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    pelkas can compete for a spot as well i think. our depth should be like that at the moment. samaris/tachtsidis/kourmpelis/zeca/galanopoulos pelkas/lazaros/fortounis/mantalos/donis mitroglou/karelis
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    I hope we get a win vs Egypt can't believe they are in the World Cup
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    Ha ha, what are you talking about megale ? Are you saying because AEK and PAO don't have the same resources as they used to, that PAOK should automatically be winning trophies ? The big fish is still Olympiakos and their budget is still significantly bigger than everyone else. Now if Olympiakos had big financial problems also, and we weren't winning trophies then I'd agree with you. Guess who spent the most on transfers this season, last season, the season before that ? It's not PAOK. Given our budget, we have the ... "right" to be contenders but we don't have the right to say we should be winning everything automatically. Regarding the effect on the league if PAO drops it obviously won't be good. But I'd prefer they drop or do whatever it is they need to do to fix their finances up even if that means playing just kids and getting relegated. Better to do that, be in the crapper for 3-5 years but come back STRONG (like AEK) rather than having PAO the way they are now indefinitely. It's my belief that fans are put off when they can't see light at the end of the tunnel. When fans know (or think they know) this is the bottom, things will only get better from here, they come back. Just like happened to AEK when they dropped. I believe the same would happen with PAO and the days ahead will be better. But they need to find that bottom first, and we're not sure if we're there yet.
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    jvc, desperate times call for desperate measures. PAO has only 8K on average (a fanbase does not pay your bills, sold tickets do). And you had your homegames against Oly (13,7K) and AEK (8,7K) already. Can we go lower or is a forced stay of PAO in SL the solution? Schotland may be a good example for the league. Rangers had gone bankrupt. The league asked the other clubs to permit them to re-enter, with another legal entity with the word Rangers in it, on the same/highest tier but they refused dispite the fact they would loose money (= no fanbase of Rangers, but 20 diehard-fans from Partick Thisle or whatever minor club). Those left behind survived! AEK is the other example. They went down and returned all freshened up. AEK as a club/brand survived! It took then some years, but OK. The sacrifice had to be made. PAOK will survive with only 2 from the 3 other big clubs. See the AEK-less years. It is the likes of Kerkyra, Panetolikos, Veria (not in SL now though) and Xanthi that need the big 4. Not only for TV-revenues, but also for tickets. In Kerkyra they sold 1,641 tickets. 1,000 to PAOKtzides (pou kanane chiliometra pali). Agrinio will be like a funural of a dead person without friends and just a few relatives this week as no PAOKtzides are allowed.
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    Kourbelis and Zeca to start together
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    on paper we should be able to beat them. let's see. Salah is in some crazy form and our offense is impotent lately.
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    I want the Philadelphia Eagles to win the Super Bowl, that city is starving for a title. It would be a feel good story consider all the injuries that team is suffering.

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