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    No. We need someone who is able to stabilize or terrible defense (even though we have the talent for it) Doesn't matter. He is on a Skibbe-Level.
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    Are we comparing Van Schip to Bielsa and Guardiola, or to Anastasiadis, Basinas,Ouzounidis and Dellas? There must be perspective here.
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    Just had his surgery at the Metropolitan Hospital by Dr. Christos Theos, the surgery was deemed a success and he is expected back in six months time. Siderenios re paixtara. Χειρουργήθηκε ο Φορτούνης – Σε 6 μήνες η επιστροφή του
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    Had a decent run in the Eredivise in 17-18 which was his last job with Zwolle, finishing 9th. Didn't worked last season. Prior to that he coached in the A-league for 4 seasons which isn't exactly the pinnacle for a coach, but I remember him being highly rated in Australia and he left due to personal reasons.
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    According to who? You? Do you have an article of proof, or are you like the Greek newspapers pulling anything out of your a$s and stating it as fact? Maybe you mistaken his with:
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    Vitesse finished 5th in the Eredivisie last season. Good move for him, assuming he sees more playing time.
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    The U21 NT will play a friendly against Germany in Zwickau on September 5. This is in preparation for the EURO qualifiers against Lithuania, Czech Republic and Scotland.

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