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    I'll take a half baked Savvidis and Son over the years of old. I think we all forget how players would leave at the end of every season with out being paid. We forget how we were forced to sell players like Stafylidis and Vieirinha because we had debts to pay other players. We forget Salpi being forced to leave even though he wanted to stay because again they needed to sell him to pay debts. We forget how Malezas left the club not paid and as a favour he let it go and who knows how many others. They were terrible years. Savvidis is in it for himself. Who isn't ? Are any of the other owners any better. No one is happy with what happened this week, but trust me, if Savvidis left PAOK would fall to pieces very quickly. We are not, and have never been financially stable. Wages would drop back to 150K for most players and even they wouldn't be paid. As shitty as this elimination is, there is no way in f**king hell I want to go back to those days. We had good moments, proud moments, but lots of bad ones also. End of the day, the circus of hiring/firing TD's and managers has to end. Will it end ? Who knows. Ivic broke the record at just over a season. That says it all. I've said it before, we could hire Mourinho and we'd be asking for his head in a month. Off the field the teams lacks leadership, because the manager is new. Is Lucescu any good for PAOK ? Who f--king knows ? Only the gods. We'll find out soon enough. On the field the team lacks leadership also but I don't see how this can be fixed right away. You can't expect players we've signed to play "for the jumper". Let's be honest, most of them wouldn't have heard of PAOK 3 years ago. The only saving grace of this season so far is that we still have the core of players from last season which for us is a miracle. Normally we would've made 10 signings by now to appease the fans. The only person that can change the mentality of the players is the manager and right now he's been there two weeks. If I die and get to meet God or Zeus or Thor or whoever, and they said to me "You can ask one question and it will be answered", a normal person would ask something like "What is the meaning of life" or something like that. Instead I (because I'm a m-a-l-a-k-a) will ask "Why did Ivic really leave PAOK". Ase, eimaste yia klammata.
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    Woah how ungrateful you all are tbh i am in shock. No pride, no culture and some really gutless digs. Savvidis saved our team from the fate of aek, iraklis, aris of 3rd division, paid all our debts when all of greece was against him, improved our training facilities, improved our youth with financial investment and brought us some respect financially in Europe whereby we can attrack decent players and some mistakes and you guys all start shooting. Im guttered no europe all year just corrept boring GSL yet im not going to turn on savidis. Turn on the journalists who stay quiet never report problems then we lose a game and all of a sudden theu knew all along the problems.... whu wants kolka, toskitsis etc blaming these backroom guys prior to euro exit? Why didnt they interview ivic? Now after a loss they knew it all along??? We have no excuse now but to win the league and pressure should be on Savvidi to make 2 big name signings now to overcome this embarrasing and seriously damaging europa league exit. Not telling him to leave!
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    Christodoulopoulos will be called up. I have a feeling. For those who say Galanopoulos should be called up, I don't think it's time to. Androutsos will be the future and so will Manthatis. What Skibbe has to realize is: 1. Why we didn't score against Estonia? 2.What subs should he have done in the both the last matches? 3. Who is the weak link in the team? 4. Who needs to be called up and who needs to be dropped? 5. What I need to find out about the opposition and how am I going to set up the team. 6. Does Lazaros need to play right wing because of the form he is in and the experience he has. 7. Should Fortounis start every single match. 8. Is it time to play Tachtsidis and Bouchalakis and drop Tziolis? 9. Do I play 2 strikers instead of against Cyprus. 10. Does Donis need a free role where he can roam around and create chances? I would manage this team better in my opinion because I know what is needed and what is not. If Skibbe is asking at least half these questions we should be fine. The first 2 questions are more essential. Number 8 and 10 are experimental or my way of fixing the team. The defence system is working, I wouldn't fiddle around by being too ambitious and asking to play higher up and passes forward. But we need to win our last 2 games or else we will miss out on another tournament.
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    We gotta update the title of this thread to say future savior of NT.
