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    He was often very good for the NT back when he was getting called up. I am excited to see him back in the squad.
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    And who want you start over Lazaros? Donis is also injured. Most likely our wingers will be Pelkas and Fetfatzidis which means we'll see again 3 AMs along with Fortounis behind Mitroglou. Zeca and hopefully Kourmpelis will play atmidfield with Mpakakis, Sokratis, Manolas and one of Torosidis or Tsimikas. Mparkas as the goalie. Offensively we'll be dealing no pressure from the wings since there are no natural wingers and thats something you people who want the likes of Pelkas and Fetfatzidis to be our starting wingers. At this level against Hungary and Finland you might not notice it but we can't beat anyone above our weight with such a line up. Players would crash with each other since all of them play more centrally. Long story short Donis and Lazaros is the best we can provide for this position.
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    According to this, Skibbe is going to go with --------------------------Barkas Bakakis----Sokratis----Manolas---Giannouli/Tsimikas -----------------------Zeca-----Kourbelis Bakasetas-------Fortounis---------Pelkas ------------------------Mitro Everything considered i think it's the best line up he can put out. With Mantalos, Lazaro and Donis all out Bakasetas was always going to start, no matter how bad some of you wanted Fetfa
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    Fortounis, Mantalos and Pelkas are at their best when played centrally. Fetfatzidis is at his best at both positions. That's the type of talent he is. He is the best Greek player on the ball and is faster than Fortounis. If Fortounis was a faster player he would be playing somewhere in LA liga or Bundesliga by now.
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    Lol Fetfatzidis couldn't get past his opponent against Milan and destroyed like 3 Olympiakos counter attacks. I myself said he might deserved a call up considering our drought offensively but lets better not ridicule oursevles..He doesn't have the pace to play in the highest level, and again that's something you don't notice against teams of our level but against bigger opposition. Manthatis has long, long way before being a regular NT player.
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    I agree, Manthatis has talent and has the pace as well. I like the way you think by having Manthatis and Donis on the wings. Chatzigiovannis is another player who could make his way in the team... https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2154374958217101&id=1598480473806555
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    Χρήστο ήταν και άλλο ένα 1-1 τη σεζόν που πέσανε. Με τον Κομίνη. Άλλη μία σφαγή του ΠΑΟΚ.
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    eimaste kaluterh omada to prwtathlima diko mas nikh sto sapio mhlo !
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    Lazaros Lamprou made his fourth appearance in the Dutch League (all as a sub) and provided his first assist for his club. Game ended in 3-3. His club is just above the drop for play-outs.