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    If history is only about honours and accolades then i pity your belief in what history means. If being a fan of panathinaikos is only because of the honours your club has then i pity you as a fan and all of panathinaikos' fanbase
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    What have Samaris and Tachtsidis done so special. They've both had only 1 or 2 solid matches side they've debuted. They have 20 something caps. They haven't done anything in terms of assists and are very static. I don't who replaces them but we need 2 better centre midfielders who can move and help the attack instead of sitting back and playing passes with no meaning. We have another problem and that is our wingers. We continue to ignore Fetfatzidis for stupid reasons, Samaras has temporarily retired and we continue to player Mantalos and Bakaestas there when clearly they are better as the number 10. Donis and Lazaros are clear options. Pelkas is also better centrally. But if we have to play him there then I don't mind. Gianniotas is a true winger and we aren't exactly blessed with wingers. Also who knows when players like Manthatis and Lamprou develop. I say we play with Mantalos as the 10 next game. We continue alternate players like Donis, Lazaros and maybe Gianniotas or Albanis on the wing. Fortounis and Pelkas can be the back up to Mantalos. Also Manos is very good even though he plays in the second division. I guarantee you that that he would've scored 10-12 goals this season in the superleague. He can be very clinical.
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    AEKARA OMATHARA!!! I know it pains some people to see AEK back on top after being relegated only a few years ago. Those were some painful years. Now it's our time. First protathlima in 24 years!!! Now I know how HABS fans feel lol. A lot of Paoktzides bashing here and not sending congratulatory messages. It's OK we don't need your acknowledgement we know we are deservant champs. We lost two games in the protathlima, 1 in Champions League qualifying and 1 in the Greek Cup all year. I think that speaks for itself and all that mostly without Mandalos and Johansson. We truly played with our hearts and for the team. Well done boys. Now on to the Cup final. We shall see who the better team is. Remember we already beat you in the protathlima in case some of you suffer from selective amnesia. Makynia OUT!!!!!
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    As we say in the States, "Scoreboard." That's all that needs to be said. No defending of being champs; the trophy that we get on May 5th speaks for itself.
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    Congratulations to AEK, well done! You guys should have won the title in 2007 as well if not for the court case thing for Olympiakos.
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    Absolutely agreed. The worst game that I've watched this season by far. Not only do I think one from Aris' side, but both Aris and the opponent combined.
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    Terrible display yesterday. I wonder, don't these players and Spanos want to stay at Aris next season? Isn't that an incentive for them? Do they prefer to get a transfer to Kissamikos or Sparti or God knows where...? Because that was exactly how I interpreted the abysmal performance yesterday! Terrible terrible terrible!

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