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    Don't be confused by the small arguments. Look at the outcomes. The middle class has not gained any ground since the 1970s. Wealth concentration to the very top is highest since the gilded age. Economic advancement for poor and middle class is worse in the US compared to most advanced western countries. [check the Economist and Wall Street Journal on this] Unemployment is very low as it was under Obama; some economists call it "full-employment" but wages have not advanced (adjusted for inflation in decades). Corporations are sitting on trillions of cash. A slice of middle class will see marginally lower taxes that will expire, whereas the corporations breaks are permanent; same for very wealthy individuals, investors, pass-through, etc. Taxes should be used to buy.. civilization and the good life. It's what you get for paying taxes. Not saying all taxes are good or as used prudently, but goodies cost money. Paying less taxes may seem good but not having health insurance, or pay high tuition rates, living in toxic environment, etc, cost you a lot more. So, outcomes? Compared to major countries, people in the US are not as healthy, or educated, or relaxed (more stress due to weak social safety net, higher crime, etc), don't live as long, and don't have as many chances to opportunity. But they are freer, right?...
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    i hope what this headless chicken said about replacing older players with some younger ones is true. i don't get why we should be watching tziolis and maniatis instead of kourmpelis and charisis, i don't get why we should be watching tzavellas instead of koutris, mpakakis and lykogiannis, i don't get why vellios and diamantakos get called up. if i see any of the above still in the nt then we will officially be a laughing stock.
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    Don’t know, jvc! Look at the ticket sales in Greece: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2017–18_Superleague_Greece. There is only one word: pathetic. Only the big 4 have above 5K spectators. Even my team can not fill Toumba every time. Maybe we need a total catharsis. I have a lot of comparison with the Dutch Eredivisie. Soccer is in a deplorabele state too. The National Team flunked and is absent at the WC. All clubs are eliminated from EL or CL. Only 4 wins. Utrecht won only one game against some guys from Malta and one (very good) win against Zenit. Feyenoord and Vitesse won their last MD against opponents that couldn’t care less about that game. Yet though in our league the spectators keep coming. Those truckers from the capital and Feyenoord have every game 50K(+) on board. Despite having a bad season. PSV has 30K. Lowest attendance was Excelsior Rotterdam - VVV Venlo: 3.704 (at the tiniest stadium with the maximum capacity of 4.500). Greece is a soccer-country like The Netherlands at the moment. No WC. But with one competitor left in EL! Greeks are considered to be passionate people but I can not see it when it comes to going to the stadium. Maybe it is the crisis. But bouzoukia, restaurants and kafenia are full. Most Greeks smoke like hell. Why not save some of that money and go the the stadium. Season tickets aren’t that expensive. Tickets for one game do not cost much either. Still there are no filled stadiums when the big 4 pass by. I see only the kerkides of PAOK-tzides. We overcrowd the home-spectators. Maybe because they tripled the prices as against Platanias cheapest ticket was 30 euro against us. Is it corruption that keeps people away from the stadium? Than maybe bankruptcy is the right answer. But in other countries referees make mistakes too. Here cupfinals were won with offside goals too. In Spain Barcelona only this year were not allowed two 100% goals that were clear over the line. Spanish refs are the worst there are. Yellow if you grab someone’s shirt. Nothing for a clear foul. Ramos got away with it with just 24 red cards. Should have been some 50 or so. So are we different from other countries? Don’t think so. Everywhere the big clubs get the benefit of the doubt. Unless fraud is detected. Like Calciopoli in Italy. Just nail that club(s) with fines and relegation. But I don’t expect that in Greece as there is nobody willing to, it seems. Otherwise there would have been a law like in England that works against hooliganism. I like the bengalika at stadium but it must be done organised. Not by the hooli-leaders. Kekleismenon thiron is not the answer after yet a game with flares. So we need some self-deflection and balls in Greece. Ai, why starts my brain hurting just at this moment .....
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    I don't think there is. It's a free for all as it should be from round 1.