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    It 's not an age factor...a NT has to know if in form players can fit into their plans regardless of age...you never know what can happen and have to be ready with options....especially if you wanna get rid of the TzioloTzavelloManiatides. Vaslakaki is 30 but never stops working, has the lungs to run all game long and has skill and a good footballing IQ. I'd definitely rather see him on the pitch atm than an anemic Forounis or uninvolved Samaris.
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    It seems like Sky Sports reported that Glykos was signed to Nottingham Forest, lol: How does something like that happen? Well, if you google "Stefanos Kapino" and hit images this pops up (the write probably just wanted an in game photo and paid zero attention that this guy looks NOTHING like the 50 other faces on the page):
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    I do want to experiment with a younger line up and new players which is a must in these upcoming friendlies but we also need to realize that wins are crucial for our fifa rankings and moving up..
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    I do not get all the fuss about some players of Atromitos /Asteras and I think your memory is not decent at all lads. Superleague is overall weakened. That is obvious from the European results. Teams like Atromitos and Panionios have obviously stepped up their game but the League is weakened. Honestly apart from Siopis, Pelkas , Paschalakis and Lamprou/Masouras I find noone else who should even be looked into from the GSL currently to become a regural pick of the NT. Limnios and Douvikas too young for now. The rest are already fully developed and past their peak. Many promising CB but honestly why bother? Sokratis Manolas Retsos Mavropanos Kyriakos will all be above them in preference. Friendlies line up that I would love: Paschalakis Bakakis Hatzidiakos Mavropanos Tsimikas Siopis Galanopoulos Masouras Pelkas Lamprou Mitroglou/Karelis
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    The igloo is going to gain10 feet in diameter.
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    In other news Olympiakos looks to blame indiscriminately. EPO, Tsipras, Savvidis, Illuminati, Soros, Trump, the sun, the moon and even the wind have been accused of conspiring against Olympiakos. Ha ha ha, it's so entertaining.
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    Hello everyone, This is Apolo from portugal, i had a acount at the greeksoccerforum back in the days, i remember some of you from there, i even met Athens4 in Lisbon when PAOK playd Benfica for Europa League, but somehow we lost contact . Since that site went down i've been having hard time following GSL. Things have been improving for PAOk and i hope you can win the leaguethis year.
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    F the Beautiful Clean Coal Come enjoy a nice Clean Cool Molson in the 'GloO NO SMOKING!!! ....
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    Can you imagine Lazaros dribbling towards the defence and Donis making a run through the wing. Talking about creating chances, with Fortounis in the mix we could look dangerous in attack. All we need is for Mitroglou to perform and the midfielders to do their job.
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    He gave a nice assist today against Manisaspor (one opponent lied on the pitch grabbing his ankle, but he couldnt see him). So far he has one goal and one assist in 12 games for the club. On the video see from 2:11:
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    pelkas can compete for a spot as well i think. our depth should be like that at the moment. samaris/tachtsidis/kourmpelis/zeca/galanopoulos pelkas/lazaros/fortounis/mantalos/donis mitroglou/karelis
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    Our matches start in September. So the question is how many friendlies will we have coming up to September? We need to be playing games in order to find new a way of gelling as a team. First thing Skibbe should do is to let go of Tziolis, Maniatis and Tzavellas. He needs to also start playing Kourbelis, Bakakis and Pelkas. He should also keep an eye on Fetfatzidis now that Mantalos and Karelis are sidelined. Hopefully Donis can not be the only one carrying the team in attack, so Fortounis and Mitroglou need to lift their socks up and combine with Donis to create and score goals.
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    I'm not saying put our trust all in Donis but name me one guy that we have that has should more promise with our NT? It is going to come down to Skibbe smarting up and choosing the best 11. If you want a guy that is performing consistently and I know there are a lot of guys who don’t like him and I’m not sold either but take a look at Fetfa... if we are basing our players on guys that are performing for their club then how can you deny this guy a shot? is he at the very least not worth a look at one of our two upcoming friendlies? What's the harm? Even with our limited talent pool we're still better then the other teams in our group. If we get rid of Tziolis, Tzav, Man we immediately get better.
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    same Dean. I was really surprised too at how good Zeca has been for us. I mean scoring against Belgium + just being a total engine.