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    A start and a full 90 for him, as he made his debut in a thumping 4-0 win for Bayer against Freiburg
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    Sokratis scored the second goal in Dortmund's 5-0 win over Colonge.
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    @kosaca Bosnia should have been punished by the by playing behind close doors.. The minute the coach allows Gilli to be part of the team and allow him on the pitch then it's The entire Bosnian federation responsible for his actions... #2 Bosnia should be playing behind close doors I'll tell you why, The fans need to be punished for assaulting visiting fans and not making it safe and if that's not enough the major reason you should be playing behind close doors is because your Security/law enforcement was assaulting the Greek fans instead of protecting them.. What kind of pieces of s%$#! secutiy guards do Bosnia employee to protect fans? You guys need an enormous punishment for that reason alone.. In other stadiums when there are fights amongst fans at least they have some protection with Security . From the pitch with the players to the staff with Gillis to the fans assaulting fans and players and the security guards pushing and assaulting fans.. Absolutely disgraceful..
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    ^ I agree... This will be so hard to go through another tournament without the national team..
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    Why would the fans be punished (or the team) for something which had nothing to do with them Wrong. A representative of your federation physically hit a represetnative of our federation. It actually HAD to do with them. A game behind closed doors means not only that your team has no atmosphere to back them up, but also that your federation loses a portion of their income from that match. It seems as a fair punishment. Videos show Bazdarevic actually talking to Manolas with an aggressive/intimidating voice. Is he not a representative of your team/Federation as well? You are literally clueless about how organizations work, if you think no punishment should exist. any greater punishment would be comical Again wrong. A bigger fine or a match behind closed doors, for reasons explained before in this post, seems more reasonable and realistic. If I remember correctly your cops and fans were attacking the Greek side as well. I guess if UEFA had decent footage of it(and not just pictures of Cops blocking the pathway not allowing our fans to go out) It would be comical to do something about it right? I mean you can't be wrong and biased can you? Jesus. I mean Jesus, if you just wanna come here and make a fool of yourself you could just say that Besic is good after his only start whole season Everton lost to Atalanta 3-0. Greece got off without any punishment for their antics in November so why are you so outraged? Our national anthem talks about people sacrificing themselves to not become the pawns of a conqueror, and about the bones of Greeks who fought and died in order for this country to be what it is today. Your fans booing our Anthem in 2013 shows disrespect (of course our fans did it back too next match because this is footy) so does a banner about the Serbian bloodlust. Why you keep spamming it like it's something different? We dont like you, you dont like us get over it. I don't remember anyong punching any of your manlets in the face, so how exactly is a "brutal yet successfull(considering the butthurt it created)fan bantz" related with a "Federeation employee punch in da face and remove a tooth of a 1,60 smurf" or even close? What they teach u in Bosnian school? F*CKIN LOLOLOLEN MY BROSNIAN. There is no global conspiracy against your football federation. Noone said that. Everyone in international forums (non Greeks if you dont mind) said that there is just a UEFA extra care torwards the Bosnian Federation. for drawing a swastika on the pitch vs Italy, Croatia got a 2 match closed doors suspension and a point deduction, so there is no conspiracy. You just mentioned the problem yourself. No matter what the Swastiga represents, in that match it was just a form of speech. A political view. Croat ultras wanna be nazis and racist? Let them f*ckin be. They re just ridiculing themselves in front of the whole world and making a bad name for themselves. You gonna try to call me neo nazi go ahead, it just proves how unable to understand my statement you are. Anyways, UEFA somehow thought that, a federation member punching an opponent in the face after the match is over --mind you the reason is because he didnt want Bazdarevic to stop swearing to Manolas and he didn't wanna stop Dzeko from fighting Manolas just because he wanted to, but no Option C :Kick a manlet in the face and have him stay awake for the tooth fairy, seemed the best one-- is more acceptable and less punishable behaviour than publishing your political views and your intolerance torwards other races. Both are reprehensible, but its another thing what happens between the member federations of UEFA, which UEFA has the authorities to punish, and what happens from the fans, who - with a non violent yet unacceptable neo nazi behaviour - honestly apart from showing the Swastiga, did nothing hostile You ve probably seen i ve bolded all these definitions Federation member/employee/representative. This just to make you understand why punishing a Federation for Gilli's act is justified. Good night mios amigo. Im high af although im pretty sure its obvious.
