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    Trump is a fraud; always been so. He's the most ignorant person who also believes he has the best opinion than anyone else. He's incompetent, and the presidency should NOT be the first gov office for anyone, but that's what the Repubs gave us. I'm more upset with the people who have been supporting this buffoon, though gross violations of the consitution, abuse of power, obstruction of justice, and incompetence that results in many deaths. No decent person would be acting and saying stuff like this man has. And, when it comes to being an elected leader, what decent leader would say don't let this cruise ship come to port with sick Americans becuase "my numbers will look bad"???!!! I hope everyone here is safe and well.
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    You Yankees can't stand being 2nd in anything. Have to win the Gold Medal in everything. Even in the covid-19 count.
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    Thanks Mitsos. Please stay healthy to all my Aris enemies, so we can continue with the kazoura one day.
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    I hope all of you and your families are well, stay positive and exercize to avoid the boredom. Might as well use this health scare to get healthy!!
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    I'm based in London and its getting bad here. I envisage the UK overtaking Italy and Spain with its number of deaths, very soon. I think we're peak at 1500 deaths a day. Mainly because our lunatic government instead of following the World Health Organisations and pretty much everyone elses advise to lockdown, test and trace, decided to go with the Herd Immunity model (I think the US also went with this idea to begin with). For a month or so we did nothing and the only advice was to wash your hands and catch and bin a sneeze in a tissue. Our Prime Minister and his two crazy Medical and Scientific Advisors actively wanted 60% of the population to get Covid-19 so we'd build up a Herd Immunity to the virus, any fool could see it was playing a deadly game of Russian roulette as Covid-19 has a mortality rate of 1 to 3%: 60% of the UK population is 39.6 million and 1% of that is 396,000 so that’s roughly how many would have died. It took the Royal Colleague of London to point this out to Boris Johnsons two muppet advisors before they finally saw sense and went into lock down, unfortunately the damage was already done and Covid-19 had spread massively into the population. To top it all now Boris and one of the advisors has Covid-19 so, so much for their expert advice. Things will get very grim soon and I can see the NHS getting to the point of collapse as they are so massively underfunded, civil unrest is already starting to brew. I'm a keyworker so have to work through this nightmare, driving in you can feel the tension people driving like lunatics, smashed up cars littering the streets. In Shepherds Bush where I work gangs have been looting our local supermarket for weeks and last night one of them stabbed a security guard. In certain areas many arn't bothering to stay at home or social distance and often cram into parks or high streets. I think the Governement will have to get the army out on the streets soon to try and get some order. I
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    It should be cancelled with no Champion and European spots being given on current standing or standing from the previous season. Why would you award the trophy to somebody who could mathematically still lose it?
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    See I disagree. I'll agree that he shouldn't be making the whole decision as the manager is oblivious to the financial standing of the club etc. But at the end of the day he is their to coach the team and implement his philosophy on the team. He should have a say and he should be heard. Not doing so can equally destroy a team and ruin a season (as we've seen many times before) A manager absolutely needs to be heard as to which players he wants (within reason of course $-wise) It's not like Lucescu was demanding for them to sign Toni Kroos or Kante. Everyone needs to be on the same page, the owners to the TD to the manager, otherwise it's gonna get ugly and Georgiadis is gonna take over as manager for the rest of the season (if you know, you know 😁)
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    Whoever gave Stoch a three year contract should be lashed from Toumpa all the way to Slovakia.
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    Here is the 2019-2020season PAOK roster including players on loan. Includes information on contract expiration and estimated salaries: GOALTENDERS 31 - Alexandros PASCHALAKIS (1989) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 450,000 (Buyout option: € 8,000,000) 88 - Zivko ZIVKOVIC (1989) - 30-Jun-2022 - € 250,000 Rodrigo REY (1991) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 400,000 - (On loan: Godoy Cruz) Nikos MELISSAS (1993) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 100,000 - (On loan: NFC Volos) 60 -Symeon PAPADOPOULOS (2000) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 10,800 Nikos BOURGANIS (1997) – 30-Jun-2022 RIGH BACK 3 -Leo MATOS (1986) – 30-Jun-2021) - € 610,000 2 - Rodrigo SOARES (1992) – 30-Jun-2022- € 600,000 Eleftherios LYRATZIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 