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    Skibbe/Tsanas seem to just pick players based on the jumper they’re wearing. Watch Fetfa getting call ups soon. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, but if you’re going to call him up now then you should’ve called him up earlier. Likewise Samaris who hasn’t played a proper game in 3 years and shouldn’t be anywhere near the NT (my opinion) but because he “plays” for Benfica he gets call ups. Tziolis is just a mystery. Good boy but hasn’t been at the level required for years now. The truth is our midfield is in a sad state. Samaris, Taxi, Tziolis sorry guys they are not NT quality. If I was an opposition manager and that’s your midfield, I’d be rubbing my hands together. That midfield is about as scary as a mouse. The only half decent midfielders we have are Zeca and Kourbelis. That’s it. Yes they aren’t technical but they run and fight and don’t need to have their hands held. They are just work horses nothing else. As for the forwards, that’s another story again. Yes Mitroglou is striking fear into the hearts of opposition defences ha ha. Sad to say but I miss the days of Samaras who could actually control the ball and have just a little composure.
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    He is just being passionate and I understand where he is coming from. He wants the team to be serious and focused about the nation's league. Let's create positive energy instead of negative. We don't agree with what Skibbe does but we have to accept that he is there and in charge of the team so let's speak positive for the teams sake. Let's be optimistic.
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    On July 28, the 33 year-old Torosidis returned to Olympiacos after 5 years playing in Italy for both Roma and Bologna. It was time for a move back home where I think he can have another successful couple of years. I will keep this thread open a few more days before it is locked.
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    His injury is regarding cartilage. Bones have nothing to do with it. He may have developed some poor mechanical form of motion. Then add explosiveness and injuries occur. The more explosive the player, the higher risk of injury.
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    my squad for the nations league games starting of september would be something like that; karnezis stafylidis manolas sokratis mpakakis kourmpelis zeca lazaros pelkas fetfatzidis mitroglou
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    We will win our group and we will play Tziolis and he will break our record of most caps for the Pirates in the near future too. Then we will go to McDonalds.
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    Athens4 to the rescue. http://tv-greek-live.blogspot.com/2014/08/e-channel-live-epsilon-tv.html It works now at least.
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    Since when is it obligatory to have a TV-contract to start the season? And why don’t they accept the help? Ah, I know otherwise they can’t complain. Winers. Greece is not the only country having problems finding money. Even AS Roma did not have a sponsor on their shirt till the quarter final of CL against Barca last year. Most of the teams are “sponsored” by the betting-company. No-one is interested or has money. Deal (with it) or shut up and pexe balla. Just start the season and every time they don’t show up: -3 points. Even if two of those teams play eachother. We can not allow to be hostaged by those clubs/the minority. It is also not good for the Greek teams in Europe (that includes Atromitos) and the NT as the Nations League starts early September.
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    i think he was talking about his game against bosnia, where we missed both samaris and tachtsidis (he was in form that time) and we had to start tziolis for the first time in these qualifiers. i also think he played ok in that game regarding the circumstances. (zeca had his first nt start as well, as well as kourmpelis recorded his first cap in the injury time). he had a couple of terrible mistakes but we didn't really surrender the midfield like we do against such opposition. overall the blame shouldn't be on tziolis who plays up to his qualities, but to that clown skibbe who can't realise his qualities are not enough for us.
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    I don't know but if someone can back me up on this but I remember Skibbe said Tziolis played very well but I can't remember which game. Tziolis has never had a good game for the Ethniki. Skibbe is In my opinion is a yes man to someone. Playing Zeca, Mantalos, Stafylidis and Bakasetas means he is not confident enough to play the right people for that position. It's understandable that you want to play Mantalos and Fortounis in the same 11 but Zeca doesn't have to be in the wing. What wrong with playing Pelkas on the wing or Gianniotas against Croatia in the 1st leg. That's just an example.
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    No George, Ninis was/is a good player and was in great form once. 2010 Roma ring a bell? The ethniki in recent years and I’m talking since winning the Euro, only played beautiful football when Ninis played centrally for us and we say nice flowing football played on the ground. It was never many games sadly. I still like watching Nini play. Hope he comes back to Super League, the last few seasons but for a stint in Belgium with Charleroi, have being a complete waste
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    Tziolis is horrid file, xehaseto, no debate there are SL midfielders at mid table teams that are better
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    @Dean97 you're right I haven't seen the NT look as good offensively as they did in that game, With Skibbe as our bench boss we will not see that kind of offence again he is much more of a defensive coach that doesn't like his team taking chances which hinders our offence completely.. he plays guys so far back that when they get the ball there are way to many opposing players on him and he can't do much.. I think we need to utilize our wingers out wide more to creat space for our players... they can't be afraid to give up a goal as that hinders our attack so much.. Ever time I see the NT they like tight and stagnate... That's why we need to add players that have speed in our line up.. I'm hoping Donis really becomes a difference maker for us as the kid has wheels and can take on defenders, as does Fetfa, If Kone can get his game back I would love to see him on the team, I had such hopes for that guy after our last World Cup.. Fetfa,Pelkas,Mitro,Donis,fortunes,Fetfa mantolas and Laz all need to have significant roles for NT to be successful.. if Samaris can finally play regularly than maybe he becomes our instant starter at mid but for now I don't know who our mids should be..At the end of the day if Skibbe is any kind of coach then he play a system that takes pressure of our weakest positions that is mid but I don't have that much faith in him..Play 3 in the back instead of 4 and move up a guy...
