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    Not yet, but I was listening to Metropolis and they said it was almost sold out, well at least al the seats were taken (maybe by the dzabatzides?)
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    Defense so far - always a good job. Sousa and Deli do the business. Tzanakakis when fit - very good, Valerianos great recently. This is a good back four. I rate all of them highly. C.Midfield - when Aris stopped conceding first and automatically, when our game slowed a bit down with more passing, Intzoglou and Moumin lifted their game. These six, plus Plattellas when not beaten in the legs by opponents (and apart from few Bourbos' get-ins), never being rotated and are stable as youngster's cok and Spanos does this greatly plus all these fighting second halves and atmosphere between majority of players. I also am not a fan of rotation, especially when you are not Real Madrid, Manchester any, Barcelona etc and you don't have 100 games. Even them, when not rotating much in certain compets, did conquer many trophies (remember Ramos, Marcelo, Casemiro, Kroos, Modrić, Ronaldo, Benzema always played). That is how Kike Hernandez got Aris stable in the second part of 2006-07 season with A.Papadopoulos-Kouloucheris-Nebegleras-Palazuelos-Paulo Costa-Javito-Koke, and why not mention Tuta and Tinga always playing before being replaced by Neto-Aurelio next season, and many other examples from top Euro football down to the Greek examples. On a more negative note, I will wait for 2 or 3 more matches in order to shape up a better expression/opinion on Xandi and Bastakos. For now, Xandi is no better than Pasas who actually does assisting and scoring off the bench recently. And Bastakos is no better than Kapnidis, and of course Diamantopoulos is still a level above Bastako.