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    I actually thought we were going to have a more attacking style in the team and I was optimistic that we were going to score more goals but how wrong was i. We don’t have a true leader in the team even though I’d like it to be Sokratis. I think he has too much responsibility now since that Karagounis has left. We need a real leader in the midfield because our defence has always been strong. Karagounis was no nonsense and was bleeding for the team. I think in due time Kourbelis will be our ‘Katsouranis’ and Galanopoulos would be our Karagounis.
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    Losing at home 0-1 to Faroe Islands and 0-2 to Northern Ireland, the responability lies with the players....enough with the Ranieri bashing. They should have been able to win those games wearing flipflops....most of the players looked like they were playing in their sayonares. No one was able to step up and take the place of Kats and Kara then....and things look the same now.
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    Top-5 ever non-tournament moment for Greece. Turkey had just embarrassed us 4-1 at Karaiskakis on 25 Martiou. We, as a nation, needed to respond, and that response came in Istanbul. With the 1-0 win, we topped the group and automatically qualified for Euro 2008.
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    Possibly before your time kiddo. I put it in more for comic relief. The irony is that Anastasiadis does have a football brain. He has an eye for talent and as Achilles said he can identify flaws during a game and adjust. A skill many managers lack. However, he also does come across as uncouth. I don’t know if he’s got it anymore. I don’t know if he’ll win over the players, which is more than half the battle. But either way I’d have him over Skibbe the Uninspired. I’m also hoping he’ll bring back some players into the NT that should be there and change the general mentality of the team which has become woefully accepting of poor performances. Paixte bala pethamena.
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    I really expected them to give him the next two games to save his job. This comes as a surprise to me. I am very happy to see EPO finally show that they mean business. Skibbe needed to go; not just because of the results, but even more so for the way the team looked on the pitch.
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    Just read that Skibbe has been fired, announcement in the next few days.
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    Nikos Alefantos with Anastasiadis as assistant. That's what I'd like to see. Sfaliares at half time for anyone who isn't playing well. Paixte bala koproskila. Free vitamines for all supplied by Alefantos personally.
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    Samaras moments that will live forever: Assist to Amanatidis winning goal vs Turkey in revenge match to win the group and qualify for Euro 2008 Winning goal vs Croatia in Euro 2012 qualifier to win the group Goal vs Germany in Euro 2012 quarter finals Winning goal from the spot in stoppage time vs Ivory Coast in World Cup 2014 to send Greece to round of 16 Setting up Salpingidis goal in second leg of World Cup 2010 playoff vs Ukraine to qualify for the final tournament. (Thanks Alphonse) Did I forget anything?
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    I did consider subscribing to the site you’re referring to, because some good posters went there, but unfortunately I am a communist and I’m not allowed to join. I didn’t know I was communist but some of the fascists opened my eyes and showed me the truth.
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    Are you guys gonna have to hug it out? Because if you are, I am so ready to join in
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    I can read Greek just fine. Except Yiankos posts that go for 1000 words ha ha. That can be a bit much ha ha. I don’t check out those sites. Mostly just sport24.gr and for a laugh I’ll watch some Raptopoulos, Alefantos and even sometimes Ante Gia. As for the grinia what can I say. Stupid people with stupid analysis. When you have players that have been together for 18 months already that is like a 1 goal advantage. A team like AEK or PAOK need only play good football for 10 or 15 minutes (and often that is all they do) because in that 10 or 15 minutes they can score the goal to get the win. They can defend well enough also because the same players have all been playing together and now know each others game and strengths and weaknesses. That stability counts for a lot but in Greece we like to do 15 metagrafes every summer and 4 in the winter. To be fair, with Aris it’s a bit different because they have to build a whole new team for A Ethniki so I understand why so many metagrafes. What I don’t understand is the grinia. Especially when there are so many positive signs compared to negative signs.
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    Looks like Basinas is coming on as an assistant https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/mpasinas-epistrefei-sthn-ethnikh-ws-vohthos-toy-aggeloy.5350891.html?fbclid=IwAR04bMDNfUgQe48A0Cqf6aCKVD56lLUU49SUk4rKaXtfsoXcqnErqpLsHtM
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    Very incoherent first quarter of the match by Aris, after that a bit better, some combinations, shots. Someone in the Aris-paok thread (Mitos I guess) mentioned already that we missed strikers to be on a higher level. Definitely, if you have Younes and Nazlidis, and refrigerated Diamanatopoulos in roster overall, you can not go for greater things. Also, where problem lies is CDM. Simply if you have Basha, Mantilla, Siopis where 2 of them are usually paired, you can not be concentrated for many minutes plus you are slow. For some reason I don't rate siopis, I like Matilla's passing but sometimes he looks disordered, especially now when confidence is lower. Also, when injuries started early in the season, and when you must rotate at DM and even CD positions, you know problem will start sooner or later. We need to stop this run of losses. Bad is when you potentially could take 0 pts in 2 matches against that bad PAOK and AEK who, truth be told, is kinda out of form and not crisp as last season.