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    I understand Androutsos might not be be starting material yet but I never said for him to play the 10 role. He is an 8 through and through. We are so limited there it's not funny. We have plenty of CDMs and CAMs. I believe Androutsos is somewhere in between. I hope he can somehow produce assists and score goals because he I the future of this team. I also agree about Fortounis being our best 10. But I wouldn't count out Mantalos yet and I also believe Pelkas will be better than both. @J1078 I know that match against Hungary didn't mean much, but I've never seen us attack and play like that before. We looked very hungry and looked dangerous with Pelkas playing and Stafylidis always overlapping and creating problems for them. We do need to find a balance though.
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    Okay I guess I needed to dummy it down for you since you obviously didn't understand what I meant... Thanks for clarifying that we are not on the team I guess I can unpack my bags now since I won't be starting the first game of the nations league..
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    you forgot the PAOK branded replica savvidis handgun
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    Guys we better take this Nations league serious as it might be our only chance to qualify for the euros.. I think do to our FIFA rankings we will have two difficult teams in our group at the euro qualifications so we better take advantage of this opportunity we have now..
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    4.99 Euro. Better than the illegal sites that charge more. And the money goes to the team, not someone's pocket.
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    The League of Nations and how it impacts Euro2020: League A:12 teams; 4 groups of 3 League B: 12 teams; 4 groups of 3 League C: 15 teams; 1 groups of 3 and 3 groups of 4 League D: 16 teams; 4 groups of 4 (55 teams) -------------- Teams that top their group in League A go into a semi final and final to determine the UEFA Nations League winner in Jun-2019. Teams that top their group in Leagues B, C and D get promoted to Leagues A, B and C respectively for 2020. Teams that bottom their group in Leagues A, B and C get relegated to Leagues B, C and D respectively for 2020. One League A group has Spain, England and Croatia; and so one of these nations will be relegated into League B for 2020 -------------- UEFA Euro2020 Qualifiers: 5 Groups of 5 and 5 Groups of 6 (55 teams) (Groups A-J) Top 2 in each Group automatically qualify for Euro2020 i.e. 20 teams automatically qualify. -------------- Remaining 4 position in Euro2020 will come from League of Nations. How? In each of the Leagues A-D, the top 4 ranked teams that did not qualify for EURO2020 will enter a play-off in Mar-2020 with one finals place on offer per League i.e. a semi-final and final per League. E.g. if Greece tops it's group in League C and doesn't automatically qualify for Euro2020 then it will be guaranteed a semi-final play-off match in Mar-2020 with other top ranked teams in League C that also did not qualify. This means that 1 team from League D will make it to the Euro2020 finals. What about if all the nations in League A automatically qualify for Euro2020? Then, the top 4 ranked teams in League B that did not automatically qualify for Euro2020 takes the place of League A and then the next 4 ranked teams in League B enter a play-off for Euro2020. -------------- What does this mean for Greece's chances? We need to top our Group in League of Nations! Not only does it give us a 2nd chance to make Euro2020 in the event we don't automatically qualify, but it also means we get promoted into League B in 2020.
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    A competent manger will set his formation according to the capabilities of the available players. We only have one in-form, dependable CDM and that's Zeca. Samaris has been riding the pine for 2 years now and it doesn't look like he's ever going to be a regular at his club nor is anyone is willing to dish out money to buy him....hasn't played a decent game for the NT in 4 years. Tziolis is washed up, Taxi is a bust at club and NT level, Siopis might be good as a back up for Zeca but is in no mans land at Oly. Galanopoulos and Kourbelis are possibilties but won't bring the skills that are lacking at the position atm. Playing either one will strengthen our defense but not add anything offensively. Skibbe seems unwilling to try 3 CBs with Zeca in front where we get to play to our strengths in the CB position. If we had Sokratis, Manolas, Papadopoulos or Retsos, with Zeca in front we would be able to put Mantalos or Fortounis in front of them to act as a transitional playmaker.....a 5-1-3-1 formation. It would also provide coverage for the weak defending on the flanks that we have seen from Toro and Staf. Unfortunately Skibbe doesn't understand that the formation is dependent on the abilities and limitations of the players, especially on a NT where you can't simply go out and buy whatever element you're missing to implement your system....you have to work with what you have (and make proper player selections) and use a system that complements the players abilities. On the other hand its not Skibbe's fault Taxi sucked the big one when he was given his chances (many thought he was going to be the solution for the midfield) or that Samaris has never been able to get it going (its almost as if his invisibility and lack of contribution during games is somehow forgotten) or that Tziolis is too old (enough said)....but it is his fault that he keeps doing the same thing over and over again.
