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    A round of applause for the most ridiculous statement by one of the most out of touch posters on this site. Where do I start with this trash of a post? 1. The largest waves of immigration to the diaspora came in the 1900's- 1920's and the more recent wave of immigration in the 1950's-1980's. Now I know this much math might cause you a headache but the recent wave of Greek immigration means that most of the young Greeks living in the diaspora today have parents (such as mine) who were born in Greece! So I don't know in what world that translates to a bloodline from many many generations ago but maybe letting the provata herd themselves for a day and doing some research wouldn't hurt you. 2. Due to the crisis in Greece a lot of Greeks are immigrating to other countries so a lot of us disapora Greeks have constant contact with people who just came over. Also before this last wave of immigrants leaving Greece, more Greeks were going back to Greece than were immigrating out. Over 70,000 American citizens (many of my family members) went back to Greece, so I guess we aren't as out of touch with Greece as you'd like to think huh? 3. A lot of Greek diaspora communities are prouder to be Greek than Greeks in Greece are. Come to a Greek club in Astoria and see how much Greeks love to be around each other and love to listen to and dance to Greek music, and then go to Greece and watch Greeks use american slang and only dance to rap music at the clubs. Come to the Greek parade on 5th Avenue and see 100,000 Greeks in relation to the 200 or so elderly people in the Athenian parade. Come see 5,000 Greeks in Astoria alone march down the streets for Greek Easter. Come see Athens Square park, a park in the US filled with Greek sculptures and columns, built by Greek Americans. When Greeks of the diaspora are sending money back to Greece through organizations, through plane tickets every summer, and through wire transfers to family, we are as Greek as Greek gets right? I personally go to Greece every summer (sometimes Christmas too) for over two months, spend a s%$#! load of money supporting my country, speak fluent Greek (better than a lot of 'pou'se re man' Greeks in Greece), and I spend 90% of my time around Greek people or speaking to my friends in Greece. So I get offended when bum aplutoi like you who offer nothing to Greece but indoctrination and loudmouth support for parties like Syriza (who are doing everything they can to water down the Greek identity) come on internet sites and pretend to be more Greek than us just because you live there. Xairw polu re aplute, den prosfereis tipota sth patrida sou kai mou to paizeis kai uperanw. If I were a supermod I'd ban you right there for such a ridiculously stupid post. If you don't have the brains to understand what these forums represent then you shouldn't be posting in here in the first place.
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    Guys, some of you sound like people in the Middle East who've been fighting for ever and about everything. They use the same argument, .."you did this then" and you got away with it, so I'll be as bad and ...keep fighting for ever. Violence perpetuates violence unless one side crushes the other or an external force (like Big Brother) comes and smacks everyone aroung to keep them in order. Is this what Greeks want? Oh, sorry, I just remembered, this has happened many times in Greece's history since 1821. :tdown: So, when Tzorvas got shot, at Oly's home a few years back, with an air gun, what should PAO fans use against Roberto today? Com'on now... Of course, not all behavior is the same as with the harm it causes, but it shouldn't matter whether a plastic bottle, or a paper cup, or a chair is thrown at a player or any other person. All of these actions have no place in the sport. The players and the workers at the gipedo, and the fans have a right to be safe! The league is corrupt. Yes, Oly has gotten the better treatment, in my opinion, but how does this excuse barbaric behavior? Those who take the opportunity of a football match to get ready to fight have no place in a sport in a civilized country. But, I gather the teams and those involved in the sport aren't serious about reforms. After all this mayhem, only a dozen or so people have been arrested!! And, how come you had pistol flares inside the stadium? and, and, and.... As it is, soccer is deathly ill in Greece, and they're fighting about who's the worst offender, and other stupid matters. Many people have turned away from this violent, corrupt, and illegitimate league. In the end, there will be a few idiots dancing in victory upon the ruins.... Well done lads, well done. Tsk. .... PS. I watched the "el classico" instead of the mayhem in Athens on Saturday. I saw two bitter rivals, Real v. Barcelona, play in a stadium with no cages! Barca thrashed Real in the latter's home. Barca players celebrated wildly after each goal and not a sigle thing was thrown at them. When Barca's Iniesta was subbed (had scored in the game), some Real fans clapped. OK, I don't expect this to happen in a Greek gipedo but why can't Greek fans behave like this so 99% of the fans and the whole country can enjoy the game?!! Instead we witness primitives taking control of the sport, and ultimately destroy our team. Aren't we better than that? And, what's with the constant chants (heard loudly for hours) about raping someone's mother, wife, daughter, and the whole rival town.... in addition to violent threats about everything and everybody.