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    Hmm, I noticed I don't get lovehearts..not in the loveheart club..going to colour my hair like Messi does, so there!
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    i am in Athens i will be in Rizoupoli ante PAOKARAAAAAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!
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    Full Analysis of 2nd spot after 8 matches: After Today's Matches: Group B: Portugal/Switzerland Group C: Northern Ireland Group G: Italy have mathematically taken play off spots. 5 spots left. Group F: Slovakia is Tricky. They have already 12 points but only have one match left that counts. and that Match is vs Scotland away, which is another attender for 2nd spot. If Slovakia lose to Scotland, They go second with 11 points and a GD -2. If Slovakia and Scotland draw, Slovakia remains 2nd with 13 points and a GD + 6. Still above us unless we throw 5 goals to Cyprus.(In case of even GD aka if we scored 4 to Cyprus, bigger attack matters and currently we got 7 while they have 11). All this according to the most possible scenario that Slovenia loses at England next matchday and is off the 2nd spot hunt. My opinion is that Slovakia will dominate this Group and it's too hard we find a savior from here, and even if they don't its too many results needed to be combined. I'd give a 5% chance at best the results help us. Group A: Sweden-Netherlands. Currend 2nd spot team Sweden has 10 points right now. Other 2nd spot contender is Netherlands with right now 10 points. The last placed team has not been decided in that Group. Both Belarus(currentl last) and Luxemburg have 5 points. Belarus has a harder programme as they have France away and Netherlands at home. I expect Belarus who already have a worse GD than Luxemburg by 2 goals to finish last. which means that Luxemburg just need to concede 2 less from Sweden away and Bulgaria at home. I believe a totally uninterested Bulgaria in last matchday will not score many. So based in this Scenario Sweden can reach +3 points and go to 13(with more than +3GD if they Beat Netherlands, while Netherlands can get +3 points at best if they beat Sweden at home. Both teams can end up with maximum 13 points same as us, depending on the match between them. Currently Sweden with +3 GD and Netherlands with a +2. It is obvious that we can hope that both teams either draw each other or win by one goal. I would honestly give this group a 25% chance to give a last team. Group E: It's a battle of Montenegro/Denmark. Currently both at 10 points with a maximum of 16. Denmark currently has a +6 GD while Montenegro has a +3. Their upcomming matches have them to play each other at Montenegro(note that Montenegro beat Denmark away). Last matchday however Montenegro plays at Poland away and Denmark plays Romania,which might be a factor. The Group is not yet decided, but based on Montenegro last matchdays I give them few chances of finishing above Denmark, as they have the same Goal Differences so it might come down to Montenegro conceding lots to Poland or Denmark scraping goals to uninterested Romania. I believe Denmark have higher chances to finish 2nd and based on their current GD(+6) they most likely will finish above us even if they lose to Montenegro. I give this group slim chances to give the last spot. 5% . Group I: Currently even Croatia is in the game for possible second. This is definately not good for us. Croatia 10 points with a possible 16 against Finland and Ukraine(4th and 5th teams). They will definately scrap at least 4 points and be above us if second. No point to check GD. If they somehow end up with only one win at 13 points they have a GD +2. Will probably top the Group with 4 points though. Iceland already 13 points and a GD of +3 with the possibiliy of becomming 16 or 14 against Turkey away. It's the 2nd spot derby. If Iceland lose Turkey steals their 2nd spot and they are currently with 8 points and a -1 GD. For Turkey to finish 2nd they need 2 wins which will get them to 14 points and above us in points. This is probably the most possible scenario as Turkey are currently on fire and even beat Croatia athome. Their last match is vs Finland. If the match Turkey-Iceland goes to draw Iceland grab a point and are above us in point. All these possibilities considering Ukraine is non typically off the hunt for 2nd spot (They play neither Turkey nor Iceland to their last 2 matches to be able to steal points from them and they are already 2 