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    Did anyone notice at the end that they all got together to take in the win, they wanted it badly!!
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    I only saw the last 10 minutes, I nearly fell off the couch when I saw us high pressing and playing with intensity, will need to watch the replay 25 shots is ridiculous by our standards.
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    Funny how we did this without our two best players - team first. Not saying that they were the problem but we definitely needed a refresh. Let's see how we do against Armenia away.
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    Schip also deserves praise, the mentality of the guys and the pace of the team was excellent!
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    Well done Greece, never want to see Bosnia beat us.
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    I think the Schippster is quickly changing the mentality of the team....even if I don't understand the decision to play Staf at CB for the first time in his career. I have to say that he has changed the complexion of the entire playing style of the NT....close support for passing options, moving forward rather than playing back to the keeper, quick tempo and transition. I don't care if he plays Bakasetas or not so long as he has the team getting results. Bosnia were in a must win situation and we completely dominated them and could have won by 3 of 4 goals easy. I won't complain about the selections seeing that he has them playing proper football and is in the process of resurrecting the until recently flat-lining team spirit. The defensive play in the last 2 games has improved markedly and this without our 2 "best" CBs, giving up 3 goals: 1 on a boneheaded penalty, 1 on weak goalkeeping and today's goal on a youngsters rookie mistake.....I can live with that and I think we will improve. Football is a team sport and it has to be played as a team both in defense and attack and the Schippmeister has the players doing exactly that....I hope this continues. Schippy is definitely picking out the players who care enough to put in the effort regardless of talent or reputation and it shows in the last 2 games. This could be the turning point to getting back to a respectable level of play.
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    Haven't seen a game where we had so many shots on target that must've been the main objective and main weakness. Pavlidis was impressive. Great movement/runs/ and awareness of his team mates. Seeing Limnios and Fetfatzidis on the wings showed a way we could've played had we played true wingers instead of CAM on the wings. The pace, creativity on the counter attack made a constant threat. The defenders were dynamic and afford very little space. I would've like to see Limnios,Fetfa or Donis both play on the wings same time. His selections still worry me though putting both Mantalos and Bakasetas in there. Bakasetas must be a keener in practice or something becauses Coaches always love playing him. One of the things that saddens me is that this kind of performance does basically show that the problem with our team was a mentality one. This was far from our best 11 on paper without Fortounis, Manolas, Sokratis and possible a few others Mitroglou, Zeca, Donis Vlacho playing. But everyone seemed focused, tenacious, and looking to take the game to a Win.
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    We might not agree with JVS playing certain players but let’s be honest he has them playing a good fast paced system with lots of pressure.. The Italy game even though we lost gave us some optimism and we were unlucky but today’s game against Bosnia was the best all around performance in the last 4 years hands down.. With out getting to far ahead of ourselves this coach looks like he knows what he’s doing.. We dominated the Bosnians IMO.. Hope we keep building on this.. Finally a good feeling after a game for once!!
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    That was quite a lively performance. Lots of chances, a ton of shots and eventually an own goal from Kovacevic saw us through. Good performances from several Ethniki players, everybody wanted to win, obviously they were motivated! Even Bakasetas was kind of good. We hit the woodwork two times (Masouras Stafylidis) so I think we deserved to win! Congratulations to the players!! Paschalakis 0 - Bakakis 5.5, Hatzidiakos 5.5, Stafylidis 7, Giannoulis 6, Galanopoulos 6, Kourbelis 6.5, Limnios 6 (Fetfatzidis 0, 80th), Pavlidis 7.5 (Koulouris 5, 70th), Bakasetas 6, Mantalos 6 (Masouras 7.5, 60th). Bakakis was laughable several times, Hatzidiakos fault did almost cost us two points, Staf looked really well, Pavlidis and Masouras were very dangerous and active, Koulouris looked again very average, Mantalos gave an assist and F***ed up a great chance, and even Bakasetas looked more confident than ever while playing for the Ethniki.
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    Finally a game we can be proud of. Greece played very well. To bad though it came at the end when we have no chance to qualify. We need wins to move up the rankings
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    The best the team has looked since the middle of World Cup qualifying. Really encouraging.
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    Pavlidis, great save Sehic! Keep feeding Pavlidis, he wants more!
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    1-1 Hatzidiakos lost his marker... we wasted too many chances before that
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    Staf as CB, Mandalos should be in place of Bakasetas, Fetfa/Donis instead of Mandalos
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    Injuries hurt us, and player selections/starting lineups crippled us.
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    if bakasetas starts as reported it is truly a damn shame and it makes me question the mindset behind what JVS is doing. Not starting donis who has speed and skill is pretty ridiculous as well.
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    I can see us getting smacked today worse than vs Italy. We have a history with Bosnia and they are out for blood. They are also desperate for the points and came off a big win vs Finland. JVS's backline that he is fielding today is comically bad.
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    Bakasetas has been one of the worst players I've ever witnessed for the NT. A disgrace. I can't recall a good sequence, let alone a good game. Donis and Fetfa benched for Bakasetas. JVC that is shameful.
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    This is consistent with our no. 1 and no. 2 in every other position being left out or injured. This is truly Greece's C-team at best. Some of the players being fielded today by Van't Ship would objectively be 5th or 6th in the depth chart in their position.

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