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    Next season we need to totally dominate Greek football, just as we did today. No excuses.
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    1000% Deserved victory today, by far the better team Great to win back to back and this one without any controversy around the goals makes it sweeter. This is how titles should be decided on the pitch without refs/other external forces playing a role. Mpravo re paokara, to axiszame
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    Watch us get a points deduction for wearing masks. We were clearly the better team. They had no answer to our counter attacks, the only thing that saved them as long as they did was our wastefulness and a few great saves by their GK. For me the MVP is probably Vieirinha, but big props to Biseswar for his play. po po po mia paokara -edit- did anyone catch what Varela did for that last yellow?
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    eh little by little. at least galanopoulos got a call up. mavropanos if he keeps up what he's doing will be undeniable. we're so blessed at cb. wish we had this in other positions! we have to play with 3 cb's at the back because of this luxury to compensate for or lack of talent in other positions. soccer is a game of competition and not applying our competitive advantage and doing the standard is not how we're going to climb the ranks!
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    Whatever comes, let it come. If Savvidis continue buying good players we have nothing to be afraid of. We played against Ajax, Shaktar, and Schalke in the past. What worse can happen? And if we make it to the next round a big team is waiting for us anyway.
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    No, FC Twente is relegated, thus #18. One clue: 020 is from the capital. It is like Lord Voldemort; The club that cannot be named.
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    Congratulation boys. Back where you belong. Good luck for next year.
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    Well done guys, great to see
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    Another highlight in Greek Football as Gav Marin alledgely has sued the ref for attacking him:
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    Terrible display yesterday. I wonder, don't these players and Spanos want to stay at Aris next season? Isn't that an incentive for them? Do they prefer to get a transfer to Kissamikos or Sparti or God knows where...? Because that was exactly how I interpreted the abysmal performance yesterday! Terrible terrible terrible!
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    Best team in Greece, all year long! Much deserved championship!! Ole ole ole
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    Νέο παιδί είσαι, 10-11 το βράδυ δεν είχες κάτι καλύτερο να κάνεις; ΜΕΓΑΛΟΣ ο καημός του Γιάγκου για την 1η ομάδα της Θεσσαλονίκης σε τίτλους σε όλα τα ομαδικά σπορ!
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    After reaching this semifinal Tsitsipas is now at #40 in the ATP-ranking.
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    Let's get to the mood for Saturday's game thanks to our Zambian friends:
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    If it was before Uber times, I would urge you to rent a car. Without a car in Los Angeles you cannot survive. Now that there is Uber, I guess it will be fine. You will pay some money, but you avoid the parking. I used to live in Long Beach. If you are staying for two nights only I wouldn't recommend you to go there or even south. Stay close to downtown and preferably west of it. Hollywood or Santa Monica area is the best area to stay. Good nightlife is also around there. So, try to find a hotel somewhere in that area. Then, you will go to the Griffith Observatory which is a must go. So, my suggestion is to stay downtown and especially east of it. Don't even bother to go south of downtown (Compton, Downey, etc), you will regret it. Then southeast the Orange County is nice, but again for only two nights doesn't worth the travel. For example, Long Beach-Los Angeles if no traffic it's half an hour on the freeway, but if you do it in rush hour you can do an hour and a half or even more and regret it. Regarding beaches, do not even bother going to Manhattan or Redondo which are south of Santa Monica. They suck. It's nice in Huntington beach. Which is true if you are looking to see some asses and boobs. But again is kind of far. If you find a hotel in Hollywood, you will need at least an hour and a half to go to Huntington beach. And if you go to Santa Monica which is close to Hollywood you will get a pretty good sense of Los Angeles. And right next to Santa Monica is Venice beach which is also nice to walk and see what you see in the movies (basketball, open gyms, etc).
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    I really don't understand why Kerkyra played against AEK. It's obviously because Savvidis owns that team as well. It's a shame for PAOK to exist. PAOK should be banished from the Greek football once and for good. It's outrageous for teams to show up on the field and play against the deserved champion AEK. They do not have the decency to give the win to the best team of the Greece. Unbelievable. And don't forget that AEK played also in Europe this year. It's amazing what a war they received from the halifi Savvidi. But thankfully they won the well-deserved championship. All Greece celebrates with them. Olympiakos brothers, Panathinaikos brothers, even Aris and Iraklis brothers celebrate all together. That was a year of joy to all Greek fans! Congratulations AEK!
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    I couldn't give a s**t what's there. It's a cesspool of everything that's wrong with Greece and I'm pretty sure it's not just the PAOK fans in the area causing trouble [unless you ask one of the athenian teams that is]
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    Also the Xanthi goalie Zivkovic has been rumored as signing a 4-year deal with PAOK. I think it's just:
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    We never win against AEK or Panathinaikos in Athens. Even if it's meaningless I still want us to win this team!
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    Then why not to explore any possibilities we have to form a new league? If we reached the point that we go to a Greek cup final and we don't want tickets because they will set us up AGAIN, then why to bother even competing for anything in Greece?
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    PAOK's appeal regarding the AEK game has been rejected and the punishment has been upheld in its entirety. Hopefully PAOK will continue to build a quality team and learn from these events so as to avoid repeating them and win the title....greek football needs to be decentralized and have successful teams outside of Athens if it's to improve. Good luck in the cup game, it should be a good one if the teams are allowed to play it out on the field.
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    One thing is clear to me: the league is total b.s. The decision about PAOK-AEK game hasn't been finalized yet! Wtf? Same with rules regarding debts, permits, points deducted, etc. etc. This league reflects Greek society, as many have observed. It's been run 100% by Greeks, with people behaving like they do in every other aspect of society. The country has a long way to go to reach efficiency and modernity. The various tsifliks must go. This word "tsifliki" reminded me of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hZLjLo5CFdw
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    Happy birthday to our beloved club, lads. We turned 92 today!