points behind Iceland). Best case scenario: Turkey win Iceland, Iceland are stuck in 13 points and a GD < +2 and Turkey drops points away to Finland. Too many results needed for our favor find it hard , Id give them however more than the others, a 15% as all teams have low GD and low goals scored if it comes to that it might be a factor. So 15% they are a bottom playoff spot team. Group D: Wales have currently 8 points and have played Moldova twice which means they have a possible maximum of 14. Mathematically , based on all the combinations of their upcomming matches they can't get 5 points and be on tie with us so the GD doesnt matter , although it would be in our favor as they have +1. (The 13 points is a given from the fact that we need to beat Cyprus to possibly be in 2nd spot, so we ll end up 2nd only with 13 points , or with 10 goals vs Gibraltar, which is impossible ). Wales Play Georgia away which ended up in a tie last time they met , and then have Ireland at home so I would give them slight c hances of reaching those 14 points. Which means that Ireland with playing Moldova at home has higher chances to finish 2nd. Ireland currently have also 10 points and a GD OF +1 If I am not wrong, after losing to Serbia today. Considering that even if they end up second, it's probabl gonna be with low goals or draw vs Wales(which means Wales go 2nd with 12 points and are behind us in case of draw), as they play them away, and both teams are not offensive powerhouses. Since they have only one match left due to playing Moldova again, max points they can also get is 13. In other words Ireland has higher chances than Greece to be last team because of them playing Wales and us Cyprus. Group gets a 25% for giving the last team. Group H is our Group. We ve talked about everything . If im not Wrong 25% was meant to be left for our spot as well. However, considering that we win Cyprus convincingly and our GD goes up from +3 to +5. I think that can have it non-typically settled. It seems to be between us / Netherlands/Sweden and Wales/Ireland Friendly reminder that the Netherlands-Sweden match is played 10 october at 21:45 , Wales- Ireland at 9 october 21:45 and Greece - Cyprus at October 7 21:45. So even if we win Cyprus, we might have to wait till the last minute of the last qualifier to know if we grabbed a spot or not, if prelast matchday results don't settle it down. The fact that we will have a GD +5 (if we win cyprus by 2) or +6 (if we win by 3) which is a hopeful but not impossible scenario puts the pressure on all the teams mentioned on the run to not only win, but to make sure they have an efficient GD with the other contender for last spot , aka us. Ireland and Wales might surely struggle offensively based on their current GD and latest results. So If we were secured the 2nd spot( and not Bosnia) I believe our chances would be at least half than the other two Groups. To sum up / too long didnt read version : If we win Cyprus by 2 and Bosnia draws/loses to Belgium we will most likely not finish as the 9th team. Sorry for the long post but I think im giving an insight and relaxing people who ll be on their feet this whole month till the last qualifiers. I literally had nothing better to do (+ Wanted to see our chances for myself).
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    Who else loved that Skibbe named Sokrati captain despite Tzioli starting? It was the right thing to do giving the armband to the real leader of this team on and off the pitch who is also our most regarded, respected, talented player. Important psychologically for the players and a big statement.
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    Overall very good performance from our team. A couple of observations: Donis has quality not seen in NT in years. He can take one-one other players and not look lost. Donis & Mitroglou (when fit) should start up front no matter what. Stafilidis is a great player. He should also start (LB or MF). When playing a better team, Zeka should always start; he is the one other than stafilidis that can play the whole side; plus he is our faster and best one-one defender (see Carasco in this match). Fortounis >>> Manralos; showed quality. Mandalos as RF/RM does not cut it. For all of you blaming Tsiolis, name a player that can play (in this system) better DM. Siopis is too short (for what Skibe wants). Kourbelis (that I like) on a good day would play about the same; Zeka & Samaris are not pure 6; what are the alternatives. May be Tatchisidis?