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    Skillwise he is limited but his work ethic more than makes up for that...that's why he has stood out in every game for the NT....especially when compared to Tziolis and Samaris who looked really bad playing next to him. He brings an energy to the midfield that the team has been lacking and I doubt Skibbe will leave him out of the starting 11 after his recent performances.
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    sorry boydes. Exoume kapos omadara sto toronto omos. won the mls lol.
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    Ella re Lazo, you gave La and myself melancholy re! Akriti would not stand for this.
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    The further removed from Euro 2016, the better are coefficient will become (considering we keep doing well)...
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    As long as we do our job we need not worry about other results.
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    0:0 half time Again, initiative on opponent's half was there, and again finishing has been awful. 5 meter misses over and over: by Pasas, Sousa and co. Besides, for some reason there hasn't been chemistry between new comes Xandi and Bastakos with rest of the line-up. Their moves and actions on pitch make me kinda nervous and desperate.
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    Watch Trump and his cronies (Session) using this as an excuse to batter the FBI for failure to act. I'm not being funny but if the FBI had to react to everyone displaying the shooters behavior: desire to kill people, erratic behavior and bizarre social media posts. They'd have to incarcerate half the US population! Oh and BTW the NRA were doing tweets for Valentines Day telling lovers they should buy each other a gun for a gift! That was swiftly deleted after this latest massacre. For the record the UK's last ever mass shooting at a school was the Dunblane Massacre in 1996,. Following that hand gun private ownership was banned. There have been no more mass shootings at a school since.
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    nt arranged one more friendly, against iran on june. they're in the world cup as well, along with switzerland and egypt. possibly we might play one more friendly in that time.
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    i was in FLA a few weeks ago and i can't believe the support he is receiving i think the USA and the world will get a rude awakening come Q32018
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    Karelis had a goal and an assist in Genk's 3 - 1 victory over Zulte-Waregem. Seems he's regaining his form...good news for the NT Highlights :
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    the only problem is that he only trains with arsenal's first team. he is playing with their u-23 side. @georglaz he was supposed to be leaving aek on january but it didn't happen so he will stay non active until the end of the season. what a waste.
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    Lazaros is half Greek? Is that stated anywhere official?
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    Skibbe should be considering Paschalakis for the goalie position.
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    Dude, Leovac leaving is the best news this week.
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    http://cdn.livetvcdn.net/webplayer.php?t=ifr&c=864604&lang=en&eid=618213&lid=864604&ci=26&si=1 Just found this. Just one add in the middle. I was able to click it off.
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    Tsimikas just scored for Willem II the 2-2 in the quarterfinal of the Dutch Cup.
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    Finally, the CEO of Aris Calmness (so called company) Mr. Neto Darcy finally got his collaborator, Executive director Petros Kanakoudis, logically a very elegant man in suit
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    I think it is more that he is at his prime age as a keeper and he is a #2 with starts few and far-between. Until he plays regularly at Watford or goes to a club where he is a #1, how much can one say about him?
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    He looked like his old self in that game. Who knows what could happen if he keeps up this form.
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    This was the first game I have watched all year and it made my eyes bleed. At the end the Veroia defenders did everything in their power to allow a goal but put the ball in the net for Aris. If Aris, and by all accounts it appears everything is working in our favor, do get promoted they will need a new roster for the Superleague. Does our current owner have such financial capabilities?
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    Beautiful Clean Coal !!!!!
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    I wanted to add that I like your enthusiasm but Lazaros, Donis, Mantalos and the likes cannot lead us back to the level of the 2004-2014 period. Lazaros couldnt dribble even against Gibraltar. Gianniotas did more in 15 minutes than he in 75 minutes. Donis seems to be nothing special, a talented youth. Mantalos is an average CAM at international level. I guess some of you wont agree but consider this. Lazaros was not much of a threat against Gibraltar (4-0). Donis was arguably more successful as a backup player of Nice than he has been in this season as a starter of Stuttgart. Mantalos plays out of position because Fortounis is better than him as a CAM. Either we pray for the appearance of more young players of a very high quality like Retsos or we try to find an excellent coach again (like Rehhagel and Santos) who has experience and tactical astuteness. Skibbe tries to imitate Rehhagel and wants to copy his blueprint but cannot find the adequate players. Compare his five defenders + 2 defensive midfielders versus Croatia in the first match and the five-men line of Rehhagel versus Ukraine. Clearly he tried to copy Rehhagel's tactics but used the wrong guys/used them in the wrong places, some faults Rehhagel surely wouldnt have committed. And where was the fighting spirit of Ottos team? (In the Ukraine away game we won after a Homeric struggle - think of the injuries of Moras and Pliatsikas, we had only nine wholly healthy players on the pitch at the end yet they persevered!) I thought at first Skibbe is the very thing we needed but now I am not sure of that.
