiences and our evolving needs passed on to our successors, so they can be more relevant than us
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    Group I in the World Cup will be the group of death for sure: Netherlands, Chile Italy & Ghana, glad the Pirates missed that one.
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    He gave an audition for Xionati and the 7 dwarves. Phil met him there.
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    What happened to these forums so dead....I remember another site which I will not mention that was very popular....