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    FT at PAO - Levadiakos and it remained 0-0. So the team that was relegated but got away with it snaches two points from us and them
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    We never do well in England...Juve we have beaten before, and performed much better than vs the English. I agree it will be a treat to see these games!
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    I was going to write "in celebration he grabbed a titty" but you win this one, friend
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    I could make some of the chants. Your basic football chants like Who is the best - Slavia Only red and white Who's going to win the title - Slavia and of course some derogatory Sparta Prague chants (Slavia vs Sparta = PAOK vs Aris or Panathinaikos vs Olympiakos type matchup) Besides Stoch, Tomas Necid also plays for Slavia. The last football game I saw before I left Czechoslovakia in 1976 was between Banik Ostrava and Slavia Prague. Good guys won 2:0. Remember this as if it was yesterday.
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    ^^The team has run out of cash flow....PAO needs 17 million for this years budget. 12 for contracts and operating costs. Plus 2.5 million for debts due in 2 weeks, and another 3 by December to meet UEFA agreements. Alafouzos is saying he is done paying, will not drop another dime. That means we lose the licence for Europe, and players will be leaving because of not being paid....finishing 6 is a hudge task if in fact Alafouzos is for real.
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    Dude it sounds like you're trying to find ways to justify the actions of the Bosnians.... why? I'm pretty sure you wouldn't be so quick to justify the actions if this s%&#036;#&#33; happened to your team...You're entitled to your own opinion which is cool but once you start justifying the actions then guys in here will call you out.. "Did the travelling fan supporter group make any statement?" What the F*** does that matter? They can say whatever the F*** they want if they actually did but that doesn't give your fans or the security an excuse to attack..
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    Clueless poster. https://www.transfermarkt.com/stephane-gilli/profil/trainer/5750 Gilli is part of your Federation and part of Bazdarevic coaching team. Period. Most if not all coaches (example Bazdarevic) have a coaching team - coaching stuff that follows them wherever they go. Most of the assistant coaches and coaching stuff is appointed from the head coach himself. And most of them are also paid from the head coach's salary. Their money from the team include a portion that goes to the coaching stuff. This is exactly the case here. This Gilli dude follows Bazdarevic everywhere, and since Bazdarevic signed with Bosnia, although he is not paid directly from your Federation, he is under it. Clueless as f*ck bro.
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    I just hope we get to Russia that's what matters most!
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    We have nobody to blame but ourselves.. guys lets not forget we lost to the FI twice plus Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg in a friendly Bolivia and tied Estonia... do you really think we deserve to be higher with all those losses? Why should we be higher who have we beaten that's a top team? We've tied Bosnia twice and tied Belgium we also beat a s%&#036;#&#33; Netherlands team.. we are exactly were we belong and only have ourselves to blame..
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    Very true. We controlled most of the game, but we screwed everything up at the end. When we had those double digit leads we should have ended it there. Instead we let them back into the game with poor free throws and poor choice of shots. Too bad. We could have easily advanced.
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    We definitely deserved a point here. Belgium's first goal no one closed in on Vertonghen, the 2nd goal was a great cross and a beautiful header by Lukaku though Sokratis could have marked him closer. I watched the Estonia game and it was just awful and was disappointed to hear Skibbe interviewed after on the field saying how he was happy with a point?
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    Well this is a surprise! Pelkas, El Kaddouri, AND Biseswar in the lineup.
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    Sfaliares from those big mits of his, ha ha.