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    On second thought I also think Anastasiadis will be better than Skibbe was. He is a strict and demanding coach and will want to see a disciplined team. He wont tolerate lazy guys on the pitch. Probably what the Ethniki needs now is a coach of the Anastasiadis type. Rehhagel and Santos were also no-nonsense men. Otto was a control freak and under Santos players were more disciplined than since 2014 theyve EVER been. Nice guys like Skibbe Iordanescu Ranieri are not for the Greek NT I guess.
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    @PAOTHEGREAT laughing at PAOK is like a homeless man laughing at your curtains!
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    Ha ha what a disaster this is going to be.
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    Everybody get out the ikones and livania.....at least we'll have God on our side. The way we've been playing lately we need Him.
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    finally a good descision made by the EPO. What greece has lacked for years is a manager which has had passion for the job. Skibbe and Ranieri before him had no heart for the outcomes of the squad. the best thing for the ethniki is to have a greek manager, creates a better culture within the squad and the manager has a desire for their team to win, as its for their homeland. I would hope with a new, greek manager we will start emploring basic tactics, like playing players in their actual positions, something Skibbe found extremely difficult as well as communicating with Holebas to get him back in the team. our performances can only improve because of this.
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    Looks like a done deal. https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/ethnikh-elladas-teleiwnei-o-skimpe.5345509.html
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    Yes, it may be ballsy move by EPO, but honestly Jimmyp, I can see why you are a rookie. As an Australian Greek I take that as a bit offensive. Ange is no mug. He took an Australian team that qualified for a WC and got spanked 6-0 in consecutive friendlies and then had them lead 2-1 vs Holland in a world cup Group match, 6 months later. Holland were eventual runners up in the WC. Ange will go seek out and find Greek players you haven't heard of. Also, he was born in Greece, played and coached youth teams at national level, coached clubs and a NT successfully and he can at least speak the language. And of course, he played and coached SM Hellas FC. Enough said. I will say though, Paokara's analysis on p20 is a good read.
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    Just watched the full game on youtube. Good game. Very good game I thought. Both teams went for the win. Lots of hard tackling. Open play and end to end opportunities. Not the sort of game I would've expected. I thought Aris were good. Could have scored 2 more. The chance in the 48th and the penalty and you have 3. Both teams had another 3 or 4 half chances also. The referee was solid. Gave the yellows which were deserved. Let the play be rough without losing control. The penalties ? A bit soft but both technically were fouls so it is what it is. Fair result ? I don't think so. I think a draw was fair, but such is football. You don't always get what you deserve and sometimes you get points you don't deserve. It remains to be seen how Aris goes this year, but if they play to this standard they have nothing to fear. I didn't see any players that seemed out of place but I don't really know the squad. Lots of new players. Finally, good to see Kleanthis full and the atmosphere was very good. Nice to see the fans congratulate the Aris players at the end. Looking forward to more derbies of this standard.
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    If he cant get us to first in the Nations league group which looks highly improbable then he MUST go! The EPO gave him a second chance after the WCUP qualifiers and he has obviously failed, there is no way that Greece shouldn't be a top of this group.They said he would be out after these last 2 games if he didn't get wins and now the EPO may keep him on through the Euro qualification??? WTF. If we do fall further down the rankings and then have 3 tough teams to go through then we will most likely be out of another major tournament!
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    I had a feeling they would keep him on those idiots at the EPO! If he sets the team up as he did at Finland were going to struggle and I could see us only getting a draw. The home match vs Estonia should be straight forward but the last time they held us to a draw in the wcup qualifier. Dam we need wins to stay out of pot 4 or worse!
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    Sibbe will get to finish the Nations League games in November... https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/me-skimpe-ws-to-telos-toy-nations-league.5341321.html
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    I don't agree, the teams should not be bigger than the sport. The normal families in Greece deserve to attend matches together with their kids. That's how you grow the sport. Today in Greece you have a soccer culture that consists mainly of losers and anarchists. I say keep deducting till the cows come home. I just recently went to a NFL game with the brother in law together with our kids....tailgating drinking barbecue and 75k having a great time. At no time did I fear the safety of my kids....but that's because we live in a normal country I guess.