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    I think they are done. Every time he’s asked about them he talks about having passion and they have to want to play for the team. I get this feeling that Manolas and Sokratis don’t want to be in the team anymore. Mitroglou is propably the same. Haven’t heard anything in the news about how they want to come back and give 100%. I think others like Zeca, Samaris and Fortounis nights have a chance of returning. If Fortounis comes back he has to give 100%. This team gives 100% effort and they don’t stop running. Fortounis has to do the same, otherwise he shouldn’t play. We look like we are going into the direction of playing players in the age region of 18-26. A few exceptions maybe here or there. Most of the players he was going to call up were players in that age region.
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    You are going around in circles and I have no idea how to respond to you. The difference between the two of us is that I don’t allow my team allegiance to cloud my judgement, at least not all the time. I’m not going to deny the obvious to avoid ridicule by others. Whatever you think is going on between Aris and OSFP my thoughts on said subject I promise you are 10 times worse. I would love it if Aris had a powerful and influential owner that can win us some titles with moves and deals outside the pitch because that’s how things work in the SL.
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    I see, it's a response to the Aris fans who refuse to admit it. Funny you bring up second and third division somewhere the team you support should have been demoted to before the government interfered. I'm sorry, I forgot PAOK were set up, my bad. Aris have plenty of issues to deal with but don't come here acting like an arrogant prick when your team have become just as corrupt as OSFP. You know what they say about those who live in glass houses.
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    I have no idea what your response has to do with what I posted.
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    https://netnix.tv/ They are saying: Watch live Greek TV free. All channels in one place. No clutter, no hassle, no ads. There might be some regional blocks. I have one overhere. Maybe interesting if there will be a regular season one day.
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    If they can get a big offer for him that could be good. His finishing has been rubbish but Aris have looked better with his presence on the field, weird one although he is replaceable but Aris have the transfer ban which makes things tough
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    Παίζει ξανά στην Ιταλία του Τσιμίκα για Νάπολι
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    Maybe more so even...
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    Did not know Gene Rossides to be honest, but after reading his achievements his death must be mentioned here: Gene Rossides, architect of the 1974 US arms embargo on Turkey, dies (link)
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    Both men's and women's handball championships have been suspended and the teams that were in the 1st place in the table were declared as champions for the 2019-2020 season, which makes PAOK's Women's Handball team the Champions of Greece.
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    Our under 17's goalkeeper Nikos Botis looks like he's on his way to Inter Milan youth teams. We will retain 20% of his resale value. Good on the kid for getting a move to a big club at such a young age wish him all the best for his career if the move does go through. https://www.sport24.gr/football/omades/Paok/paok-provarei-th-fanela-ths-inter-o-mpoths.5711467.html
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    Game is on for June 7th it seems. Games will be played twice a week with five subs allowed per match
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    Should have just finished the season
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    KOP has called off the rest of the 2020 season! The Cup will also not be completed. For UEFA purposes, Omonoia are the champions! Omonoia will represent Cyprus in the CL. Anorthosis, APOEL and Apollonas will go to the Europa League. However, KOP will not officially declare Omonoia champions. Furthermore, Ethnikos Axnas and Doxa Katokopias have been spared relegation. Nobody will be relegated and next season will be played with 14 teams. The top two teams in Second Division, Karmiotissa and Ermis Aradippou will join the league next season.
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    My goal? I don't have a goal, I posted something in a forum of Aris fans which is the team I support as well and you came in here acting like an a**hole. I should ask you that question. And since you asked, yes I believe PAOK are corrupt just like the whole league is. Savvidis figured out when in Rome.... I don't have an issue with it since he only did what is the norm but don't come here pretending PAOK play by the rules and others don't. Beos is your ally for crying out loud. So the team you support isn't as corrupt as OSFP, does it really matter? Fine OSFP are more corrupt, you happy now?