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    You re calculating the goals based on today. If Bosnia win Belgium they ll get extra goal difference which u re not taking account of. I am sorta confident that this team will win both matches left. Cyprus is as uninterested as Belgium, because they need all the other results, apart from winning us and Belgium and scraping 4 goals to each of us, to go their way. This group proves to be hard in the end. Last WC we gathered 25 points and we were a pot 1 team. We ll win both and end up in 19. Lithuania is much worse than Cyprus. Bosnia is the same pot 2 team like the 2014 qualification and instead of Latvia we got a Belgium. Stats clearly don't lie. We ve even scored more goals and the fact that we manage to score on the counter against better teams , 3 goals vs Bosnia and Belgium, while we struggled vs park the bus teams proves that we re on track with the Santos era. I am really hoping that Skibbe stays with the NT for another campaign. Also, I had a friend here yesterday who quit following football when he started studying abroad. He hadnt seen the NT since wc 2014 and he told me that we have some players that we never really had. Modern football players Stafylidis Donis Fortounis Zeca who are very active on the field and very mobile players. I can't disagree with him that our NT is currently a lot better looking than when this campaign started. Not many static players. Even Samaris bursts his asss off and against Gibraltar he was looking lost and not in par with the opponent. Even against Estonia we didnt struggle, it was just the goal that was missing to prove who was the best team on the field. Karma owes us the second spot.
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    Ok, looks like Zeca is good enough for the ethniki after all. Arab played well at RB. Tziolaris and Samaris are on borrowed time. Donis is the find of the decade. Can't believe all the space allowed for Belgium's first goal, serious ball-watching.
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    Ya that's right. Tziolara must have some trash on the EPO to keep getting the call up!
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    it doesn't make sense to claim they will beat belgium because belgium will not be motivated. they need to be seeded in the world cup so they will not go out to lose. as mentioned before even their b side is actually better than more than half on national teams in the world, let alone europe. it's not going to be easy for bosnia. they will have to play offensive football which definitely doesn't help them. i can see belgium beating a team that conceded 3 goals to cyprus and which also scored 4 against them in the first round. if not a win then a draw is still working.
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    Lyko is most interesting. Like to see Bouchali in there along with Taxi. Donis keeps coming up with the goods, CF might actually agree with him if Mykon is out.
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    I don't believe Donis would be as affective in the number 9 strikers position as he is when used in the 2nd forward/winger roll similar to what Karelis or Salpingidis used to play. Greece have to be very tight defensively at the back & in the midfield & hope for a goal or two by I don't whom if Mitroglou is out. Stafylidis cracker from a distance because I reckon Kyriakos Pap would have more or a chance scoring than Vellios or Diamantakos at the moment if he was given the strikers duty. One positive for Greece is that Belgium only know one way to play & that is direct & attack, attack, attack which means at some stage(s) Greece will get chances to score on the counter attack.
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    the positives 1. Donis played great and was creating lots of opportunities. Finally have another threat besides Fortounis in midfield. 2. Bosnia lost to Cyprus so we still are in the drivers seat for second place. 3. The last tournys we went through via playoffs eg) vs. Romania and Ukraine which we played well. We're hard to beat in big games. 4.. we have a great starting 11 if everyone gets playing time and no injuries. Mitroglou Fortounis Karelis Donis Tachtsidis Kpaps Staf Manolas Sokratis Toro Karnezi plus Samaris, Zeca, Tzavella
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    We are not an attacking team, they had 10 men behind the ball. We missed Mitroglou and to a certain extent Torosidis...Tziolis didn't do anything today and neither did any of our strikers. Donis/Fortounis looked good, so did Stafylidis (for the time he was on)....No one else seemed dangerous. Hard to rate our CBs, they did their job and Estonia never seemed threatening...
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    ---------------------Mak---------Prijovic------------------ Vieirinha------Mauricio----El Kadouri---Campos Leveque---------Crespo------Zabrano------Matos ------------------------------Rey---------------------------------
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    kalh xronia kai fetos sto kupello na exoume ki ena teliko me gayro OAKA
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    Xronia polla Aleko
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    this is what I would field against estonia: Donis sTAFYLIDIS Fortounis Mantalos samaris zeca Tzavellas Manolas K paps Maniatis Karnezis This lineup does not include players coming off of injury (i.e. Tachtsidis) and players who have had no playing time this season, with a couple exceptions.
