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    Ναι αφού δε μπορείς να κερδίσεις το μπουρδέλο των 11 παιχτών στο γήπεδό σου, ας διαλυθεί καλύτερα για να περνάς αέρα από τα δικά σου παραρτήματα... Ωραία λογική.
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    1. "in the western world" reality is a matter of convenience?! Whatever this means... But, the reality remains: the facts, some of which are rules made by humans, like the US constitution, and 50-state electoral systems. I have marched in protest, voted & been politically active, talked to people, and have tried to understand how the system works in order to change it for the better. I'm also old enough to realize that the perfect cannot be the enemy of the practical. Was the Emancipation a positive step? Of course, even though it took another 100 years to reverse some of the most cruel laws/ social norms--and we still have much to do. Those who oversimplify tend to be ignoramuses in my opinion. In real terms, I could see you saying Hitler/Stalin being two sides of same coin, but HRC/DJT?! Actually I'm appalled by such ridiculously ignorant statement. The country would be going in a different direction, in which science, competence, education, environment, economics (taxes and social safety net) health, immigration, etc, etc.would have been addressed in a very different manner by HRC than the current moron-in-charge has taken us into. Apparently those issues don't matter to you!?! 2. Another reality: the laws of nature, which include dying. Great. So, go ahead and die after you read this. If you continue to live, then you disagree with yourself... that even though you will die one day, you now want to continue to experience life. And, I'm betting you care which side of the coin comes up... So, savor your days alive! Cheers.
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    Χαχαχαχαχαχαχα ήθελαν και αήττητο οι κλέφτες!
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    Rumour that Dimitris Manos will be picked up when he is released from Olympiacos. Edited : Also to say that ex-AEK player Hult is being considered for LB
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    FT 0-0. Only good thing today is that I got Biseswar’s match worn shirt of last Wednesday against AEK.
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    It was a calculated move by the gangster in order to make himself look good. Now he can continue grabbing other people's private parts unimpeded. And don't give me the bs that no other teams would have done the same. PAOK could have filed a protest against Aris for using ineligible player (Durmishaj) in the game we lost 4:2, but chose not to, so take holier-than-thou attitude somewhere else.
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    Maybe we should make the biggest Bougatsa ever and bring it to the offices of AEK. Would be a good thing to normalise things in Greek football. Good sportmanship yes. p*****es No. Also from our side. We weren’t (aren’t?) saints either.
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    Firstly I would have thought that the league will not need AEK to put in a complaint. Surely if the players were ineligible and this has now been noticed and the authorities are aware then the league have to punish us regardless? secondly, and Forgive my ignorance, but what are the passes relating to? Did the squads have to be re registered for when they restarted the league? If that’s the case, how is the club doctor responsible? Or was this do do with medical passes issued stating they are able to play?
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    One of our local pharmas here in the Boston area (Moderna) released the results of their first human vaccine trials last night. It seems that they worked on all 45 tested people, at all dosages (there were high- medium- and low-dose trials). It looks like they're moving forward with the medium dosage in a 30,000-person trial that will begin this month, with results to be collected by end of November. Don't go kissing strangers yet but this is great news.
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    The Psychopath in Chief can rely on his base. This is his base. Dios nos salve a todos
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    Kostas Kotsaris (currently PAO but persona non-grata) is being looked at as a backup keeper for Cuesta (AllAboutAris)
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    I have some good news for my hometown Harris County active cases dropped from 48,132 to 29,413 (19,890 alone in Houston). Hospitalizations have slightly decreased, this trend must continue to slow the spread of the virus.
