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    Glykos is in the final stage of his return to the squad. It’s just a matter of time we can field a whole team of keepers ......
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    I'm with you bro and I feel the same way... if I see those guys I'm really going to be pissed and my anger alone might make me say screw it and stop watching as hard as that will be.
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    Mitro's playing style is like the Greek Ibra. Strength / Shooting / Positioning. This type of striker is good up till 35ish. So I think we're good for a while. I don't think we'll get someone at Mitroglou's quality for a while but we have a bunch of decent ones. I really liked Klaus when he was in form. I don't know how and why he faded away.
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    They withdrew from the SL in March 2015 : http://www.sport-fm.gr/article/podosfairo/apoxwrise-o-ofi/3078491 In May 2016 OFI were promoted to Football League: http://www.ant1news.gr/news/Sports/article/444242/anebike-sti-football-league-o-ofi Don’t know if they can do the trick again. Personelly I am not charmed of this method to get rid of debts and start all over again like nothing happened.
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    Not sure if its been mentioned yet but the Ethniki play Switzerland in Basil in a friendly on 24/3/18?