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    yup bosnia might've messed up their whole qualifiers because Pjanic is out for a game or two? Finland being a threat baffles me but I guess they have a good team this round. Nations league is kinda a joke tourny though so might've just gotten lucky. Ronaldo didn't even play for portugal for it.
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    That’s just making excuses bud. Nations League is what it is and it exposed how crap we were under Skibbe and that Finland was better than us
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    Watched highlights of Greece at Bosnia in Euro 2008 qualifying a 4-0 win were the Ethniki smashed Bosnia. Katsouranis scored the 4th goal with a beautiful lob over the goalie. What a goalara!!
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    I still can’t believe how Greece could not top a group with Finland, Hungary and Estonia. Also finishing below Hungary in 3rd was pathetic, Skibbe screwed us here as it would have been good to have a NL playoff spot in our pocket just in case, though I do believe Greece will finish in top two.
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    Αυτή είναι η καλύτερη ενδεκάδα μας, αρκεί να είναι όλοι υγιείς.
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    I think Bosnia may drop points against Finland especially without Pjanic. I can see them drawing. Realistically I don't think we will beat Italy but a draw is more realistic.
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    Prefer to play Italy or Bosnia Lazo, instead of Faroe Is...they beat us twice.

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