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    +1 Lazarus. I would've said it better myself but didn't want to make you feel insecure.
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    Aris fan in Rakka, ISIS former capital, Syria http://www.msn.com/el-gr/news/world/φωτογραφίες-οπαδός-του-άρη-στο-πλευρό-των-κούρδων-στη-ράκα-απέναντι-στο-ισλαμικό-κράτος/ar-BBI8Nc7?li=BBqxAac&ocid=DELLDHP
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    Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina
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    If the Norse god were portrayed by purple or green people, it wouldn't bother me a bit. I wouldn't take this as a history lesson either. If I cared enough, I'd read some reliable sources on Norse mythology and history. I meant "artistic license" would allow the creators to veer off historical facts and established culture. It really doesn't bother me. Granted many people learn history from the movies, but is shouldn't be the responsibility of the artist to educate them. Like any other expression, producing art isn't necessarily tasteful or ..non-arrogant. If the BBC billed this series as a historical piece, then BBC should be criticized. Please don't spray-paint the original Starry Night. But if you're so inclined to spray paint a ..copy, I may even buy it from you!
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    Kapnidis has an offer from a Cypriot team, but was tactically left out in the last match, although some would find strange that Kassos is preferred on ST over Kapnidis as a Diamantopoulos' sub. I also found it strange regardless of Kapnidis being out of form, but for this or that reason Spanos prefers Kassos in any attacking position + lost Pasas behind a striker and will give them minutes almost every time opportunity is presented for one or both, from start or bench. Bargan has some issues with the coach and even his future is questionable.
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    If Deligiannidis says he feels he should be playing right back (regardless of the fact that he's clearly a winger), then there's no reason to have him sit out over this guy. He's the one who badly needs game time, after all. Regardless, I hope Lucescu does put out a very different lineup. I think it would be interesting to see Mistakidis and Mak playing as joint strikers, for example - maybe in a 3-5-2 or 4-4-2. Let's get WEIRD, Razvan.
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    After beating Platanias today, 2-0, we're unstoppable!