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    True..... I guess it's not just about talent, it's what you do with it.... And hard work, and determination to succeed, and not giving up, and keep pushing, and pushing, and pushing..... Like everything in life, really...
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    Aris - Apollon 2:0 (Platellas, Dounis) Good first half finally. Second was just doing the business after scoring 2 in the first, although we could have scored more but again complications around the box when even they don't know sometimes what to do up front, let alone myself who watch all that. But overall good display. Intzoglou great in the first half. Plattellas very energetic. Souza - a rock. Tzanakakis to the endekada as soon as possible. Passas - horrible again. ======================= Panahaiki - Ap. Larisa 2:1 Doxa - Panegialios 0:0