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    Should have just finished the season
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    KOP has called off the rest of the 2020 season! The Cup will also not be completed. For UEFA purposes, Omonoia are the champions! Omonoia will represent Cyprus in the CL. Anorthosis, APOEL and Apollonas will go to the Europa League. However, KOP will not officially declare Omonoia champions. Furthermore, Ethnikos Axnas and Doxa Katokopias have been spared relegation. Nobody will be relegated and next season will be played with 14 teams. The top two teams in Second Division, Karmiotissa and Ermis Aradippou will join the league next season.
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    Game is on for June 7th it seems. Games will be played twice a week with five subs allowed per match
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    Four die in Loutraki cave tragedy. link
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    Michelin-Starred Restaurant Will Seat Mannequins at Tables to Make Space Feel Less Empty
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    Monalis Glezos died; he was 98 years young. When Greece and Athens were conquered by the Hitlerian army the Hitlerian emblem was seen every day at the Acropolis. One night Μanolis Glezos and Lakis Santas climbed to Acropolis, removed the Adolfian standard and put to its place the Greek flag. Next morning the Athenians saw the Greek flag at the Acropolis at the place of the Hitlerian rag.

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