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    The xasapi and the cripple. Eleos. You were, without a doubt, one of the people calling Cisse a sapaki one month into his first season. No doubt about that. It's August. Relax. Eisai toso ypervolikos merikes fores. Sanchez has played like 45 mins in a PAO jersey. I'm not saying he's an all world CB but he isn't s%$#!. Everyone wants the team to start the season rolling on all cylinders. It doesn't really happen like that, especially when you have so many new faces. As for Abeid, I think last year showed how big of a loss he was to the midfield. He's young, he's performed in this system and with the majority of these players, and he plays in a position of desperate need. He's a big pickup for PAO and we should be thankful he will be wearing the jersey until 2018.
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    TI NA PW??? Holy s%$#! it's the morning after and im still shaking. Let me tell you, when they say einai san skliro narcotico they are telling the truth!!! The whole match I had these goose bumps and in 13 with my now alania from Sparti I could truly understand this drug like feeling. It was like no other! Lost my voice and my mind last night! I will be posting some videos and pictures in the views fan at leoforo section when I get back home on Friday! What a game! PAO MPOREIS NA PROKRITHEIS
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    ukworm IS back! :) Morning/Afternoon/Evening All!
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    ^ will the league punish all transgressors equally? Nobody is trying to condone the violence... Quite the opposite. But to defeat it, you must first understand the root of all the unrest. If one team constantly gets slapped on the wrist, and the other gets the book slammed at it, it's only normal for a portion of the fanbase to lash out... (And let's for a moment pretend that this was not planned and anticipated by the apateona Savidi). What do you think of Gate 13 taking measures in its own hands and I.D.ing the firework culprits? Are they "Che-type revolutionaries"? Personally, I think they deserve to be there...
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    Just landed in Greece about two hours ago. Staying two blocks from the stadium. The people of Athens are pumped out here. Not to mention, gate 13 turns 49 today. It's a week long celebration with hopefully a cherry on top.
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    What are you talking about? 08/09 match day 4, bremen 0-3 pao match day 5, inter 0-1 pao
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    essien is on the way out according to the papers ,what a debacle ,that was is anyone accountable at our club? honestly Greekaus, Accor6,Freezer,Lamiara ole and myself could do a much better job than the clowns running things now. Greekaus would be president with board members cocksta and giourkas. Accor6 would be in charge of thyra 13,fund raising and public relations his assistant would be Pana97 Freezer would be in charge of the medical dept,making sure we don't sign sapakia like essien,his nursing assistant will be JVC. Lamiara ole would be in charge of the apoditiria making sure everyone is toeing the line and combating theodoridis from the gavrous,his assistant is ELLAS75. myself and val will take fyssas and vokolos positions as TDs after we hand them over to accor6 and thyra 13 to do as they like to them.
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    Hi there, Greetings from Bulgaria! My name is Ivo, big fan of Berba for a long time now. I've been "following" him wherever he goes and I am glad he went to PAOK, only 4 hours drive away from Sofia. :) You can expect many Bulgarian fans now, not only online, but most probably at Toumba too. Saw some of the live stream from the stadium today and I must say I am quite impressed - not only by the amazing warm welcome from the fans but also by the work from the club which developed Berba related branding at Toumba, made Tshirts available for pre-order, updated the player's profile on the website and all that in practically no time! Wow! I hear that Mr. Savvidis really wanted him - Berbatov is a kind of guy that needs to feel wanted and special, so I think that's the reason he joined in, not because Aston Villa offered less cash. How did Berba do today? He seemed happy and honest to me. Although, that "we are brothers" part was a bit too much, perhaps - I know you guys don't really see us as brothers and I get it. When I go on holidays to Chalkidiki, I am usually ashamed of the particular Bulgarians that go there. :) Anyway, Berba is a different story, I am sure he'll do great things here and make us all proud. Your expectations must be quite high taking into account the 1.6 million + bonuses that you are paying. In his last season with Monaco, he got even slower with age but hopefully his other skills will compensate that. He's never been a runner, after all. He's known for his finishing abilities yet you will see that he's even more useful for building attacks - always taking the right decisions. Being clever on the field is his biggest strength, if you ask me. Sorry for the long message. Here are some of my favourite Berba gifs as a reward for reading all that:
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    I think some here are reading too much not the Essien move and creating premature conclusions before the guy can play a few games. My bottom line all this as follows. Essien if he can stay relatively healthy and play 20 odd games for PAO this year ( always risky numbers with his medical track record ) he will be a huge upgrade over anything PAO had at central midfield last year. The man is a quality professional footballer Now the money PAO/ Alafouzos/Puma / my grandmother etc have spent to bring Essien to PAO is a big deal why again ? Didn't realize we have accountants here in these forums . All Greek SL teams piss money away every year on transfers. Some turn out to be ok and contribute to the team while most are garbage wasteful ones anyway regardless of total cost. In 12 months from now half the current PAO and OLY , PAOK and AEK squads will be different than the ones we are looking at today. Can't we all just be happy here that Michael Essien will be wearing a green jersey soon ? Even if its not that many games. I suppose a few here would prefer some unknown Portuguese or Ghana player to come to PAO on a free transfer and a 6 month contract just because he's cheap.
