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    I agree. Bakasetas can score. Donis needs to be in this team no matter what position. His best position is LW. Now that Mitroglou and Karelis are out Donis has to be the striker we go with in a 4-2-3-1. We could experiment with a 3-5-2 but who knows what Skibbe has in mind. I also wouldn't count out PAOK.
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    I don't think Donis is good for striker. he's all fury and fire but can't finish. look at his wiki. he barely has any goals for his apperances. he should be like a RW/RF maybe second striker. Kinda like how Salpingidis was but Salps scored goals. bakasetas will and can score more than kone or donis. He's a bit of a flop for NT but might be able to turn it up. especially if AEK wins the league which will be tough now that Oly got Mirallas.
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    I do respect your opinion, but no :) I never really liked him. And never in accordance with the Aris spirit. As an aside: I like to be contrarian and everybody these days seems to hate Kontis, Athanasiadis, Skordas etc. and if you dare to even call their names you risk getting punched in the face in no time.... However - those guys did some things right as well. One of them was the stream of Latin players they used to bring to ARis for peanuts really. Once all those were out of the picture we seem to rely on Greek players who, let's face it, most of the times are rubbish... Shocking lack of talent. And check this out: Souza is a foreigner/Latin and he's 10 times better than everyone else in the team! So why can't we find ways to turn on that old tap again? The fact that Kontis and co. screwed up as a whole and ARE responsible for our current woes, doesn't mean that the idea of bringing talented Latin players was wrong. So Aris fans need to be unbiased about few things..... for the benefit of our beloved Club. The other good thing they did: they brought hope, and solidarity to all Aris fans and everyone was gathering around the team like never before. Now Aris fans have no vision, no hope, they basically don't care... S3 are the living dead. And ΜΙΑ ΠΟΛΗ ΜΙΑ ΟΜΑΔΑ, as stupid and as short-sighted and as "MPAOK" as it sounds, is a real danger. Just my contrarian self thinking out loud. This deserves a topic I think....

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