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    Why you boys have a love affair with Fetfa I will never understand. The guy is so meek and fragile. If he actually starts killing it in the GSL then fair enough, I will change my opinion, but right now I wouldn’t be selecting him either. And no, I don’t believe in giving him a chance just because he has good technique. That is not enough. Koulouris on the other hand (who has 25% the technique of Fetfa) has *earned* the right to be given a chance due to his performances so far in the GSL. And that’s the way it should be. I sincerely hope Angel goes with 3-5-2 with Koulouris and Mitro up front. Our Ethniki has been unable to score more than 1 goal a game for years now. Simply put, we need more firepower. And we need to apply more pressure on the opposition. The 3 at the back are obvious. I’d like to see Risvanis get selected and get some time off the bench. I believe he’s earned it and would make a good rotation player for the NT. In the middle I hope we only have one of Zeca or Kourbelis. You can’t have more than one hacker in the team without destroying your attacking potential. Zeca and the 3 at the back should be enough to defend with. If you’re so afraid of conceding that you need to play 2 exaria then might as well pack up your bags and don’t even bother coming to the game. I’m tired of watching this scaredy cat approach we have. As to the other two midfielders. Obviously one goes to Fortounis and the other I’d go Pelkas (for his running). Then sub whoever isn’t performing with Mantalos. GK not fussed. I’d go with Vlach but happy with any of them. They are all solid selections. Nice to have depth there. The wing backs is tricky. Not sure who is best at this stage for these positions.
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    I’m not so concerned about topping the group.. that to be honest is no longer doable... We just need to focus on finding a style to play that can be successful.. The Euro qualifiers will be very difficult but it’s our only chance to make the Euros since we butchered the Nations league.. We are not scoring 3 goals it’s not happening and even if we do we need Finland to lose against Hungary.. They just need to focus on working as a team with a set plan that everyone buys into so they don’t go into the Euro qualifiers lost..
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    No Tziolis or Tzavellas for one
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    Can’t tell you for sure. It’s just a feeling. But I think they’re just going for someone new to start fresh. And honestly, I’ve *never* heard a bad word about Basinas. He’s always had that image of being a good honest guy that jut works hard. I liked the interview where Angel said he only needs one minute to sort a player out, ha ha. I hope he has the boys frothing at the mouth come game time.
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    You would think that the evidence is there for a 3 5 2 , with Siovas joining the squad, he along with Manolas and Sokratis would be the back three. Mantalos and Pelkas as wingbacks. Yet I cannot see any coach have this formation to take through to u19 and u21 to copy. It won't be the formation that all ages will implement. Ange A's preferred style is...you guest it, 4 2 3 1. I actually was in tears after watching that first press conference, like I was when I watched Lassie, Black Beauty and the Rocky series a long time ago. With all the boxes Angelos ticks, he has a cross against as well for not picking wingers. I remember Skibbe 's first howler was in a World Cup Qualifier early in his coaching days of the Greek team, I forget against who, but he brought on Tziolis for Fortounis with 20 minutes to go, and he was on fire and it was still 0-0. Then Greece lost the match. Momentum killer. Thats when my gut told me deep down that Skibbe's days were numbered. This is a 7.5/10 start for Ange A, before a ball is kicked. Early days.
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    I am very curious to see what formation he will play this game. If you look at the selections he has called up 4 cbs, 4 fbs, 4 dms, 4 ams and 3 out and out strikers. There are no natural wingers, Masouras I think is more of a striker than a winger. It wouldn’t be that shocking if he goes for a 3-5-2. I wouldn’t think he called Koulouris for no reason. I think there the formation should be the same for the Greek national teams too. That is what I think they will do. We could see a 4-2-3-1 for all the levels such as the u19s,21s and men’s. I think that’s what Basinas was referring to in the interview. It’s a good idea as it will be easier for the younger player moving up. Also how does Karelis deserve a spot? Bakasetas shouldn’t be there at all. While Pelkas and Mantalos are questionable. Fetfatzidis and Lazaros deserve to have a spot in this team but it is early days so we should rightfully give it time. With Euro qualifiacation in March we could see players like Chatzigiovanis in the team as Angelos is looking forward into integrating players from the 21s. I would actually wouldn’t mind seeing a 3-5-2. Out defence is our strong point and you can’t go wrong with playing to your strengths. I do though at the same time would like us to be more dangerous in attack such as our build up. Also our finishing needs to improve aswell.
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    Great press conference and the man obviously has a huge love for the NT not just there to collect a check. I have a good feeling about him.
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    A dutch guy is sueing to change his birth certificate from 69 to 49 so, Angelo A should grab Karagounis and Charisteas to change their birth certificates and make them younger by 20 years. Could work for the Ethniki.
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    was watching an interview with Manolas and the owner of Roma and Manolas has ambitions of becoming captain of Roma. I think Totti made a big impression on him. Wouldn't be surprised if he stays there for a long time. Learning the fluent Italian is another sign too.

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