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    Well just got back from Greece ti na po everything was amazing but my big highlite was going to Leoforos with the family. THe plan was to just walk around but we saw a door open at G3 so we sneak in within 2 mints we got approached by 2 big boys lol after some smooth talking emeste apo Kanada blah blah the guys were amazing. They let me and my son go on the field TRELA!!!!! There is something so special about this stadium just being in there I could feel the energy grass was amazing condition here is the video I got for you guys:)
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    I was sitting behind the benches and can definitely recall a few men in suits walking over to the olympiakos bench after the 3-0 went in after 15 minutes, Oly noticeably dropped off from that point on, none of us know what was said but you would think the message went out to them to cool off, if they were allowed to go at it for 90 minutes I have no doubt they would have put 10 past victory. I'm not gonna lie most gsl games are painful to sit through, entertainment wise the A league probably wins out, the thing is the new dawners actually think that makes the Australian league better, I remember the argument a few years ago that Brisbane roar would beat Stoke city cos they play better football and Stoke just hoof it, these clowns of course failing to realise that technically every Stoke player was on average 5 levels above the quality of an A league player and the difference being that Tony pulis directed his team to play that style, just because a team plays long ball it doesn't mean they have garbage players, but that's the level of idiots we are dealing with here. Aek proved the sheer gulf in technical ability when they came here. In fact you would notice in this country we always go through phases, first it was the Dutch craze, now Spanish is all the rage, when Ange postecoglou was coaching Brisbane playing a long ball was considered a sin, this year it's all about flares...we go through these little annoying buzz stages. Meanwhile in the real world of football (Europe) teams are scraping for titles, European spots and throwing everything on the line to avoid relegation, whilst here the same bat s%$#! boring teams play eachother every 3 weeks and teams like central coast can lose 100 games in a row and still be in the top flight. The latest classic on Fornaroli is a laugh, apparently he couldn't score goals in Greece because panathinaikos never had a midfielder of the caliber of Aaron mooy to feed him LOL...the same Aaron mooy that couldn't cut it in Scotland ffs. Honestly sometimes I wish we could just press the reset button and go back to the 90s and have the NSL, at least we enjoyed it for what it was and never compared our local heroes to global players or our clubs to global giants, here in Melbourne we all loved Paul Trimboli for eg but nobody would ever claim he was world class or anything, he was just a gun for Australian soccer and we loved him for it, I miss those days when everything felt real, nowadays everyone is trapped in fantasy land and listening to it does my head in.
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    Gekas days: Wake up Eat Score for my team nonstop Become first goalscorer in the first 6-10 matches. get in a fight with team's management/coach leave team search for another team miss every chance possible with my national team sleep REPEAT :P :P :P
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    On February 3rd, 1908, our team was founded. I just wanted to mark the occasion and ask what are some of your memories of Panatha? I'll add mine later, but I remember many of us (some members aren't here any longer) writing, sometime in the early 2000s, that it would have been very fitting to celebrate our centennial (in 2008) in a new, modern home. We actually thought that having a new home was very possible. But, of course, this being Greece.... I grew up at a time when PAO would win titles very regularly unlike the last 15-20 years. For me, Tzigger was the worst owner. Yeah, there may have been others (some of you think Alafouzos) worse, but I size an owner by his time and economic ability. Tzigger allowed the "paragga" to emerge and as one of the most wealthy Greeks, he didn't do enough for the team, including getting us a new home. Gavroi got Karaiskaki for example. Anyway, this is not about him. But, Panathinaikos has been part not only of Athenian life but of greater Greece. A great club in so many sports, so many great athletes, so many memories. It's been part of millions of people's lives. Well, times may be hard for us now, but I hope we'll turn this around. Cheers.