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    It's official, the ban has been lifted and Aris can start planning for the upcoming season: Η ΠΑΕ ΑΡΗΣ ανακοινώνει ότι οι ενέργειες για την άρση των δύο ban είχαν σήμερα αίσιο τέλος. Και με τη... σφραγίδα της FIFA. Κατόπιν αλληλογραφίας με την Παγκόσμια Ομοσπονδία, η ΠΑΕ ΑΡΗΣ έχει -ξανά- από σήμερα το δικαίωμα πραγματοποίησης μεταγραφών, γεγονός που ανοίγει το δρόμο, ώστε να προχωρήσει ο μεταγραφικός σχεδιασμός. Η ΠΑΕ ΑΡΗΣ θα ήθελε να ευχαριστήσει και να συγχαρεί τον Οικονομικό Διευθυντή της εταιρείας, κ. Αγησίλαο Τουμαζάτο, που εργάστηκε νυχθημερόν το τελευταίο διάστημα για να φτάσουμε στο σημερινό αποτέλεσμα, αλλά και τον νομικό μας, κ. Κωνσταντίνο Ζέμπερη, που έφερε σε πέρας μια δύσκολη αποστολή με απόλυτη επιτυχία. Συνεχίζουμε ΑΚΟΜΗ πιο δυνατά! I've been listening to a lot of Salonica radio during the last couple of months and according to Tsaltidi, he has been by far the most accurate regarding transfers the last couple of years, Aris will announce about 5-6 deals. Cuesta & Matilla will remain with the team, Emanuel Sakic, Facundo Bertoglio and Mateo Garcia who supposedly has been looking for an apartment in Salonica. We can expect an additional 5-6 transfers and some youngsters will sign pro contracts.
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    Wow, he's like the energizer rabbit....just keeps going and going. Good on him, he's been a good soldier everywhere he's played and has earned respect.
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    ah, just checked his stats for the season. You're right, old age has addled my brain - he missed most of the season with a cruciate injury. I was sure I read something about being benched by Martins due to his ego but maybe I just made it all up - difficult to remember. haha
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    ^^^^He has shown a lot of potential and at 22 yr is very promising.
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    The Top Scorer of Greek Superleague 😉
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    The first and only in my mind: the mighty Gspurning. I remember him only as a sub.
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    Wel it seems like Paok's board knows that the midfield is weak as s**t. So this transfer is on the right direction. How are the "Ronandinho comming to Paok" rumors this year going?
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    3-0 win behind closed doors at Rentis. Looked to be a full strength squad: Sa (78′ Allen), Gaspar (64′ Torosidis), Ba, Cisse (64′ Papadopoulos), Tsimikas, Camara, Bouchalakis (64′ Cafu), Guillerme, Masouras (46′ Randjelovic) (59′ Fortounis), El Arabi (64′ Lovera) Goals : 42' Camara, 45' Valbuena and 54' Randjelovic
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    He offered something before the coronavirus break. This entire season has been a lesson in player mismanagement. Saw this just now: https://inpaok.com/651410/sti-lista-tou-paok-o-svab/ Meh. Here's his transfermarkt. https://www.transfermarkt.com/stefan-schwab/profil/spieler/79612 The most-viewed result of his on youtube is the delightfully titled "RED CARD STEFAN SCHWAB | RAPID VIENNA - AJAX | HIGHLIGHTS | WORST TACKLE EVER!!!"
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    Check yourself mate, lest your post gets deleted!
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    Haven’t read or seen any news about it.. Hopefully they decide with something soon and hopefully it’s something other than the OAKA.
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    you can buy as many strikers as you want but if you cannot boss the midfield you wont score
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    Ziaka, don't forget who we are supporting. PAOK is capable of getting a draw at Old Trafford then losing to Odds Balklubb at home.
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    And so are most of the teams due to the pandemic. Not much you can do in the month that is left before the first game. I doubt we will sign anybody prior to the CL game. Maybe one or two players. Most transfers will happen in September and October.
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    Most teams appear to be coasting post lockdown tbh
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    Sadly, this is true. Team is just coasting until they move into the new stadium.
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    Woman Allegedly Urinated in Middle of Verizon Store After Refusing to Wear Mask
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    Ομάρ: «Δεν έχω υπογράψει στη Γαλατά»
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    Απαράδεκη εμφάνιση απο την ομάδα. Δεν μπορώ να καταλάβω πως δεν νικήσαμε αυτο το μπουρδέλο. Μπίσεσβαρ, Εσίτι και Μαουρίσιο δεν πρέπει να ξαναφορέσουν την φανέλα του ΠΑΟΚ. Οι πουτ@ν@ς γιοί Σόουζα και Διαμαντόπουλος έκαναν την καλύτερη εμφάνισή τους σήμερα. Με τον γαύρο δεν είδα κανέναν να τρέχει και να παλεύει έτσι. Βέβαια εμείς φταίμε που δεν τους βάλαμε τρία γκόλ σήμερα. Ποιός Λημνιός βρε παιδιά; Τι τελείωμα οτι να'ναι πήγε να κάνει ο Στόχ; Εύχομαι ολόψυχα καλή διάλυση στο κίτρινο παράρτημα του Ολυμπιακού.
