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    and i just read the possible line up for tomorrow's game according to some sporting sites. karnezis torosidis sokratis manolas lykogiannis zeca bouchalakis donis fortounis mantalos mitroglou i almost felt unconsious seeing bouchalakis over kourmpelis and mantalos over lazaros. i would punch skibbe right away, my nerves hitting me. GOD FORBID HOW THE FCVK THIS GUY GETS PAID?
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    your nicknames kill me. we should make a sub thread of our players spotted in mykonos.
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    They're paying him in cartons of MArlboro and Freddo Espressos
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    Αυτή τη στιγμή παίζουμε φιλικό εκτός με τον Αγροτικό Αστέρα. Ο Ερέρα δοκιμάζει τα νέα αποκτήματα και τους παγκίτες των 2 πρώτων αγωνιστικών. Η ενδεκάδα του Άρη: Αναγνωστόπουλος, Κωνσταντινίδης, Σόουζα, Μπαγκαλιάνης, Βίτορ, Ιντζόγλου, Σιώπης, Κολάσο, Ναζλίδης, Μαρτίνες, Διαμαντόπουλος.
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    Donis or even Pelkas (who i prefer in the middle) should start over Bakasetas
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    Yo MC!!! Anyway enough rap, Skibbe wanted the midfield to have an element of experience and chose Pirlo-I mean Tziolara. I am sure Zeca could play that elder statesman role now, even though he has only played a handful of matches for the Pirates. The front third will be: Bakasetas Mykonos Lazaros.

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