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    I honestly think olympiakos kai defeat arsenal,but they have to use the right tactics,arsenal weaknss is that they have never won a game sta xartia,which is thrylos strongest part of their game,with courage and bravery thrylos can devise a plan and win the game sta xartia.if you look at stats you will see that no european team has won as many games as thrylos sta xartia. thryl;e gera parto sta xartia.,kai meta fiesta sti thyra 7
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    There is one big difference between the two incidents. PAOK was punished -15 points (3x5), monetary fine and fan ban for the incident. The happenings at Karaiskaki were not even mentioned by the ref in the official match report. It's these double standards that fuel fan violence.
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    KOntonis confirmed that Marinakis and Vretzos CALLED HIM during the time that the referee was contemplating whether to start the game or not! Kontonis told them that it is up to the referee's discretion to start the game! If he had followed the rules in regards to marinakis being a convict and a suspect, KONTONHS SHOULD HAVE NEVER PICK UP THE PHONE! H e should have never spoke to an ALLEGED CRIMINAL NAMED MARINAKIS WHO HAS BEEN ASKED BY THE COURTS NEVER TO INVOLVE HIMSELF IN ANY OSFP BUSINESS!
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    I've been saying it for a long time. We had two different styles of play on the pitch for a long time. We were dysfunctional because our team consisted of two types of players. Half that play the game (fetfa samaras taxi )and the other half that just try and work hard ( Maniatis kats salpi). Not yesterday. A Maniatis type player that can't pass the ball square 5 yards won't run into space to create an opportunity for his teammates. He can't see the play develop. By the time his brain reacts. It is too late. No kidding a guy like fetfa looked bad. He had nobody to play with. Mandalas Pelkas and fourtounis were buzzing around like killer bees. They were interchanging positions and running in the proper spaces. If they had 5 games together under their belts. I think we could have scored 2/3 more. We were stuck with two identities and it showed on the pitch. Even if taxi sends killer through balls. Someone needs to read that play. At times yesterday. Some players were still dozing. It has been a long time I haven't jumped on a player's bandwagon but guys I think fourtounis is the real deal. This kid plays. He runs. Goes into the proper spaces. I think chori has rubbed off on him a little bit. I have not seen a Greek player that has played so well in a while. And I know there is a lot more to come. I hate tkounakia style plays. I know it's nice to watch but it is not technical football and in many times it results in the loss of possession. Mitro is the master of these plays. But did you guys see fourtounis drag the ball pass forward to I don't even remember if it was Pelkas or mandalos ? Wow. Ball mastery at its best. I love those types of passes. He's gotten stronger. Both physically and mentally. Bravo. He deserves it.
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    Ages Kitsiou 22 Stafylidis 21 Mantalos 24 Pelkas 21 Tachtsides 24 Fortounis 22 Rehaggel just choked on his pretzels
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    Tuff away game Saturday at a place we have lost 3-1, 4-2 and 1-1(kypello) in our last 3 trips there. IF players/coaches need to make a statement this is the game time to step up or ship out.
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    something fantastic happened to me yesterday. i went with a couple friends to this pizza place around the corner from our apartment to grab some lunch before watching tottenham-everton. we go in there and put our orders in and i jokingly ask one of my friends (lebanese descent) if he knows the people who own the place, since his family also have pizza places and he seems to know a lot of restaurant owners. he says he doesn't know these people, but he later adds that he thinks they're greek. i look at the guy behind the counter and i think to myself, yeah, i could see it. but when the lady working there announces that a vedzie (veggie) slice is ready for pickup, there could be no doubts. interestingly, before i or my friends even said anything, the boss of the place comes over and tells us he's going to give us free pizza. alright! anyway, when the food was ready and we go to pay, my friend asks what nationality they are and sure enough they're greeks. i start talking to the guy there and when he hears my mom was born in thessaloniki he immediately asks which team i support. my life is on the line here, i realized, but of course i told him PAOK. he immediately reaches under the counter and produces a fantastic scarf (BLACK HELL one) that he gave to me. my two buddies and i also walked out of there with a free pizza on top of whatever food we had all already ordered. the guy's name was stathi, seems like a good fellow and absolutely a PAOK fanatic.
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    it is beyond ridiculous for anyone to assume PAO would not want to play in Europa League group stages to concentrate on GSL .. If PAO's squad is 'too thin' to play 6 mid week games between September and Christmas, then the squad is 'too thin ' to win the GSL..