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    Another player that played against us and now we are after him.
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    He's been loaned out for next season to promoted Stuttgart in the Bundesliga. Big year for him and his career, the chance to play in the Bundesliga, he's 22. Time to stop being a talent and step up and cement his spot as a starter in one of Europe's top leagues. Hopefully his body holds up and he is able to have a big season. https://www.sport24.gr/Basket/germania/mayropanos-anakoinwthhke-o-daneismos-toy-sthn-stoytgkardh.5732562.html https://www.goal.com/en/news/mavropanos-signs-arsenal-contract-seals-loan-stuttgart/1oj39nu7ctlmz1877lpaemua52
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    ^^ I disagree. I thought in the first half both teams played well. First 15 of 2nd half we dominated too.
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    That is the case. Also if we lose we need to beat Aris and Olympiakos must not lose against AEK.
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    FFP is bullshit when your own president is funding the team from his own pocket without endangering the team. Sure wanna level the field in EUROPE? Then limit the big teams, but not the smaller teams that want to grow.
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    Mihaj subbed in during the break for Ingason.
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    1-3 final score. I am not so confident about today so I think all will be decided next week. We will need to win in Athens.
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    ^^^^ Mexicans, Greeks, et al, vote if they're citizens... But, unfortunately there is electoral fraud (I didn't say voter fraud), since it's the policy of the Republican party to prevent people and groups from voting, and they draw districts in such a way as to favor their party. That's why you see their party gets more seats in states like Wisconsin, N. Carolina, etc, even though it gets fewer votes than the Dem party. As to picking a side, wouldn't you say the rules determine how the game is played? Of course, so the next president WILL BE either a Dem or a Repub--Biden or Trump. If they die before the election, their parties will replace them with someone else. Voting for another candidate, hoping for a change, it's a wasted effort in my opinion. And, it's stupid today, if I may add, because these two are so different that there's a clear choice; and no one should sit this out. By the way, have you thought why there have been 2 major parties/coalitions in American politics since the first election? The system favors 2 major parties, plus, in my opinion, tradition plays a role...
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    According to Galanolefko.gr Greece are to play two friendly matches October 7 in Austria and November 11 vs Cyprus in Greece with the venue to be determined. I can’t wait to see the NT again and I hope they keep up the good run of results.
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    You would for sure have more than 3 if you did, leave the guns alone, the pen is mightier.
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    Sorry Tzatziki, the CAS made their decision and cleared PAOK of any co-ownership of Xanthi. 7pts back to PAOK. You know what's fixed... the 2015 Olympiakos v Atromitos match 😉
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    Europa League final eight set to be played behind closed doors The Europa League will be completed with a final eight in Germany, with the final in Cologne on August 21. Colors don't look too bad to me...
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    As someone that understands little of US politics, I wonder why Nancy Pelosi didn’t try to go up against Trump. She’s the only one I’ve seen who seemed to rile him. As far as policies go, and them making an actual real difference to people, it seems both parties are short on ideas. At least I haven’t heard anything. Sure there are ideological differences and whoever gets in will control nominations of judges and that sort of thing. But in terms of changes “on the ground” does it matter if Trump or Biden wins ? Whoever wins, Wall St wins and everyone else seems not to. I find it strange that the Dems don’t go hard for traditional GOP states but say having a policy to invest serious dollars in some of them. You know, actually trying to improve their lives. I’m sure voters could be swayed that way. But I don’t see that, or maybe it’s not reported because it’s boring. Or maybe they don’t actually plan to to invest much, in which case, why the heck should the voters change their vote, or even bother voting. Or maybe that’s “socialist” thinking. Don’t care what anyone says, if you promise to build jobs in red neck towns, they’ll vote for you.
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    Once again, let's push the Republican misinformation campaign. Let's try to assert that the radical left (whomever that might be - it just sounds scary) have taken or will take over the Democratic Party and that Joe Biden is just a pawn of the radical left. Over the past several years, As*hole in Chief Trump has used the term “radical left” to describe almost every single one of his political opponents, ranging from former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Rep. Ilhan Omer, and others. Just last month, as*hole in Chief Trump said in a Tweet that “[t]he Radical Left is in total command & control of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Google.” And recently, once again, Trump used the term “radical left” in association with former Vice President and current Presidential candidate, Joe Biden. Radical left is a term to scare potential voters or turn off possible Democratic voters. As @Tzatziki has asked:
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