100,000 - (On loan: NFC Volos) CENTER BACK Angel Jose CRESPO (1987) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 680,000 5 - Fernando VARELA (1987) – 30-Jun-2022- € 1,000,000 + bonuses 4 - Sverrir Ingi INGASON (1993) – 30 Jun-2022 - € 450,000 (Buyout option: € 20,000,000) 6 - Enea MIHAJ (1998) – 30-Jun-2023 - € 150,000 (Buyout option: € 7,000,000) Marko MIHOJEVIC (1996) – 31-Dec-2020 - € 120,000 – (On loan: Erzgerbirge Aue) (Buyout option: € 800,000) 49 - Ioannis MICHAILIDIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2023 – € 60,000 (Buyout option: € 4,000,000) Apostolos DIAMANTIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2023 – (Buyout option: € 4,000,000) (On loan: NFC Volos) LEFT BACK 23 - Dimitris GIANNOULIS (1995) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 280,000 (Buyout option: € 1,000,000) 20 - Antelino VIEIRINHA (1986) – 30-Jun-2020 - € 1,300,000 Marios TSAOUSIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 - € - (On loan: NFC Volos) DEFENSIVE MIDFIELD 19 - Pontus WERNBLOOM (1986) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 1,100,000 24 - Anderson ESITI (1994) – 30-Jun-2023- € 700,000 8 - Jose MAURICIO (1988) – 30-Jun-2020- € 1,100,000 Thibauld MOULIN (1990) – 31-Dec-2020 – € 550,000 (PAOK pays 75%) (On loan: AO Xanthi) Ergys KACE (1993) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 250,000 (Buyout option: € 5,000,000) (On loan: AE Larisa) Konstantinos BALOGIANNIS (1999) – 30-Jun-2021 (On loan: NFC Volos) Tasos MELETIDIS (1999) – 30-Jun-2020 Dimitrios MELIOPOULOS (2000) – 30-Jun-2023 – Retired CENTRAL MIDFIELD 33 - Douglas AUGUSTO (1997) – 30-Jun-2023- € 250,000 27 - Josip MISIC (1994) – 30-Jun-2020- € 900,000 7 - Omar EL KADDOURI (1990) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 800,000 51 - Theoharis TSIGGARAS (2000) - € 10,800 OFFENSIVE MIDFIELD 10 - Dimitris PELKAS (1993) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 500,000 (€ 10,000,000 buyout option) 21 - Diego BISESWAR (1988) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 750,000 (€ 3,000,000 buyout option) Zisis CHATZISTRAVOS (1999) – 30-Jun-2022 Georgios DOUMTSIS (2000) – RIGHT FORWARD 18 - Dimitrios LIMNIOS - (1988) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 130,000 (€ 10,000,000 buyout option) 98 - Leonardo JABA ( 1998) – 30-Jun-2023 - € 600,000 Antonios GAITANIDIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 85,000 Amr WARDA (1993) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 250,000 (PAOK pays 75%)(€ 3,000,000 buyout option) (On loan: AE Larisa) CENTER FORWARD 47 - Chuba AKPOM (1995) – 30-Jun-2021 - € 800,000 - (€ 15,000,000 buyout option, Arsenal owes 25%) 9 - Karol SWIDERSKI (1997) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 400,000 - (€ 20,000,000 buyout option) Alexandros GARGALATZIDIS (2000) – 30-Jun-2022 - (On loan: AO Xanthi) LEFT FORWARD 22 - Lazaros LAMBROU (1997) – 30-Jun-2023 - € 250,000 99 - Miroslav STOCH (1988) – 30-Jun-2022 - € 1,000,000 Christos TZOLIS (2002) –
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    Good man!!!
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    Ευχαριστώ για τις ευχές! Τα συμπτώματα της είναι θα έλεγα μέτρια, ούτε ήπια, ούτε σοβαρά. Το πιο δύσκολο είναι η διάρκεια, είναι πολύ κουραστικό να είσαι 15 μέρες με πυρετό, βήχα, πόνο στο στήθος, κλπ, ενώ δεν μπορείς να κινηθείς έξω από το δωμάτιο και το WC σου και στην TV όποιο κανάλι κι αν ανοίξεις να ακούς για αριθμούς νεκρών, ΜΕΘ, κλπ. Σε ότι αφορά εμένα, όπως καταλαβαίνετε έχω επιφορτιστεί όλα τα οικογενειακά βάρη (πχ μαγείρεμα, καθάρισμα, πλυντήρια, κλπ). Και στη δουλειά δύσκολα, άλλη μια μεγάλη κρίση προς διαχείριση! Το αντιμετωπίζω ως εγκεφαλική άσκηση για μένα όλο αυτό, δεν θα με κάμψει τίποτε. Είμαι προετοιμασμένος για όλα, ακόμη και για τα χειρότερα. Κουράζομαι πολύ, κοιμάμαι λίγο, δουλεύω όλη μέρα, αλλά το ηθικό μου είναι ψηλό. Όπως προανέφερα, το προσεγγίζω θετικά όλο αυτό. Τα πάντα, είναι στο μυαλό μας, έτσι τουλάχιστον προσπαθώ εγώ να αντιμετωπίσω τα πράγματα. Προσοχή, λοιπόν, παιδιά και να προσέχετε τους δικούς σας!
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    Very sorry to hear that Alex. I wish her a very speedy recovery.
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    Biden was dead in the water until he won big in South Carolina since he does very well with the black electorate. Then, all of the leading moderates dropped out of the race and threw their support behind him, thereby coalescing the field. The Dems will win the popular vote (again) but due to our outdated electoral system, he will need to win some key swing states. The big ones to watch out for are Penn, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin. Biden does well with the white working class voters so he has a good chance to take these states.
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    16 teams ha ha ha , they need to stop dreaming. It sounds like some teams owners are trying to their friend's team in and they also find the prospect of an competitive league threatening (bigger chances of being relegated, "απλός θέλουν να βολευτούνε", without feeling the pressure of having to invest in their team in order to stay relevant). Nova seems to want to drop the teams to 12 which I support (hell maybe even dropping the teams to 10 would be better), perhaps we can play 4 rounds of football instead of the weird playoff system.

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