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    https://efthia.gr/ο-πασ-λαμία-τρόμαξε-τον-ολυμπιακό/ Great display of football by Lamia. A tie should have been a fair result. http://www.sport-fm.gr/videos/24085335
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    For 5 consecutive years our squad has improved in quality. What do you have to say about that Yiankos?
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    Offered his resignation. Time to bring somebody new to be the next scapegoat.
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    I strongly disagree. Taking the match against Estonia lightly might be a doom for us. The all must thing to do right now, after this team did not lose twice to Bosnia and did not lose to Belgium once either, after a horrific campaign, is to just not drop oints to Estonia , Cyprus and obviously Gibraltar. That is going to be 21 points from the maximum 30 and that is in fact an achievement. Friendly reminder that we reached the WC 2014 with 25 points as first seeds and the WC 2010 with 20 points as first seeds again. 21 points as 3rd seed is an achievement and I believe Bosnia is not going to reach 21 points. I would prefer if we kept a "low score" with Belgium, because our defense has kept us in game even in case Bosnia ties us in points.
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    Congratulation to AEK who defeated a strong opponent. Congratulation also to Ouzounidis and PAO who always had an uphill battle against a very strong Bilbao team coupled with their financial difficulties. As for PAOK, rezili not only for themselves but for Greece who desperately need the points.
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    I don't think the draw could have been much worse, anyway, chin up let's see what the team can do here. Juventus Barcelona Olympiakos Sporting Lisbon
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    Not really, your price is as good as you are so the salary kinda does. Bouchalakis is absolutely underrated for not getting a start even at some of the worst seasons of Olympiakos , but he is not as good as people have started praising him after two goals. Maybe he is and I dont know but what stands is that his true worth can't be defined from two good games he had. Olympiakos last season had bad planning. Do you really think Elyounoussi , who was brought for a starter was anything better than Gianniotas? Im not saying Gianniotas is a top class player but the fact that he was not given a chance and Elyounoussi was, makes it look like he is totally bad. For some reason though, Gianniotas was a fine STARTER for a team that beat us twice in the Groupstage and made it one round more than us in the Europa League, even knocking Bilbao and Rosenborg out, two teams that are much better than what Olympiakos has faced so far in his Campaign and Friendlies. The fact that a coach does not rate him , does not make him anything close to a bad player. I agree with you about Diamantakos. B division of Germany is nothing significant to be noticed , since we have players like Mitroglou , Karelis, Donis, Vellios I don't see how Diamantakos can be of any usage. Also the Vellios argument you mentioned is the one that doesnt make any sense. He was good for a bad Greek side Iraklis? Bro he was scoring goals vs big teams with a relegation tier team. If you knew what you were talking about you wouldn't mention this. Most of his goals were literally solo efforts. He was dragging the team away from relegation, he wasn't playing for it.AEK and PAO and OLY actually asked for him (well technically Olympiakos got him in a way - since Nott is owned by Marinakis) but guess what, he chose a B division team over them. Seems weird doesn't it? You re giving no Credit to Estonia. They re having a momentum. I know it is our home stadium but I wouldn't take them off so lightly. Also a very good appearance 4 days before we field Belgium would also give some psychological Benefit to our players. I wouldn't use a midfield that hasn't played together, Nor would I use Gianniotas and Retsos. Torostidis is still too much of a rely for this team on the Right and Mantalos sometimes can bring energy that Fortounis lacks Kyriakos I don't think we ll have much of a problem against Estonia. I don't expect them to score more than once at their best, with or without Sokratis.Donis definately needs to start as he seemed a few levels higher than everyone who has been tried in that position. Even Stafylidis, whom I was praising as a Winger when played there, seemed amateur in front of him. He created two chances vs Bosnians when our whole team was settling for the draw.