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    Here is a recent article where JVS is talking about player selections and who wasn't called up for the friendlies in the US before it got cancelled. I think by this article we can honestly say Socratis, Manolas and Mitro are all done from the NT. You can see where he was asked about Socraits and Manolos and he responded "we want players that will give 100% to the team" That statement shows that these two were a big problem for the NT and he wants to move forward with new young talent and not moving backwards, https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/van-t-schip-we-will-choose-players-who-fight-for-the-national-team
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    I actually just got an alert from FT saying that Boris Johnson has said the country will begin opening up on Monday?? Why would this happen in the middle of their surge?! This is insanity. I believe here in Massachusetts we have two days of declines in the rate of new infections and hospitalizations. Our governor will probably have another press conference in a few hours to talk about today's data. Fingers crossed that the trend continues. Meanwhile, I also saw today that the US as a whole has had its death toll estimates revised up to the 160-260k level, depending on which model you want to believe. This is of course due to roughly 40% of our states being run by morons who are hell-bent on killing grandparents. Also, a Pfizer-developed vaccine entered human testing here in the US on Monday. This is a few days after the Oxford University/AstraZeneca vaccine began human trials in the UK. From what I recall there is also another vaccine that began trials in Seattle about 6 weeks ago and a University of Pittsburgh vaccine that is in the works (AND this from the same place, which is interesting: https://www.nextpittsburgh.com/latest-news/a-nasal-spray-that-prevents-covid-19-pitt-researchers-awarded-grants-for-urgent-covid-19-research/). Both the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines are expected to be produced in great quantities come September, assuming the trials are successful (of course).
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    Can't read it unfortunately. But I have read that alot of Doctors are not attributing deaths to Covid-19 even though its obvious its the cause and there putting soemthing else down. Theres talk of the UK relaxing lockdown, which personally I think is crazy as we have the second highest daily death rates atm. If I was in charge, I'd wait until death rates and infection rates were the same as New Zealand before going down that route. BTW it now looks like the UK won't leapfrog Italy today, but it will happen very soon.
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    I would argue that his strongest years were probably before his second stint with us. For me he's an all-time favorite player though. What a warrior.
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    Stafylidis is no longer a great option IMO, he obviously has some good leadership skills and that's important at the moment but on the field we have a stack of left backs who are better, better options at left wing and he should never play CB again, the guy is so error prone it's scary, he has also hardly played in Germany the last two seasons (!) which I think coincides with what I have said so at best a squad player but I think time to look beyond this player who needs to get his club career back on track.
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    I have not seen full matches, but his finishing looks pretty good in this video here....
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    They can try and get a big offer but not sure how that will go considering his contract is up at the end of June.
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    Siovas has definitely been called up the last few times, he didn't play in the last matches v Armenia and Finland but he was in the squad. He played against Italy back in October. I do agree though, Stafylidis isn't a CB he was exposed against at best average opposition in Finland, I think we can get away with him there against the Armenia's of the world. The only thing that gives me some optimism that JVS knows this is that against Italy (quality opposition) he went with two traditional center backs Siovas and Xatzidiakos. COVID19 will probably mean Xatzidiakos doesn't miss any NT matches and is back to full fitness whenever international football returns.
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    You may have noticed a market rally yesterday based on "vaccine news." The below is it. Way way way too early if you ask me. For anyone who's taken a course in statistics, sample size is something that is important to keep in mind - 45 people is *not* a significant number here. Success in the next step they mention (600-person trial) would be big news, though. https://www.cnbc.com/2020/05/18/moderna-reports-positive-data-on-early-stage-coronavirus-vaccine-trial.html In other news, my state has begun its first tentative steps towards reopening. As anticipated, they basically mirrored New York's (which is our "coalition partner") - construction and manufacturing can begin immediately, and churches/mosques/temples can reopen at greatly reduced capacity. I am pretty sure almost all manufacturing counted as "essential" before so I'm not sure what actually changes here. It also seems like each phase of our reopening is set to take at least three weeks, so we're looking at end of July at the earliest for Massachusetts to be open. I haven't seen news on Pennsylvania but I'd imagine they're in line with us. Most of our neighbors seem to be opening various sectors of their economy in the next week or so. On the plus side, Massachusetts is planning to build out testing capacity to 45,000 tests per day. That's much higher than most states (and countries) on a per-capita basis, but is obviously not universal testing (it would take ~156 days for every person to be tested once at that rate). That's still worrying, but apparently tests are being developed that are based on cheek swabs (less intrusive/quicker) that may help further increase the rate. Until there is a vaccine or real treatment, expect life to be shitty for a long while.
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    No of course not, it's just so enraging to think what this fuss is all about... Ενας μετριότατος παιχτης της σειράς
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    I guess in the sense that Aris proceeded with Durmishaj's transfer after they the got green light by the Greek football governing body. So they want the Greek government to intervene and say to FIFA that basically it's was EPO's cock up who allowed the transfer to complete and that Aris is innocent. Which sounds pretty logical to me... PS - FFS - All this for ... Durmishaj (!!!), a mediocre player at best of times who offered absolutely nothing to our team! Madness....