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    ΟK current players suffer from lack of talent (except Platellas - despite the fact he's in form lately). Also Dounis is OK (maybe). The rest of them? Nah.... But now I don't see passion anymore, I don't see the running. I don't see effort. The only difference between Spanos and last year's team is that we are more solid defensively. That aside, the team is NOT playing any better. We just happened to be lucky couple of times, some individual players scored some incredible goals etc. But as a team we are NOT playing well and our wins are NOT convincing. We are basically struggling, guys! Also mark my words: For me, Spanos is the weakest link at the moment. And that will start to show in the next games I'm afraid.
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    on paper we should be able to beat them. let's see. Salah is in some crazy form and our offense is impotent lately.
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    Another horrible display but I hope this is a wake up call for transfers as some rumors started circulating more this week. We need them.
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    "Skillwise he is limited" If you check my posts, you will see that I am a huge Zeka fun. While I can see why people may say such a thing, they are wrong. Zeka has skills needed in modern soccer: Fast; can run all day, can defend, can pressure, can curry the pall forward, can play multiple positions, can play on the middle as well as the wing. His passing is also OK (he improved a lot in the last couple of years). If he had any more technical skills he would be playing for a top top club. As I said before, I am surprised that Olymbiakos and PAOK did not tried to get him when he was a free agent. Imagine a midfield of Milivojevich, Zeka and Ofoe. Not bad.
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    Apparently Atromitos are watching a development of Hugo Souza's career closely and would include him in the roster. I don't think they get him nor will we let him, but the only concern I would see here be his contract until the summer 2018. Good thing is he, kind of, bonded to Aris and fans.
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    La you champion, Avraam is at Brisbane Roar and scoring goals re maik. He just got back from suspension, he spat at another player then fell over like he'd been hit. He is in form and an excellent CB still.
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    You are right, Maniatis was a catastrophe versus Croatia. He was arguably OK versus Belgium as a right back. But who uses Maniatis as a wingback when he has Retsos (who is now better than even Kyriakos imo) or who starts with Tziolis as a DM (when he wants to park the bus) instead of Maniatis? Maniatis was mercilessly exposed, his manmarking was disastrous, he didnt even know that Perisic is his man (allegedly other players from the bench shouted at him during the game) when he should have been even somewhat useful if he would have been played as a second DM alongside Zeca who played on the wing. Even now I cant believe how stupid Skibbe was before that game, given that Retsos can play even as a LEFT back (he played for Leverkusen as a LB some weeks before) and Skibbe chose Maniatis as a RB, Kyriakos as a CB and Tzavellas/Stafylidis on the left side. None of them should have been preferred over Retsos who can do better work than any of those in those positions. Zeca wasted as a winger, when he was our only capable defensive midfielder. Maniatis exposed to laughter as a right back (which wasnt his original position), when he could have been even useful in that formation as a DM. Surely he is a better choice than Tziolis? Granted, he plays for an unglamorous Turkish club. But Turkey is at least a competitive league while Tziolis plays for one of the worst teams in a holiday league. Siovas could have been played as one of the three central defenders too. But he wasnt even called up while Oikonomou and Kolovetsios and the likes were in the squad. Samaris starting despite not having many game time in Portugal. At least Karnezis was OK, he made a fault before that penalty but had two or three fine saves and was completely helpless before the second, third and fourth Croatian goals. Ah well, I guess we could make a much longer list of Skibbe's faults before and during the playoff matches. Despite the many injuries and out-of-form players, he bungled that away game.
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    Greek actress Katerina Lechou, in the role of the High Priestess, lights the torch for the 2018 Winter Olymic Games
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    kalamata is trending on phantis!!!!