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    I just want you all to know that lightening just struck so close to my apartment that several car alarms outside went off. If I don't make it, I just want you all to know I love you (except for PaokCT).
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    Stoch playing real well today (no quote aren’t you proud)
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    We win against Aris but no sign of Yiankos at all. I'm worried. Pou ise psichi mou?
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    Προπονητής καλός ε; Με Μπα στα σέντερ Μπακ(!!!!), να αγγίζει τη μπάλα και να τρέμουμε ποτε θα κάνει μαλακία... Και μετά τον βάζει δεξιά και ο Στοχ κάνει πάρτυ... Πραγματικά δεν έχω ξαναδεί πιο γελοίο και ΚΟΜΠΛΕΞΙΚΟ προπονητη στη ζωή μου.... Και ρωτάω - αν δεν τον βγάλει στο ημίχρονο, δεν είναι για μπουνίδια;;;;; Εντωμεταξύ και τα δύο κανονικά σέντερ Μπακ σε κακό χάλι....
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    I am, my little Connecticut Yankee ❤️
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    You don't have to quote the last person who posted, chief. I'm right here! You can still like a player without being happy about his finishing in one game.
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    The one I posted above has lagged only once on me. You should be able to find some more on this page as well: https://bianconerotv2.blogspot.com/
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    The one posted above is working well for me
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    Coach should be we thank to for the season results? We should thank to Cuesta and Gama and 1 or 2 more of his shorter friends up there
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    Interesting lineup -edit- in other words, blackhawk was spying on Ferreira's plans clearly

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