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    According to the Guardian, the antibody has not yet been trialled on humans.So they are still a long way away from the desired result. Anti-Semites on the other hand have repeatedly been tested on the human population. They always perform the same. On a similar development scientists at Utrecht University (Netherlands) have worked on developing antibodies. As per the scientists it is “an initial step towards developing a fully human antibody to treat or prevent” Covid-19.
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    Έχουμε μπλέξει άσχημα και δεν βλέπω πως θα ξεμπερδέψουμε. Διαβάζω τη σχετική αρθρογραφία, αλλά εδώ υπάρχουν και νομικά θέματα που δεν τα γνωρίζω. Μέσα σε όλα η ομάδα έχει να αντιμετωπίσει και το εξαιρετικά θολό τοπίο (λόγω Covid) για το τι μέλλει γενέσθαι με τις διοργανώσεις 2019-20 & 2020-21. Ένας σύλλογος όπως ο Άρης που βασίζεται σε σημαντικό ποσοστό στα έσοδα από εισιτήρια και δεν έχει έναν μεγιστάνα να ρίχνει χρήμα (αμφιβόλου προέλευσης), βρίσκεται ήδη σε ένα εντελώς διαφορετικό σκηνικό (σε σχέση με τα όποια πλάνα). Κοινός παρονομαστής είναι να ανανεωθούν όσο το δυνατόν περισσότερα συμβόλαια γίνεται (και ιδανικά με το μικρότερο δυνατό κόστος). Και θέλω να δω τώρα και τον Ένινγκ που είχε φροντίσει να απαξιώσει αθλητικά το μισό ρόστερ.
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    You are missing the point. I never said Savvidis is an angel. I said that you cannot compare PAOK to Olympiakos with regards to corruption and damage that has been to Greek football. In fact we could even compare the two owners. One aquires assets in Greece, pays what is due and gives people jobs. The other doesn't even have Greek flags on his boats. Speaking of boats there is also the case of Noor1 where everybody knows who is responsible. Mate, I think it is raining in Sydney on Thursday so be sure to stay inside. Paper rips easily when wet.
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    The UK now has the most deaths in the World barring the US. Our scientists have also worked out that the virus effects BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) more than others. So a lot of Doctors and Nurses from these backgrounds are dying in the NHS (National Health Service) over others. The UK still isn't doing any screening or quarantining at airports so infected people are still streaming into the country. Also our scientists are still refusing to recommend people wear masks, mainly because there’s a massive shortage in them so if they do the Government are scared they won't be able to get them for the NHS. But instead of just being honest they keep telling people that masks don't work outside a clinical environment. Because yeah that makes absolute sense, they only work if you're a Doctor or Nurse in a hospital!!! With regards mortality, Italy had about a 7% death rate out of people who caught Covid-19. The Uk doesn't publish how many people have recovered so you can't work out their rate. In the UK if you end up on a vetilator your chances of living are very slim. One hospital up north was celebrating the other day because their first patient had come off a venilator, they'd been ommiting people for a month and a half, so god knows how many had died.
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    This is a oversimplification of something that is much more nuanced. Ask gay people if anything has changed, or African Americans, or women, or people who benefit from new medical or technological advances...of course in one way or another there is an argument to be made from your position but it is not accurate, or productive or useful in any way that I can see. It is kind of like ageing. You dont notice the little changes day by day as you age, it is incremental and slow but change is occurring none the less. Look at a photo of yourself 5 0r ten years a go. I think it is the same for us on the whole, it might be a step backwards one day, two steps forward another, but looking at the big picture you cannot deny that change is a constant. How fast and in what direction is up to the people who are willing to do the things that make change happen.
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    Those are the kind of pseudo-nihilistic arguments made by advocates of the status quo to discourage people from seeking life altering decisions to improving their life. As Heraclitus so wisely has said: Τα πάντα ρει και ουδέν μένει Sometimes not at the pace we would like, but change is constant. Let us stick to the coronavirus subject. Let us attack each other's political beliefs in some other topic. Todo cambia, nada sigue igual
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    OK, the numbers among age groups in the US show that if you're under 50, you have 1 in 10 chances of dying if infected, and 45% if you're age 50-79. The rest of % for other groups. I happen to read the NYT's COVID-19 coverage which includes obituaries of people of all ages. Healthy and younger people are among the victims. I'm healthy but I don't know if infected what will happens. I try to minimize my risk, because I don't want to play Russian roulette. Even 1 in 10 chance the bullet is in the chamber is still too high of a risk. On the other hand, most people have fathers, grandparents, relatives and friends in those most vulnerable groups. Is that OK if they drop? Until we're all tested, even if you're willing to take the risk, you may be playing the Russian roulette with the lives of others. I'm not oblivious to the economic hardship and the struggle for survival for many working people. This is also a situation where we need to reevaluate the social safety net.