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    I have that same feeling about Tziolis. Why would Skibbe play him in the friendlies and not be in the plans for the nations league? He played many players from the u21s against Saudi. These players good or bad should be slowly making there way in the first team. Androutsos and Galanopoulos are players who should be involved from now. Tsimikas is another one. The u21s I realised do not have a strong or aggressive midfielder as a 6 who does the dirty work. Like Zeca. Most of their midfielders are box to box midfielders. The right back position needs work aswell for the u21s. Same could be said for the men's team. Hopefully Masouras picks up form at Olympiakos. So midfield in my opinion is a huge problem leading into the nation's league. We will probably see Zeca and Samaris start together.
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    I agree that we ended up playing two of the 3 best teams that were in the World Cup and if Donis and manolas were playing the game in Croatia would have been different. Now we might have not got a result but I don't think we would have lost by more then 1 goal which would have given us a chance in the 2nd game.. I don't see Skibbe moving away from Tziolis at all if he wasn't going to use him then he wouldn't have played the entire game in our friendly and he would have tried someone else.. I truly think Skibbe is still not that knowledgable of the Greek players because if he was there is no way he would continue to choose the line up he does.. This nations league will show us a lot and ultimilety what we can except from this coach going forward.. We can not continue to play guys that don't get regular playing time, and where we are unsure about a certain postion then you need to pick players with speed who can make up for their mistakes.. We need to stop playing guys that are slow and lazy like Taxi... lets see what happens but until i see changes with the call ups and line up selections then I don't except anything to change from our last campaign regarding players..
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    Given the choices we have, for me, my pick for the box to box player it would be Mantalos. He is tougher than he appears and has the smarts to force his way into a game. Having said that all this talk of systems and positions can be misleading. If we’re playing Belgium we’re playing 8 or 9 behind the ball and we need at least 3 in the middle most of the time. No box to box here, it’s more box to centre circle. The other thing is this this talk of replace this player with that player as if they are interchangeable. Fortounis, Pelkas, Mantalos are all different players. In and around the box Pelkas is dangerous. He’s good for a game where Greece will generally attack. Ask him to be a tradional number 10 and he can’t do it. It’s just not in him. Likewise a game where we’re generally defending I think Lazaros becomes much more useful. He loves the space and running at defenders. End of the day unless you have a super team like a Belgium you need players and a manager that can adapt because you can’t play the same against Iceland as against Belgium. I don’t know who the best are for each game/situation (because I don’t study the players full time) but some of Skibbes picks leave me scratching my head. At the very least select fit players that can run and hustle for 90 minutes (see Iceland in this WC) and you give yourself a fighting chance. When your team consists of unfit and lazy players what’s chance do you have ? Toro, Tziolis, Samaris, Taxi, Fourtounis (yes he needs to hustle a lot more), Mitro ... good lord it’s like we’re sending out pensioners. The only player I’ve seen in recent times that didn’t pull their fair share in terms of running but they can get away with it was Pirlo. But hey, he’s Pirlo, he can do what he wants ha ha.
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    Dean, I think our best wingers would be Donis & Lazaros for sure. It's very hard to determine because form changes season to season. Fortounis actually looks reborn again this season judging from friendlies so will likely take back the throne as ellas number 10. DM's most in form are Galanopoulos + Zeca.. possibly tachtsi tbh he was one of the better oly players. so total form wise no skibbe hat mitroglou donis fortounis lazaros zeca gala holebas sokrati manolas bakakis karnezis on the right flank you have the AEK chem connection = lazaros / bakakis/gala. lazaros and bakakis in particular put together some tricky overlapping runs. I think biggest question mark is that one CDM spots. Torosidis? = who plays very well for NT now with oly, captain candidate Tachtsi? = who shows up sometimes and sometimes doesn't eg) assist vs belgium and goals and assists vs. AEK in derbys and can distribute very well Samaris? = relegated to squad rotation but when in form our best CM/CDM by far. can also slot back at cdm but also has good reading of playing for interception eg) ivory coast game and defense eg) champions league for benfica where he was motm and dropped back as CB too gala? = young but key player for AEKs superleague win also great chem with bakakis and lazaros if played on the right? kpaps = concede the midfield and play 3atb. when kpaps is available he's a class above our cm's. think of the games all 3 of our cb's starts manolas sokratis kpaps. very few goals are conceded if any at all. (siovas/retsos in case he goes down) zeca = a sure starter. guys work rates put rest of the greeks to shame. not technically gifted but he offers us what maniatis used to offer the NT/ethniki. an engine who can frustrate and take other teams playmkers out of the game. frustrated KDB of belgium (he was non-factor the most in form CAM cuz of lil old zeca). shouldve marked elephantos. kourbelis = pao is struggling so hard now so hard to judge his quality. looked just as good if not better than zeca though when they were together and worked well together for years as a partnership. one of the frew bright lights for pao. fortounis = play fortounis deep and let mantalos get 10 role. let zeca do the dirty work and let fortounis provide the needed link DEEP to the wings/strikers/mantalos. fortounis is nearly double footed too. distrubution skills overall better than tachtsi and not as slow. though tachtsi provides the ability to win long balls with his chest and height. bouchalakis/tziolis/maniatis = dont really consider any of these three over the above 8 unless they somehow get in miracolous form.
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