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    That was the most thrilling game between two Greek teams I can remember seeing in all my life, thanks for sharing!
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    Well it doesn't really matter if we know that or if it true or not. I hope you are right and that is the case. Because Texas is not really ready to open. Texas will pay a high price for doing so. Opening up will require health care personnel and lab capacity for testing and contact tracing that is perhaps an order of magnitude greater than what is currently available in Texas. And experts say it will be very, very expensive. Political decisions like this will cost human lives. Remember that next time you go to the voting booth. Nuestros pensamientos y oraciones están con usted (Our thoughts and prayers are with you).
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    https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/SuperLeague/super-league-1-xamos-sthn-thlediaskepsh-me-marinakh-kai-gkagkatsh.5705353.html Seems like big old Vangeli was beating his chest via video link today calling for our "Russian" owner to be chased out of Greek football. But seriously though how many monitors did they have to set up to get him on screen? BUT SERIOUSLY NOW It's honestly a disgrace, how both clubs act towards each other. It's embarrassing and try explaining to anyone who comes from a civilized country that people behaving like this actually hold positions of power in Greek football. Olympiacos is very transparent and child like in what they are trying to do here, I would be legit curious how many of their fans are on board with them kicking and screaming their way to CAS to get us relegated.
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    This sounds ridiculous even for Olympiacos. They will argue what exactly ? The club we dislike was found guilty but the penalty was not to our satisfaction and instead we would like a penalty that is outside the current rules governing the game ? Is there an angle here I’m not seeing ? Any update on the EPO investigation into the Olympiacos matching fixing ? Ok, yep, I am joking.
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    The voting on social media was done to narrow down the nominations to 3 finalists per position it seems. So now you can cast your vote for each position. 3 finalists for the goalkeeper are Glykos, Kresic and Paschalakis https://www.paokfc.gr/nea/20200427-decade-all-stars-2010-20-goalkeeper/ And right back finalists are Matos, Sznauncer and Kitsiou https://www.paokfc.gr/nea/20200428-decade-all-stars-2010-20-right-back-poll/
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    Let's get Adolf's perspective on the matter:
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    https://twitter.com/sarahcpr/status/1253474772702429189?s=20 If only we had a clue before the election that this man is a dangerous moron....
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    I really don't want to link this because I know exactly how this will end but @PaokCT will lynch me if I don't... https://www.agonasport.com/agonasport-allnews/recommendation-for-olympiacos-to-be-relegated-amid-match-fixing-claims I'll believe it when I see it.
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    Interview JVS did with Portuguese newspaper A Bola. He covers a ranger of topics, including his playing career, Coronavirus (obviously), the system he likes to play with the Ethinki as well as discussing Vlaxodimos and Samaris. https://www.sport24.gr/football/ellada/ethniki_elladas/fan-sip-na-meinw-kairo-sthn-ethnikh-kai-na-afhsw-klhronomia.5701824.html
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    Monalis Glezos died; he was 98 years young. When Greece and Athens were conquered by the Hitlerian army the Hitlerian emblem was seen every day at the Acropolis. One night Μanolis Glezos and Lakis Santas climbed to Acropolis, removed the Adolfian standard and put to its place the Greek flag. Next morning the Athenians saw the Greek flag at the Acropolis at the place of the Hitlerian rag.
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    Very sorry to hear that Alex. I wish her a very speedy recovery.
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    Φίλε κουράγιο, εύχομαι να πάνε όλα καλά. Ποια είναι η κατάσταση από συμπτώματα; To περνάει ήπια;
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    Ελπίζω να είστε όλοι καλά, παιδιά. Εγώ είμαι ΟΚ, αλλά η σύζυγος μου βρέθηκε θετική στον Covid-19 και είναι εδώ και 15 μέρες σε απόλυτη απομόνωση-καραντίνα. Δύσκολη και μεγάλη δοκιμασία όλο αυτό, αλλά θα ξεπεραστεί.
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